disinvestment target for 2021-15 nba finals

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Disinvestment target for 2021-15 nba finals dividend reinvestment plan anz fiji

Disinvestment target for 2021-15 nba finals

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He remains an outspoken critic of apartheid and of what he sees as the increasingly authoritarian and heavy handed government of Presi- dent P w Botha. But, in an interview, he insisted that his decision had not been politi- cally motivated but had been sparked off by a helicopter accident last year in which his year-old stepdaughter had been semi-paralysed and sent to Stoke Mandeville hospital in England for treatment.

His departure will fur- ther weaken the PFP. The loss of such a senior executive, close on the heels of Mr Gordon Waddell, the former chairman of Johannesburg Con- solidated Investments, also highlights the steady exodus of younger executives who decide to leave for political and tax reasons abetted by reluctance to see their children con- ing power and influence of the military within South Africa scripted for military service.

Meanwhile, a strong recov Meanwhile, a strong recovery in consumer demand in recent months has led to "exception- ally good" trading conditions for the group of companies after a first-half when pre-tax profits rose 66 per cent to R The year-okl Harvard edu- cated heir to the former family milling business will be suc- ceeded as chief executive by Mr Peter Wrightson, the deputy chairman.

Mr Bloom said he would remain on the board of Premier, whose leading share- holder is the Anglo American Corporation, after relinquishing the chairmanship within the next few months. He intends to open an office in London to look after Pre- mier's international and finan- cial affairs and pursue private business interests.

He also expects to remain on the boards of several other South African companies and return at least four to five times a year to South Africa where he will retain two homes. Observer, Page At the heart of the matter is the increased use of military means to ensure the security of white-controlled South Africa. But the Transkei, together with its neighbour Clskei is home to nearly 5m Xhosa-speaking peo- pie.

As such it is a region oh which Pretoria keeps a close eye, and in recent years it has seen much to displease it. Last February Transkei, ted. TransKgjan soldiers, led by white former' members of the Rhodes ian Selous scouts who trained the 3, strong -Transkei Defence Force TDF ', mounted an unsuccessful' attack on Presi- dent Sebe's palace. The abortive raid and threats by Mr Matanzima to integrate Ctskei into a greater Transkei The coup in Lesotho brought eneral Justin Lekhanya to General Justin Lekhanya to power after a road and rail blockade by Pretoria in Janu- ary The security connection is less obvious in the latest coup in the Transkei which is not an internationally recognised sov- Ciskei into a greater Transkei by force, alarmed -Pretoria which despatched General Johan Coetzee, the former South African Commissioner, of Police to head a tri-parttte secu- rity commission.

In the meantime Pretoria was growing increasingly concerned at reports of corruption, graft and misuse of. With Pretoria's help the Tran- skei last year set up a series of judicial enquiries, to investigate allegations of corruption reach- policy see corruption , and oppression in the homelands as a ; ' consequence of the methods used by Pretoria to select black leaders.

O nly corrupt men or stooges would have been will- ing In the first place, they argue, to accept a form -of inde- pendence -which deprived mil- lions of blacks of their South African citizenship. In the Transkei' s case Pre- toria. George Matanzima, the prime minister and the fo riiaer president's brother and rival in September! The up a new joint accounting tern to monitor more closely Strauss hints at Soviet "independent" homeland.

The ostensible reason for the coup was to stamp out rampant cor- hom eland spending. People would have-been killed and the. We must jack up standards If we want the people to support us we must do things speedily, in the military way. Stamping out corruption Is the top priority and the remit of the comroissujn of enquiry has been extended to cover all areas of government. The Government is par- ticularly.

Nominally a joint effort by the Foreign, Defence and Police the centre represents one. Mr Strauss was speaking at a press conference in Cape Town after his second meeting with President Botha. He said ne had lersonal contacts with the outh African Government, and meet other regional leaders including the Mozambique Pres- ident, Mr Joaquim Chissano.

The International Mone- tary Fund has already declared Zambia Ineligible for farther loans and the World Bank has suspended the ftutding of aid projects. The terms of the Brooke amendment forbids new US money for countries in default for more than a vinci al elections on the island and for the withdrawal of more than , Indian troops who have formed a peace keeping force since last August.

The Sri Lankan army is training about 20, peo- ple to protect members- of Parliament against an out- lawed political group which has murdered government supporters, senior officials said yesterday, Reuter reports from Colombo. All trainees had been recom- mended by Mr Jayawardene arrived yes- terday morning in New. Delhi where' he is the Government's - Chief guest at today's Republic. An -emer- gency meeting of Arab League Foreign- Ministers agreed.

It is cou- posal with caution. It is con- cerned that such a treaty might and refuse' to- negotiate with Washington for. But foreign ministry offi- cials point out that this unwished-for title has descended on the country because of the rise of the yen; there has been no increase in trade between the two coun- tries.

The Chinese authorities have recently awarded a number of contracts as part of their drive to upgrade China's communica- tions. But sharp divisions exist within the Gov- ernment over the need for fur- ther action; some officials claim that Japan's sanctions are already tougher than those of most western countries.

LIS trade with South Africa has dropped sharply since an anti-apartheid law was enacted by the US federal gov- ernment in In dollar terms, Japanese trade with South Africa rose 24 per cent between and last year, while In yen terms it declined by 24 per cent. Japanese officials think they have been unjustly criticised by S. For Alcatel win supply and fnstal 10 of its E10 digital public exchanges and f2 satellite example, Japan's exports of iron and stem and motor veld- other countries.

