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The Patriots already have been eliminated from the NFL playoff picture for the first time since bettingexpert soccer news They need wins over the Bills and in Week 17 over the suddenly-hot Jets to avoid their first losing season since going inBill Belichick's first season as coach. Kickoff is set for p. Buffalo is a 7. Patriots odds from William Hill Sportsbook, while the over-under for total points scored is

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Betting lines explained wikifeet

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Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Follow DailyMirror. More On Sex fantasies. News all Most Read Most Recent. TikTok A woman took to TikTok to share the results of a DIY turmeric face mask she made to help calm her acne after she saw the hack online - but it didn't go as planned. House abandoned in goes on sale - with owner's possessions still inside Housing A home due to be auctioned off has been left untouched since its previous owner moved out the property in , leaving the house frozen in time with many of their possessions still inside.

Pubs Mark Robertson tipped the liquid down the car park's drain to show it is responsible for leaks in his pub as his plans to refurbish before lockdown ends are foiled. Yoshiro Mori Tokyo Olympics head Yoshiro Mori 'to resign' after saying women 'talk too much' The president of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee, 83, is to step down over sexist remarks he made saying women talked too much, the Fuji News Network reported. Chilling new Capitol riot footage of Mike Pence fleeing Trump mob who wanted to hang him Donald Trump As Donald Trump's impeachment trial continued previously unseen security footage showed harrowing scenes from inside the Capitol as rioters smashed windows and fought with police.

UK "more or less free" of Coronavirus crisis by Christmas SAGE expert says Coronavirus Professor John Edmunds made the comment while warning borders need to remain "tight" and the public should be "very cautious" about travelling overseas. Builder wakes from coma to find he'd blown off hand and mum's roof with bedroom firework Court case Paul Carr accidentally started the blaze with the 'industrial strength' firework that destroyed his attic room while his mum and young cousin were downstairs.

Iranian scientist killed with 'one-tonne remote controlled gun mounted on truck' Iran Nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, known as the 'father of the bomb', was reportedly killed with a 'hyper-accurate' weapon which was smuggled piece-by-piece into Iran for the assassination.

Most Read Most Recent. Edinson Cavani The Manchester United forward has made a big impact at Old Trafford since his move to the club in the summer. Jennifer Lopez debuts pixie haircut as she opens up about postponing wedding to A-Rod Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez dropped the bombshell that postponing her wedding to Alex Rodriguez A-Rod was a "big deal" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dad accuses wife of bad parenting after watching her on baby monitor Parenting A man watched footage of his wife when she was taking care of their two children and saw "something really concerning" - but others parents hit back and accused him of being the problem. Tokyo Olympics head Yoshiro Mori 'to resign' after saying women 'talk too much' Yoshiro Mori The president of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee, 83, is to step down over sexist remarks he made saying women talked too much, the Fuji News Network reported.

Robin Thicke Robin Thicke has opened up about how he found himself overwhelmed by fame after his hit single Blurred Lines and that he found it difficult to cope. Top Stories. Coronavirus rates fall more slowly in Red Wall areas than in traditional Tory seats in South where they're dropping fast - see where your area ranks Coronavirus EXCLUSIVE: Labour's data analysis for pace of decline in constituencies in its former strongholds makes for stark reading.

The cockbox—a hard, square structure with a hole for the penis to poke through—was a revelation. Even jumping up and down on it with bare feet, sometimes even wearing stilettos, just to be cruel. According to a blog entry by the sex toy company Lovense , trampling, crush porn, and giantess fantasies where a Godzilla-sized woman steps on a very tiny person are not sub-genres of one another, but distinct kink categories that sometimes overlap.

Trampling alone involves a lot of flavors: You can be into being literally walked all over, but not into your dick getting stomped. Or you might only want your penis pulverized. Or your balls. Or both, like VonSweet's foot-loving sub. CBT might involve chastity cages, impact play with whips or paddles, or kicks in the nuts.

For our purposes, we'll focus on when feet come in contact with the genitals. A simple form, no extra hardware necessary. Although he first got into ballbusting and tramping around the age of 16, his first in-person ballbusting experience came years later. Nowadays, BallBustedSub visits a professional dominatrix.

