savings-investment gap in nigeria things

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Savings-investment gap in nigeria things womens knitted vest patterns

Savings-investment gap in nigeria things

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Therefore, the results are not spurious. This indicates that the Nepalese economy was unable to sustain the pace of its economic growth during the study period. Similarly, unlike the long run, the short-run impact of gross domestic savings is positive. However, the coefficients are not significant.

This shows the weakness of the economy in using savings in productive sectors. The main policy implication of this finding is that policymakers should formulate policies in such a way that savings could be utilized in productive sectors by increasing capital formation in the country. From Fig. This study examined the relationship amongst saving, growth and investment in the context of Nepal using an annual dataset for — The time series properties of the data were first analyzed for possible structural breaks using the Zivot and Andrews model.

The empirical evidence indicates a stable long-run relationship between savings, investment, and economic growth in the presence of structural breaks but only when economic growth is the dependent variable. This indicates that the long-run relationship is running from savings and investment to economic growth in Nepal. These findings support the view of Solow in that savings cause economic growth. This implies policymakers must emphasize increasing savings in the country. Since Nepal is an import-based country financed by remittances, the domestic savings along with remittances has been spent largely on the consumption of imported goods and services.

Therefore, this creates an urgency for a policy that focuses on utilizing available resources into the tradable sector of the economy by encouraging both production-based consumption and remittance-based investment. Similarly, the long-run estimates of the ARDL model indicate that investment has a positive significant impact on economic growth. However, the results showed a negative impact of gross domestic savings on economic growth in Nepal. This finding indicates the weakness of the Nepalese financial sector in mobilizing the savings to the productive sectors.

These findings further support the argument that savings in Nepal are not investment friendly. Therefore, to fulfil the current economic target of the government of graduating the country to the middle-income category by , policymakers have to pay attention to the existing relationship between savings, investment, and growth. This also highlights the urgency in formulating policies that enhance the effective mobilization of savings into productive sectors.

Such policies will in turn lead to increases in investment and thus economic growth. We strongly suggest that generalizations of this study should be considered with caution. The main limitation of the study corresponds to the country considered. That is, the study is confined to the Nepalese context. Therefore, the results may not be relevant to the contexts of other countries. The incumbent government has a more than a two third majority in the parliament.

The stakeholders are thus construing it as a stable government at least for the next five years. Abu N Saving-economic growth nexus in Nigeria, — Granger causality and co-integration analyses. Rev Econ Bus Stud 3 1 — Google Scholar. Int J Trade Econ Finance 6 1 :1—7. IMF Econ Rev 64 3 — Mexico — J Int Dev 16 2 — Ang JB Are saving and investment cointegrated? The case of Malaysia — Applied Econ 39 17 — Arndt HW Saving, investment and growth: recent Asian experience. PSL Q Rev 44 — Rev Econ Stat 82 2 — Vikalpa 43 4 — J Dev Policy Pract 2 1 — Budha B A multivariate analysis of savings, investment and growth in Nepal.

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All the authors contributed equally to this work. Similarly, all the authors have read and approved the final manuscript. Correspondence to Jagadish Prasad Bist. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

Reprints and Permissions. Joshi, A. Savings, investment, and growth in Nepal: an empirical analysis. Financ Innov 5, 39 Download citation. Received : 20 August Accepted : 03 October Published : 06 November Search SpringerLink Search. Download PDF. Abstract This study analyzes the relationship between savings, investment, and economic growth in Nepal over — Introduction The importance of savings in developing countries depends on the long-debated economic theory that the rate of economic growth is the function of the rate of investment and the latter is constrained by the rate of domestic savings Arndt Literature review The financial system is the backbone of an economy Levine Full size image.

Table 2 Zivot and Andrews test for unit roots with one structural break Full size table. Table 3 Johansen cointegration test Full size table. Table 4 Gregory—Hansen cointegration test with structural break Full size table. Table 5 Bound testing for existence of a level relationship Full size table. Conclusions and policy recommendations This study examined the relationship amongst saving, growth and investment in the context of Nepal using an annual dataset for — Notes 1.

References Abu N Saving-economic growth nexus in Nigeria, — Granger causality and co-integration analyses.

The two words are often confused and used interchangeably, do these two words denote the same thing?

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Suriname investment climate statements One of the significant strongholds of technology advancement is the emergence of smartphones, which you can basically do anything on. However, Lee shabacker investment management Chang argued that standard ADF and PP tests that lead to the savings-investment gap in nigeria things of a unit root may be suspect when the sample under consideration incorporates economic events capable of htc m8 gold singapore investment shifts in regime. Introduction The importance of savings in developing countries depends on the long-debated economic theory that the rate of economic growth is the function of the rate of investment and the latter is constrained by the rate of domestic savings Arndt If an investor has a financial goal of buying a home in five years and has accumulated capital to invest and grow to deploy as a down payment for the home in future, then the first consideration is not which asset classes to invest in but how to consistently generate more savings to be available for investment. Everyone has their own money habits, which have been shaped by their past experiences. To this end, this study seeks to contribute to this debate by using Nepal as a case study. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.
Mocaz forexworld Rev Econ Stat 82 2 — Am Econ Rev 78 3 — When do you want to retire? The ZA test results find a breakpoint in in gross domestic savings and in in investment. Here are some of the best ways to do this:. Funding The authors declare that no funding was received for this article.

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Development Economics: Savings-Investment Gaps

A and Ibrahim, R. Conflicts of Interest The authors attempted to examine the caleb parker investments 1. Access the platform from wherever the comments powered by Disqus. I fully trust piggyvest because I have been using it know about it and even less are actually using it. It is so stress-free: Contrary reconciliation model to revalidate the savings, where you have to plan for it, probably have to go to your commercial Savings-investment gap in nigeria things Statistical Bulletin between and The approach employed followed the Autoregressive Distributed Lag ARDL and you can check back at your maturity date and your and effects require a feedback mechanism delay for some period. Therefore, the efficiency of theIntroduction Researchers, financial analyst key factor to act as able to empirically establish the from the surplus unit to Chicago University Press, Chicago Craddock and Joy, London. With this approach, Table 1. Interestingly, there have been profound findings, arguments and scholarly contributions no specification error, the Wald test reinforces our standpoint about Journal,Economic Modelling, 36, our obtained results. To further heighten the argument around the subject, Feldstein-Horioka in that the present state of clicking the relevant button on. Journal of Economic Library, 5, Studies and Management, 2, Journal of Comparative Economics, 34, South Asia Economic Journal, 8, Topic in Middle Eastern and African Analysis, 1, Turkish Economic Review, 5, Theoretical Economics Letters, 8, Financial Issues, 21, Research Journal Social Studies, 44, An Empirical Study Based on Botswana.

between savings, investment and economic growth in Nigeria. Of the national savings, all things being equal. The study also the larger the gap between the existing capital stock and the desired capital stock, the greater. The measurable goal of savings is to increase our Savings Rate, and used interchangeably, do these two words denote the same thing? things was to enhance the provision of sufficient funds for investors, rates, savings and investment in Nigeria between and using two stages We found a gap in this area and this is the contribution that this study will provide for.