Their sanctions against South Africa include restrictions on investment, travel and imports and exports of certain strategic products. They admit there could be some movement of Japanese goods into South Africa through agents in third countries, but say many Japanese companies were now highly sensitive to the South African problem and are trying to prevent this hap- pening. But there is' no con- sensus within the Government to put pressure on exporters.

Similarly, there appears to be no agreement on whether the country's policy should be to continue to but political pres- sure on the South African Gov- ernment or to press for full eco- nomic ggnntinnftL Officials said the Japanese people's lack of awareness about the South African situa- tion made it difficult to win exchanges and i2 satellite exchanges, totalling , , ; lines.

Part of the deal involves Cables de Lyon, Alcatel's. Presi- dent Ronald Reagan's Adminis- tration. The GSP, begun in , was designed to encourage non-tra- ditional exports from develop- ing countries, by allowing some duty-free imports into the US. In Chile exported m worth of products to the US under this programme. Prelimi- nary estimates.

Without benefit of GSP. Labour unions are allowed to operate on a company, rather than an industry-wide basis. Chilean trade union leaders opposed to the regime have been arrested, deported and in some cases murdered. The killing of the moderate presi- dent of Chile's public employ- ees union, who had been under heavy police surveillance, has yet to be solved Last year a trade unionist who spoke to.

Pope John Paul U mission and the coun t ry's larg- Mr Jufian Burgos, the presi- est labour organisation, the dent of Chile's association of national workers command, non-traditional exporters! Cen- v tral bank officials calculated The decision to halt thejover- thai the measure would affect seas private investment corpo- about m in exports this ration insurance for US Inves- during the pontiffs visit' to a Santiago: slum was savaeelv Chilean- products, including manufactured goods, mineral Algeria ties up Spanish gas search accord manufactured goods, mineral and -agricuttunir products, will faceimport, taxes ranging from 0.

The US labour organisation, the AFL-dO, had for years cri- ' ticised the Pinochet regime's labour practices, and repeat- '- Santiago: slum was savagely , beaten by -right-wing thugs who. A few' months later Chilean, authori- ties ordered the arrest of two labour leaders for their part In an unsuccessful one-day gen- eral strike.

Thevlaboqr leaders reported- they, had. Most trade union rights labour practices two years ago and, early in Most trade union rights were suspended after the coup which brought the regime to power, and only partially reinstated In , in. In the Interim, a succession of lobbyists argued in favour and against, the proposed sanction. Ericsson close to mobile BAe to set up venture.

Renter reports film, which is to open in Japan soon, would- have an effect on public opinion. Renter reports from Tokyo. Washington has charged Japan with failing to widen for- eign access to its domestic microchip market. In retalia- tion, Washington still imposes 8 m- worth of sanctions on selected Japanese exports to the US. Japanese companies foreign chip purchases initially rose as they bought standard items which could easily replace Jap- anese products.

But further gains would require buying chips specially designed for use in specific Jap- anese products. Development of such chips requires company- to-company agreements and can take up to IS months, the offi- cialsara. Ericsson has for a long time wanted to establish its.

The Swedish equipment. New'Delhi has tons to set up mobile telephone systems in 14 major, titles and has said it hopes ta have one tefaphone in every village by the end of tfcg the Sin- dum Of understanding to set- In. It also. Involve ; ita two, ante-. In addition to marketings range of: Bri ti sh Aeros pa ce defence products and asso- ciated equipment, It.

It regards India as an impor- tant market for the fixture, but so far has not won any substan- tial orders there. Ericsson intends to submit Jts AXE switching equipment for the offer,. Its sSle. Travel Management Services. Stag Place. See payment derails below. G3 Please send me the free 'Management Overview. In a cautious move towards incentives and away from abso- lute state control, the Marxist Government has announced a 10 per cent increase in the prices paid to farmers for their produce and a liberalisation of grain marketing to encourage private traders.

The price increase is the first since 19S0. Donors regard the Government's announcement as an important first step, but it remains to be seen if the shift in policy is radical enough to unblock hundreds of millions of dollars in aid money tied to agricultural reform.

As long ago as March, , the European Community and Ethiopia a signed an agreement for Ecum SI 60m but the money has not been disbursed because of the Government's reluctance to change course. Collectivisation rather than individual incentives has been the hallmark of the Ethiopian regime.

Although donors are agreed that it is essential to follow up emergency aid with money for long-term development, many are unwilling to fund policies such as collectivisation which they believe have failed else- where and will fail in Ethiopia. Food output, reduced by drought, soil ero- sion and backward farming methods, has been unable to keep pace with population growth.

The mu opportunities and challenge that this was producing pro- vided the main theme for speakers at yesterday's opening session in Singapore of the Financial Times conference on Civil Aviation in the Pacific Basin: the Pattern of the Future. The International Civil Avia- tion Organisation has forecast that passenger traffic in the region will grow at an annual average rate of about 11 per cent up to and that by that time the airlines within the region will account for about one third of all world scheduled air traffic.

Mr Michael Miles, chairman of Cathay Pacific Airways, said all the main airlines in the region and on trans-Pacific routes were operating at high load factors using large wide- bodied aircraft. The rapid rise in the number of Asian travellers would soon dwarf the number of visitors from outside the region and he expected that the wish of the Japanese Government to see an annual level of 10m overseas trips by Japanese passengers would be achieved more rapidly than forecast. The regional airlines would not be able to cope with this large increase in demand by operating larger aircraft.

On the longer sectors they were already using Boeing s almost exclusively. In the past, many of the prob- lems created by growth had been solved by automation, said Mr Miles. However this could not be the solution to problems such as additional cockpit crew or cabin staff where airlines were now having to compete harder for personnel. It would also not solve the problems posed by slow immigration pro- cedures in certain countries or obstructive customs inspec- tions.