I love the feeling of being led in the cock box and giving over full control and then watching as the domme tramples my manhood for her own pleasure and amusement. I am a sadist and it's an easy way to hurt someone with balls," Danielle Blunt, a NYC-based domme, told me. I threw the ball to him, missed his glove and hit him in the balls instead. He doubled over in pain and shrieked in a high voice, 'I think we are done with catch now. Blunt's had a lot of experience busting balls, metaphorical and literal, so I asked her why she thinks her clients get off on something so excruciating.

I've seen people cum from ballbusting. It's such a sensitive part of the body and so many people with balls have experiences hurting them, it makes sense that some people eroticize that pain. Personally, my biggest question about ballbusting and cocktrampling wasn't why people enjoy it—people get off on all kinds of wild things—but how it's done without actually breaking someone's dick off or exploding their nutsack like a split beanbag.

I contacted a dozen urologists to try to learn more about the limits of these highly stompable wieners. None responded to my questions. But after some pointed internet searches, I have my answer anyway. Despite being so sensitive, the penis is incredibly durable and resilient. There are no bones in dicks, but there are three tubes: the urethra, and two corpora cavernosa, which fill with blood to make a boner.

According the Urology Care Foundation , it's possible to "break" your dick, or at least hurt those tubes and the nerves around them, if "during an erection, a man sustains a level of unnatural force to the penis, with much more energy than the normal force associated with sexual activity, a break or fracture may occur. Men's health platform Roman has some inspiring information on that front: A penis can handle eight times more blood pressure than the blood vessels in your brain.

If the pressure of blood that rushed to your dick when you're horny ran to your other head instead, it would explode your brain in your damn skull. So, penises are spongy and stretchy, as long as you don't torque or bend them too hard. That might explain why stomping flat down on one, on a hard surface, can happen without being permanently damaging. Testicles are more tender—they can rupture, fracture, dislocate, and deglove, according to WebMD's horrifying list of ball injuries.

A lot of this can happen from a strike or blunt force, such as being kicked in the jewels for fun. But BallBustedSub swears it's not hurting him long-term. Like most BDSM play, it's about starting slow and constant communication. Blunt said she's taken anatomy classes from kink-friendly doctors to ensure what's going on underfoot isn't causing real harm.


Andrew Meldrum in Johannesburg contributed. More than half of Canadians trust social media and blogs over doctors and nutritionists, according to a recent study. Despite growing concerns about online misinformation, the findings — which are not peer-reviewed — will be unsurprising to anyone who has waded through the sea of online food and nutrition advice.

For some researchers, however, they also point to an urge to find personalized information that fits our beliefs, even if it might not be true. Doctors and friends or family members follow — about 40 per cent and 28 per cent, respectively — while about a quarter of Canadians trust other experts, such as naturopaths or personal trainers.

The web offers a vast repository of information, including emotion-rich personal testimonies. Not only that. In her research — Sillence studies why people trust the web over doctors for medical advice — she found that the process of online research itself can make people trust their findings more. Yet that research already leans towards a particular outcome the moment we start typing into the search bar. Then, from the moment our browser fills with pages to consult, people start relying on their personal guidelines to vet websites or social media posts.

Familiarity with the website and the person or information behind it are consistently top-of-mind for many, she said, but other indicators are at play as well. Does the page have the right words? All that kind of stuff. People can find solace or healing in connecting with others who share similar concerns or experiences. Often, those concerns reflect long-standing biases in mainstream medical or nutritional advice.

For instance, women have regularly been excluded from medical studies; their medical concerns — like those of many minorities — have historically been dismissed by professionals. Both contribute to eroding trust in mainstream sources.

Still, taking web sources with a grain of salt is wise when it comes to nutrition, said Kyla Detta, a nutrition coach living in Ireland but originally from Canada. Often, clients will come to see her swearing by a diet they found online that is not healthy or sustainable for them. Adhering to it is often brutal on their physical and mental health, she said, undermining their overall well-being. More important, she said, is building a long-term, healthy relationship with food that includes a diverse and enjoyable diet.