Mr Miles also stressed that little had been done about inef- ficient air traffic controllers or the inadequate equipment on which they relied. He was fur- ther concerned about the poten- tially dangerous disregard for civilian air traffic control shown by some air forces in the region. Government involvement in traffic rights was certain to continue, said Mr Miles, although he hoped that it would be with a lighter touch. Dr Cheong Choong Kong, managing director of Singapore Airlines, developed this theme which he described as his air- line's number one hobby horse.

He emphasised the benefits which had accrued from domes- tic deregulation in the US and was hopeful that moves in Europe towards liberalisation were acquiring greater momen- tum. However, the pace was not fast enough and airlines were having to turn away passengers on some routes. A trigger mech- anism should be introduced, he said, whereby when an agreed load factor was achieved over a defined period each airline would automatically be allowed to put on additional capacity without the need for lengthy bilateral negotiations.

Efficiency, not size alone, is the best survival strat- egy. That is why Singapore Air- lines has nothing to fear from American megacompetition. Th huge increase in passengers would continue, he predicted, because it was only outside Japan that its people could really appreciate the benefits accruing from the rising value of the yen. However he, too, was deeply concerned about American poli- cies and the tight restrictions on Japan Airlines' flights to the US. The issue of how to finance the vast increase in world air traffic was taken np by Mr Mtehihiro Seldya, a director of the Mitsubishi Trust Bank.

He said that it was expected that the total value of new deliv- eries of some 5, aircraft between now and the end of the century would amount to some Sbn in terms of dol- lars. Aircraft financing had become a packaging business, he said, which went oeyond the mere ability to provide finance. Banks which engaged in aero- space needed a far wider and more profound knowledge and they needed to have a mastery of relevant tax issues, account- ing systems and financing alter- natives.

Ur Colin Hood of the National Westminster Bank said he expected to see banks continue to play a key role in funding but that a larger num- ber of financial institutions would also have to be embraced. The banks would also move towards greater selectivity and remuneration would have to be enhanced to more attractive levels. Formal hear- ings are due to start on Monday and last about three months. The fire Is believed to have started at about 7. Mr Henderson said most experts agreed that an accu- mulation of grease, fluff and debris was probably ignited by a lighted match dropped between the edge of the tread and the skirt- ing board on to the right-handwheel track.

Tests had shown that a lighted match could ignite the grease and fluff, but three cigarettes had failed to do so. It may also hear tape recordings of victims of the fire The inquiry Is to be held in two parts, the first relat- ing to the facts and immedi- ate causes and the second concerned with longer-term told that three extra parties had been granted represen- tation at the inquiry, includ- ing Proderite, the West Mid- lands company that supplied paint used on walls and ceilings in the area of the fire.

The reorganisation will bring together businesses that are run separately in the value-added telecommu- nications field — services that offer clients more than a simple voice link. They include Dialeom, the US- based electronic ntail organ- isation, Telecom Gold, which runs electronic mail in the UK, the Prestei video- tex operation, and elec- tronic yellow pages. Lord -Justice Watkins ques- proach to Mmw s. He said that what happened might have been the responsi- bility of people other than, the sent Guinness management, lid the panel just wash its acted unlawfully and last September when deciding that Guinness acted in concert in.

Mr Buckley replied that Guinr ness had got Distillers on the cheap. That individuals might have transgressed in enabling it to achieve this was neither here nor there, because Guinness had the benefit. The panel's concern was to protect Distill- ers shareholders.

Other people deeply involved were xmfikrty to have to pay the piper. He said Guinness was saying it had a new board of directness none of whom Was tamtedHWd- that, if ft was now going to have to increase ite payment to. Distillers, at the very least it was.

He said the panel could do no more than say to Guinness "you have got it cheap; now pay the proper price. By the time the panel dealt [th. US Raytheon The contract, beSeved to be the largest contract in mone- tary terms ever awarded for dealing room technology; was won against a final iist of con- tenders that included Renbezs- Rich.

Union Bank of Switzerland discussed its dealing room requirements with every poten- tial supplier in the developed world before settling on Data urgent The! Bid code may require client disclosure idling desks will be installed this year in IBS's Broadgate HI headquarters in the east of the City.

The Jcl7m THE TAKEOVER Panel, which polices the conduct of British takeover bids, warned stock- brokers and other financial intermediaries yesterday that, as part of' its inquiries into share dealings, they might be Guinness and other City required to give the names of clients on behs alf of whom they had bought or sold shares. It also spells out more clearly some general prin- ciples ana makes numerous minor technical changes It has outlined the responsK blHties of intermedi- aries under rule 8 of the code,, which covers dealings in shares during a bid - the issue at the heart of the Guinness affair.

Tbd hew edition says those oWn inquiries into share deal- whq. It will also show how individual com- panies and the UK economy are affected. The study will look At the potential sources of damage to the UK economy from the high cost of television advertising. They include direct inflationary pressure, higher costs to indus- try resulting in a poorer com- petitive position and "the sti- fling -of new product development due to high launch The starting the hypothesis that cost infla- tion in television advertising, which.

Biff Mr Jonscher believes the higher cost to consumer goods indus- tries should be calculated on the basis of data on individual products. Dairy farmers, subject to quo-' tas -and registering a 5. White paper on agriculture, published 3 yesterday, shows that aggregate farm income for declined by L5 per chnL The figure masks actual rises in income for the mainly pastoral farmers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The white paper, a yearly snapshot of the farming indus- try, shows. The n e principal reason for the small decline in farm income was the poor cereal harvest in southern England last year- because of bad weather:- That brought down arable incomes.

That again reflects the decline in cereal production. The lower output discounted an overall rise in prices paid to farmers of some 1. These rises came mainly from potatoes, vegetables, flowers and. Last year, , telrftoga of leu than 50 aerte produced only some 2.

Some , people are esti- mated to. The company, which was the subject of a management buy- out from General Electric of the US in , blamed a steep dectfne in export demand for products made at Stoke. Two thirds of its output is 1 There has been considerable controversy following well-pub- licised baying of forest Land in the area by wealthy individuals Mr Terry 1 such as Mr Terry Wogan, the television levislon chat-show host.

Consequently, Mr Rifkind has decided -that- forestry grant! Nafcute Cdnservahcy 'CdhrifctH objections. The purchase strengthens Premiers position on the conti- nent. Power cut blacks oat Topic screens moratorium on further tation iit the arm. However, Mr Malcolm Rlf- However he has d e cided that He said he vHka encouraging some further afforestation the council- to proceed as shdttM be tifereted ni orearto afrpoteflfe in faienfify- cdntribtdfe to the nation's pUssis. Since few brokers want to be lumbered with the reputation of producing the market's first failure, they have been extremely cautious about the companies they sponsor.

Many Men turned have establish a new trading forum ne the fiexiba- that would combine ity of the OTC market with the respectability of a regulated exchange. There are few formal require- ments for Third Market entry. Companies need only a one- year trading record and do not have to release a minimum amount of equity into public hands. Before the Third Market opened, many commentators were enthusiastic about its prospects.

There were optimis- tic predictions of 25 companies trading on the first day and , or even , by the end of the first year. The outcome was hopefuls away. Sponsorship business has so far been concentrated among houses, as i t wa s in the early days of the USM, when the larger brokers held bade. No large brokers have deliber- ately sought sponsorship busi- ness in the maimer of smaller houses such, as GuidehouSe Securities.

On one day, Just 20 bargains were conducted. At that kind of level of liquidity, few institutions, are likely to be Another dis appo intment is that only. As a Luence, until the five-year most of the argu- ments fur a Third Market quo- theoretical.

For many corporate he adds. However in particular. Before stal not decisive. How are European organizations and industries able to find men and women who not only understand modem telecommunications technology, but who are also capable of managing that technology and applying it to reach the goals of their organization? Authorities in the field cfiscuss the challenge presented to the European telecommunications monopolies during the TopTech Studies Executive Seminar organized at Delft University of Technology, March 18th, in Delft The Netherlands.

For ton information on this internationally important platform contact the Foundation TopTech Studies, P. I- ITI fcrfp. J Lai muse. ENT f '1 -. Just six months after the first informal discussions, the two companies have become a united force. Common roots made it possible. Both companies have traditions reaching back to the earliest days of electri- cal engineering.

Today, our products range from high voltage power transmission to solid state electronics. From clean coal power plants to industrial robots. From railway transportation systems to process control. Energy engineering will be the focus of our joint future.

Tomorrow, our products will generate electrical power more efficiently, save greater amounts of energy and help protect the environment more thoroughly. We will continue to invest heavily in research and development for the benefit of public utilities, industry and ordinary households. Our joint future in energy engineering grows out of co From roots m Sweden, Switzerland and Germany, we have come.

In Europe ; we are , people and we have major production facilities in Austria, Denmark. They argue that their senior members are having to acquire managerial skills more associ- ated with the private sector, and are subject to "all the pres- sures and responsbilities of their private sector colleagues. Vet staff have had to cope with big changes in issues such as pro- curement policy and competi- tive tendering.

Details of its Thorne colliery in Yorkshire, and pits in the North-east of are almost complete and the 'corporation is: ready to invite bids - - from. The future of the project, which would employ about miners, is expected to be decided within the next few days. The plan for. Since then area lead- ers have" broken off negotia-. According to Mr. B i kt-'. If you are a director of a private limited company, you must make sure that we have your accounts within ten months ofthe end of your financial year.

As well as an annual return within six weeks of your ACM. Which isn 't very fine at all. It comes in the wake of the takeover by British. Airways of British Caledonian Airways. Comfortable, frequentandtetiabletitghtsarBaSessentiaUngrectientsforyoursucdass. Professional in-flight and ground services ensure you arrive relaxed and refres- hed ready for that all-important business meeting. Zurich Head Office tel: Dealers: Telex:.

Ur Livingstone ignored three, separate appeals from the ill to rephrase his criticism of Sir Patrick In a manner which complied with the rules of the House. A modem tb suspend Mr Liv- ingstone was carried by ' votes to iff. He joined with other MPs on both sides of the House in pressing for an early statement on the disciplinary proceedings to be instituted by die BUC. The Attorney General con- firmed that the ihinister responsible for this aspect, Mr Torn King, the Northern Ireland Secretary, intended to make an early statement.

Mr Merlyn Bees, a former est. Mr Parkinson accused the NUM president of using the union to promote his political views rather than the welfare views rather than the welfare of its members. Mir Alex. However, a campaign headed by two former ministers, Mr Michael Hesettme and Mr Nor- man Tebbit, seeking to abolish Ilea outright was launched before Christmas and yesterday a motion with more than signatories was published on the Commons order paper. The motion expresses a pref- erence for the outright aboli- tion of Dea to a piecemeal con- traction and calls on the Education Secretary to announce an early date for abo- lition.

The backers of the motion include virtually all the Conser- vative MPs for London constit- uencies as well as the party's main education specialists. The Government does not have to take a view for some time since the relevant clause is at the end of the bill.