Did Becks really just sign a deal to be the face of a country that bans homosexuality? Deep into this pandemic winter, it can be hard to remember what a refuge gardens were last spring and summer. In those frightening early days of COVID, victory gardens and household vegetable plots sprang up all over. Seed companies reported shortages.

Hardware stores saw a run on garden tools. Millions found comfort, release and a sense of safety outdoors with their hands in the dirt. That feels like a long time ago. Businesses and household incomes are struggling. And the human interactions that might help us process all this anxiety and grief are discouraged.

Yet the garden is still there, hunkering down too. And it can still help. Even in winter, it can provide solace, inspiration and perspective. Fresh air. And an assurance that spring is coming. White, an editor and writer at The New Yorker and an avid gardener, wrote several decades ago. As we round the bend into February, and with the hope that vaccines will bring real change, all three of those gardens offer a promise of light. Only the most serious gardeners or those in warmer climates can keep the growing going outside, using cold frames, fabric or plastic tunnels, and other techniques.

But there are smaller joys to be had. Death is everywhere in a garden, all year round, but it makes rebirth possible. The species keep going. So winter is also a good time for reevaluating our own yard-size battles against climate change. We can start or continue composting. New technologies make it easier to grow plants anywhere indoors, with or without soil. The plants offer not only beauty, but the rewards of caring for living things and seeing them grow.

Indoor vegetable gardening, too, has become especially popular both as a food source and as a family activity. For instance, you can buy organic mini-farms in Mason jars, cans and boxes — all intended for the windowsill. You can grow mushrooms in their cardboard box with just a spritzer, or set up a large jar of tomatoes adding nothing but water. Sales of backyard greenhouses and grow lights are up, and seed companies are already reporting another year of high demand.

Johnny's Selected Seeds, a high-end, mail-order seller based in Winslow, Maine, recently suspended orders from home gardeners temporarily, saying that because of COVID, order volume "has exceeded our capacity to pack seed and to ship orders quickly.

In just a couple months, perhaps, they can think about transplanting them outdoors if they have the space. The new seed catalogues carry the promise that, this year, you can make your garden better. Maybe that means converting more lawn to flowers and vegetables, choosing more native plants, reducing water use, putting in paths and water features.

A garden is never finished. Planning it is creative and hopeful. And as our second pandemic spring approaches, those hopes are being buoyed by the rollout of vaccines, too. Five of the seven High Court judges dismissed a constitutional challenge by convicted terrorist Abdul Benbrika who remains in a Victoria state prison despite his year sentence expiring in November last year. The year-old Muslim cleric is the first to be incarcerated by a so-called continuing detention order based on an anti-terror law created in Australia introduced the law as the number of extremists held in prisons on terror-related convictions was increasing and public concerns grew that some of the most-feared of them were nearing the end of their sentences.

Benbrika was convicted in of being the Melbourne leader and member of a terrorist cell. He was one of 12 men in Melbourne and Sydney convicted of terror-related offences involving planning of attacks against various targets including the then-prime minister and a Melbourne Australian Rules Football match.

No attack took place. Under the law, prisoners convicted of terror offences can be held for a further three years beyond their sentences if a judge grants a federal government application for a detention order. Such an order can be renewed after three years if the prisoner is considered to continue to pose a public threat. The majority of judges ruled that protecting the community from a terror crime amounted to exceptional circumstances.

The Australian Human Rights Commission, a government-funded but operationally independent watchdog, has recognized that a post-sentence preventative detention regime can be a reasonable and necessary response to the potential for risk posed by people convicted of terrorism-related offences. But the commission told the government last year that authorities need to be satisfied that there is "no other less restrictive measure that would be effective in preventing the unacceptable risk.

The legislation was passed in , two years after a gunman who once trained with Muslim extremists, Yacqub Khayre, killed a Melbourne apartment building receptionist and wounded three police officers months after being released early from prison. Khayre, a Somali-born refugee, took a woman hostage during a two-hour siege that ended with him being killed by police.

The hostage escaped harm. His convictions were for violent crimes unrelated to extremism. Since the law change, authorities considering releasing such a prisoner could take into account his acquittal in on charges that he plotted a suicide attack on a Sydney army base and evidence that established during his trial that he had trained with extremists in Somalia. Countries that allow indefinite detention for dangerous criminals include close Australian allies New Zealand and Canada.