The offi- cial fine is that Mr Baker will listen to representations and there are no present plans to change the bilL However, the leading backers of the motion believe they have the support of senior ministers and that Mr Baker will accept" their proposal, Last night the Labour Party warned the Government it risked legal action over a deci- sion by Hr Baker to speak at a meeting to promote the break-up of Ilea. His remarks came on the sev- enth anniversary of the Limes house Declaration - which paved the way for the creation of the SDP - and on a day of mounting efforts within the party intended to rally support to both sides of the merger Issue.

Tomorrow, Mr Robert Maden- nan, the SDP leader, will step up his efforts to win Kaoinng for the merger in a speech which is expected to reiterate his belief that the issues which the initial, joint leaders' policy statement attempted to address, will still have to be tackled after the merger.

He contin- ued: "That is no rump, no splin- ter group, no faction, no fan club, but the solid basis on which the SDP can continue in March with confidence. In attacking the recent deba- cle on the redrawing of the pro- posed new party's policy state- ment, he said those who re m ain e d behind after merger did not believe that policies and principles had to be enduring. They could not be drawn up on one day, to be replaced by other policies a few days later. Speaking earlier on BBC radio, he said he was coming under mounting pressure to urge his supporters to block Sunday's merger vote, which requires a two-thirds majority.

But he emphasised that he was going to Sheffield "to talk to those staying in the SDP". He added: "Everybody is urging me to vote it down and to rally the blocking mecha- nism, which I undoubtedly could do. The statement, which recom- mended the proposed merger package, said that Liberals had sent the dearest possible signal to the SDP that they wanted to unite in an attempt to break up the old, class-based parties and secure a realignment of British politics. The entire national co mm it te e will meet on the eve of the Sheffield conference but - given the split within its ranks - it is not expected to make any last-min- ute recommendation to mem- bers.

At the weekend, Mr Mactan- nan is also likely to defend his ill-fated visit to see Dr Owen, immediately after the success- ful completion of the merger negotiations, as a necessary attempt to unite the party behind the merger proposals. Last weekend, Mr David Steel, the Liberal leader, said the new party would want to fight throughout the country in elections but he left room for electoral alliances by saying the decisions would, ultimately, be made at local constituency level.

Mr Brittsn told MPs the white paper had put the figdres for general and regional industrial assistance together and com- bined them over a three-year period. Mr Brittan told Mr Kenneth Clarke, the Trade and Industry Minister: "If you want people in the regions to believe the changes are genuinely designed to replace one kind of help with another and not to save money, you must go back to the Trea- sury and say that the new pol- icy does need a change in the figures at least to the level now being spent an regional assis- tance in real terms.

He said the hoped-for Budget tax cuts and the tax breaks in the Business Expansion Scheme were designed to increase incentives, But did not depend on every beneficiary proving that he or she was going to do something they would other- wise have left undone. One man tod ue panel: "For heaven's sake stop the In- fighting. The Tory Govern- ment is being fuelled by poor opposition. He pendent Living i Brighton Jazz Chib.

Japarts economy seems to have set out Co move In a promising direction, achieving both the expansion of , domestic demand and the im- provement of the external imbal- environment and There are two mqjor footers pointed out, surrounding Jar panh economy in First, the overseas economy will slow down reflecting an expected stagnation in die UAL economy. Second, the yen seems to ap- preciate ftuther due to the un- certainties about the US. On the domestic economic policy front, it is expected that while ongoing fiscal reconstruc- tion efforts wzll be continued Ja- pan's Government will maintain active fiscal policies, considering international and domestic needs for boosting domestic de- mand, as the application of the profit generated by the sales of NTT stock for the public works.

As for monetary policy, the easy state of credit is likely to be main- tained so as bo restrain a rapid appreciation of the yen in inter- nationally coordinated efforts. These fac- tors will possibly throw cold wa- ter on the further expansion of business during the latter part of This forecast is based upon the following reasons.

First, person- al consumption will perform well, owing to the higher growth rate of income reflecting favor- able economic conditions. Price stability, relatively low interest rates, and tax reductions will also sustain buoyant develop- ment of personal consumption. Second, active public invest- ments will continue to support the expansion of domestic de- mand.

Third, corporate plant and equipment investment wifi follow Lhe upward movement of domestic demand. Then, the general tone of business expan- sion should not significantly fal- ter However, exports are ex- Tbe trade balance has now be- gun to reflect decreased volume of exports and increased volume of Imports as well as decelera- tion of rises in export prices, and upereeps in import prices be- cause of a recovery in exude of] prices.

Since this trend is ex- pected to continue, the trade sur- plus will be reduced in This trend is ex- pected lo continue this yeai; thus resulting in further growth of the deficit of the invisible trade bal- ance. As result, the current surplus is likely Co be trimmed fiuthen although it stiQ remains ac a high level. Second, existing legislation and social practices must be re- examined in order to cany out further adjustments of the economic structure.

Specifically, Japan should fulfill iris role as an economic power through such measures as expanded govern- mental aid progr a ms and direct foreign investment by the private First, the trade imbalance must be pared furthermore.

Besides, as these challenges are being faced, Japan must re- solve many other domestic issues including fiscal recon- struction and tax reform. Tokyo WO. Paris Taipei. Bangkok, Bombay, Bojng, Shanghai. Last month the company bought Rose Bearings, a British spherical and rod bearing- maker with plants In Lincol- nshire at Saxilby and Skegness.

Mr Syusuke Mizukami, Mine- bea general manager for corpo- rate planning, said the plant could be commissioned within three years, perhaps this year. It would be designed to make miniature bearings. Minebea is the world's largest miniature- bearing maker. Anti-dumping duties have been imposed on several Japa- nese bearings companies importing to the European Com- munity, including Minebea. However, Mr Mizukami said the decisions to build a minia- ture-bearings plant and to buy Rose Bearings were part of Minebea's plan to increase its European market share and to service Japanese production sites in Europe which buy its bearings.

The purchase gave Minebea more of the aerospace market, a main client of Rose Bearings. The aim was to expand out- put at Rose, which employs people. Mr Mizukami said more than half the Skegness floor- space was empty, ft could be used to make more spherical bearings or to introduce minia- ture ball-bearings. None the less, Minebea needed to build a completely new plant to make miniature Japanese equipment makers had asked Minebea when it would start making miniature bearings in Europe.

Minebea imports all its minia- ture bearings to the EC from its plants in Thailand. It says they are not subject to anti-dumping duties, which apply only to bearings from its Singapore plants. Matrix, a leading software concern, announced in Decem- ber that it had chosen the Devon city for an assault on the European market.

Premier, of Boston, claims to be the largest disk-drive repairer in the US. It is invest- about S5. Mr Ivor Simpson, director of m the Devon and Cornwall Devel- opment Bureau, said Premier's decision represented "the big- gest brand-new start-up in the region by an overseas company for five years. Because we have the most professional and experienced conference managers in the business. Each one of these highly trained executives, located at our four London Inter-Continental hotels, have the expertise and style to ensure your conference or meeting is managed with precision and finesse.

And each hotel guarantees you the highest quality of service and attention to detail. So if you want your next meeting to run like clockwork, don't cut comers, go to the top and talk to the professionals, 'foil'll find them at any of the four In ter- Continental hotels listed below For immediate action call our Group Conference Reservations telephone number and ask for a copy of our Conference Planners Meeting Guide. It does not include the cost of treatment for people who have already d as having AIDS.

The report, from the Office of epor Ecoi Health Economics, an tion funded by the UK pi ceutical industry, says AIDS "could have very serious resource implications for a health service that is already experiencing severe financial Deaths from AIDS are steadily increasing, the study points out, with about 60 per cent of all UK mortality due to the disease occurring Last year.

AIDS fatalities in were responsible for roughly one death in 30 for men aged between 25 and If deaths from injuries and poisoning are excluded, so that the analysis accounts only for deaths from natural causes, the toll rises to about one in Assuming that the mean at death from the disease Is years, then current annual fatalities of about can be estimated to account for 12, lost years of potential male working life.

The report gives a warning that by , assuming the dis- ease progresses along the Uses of the past few years, AIDS may lead to more deaths among young men than lung cancer, suicides and road accidents. According to the study, efforts to fight the disease through medications are riddled with uncertainties. The AIDS virus, formally called human immunodeficiency virus HIV , might change through muta- tion, to make it either easier or more difficult to infect people. Attempts to find AIDS vac- cines will be very difficult, the report says.

Reorganisation at Lloyds Work! The reorganisation means they will come under one cen- tralised trade finance group. Included in the group will be t ana the Lloyds Export Finance, previously a subsid- iary of its merchaxit bank, as well as its specialised barter and countertrade operation. Four group directors will be leaving. The changes, announced yes- terday, were devised by Mr John Craven, the chief execu- tive who took over last May with the task of restoring Mor- gan after its traumatic Involve- ment in the Guinness affair.

The main changes include the appointment of a deputy chief executive. It includes the heads of Morgan's operations in the US and Japan, signalling the importance It a tt a che s to those markets. Corporate finance will be rep- resented by Mr Guy Dawson, who becomes head of depart- ment, replacing Mr Richard Webb, who has been made a group board director.

Mr Christopher Whittington, formerly the chief operating officer, is to become deputy chairman of the group. Mr Craven 'said the would shift management to next generation of Morgan executives who are in their 30s and early 40s. The average age of the management committee will be Although the group shed 14 people last month, he said there was no plan for mass redundancies.

Appointments, Page Large families, particularly those from ethnic minorities, in inner urban wards, would suf- fer most from the change from the system of r a tes. The popu- lation movement of 45, peo- ple into or out of Manchester each year would make univer- sal collection difficult, with the effect of making everyone else pay more.

Greater Manchester has the largest concentration of higher education campuses in Europe and 16, students live in the city itself. The report says that all of them will be worse off, together with the unemployed, the elderly and the low paid Immigrant families - already concentrated in poorer areas of the city and in less attractive housing - will suffer because they tend to have more chil- dren. Families whose head of household was originally from Pakistan comprise 2.

Although 90 per cent of sin- gle-person households will gain, about 5, single-person households will be worse off, most of them among the poorest members of society, such as pensioners. Two thirds of two- adult households will fare worse, and 93 per cent of households containing three or more adults. Consequently, at best only 97 per cent of the population is thought to be on the register in mid-year. Most insurance brokers trans- act both general and fife busi- life busi!

The act is expected to came into operation in AprlL When it does, no person dealing, arrang- ing or advising in investments can do so unless authorised. The council was set up to reg- ness and life business is classi- fied as investment business under the act. So those brokers will need authorisation. Where life business is an Important activity, those bro- kers will seek registration from one of the main routes for authorisation - usually from Fimbra Financial Intermedi- aries, Managers and Brokers Regnfafcniy Aggjv-iatinw But where it is a minor part of the business, the firm can seek authorisation from the council.

The price of g land had risen by 25 per cent a year for the last thiTin years and could cost up to ila an acre in areas cent of total income. Some 1, names have already applied for authorisa- tion and the council e xpec ts a substantial number of fhxtfaer applications ahead of the dead- line for authorisation. He said some skill shortages had emerged, particularly around Cardiff and Swansea, especially in engineering, the professions and firing such as computing. However, just over half the companies expected to take on more labour during the next 12 months.