Britain, Australia's former colonial master, had a type of indeterminate sentence known as imprisonment for public protection for seven years until the government abolished such sentences for violent and sex offenders convicted after Algeria-born Benbrika faces deportation on his release from prison. In November last year, he became the first person to be stripped of Australian citizenship while still in Australia. The first person to be stripped of Australian citizenship under an anti-terror law created in was Khaled Sharrouf in Sharrouf gained international notoriety in when he posted online a photograph of his 7-year-old son clutching the severed head of a Syrian soldier.

A handful of bitcoin-related companies listed on U. Lindholm scored a power-play goal at of the third period. Andrew Mangiapane and Byron Froese also scored for Calgary , which beat the Jets in regulation for the first time in its five meetings this season. Calgary goaltender Jacob Markstrom stopped of shots for the win. Nikolaj Ehlers scored twice for Winnipeg , with Andrew Copp assisting on both goals.

Connor Hellebuyck had 26 saves in the loss. Both Dubois and Laine had asked their respective clubs to trade them. The Blue Jackets drafted Dubois third overall in the entry draft. The Jet faced the Flames in a fourth straight game after going at home against Calgary last week. It's the lone time this season Winnipeg sees the same opponent four games in a row. Calgary was coming off a win over the Oilers.

Jets defenceman Nathan Beaulieu was serving a penalty for high-sticking Johnny Gaudreau in the face when Lindholm beat Hellebuyck between the pads for the winner. Ehlers knotted the game at of the second period on a 2-on-1 with Mark Scheifele. Ehlers put a wrist shot over Markstrom's right pad as the goalie stretched for the save attempt.

Froese of Winkler, Man. From his backhand, Froese deflected a Juuso Valimaki shot from the point over Hellebuyck's glove at Mangiapane earned his second goal in three games backhanding a Mikael Backlund feed past Hellebuyck's pad at of the second period. Ehlers scored the game's first goal of the second on a Winnipeg power play.

He beat Markstrom top corner with a wrist shot from the top of the face-off circle. Neither club scored on their lone power-play chance in the first period, in which the hosts outshot the Jets The Flames head to Vancouver for three games in five days against the Canucks starting Thursday.

Blake Wheeler needs one goal to pass Bryan Little for the second most goals in franchise history. Ilya Kovalchuk is the leader Notes: Scheifele extended his points streak to four games with two goals and five assists in that span. Mangiapane extended his points streak to three games with two goals and two assists. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. Donna Spencer, The Canadian Press.

LOS ANGELES — As helicopter pilot Ara Zobayan encountered a cloud bank and decided to try to climb out of it, he was likely worried about getting his star client, Kobe Bryant, his daughter and six others to a girls basketball tournament, federal safety investigators said. That decision cost them all their lives, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday in releasing long-awaited findings of the Jan. The NTSB primarily blamed Zobayan for a series of poor decisions that led him to fly blindly into a wall of clouds where he became so disoriented he thought he was climbing when the craft was plunging toward a Southern California hillside.

It's not the first time investigators have seen that happen with celebrities. When Zobayan decided to climb above the clouds, he entered a trap that has doomed many flights. Once a pilot loses visual cues by flying into fog or darkness, the inner ear can send erroneous signals to the brain that causes spatial disorientation.

Zobayan radioed air traffic controllers that he was climbing when, in fact, he was banking and descending rapidly toward the steep hills near Calabasas, NTSB investigators concluded. Flying under visual flight rules, Zobayan was required to be able to see where he was going. Flying into the cloud was a violation of that standard and probably led to his disorientation, the NTSB said.

There were aircraft crashes between involving spatial disorientation, including 20 fatal helicopter crashes, the NTSB said. The Sikorsky SB helicopter was flying at about mph kph and descending at a rate of more than 4, feet 1, metres per minute when it slammed into the hillside and ignited, scattering debris over an area the size of a football field.

The victims died immediately. Bryant, his year-old daughter Gianna and six others who left Orange County that morning were headed to the game at his Mamba Sports Academy in Ventura County. The group had flown to the same destination the previous day and Zobayan had flown Bryant along that route at least 10 times in The aircraft itself had been flown on largely direct routes between the airports in Orange and Ventura counties about two dozen times since late , data shows, but the pilot took the chopper farther north because of low visibility that day.