They are averse to con- prefer anonymity and just like to get down to business with minimum fuss and maxi- mum diligence. This softly, softly approach to commercial and business affairs has made than success- ful in most things they have chosen to tackle. It is a characteristic fully dis- played in preliminaries to the entry of Nomura Securities and Daiwa Securities to the UK gilt-edged securities market, leading some to wonder just what effect they will have on the market.

The British subsidiaries of both companies applied for authorisation to deal In the pri- mary gats market at the aul of last October. Since then they have received and completed a lengthy questionnaire from the Bank of England and had infor- mal meetings with Bank regula- tors. The Tokyo Stock Exchange's decision last month to admit four British securities compa- nies removed a potential obsta- cle to entry of the Japanese.

In the absence of any other appU-. Both houses are keen to be seen not doing anything which might upset the gQt market's operation. It is unlikely that [either wfll swoop on an estab- lished British or US house and poach a whole team of guts spe- cialists.

They have, however, engaged in some quiet recruitment. Making a market in grow faster if we promote it. Our retail base is continuing its quest to find places to put its money, places outside yen and dollar-denaminated securities. Last week Gazban Gilts, one of the six authorised - iiitur- dealer brokers, decided to open an o ffice in Tokyo, which indi- cates that there is a Amman h to Hie figure would :be higher If cash flows Into the Japanese life-assurance.

If that is the potential, no me seriously expects to see that level of Japanese capital flow- ing hriw t- ygfltn Japanese mve Daiwa and Nomura are there- fore unlikely in the initial phase of their start-up to target the big UK Institutions for busi- ness, although they hope through time to develop rela- tionships with large investors In London.

Clearly, however, they are likely to take business away fro m those UK primary dealers who have an impression in Tokyo, if only because Japa- nese institutions having long- standing business relationships with local brokers will prefer to securities is not one of life's roost profitable endeavours. The Japanese have already become substantial inves tor s in gilts. The best guess is that they own between rivwt 3 per cent and 6 per cent of mar- ket.

A guess is all it is. He Is faimHw with the US Treasury bond market but markets in Europe Mr Alex Monnas, a Daiwa executive director, says: "The most compelling reason for ns to enter an overbroked and overtraded market Is because we hare a retail base interested in gilts from time to time. Cniigaunk Road. United Kjngtfeim.

Tcl: t! Tel 2H6. Over coffee and a croissant, Pierre Laffitte, a former director of the venerable School of Mining in Paris and prime mover behind Sophia Anti polis, reviews and outlines plans for the year ahead. Harvey, an Ameri- supply some of its needs. The park's tenants now range from one-man busi- nesses to DEC, the largest,, with employees.

Compa- nies in the park employ a total of 7, people. By the mids these poli- cies had succeeded in pushing revenues from industry, sci- ence and technology above those of tourism and confer- ences. Despite this progress, the region continues to be dogged After 1 0 years working around the world in a variety df management jobs for Dow, Lebanese- bom Kahil decided he did ' not want to move to France?

They are, however, given free. Paul Hamburger was ran-' ningja large local division of a French electronics group, Telemecanique, when, at the age of 40, he deckled to set up has own consultancy in Sophia Antipolis. He feels that more should be done for the smaller company in the park and in the region generally. The park itself still thinks too much In' terms of attracting the larger companies while regional aid is unduly bureaucratic, he complains. Nevertheless, Technoption, the company Hamburger and a friend founded four years ago, has done well.

It employs 26 people; turnover is expec- Following the passing in of a law which devolved more power to the regions, an economic development agency for the French Riviera, Cote' d'Azur Development, was. The Riviera has made impressive progress to diver-' sify its economy; But like other regions in Europe which have attempted to attract inward investment, it remains vulnerable to head office deci- sions taken hundreds or thou- sands of miles away.

Some of those regions now see promo- ting home-grown small busi- ness as a way of creating sta- bility. For the Riviera that process is just starting. Pa] rrr. Mss 15! While the technical challenges of cloning the new IBM personal computers may have been overcome, however, there could be a number of legal hurdles ahead.

Roulette with his company r warns Gervaise Davis, art attorney who speci- alises in high technology property rights issues. When they were first intro- duced last April. IBM was said to be deter- mined to prevent a repetition of the way a proliferation of clones -of its earlier models took a significant portion of the market. At the same time, software companies such as Phoenix Technology have been devis- ing their own versions of pro- grams that control the inner workings of the computers.

Now the pieces are in place, but the question is will any computer company have the nerve to use them? If they do, they ran the risk of incurring the wrath of IBM and face the prospect of a fight with one of the most powerful legal forces in the world.

This means that the designers do not have access to details of the IBM designs, but know only the specifications of the function that they are trying to create. This approach should afford the chip makers some protection from poten- tial accusations of copying IBM chips. IBM has taken no action against any of the semiconductor or software companies. It comprises networking facilities to link inexpensive personal computers on the desks of the insurance compa- ny's intermediaries with the Sun Alliance mainframe com- puter centre at Lennox Wood, West Sussex.

Such computer links are not unusual, but Sun Alliance believes it has taken a signifi- cant lead in the quality of the information available over the new network. Named "On-Cair, the sys- tem is said to be of particular help in processing mortgage applications because interme- diaries will be able to track, on their personal computer sheens, how far the applica- tion for a mortgage has prog- ressed and spot potential delays. Ryder Cowan, a technical specialist with Sun Alliance, says that such queries can generate huge traffic on the lending company's computer system.

On-Call by-passes this problem through clever tech- nology and smart business agreements. Lending organisations - the National Home Loans Corpo- ration and the Mortgage Cor- poration are the first — agree to download nightly mortgage details to the Sun Alliance computer. On-Call incorporates, in addition to mortgage tracking, quotations for mortgages and life proposals, automated pro- cessing of mortgage applica- tions packaged by Sun Alli- ance, and a new business system to monitor the prog- ress of life proposals through the automated underwriting network.

Commission statements are available on-line and elec- tronic mail is part of the sys- tem. Edited by Geoffrey Chartfsh will not be published until they are granted, and that will probably take a year or more. Also unclear, because it depends upon how the patents were written, is whether a set of chips on its own infringes IBM's rights or whether a computer has to be assembled before legal prob- lems arise.

That could take months and cost millions of dollars, say US lawyers. In the meantime, IBM's competitors are moving in the dark, not knowing when and where they may run into legal problems. IBM has offered little guid- ance. The chip makers should be extremely careful, says Davis. IBM, he warns, is always determined to protect its intellectual property rights. Tele- matics is a multi-client mar- ket information service covering Western European information Technology markets.

MAP, originated within General Motors in the early s, Is computer commu- nications software that enables manufacturing equipment from different manufacturers to work together over the same cable network. MAP has met with some opposition from people in the estab- lished network-providing industry, ' notably Ken Olsen, Digital Equipment Corporation's president. Both MAP and CNMA have the same objective, how- ever, which is to get practi- cal factory automation net- working into action using standards now largely final- ised by the International Standards Organisation.

UK opens doors to factory automation NEARLY UK companies have agreed to throw open their doors to any UK man- ufacturing industry execu- tive who could benefit from their experience in flexible manufacturing systems, robotics, computer-aided design and several other areas of automation. The visits are free to UK production peo- ple but are not available to academics, students, consul- tants or non-UK residents.

Visitors can see one or two companies in the same day or can spend two days looking at three or four sites, with an overnight stop. A brochure, describing what the companies can show and giving the dates of the visits, is available from IFS. Called Motormonitor, the software runs on IBM and Hewlett Packard personal computers, and no special experience is needed to operate it. The user simply enters data about the type of motor and after analysis of the current in one of the motor's windings the pro- gram makes one of 26 possi- ble recommendations.

The company has designed an application-spe- cific integrated circuit ASIC that carries out a number of processes in machine vision which would otherwise call for nearly off-the-shelf chips. It also does its job at three times the speed and about a tenth of the cost of the equivalent conventional cir- cuits of Cognex's current machine vision products. The company will incor- porate the chip into its next generation of systems and will also be making it avail- able to other system manu- facturers.

Advantages are higher performance, lower cost and more compact equipment. Kodak adds colour to a policeman's lot POLICE forces, estate agents and picture libraries are among those that could benefit from Edicon, a Kodak system which allows quick reference to large numbers of colour photo- graphs and the information associated with them. The police for example, could do away with the "mug shot" picture books shown to witnesses of crimes, where officers have to decide which group of pictures to show.

With Edicon, personal descriptions of the crimi- nals are recorded with the photographs. Then, if the witness can remember a few facial features like blue eyes, greying hair and glasses, the computer will bring up only suspects with those characteristics. Each picture can be made to fill half the screen, the other half showing text describing the person. In both cases, the picture quality is high because IBM's new enhanced graphics adaptor is used.

Large estate agencies can use Edicon to show prop- erty buyers interior and exterior views of houses. In photo libraries, a very quick revue of what prints are in stock on a particular subject can be screened.

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In steps Tyronn Lue to coach Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who need to find the vocal leadership necessary to push this talented team over the top. Kyrie Irving has proven capable of thriving as a 1B option. Gordon Hayward opted out of Boston, so it will be interesting to see how Danny Ainge replaces him in free agency or in the trade market. Pat Riley could be aggressive this offseason, or play the long game in preparation for a huge free agency pool.

They need Kristaps Porzingis to remain healthy in order to become a true contender. The NBA regular season usually lasts 82 games, but the season was quite different due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most teams had played games when the season was halted on March Since all games were held at Disney World, there was no tangible home court advantage for higher seeds.

NBA futures bets function like futures bets in other sports. Futures bets are usually made available on both the team and player level. Of this, Rs 1. Lions register first win as Markram returns to form. National Pension System: Employers alert! Top cost, tax and other benefits for corporates joining NPS. Hijab-wearing model Halima Aden says she is quitting fashion shows after being forced to compromise her religious beliefs. BMW eDrive Zones help get the best from plug-in cars.

Gul Panag doing push-ups in a sari is goals; watch video. India, Nepal discuss boundary issue. Mitchell Santner banks on variations against left-hander-heavy West Indies as captaincy bow beckons. THESE are the 5 most fearless zodiac signs who stand tall in the face of fear. How does a Ring doorbell work? What you need to know about the video home-security device.

Want work from home permanently? Will you take salary cut for it? Special feature: Trippin' with the Kia Sonet. IT sector visionary Faqir Chand Kohli dead at 96, condolences pour in. Princess Eugenie shares heartfelt Thanksgiving post. Diego Maradona, the Most Human of Immortals. Puri goes under Section to prevent crowds during Nagarjuna Besha held after 26 years.

Liverpool set for hectic festive schedule as Premier League confirms December fixtures. Micromax In 1b sale cancelled, company says issue with logistics. How to Make Almond Milk at Home. THESE are the top 5 zodiac signs who speak fluent sarcasm and have mastered the art.

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