There was no sign of mechanical failure and the pilot was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, investigators said. The NTSB report reiterated a previous recommendation to require flight data and cockpit voice recorders on choppers, but the agency only investigates transportation-related crashes. It has no enforcement powers and must submit suggestions to agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration or the Coast Guard, which have repeatedly rejected some board safety recommendations after other transportation disasters.

She said Zobayan was not properly trained or supervised and should have aborted the flight. Island Express Helicopters Inc. Families of other victims sued the helicopter companies but not the pilot. Nothing says social distancing quite like Dubai's RoboCafe, where robots have replaced their human overlords. The RoboCafe was created with support from Dubai's government artificial intelligence initiative. A dozen Australian media outlets pled guilty for breaching the gag order in a deal with the state, which has dropped all other charges against the companies and their reporters, editors and presenters, sparing them potential jail sentences.

Lawyers for News Corp, Nine Entertainment Corp and its subsidiaries and online service mamamia gave an "unqualified and sincere apology" to the Supreme Court of Victoria, the County Court of Victoria and its Chief Judge Peter Kidd, who issued the suppression order in Nailet and her son were housed with 15 other women and given a mat to sleep on, with little space to distance despite the coronavirus pandemic, she said.

The lights stayed on round the clock. Children constantly sneezed and coughed. She and her son were detained for six days in a Border Patrol station. That's twice as long as federal rules generally allow. Larger numbers of immigrant families have been crossing the U. Measures to control the virus have sharply cut space in holding facilities that got overwhelmed during a surge of arrivals in and , when reports emerged of families packed into cells and unaccompanied children having to care for each other.

To deal with the new influx, the agency on Tuesday reopened a large tent facility in South Texas to house immigrant families and children. In a statement last week, U. Health and Human Services, which runs those centres, will reopen a surge facility at a former camp for oil field workers in Carrizo Springs, Texas, as early as Monday.

It can accommodate about teenagers. There's no clear driving factor for the increase in families and children crossing. Some experts and advocates believe more are trying to cross illegally now that Biden is president, believing his administration will be more permissive than Trump's. The White House isn't adding people to the program but hasn't said how it will resolve pending cases.

It's also declined to expel unaccompanied children under a pandemic-related public health order issued by Trump. Others cite the fallout of natural disasters in Central America and turmoil in countries like Haiti. The U. The change in practice appears to be uneven, with immigrants being expelled in other places and no clear explanation for the differences. A law has taken effect in Mexico that prohibits holding children in migrant detention centres.

But Mexico's foreign ministry said in a statement that agreements with the U. Their children become U. The Border Patrol generally releases those families into the country, though reports have emerged of immigrant parents and U. In Nailet's case, CBP said an unforeseen spike in the number of families crossing the border near Del Rio, about miles kilometres west of San Antonio, led to her prolonged detention.

Advocates say officials should have released Nailet quickly, as well as other families with young children, and should speed up processing to avoid delays. Still in pain from giving birth, Nailet nursed her newborn in the cold cell. When she told border agents that the hospital said to return on Feb. CBP says Nailet and her son passed a health check Wednesday evening.

She was released Thursday and taken to a hotel with help from a non-profit group, the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition, which is one of several organizations receiving larger numbers of immigrant families after they leave government custody. Amy Cohen, a child psychiatrist and executive director of immigration advocacy group Every Last One, described how border detention can traumatize a newborn: the cold, the constant light, the stress emanating from their nursing mother.

This is his first exposure to the world outside the womb. This is extraordinarily cruel and dangerous. Site Updates. Feet Links. Foot Forum. Feature Models. Hall of Fame. Foot Column. Fetish Artwork. This interview was with the beautiful and sexy TJ of 'Coed Feet'. She had agreed to answer some of your questions.

You will find the questions she's answered below. Guto BH Says: What do you do if you find a tiny man in your room? TJ's Reply: I would squish him, with my nice soles, like the tiny man deserved to be squished. Jonathan Says: Hey TJ, what do you like about your feet? TJ's Reply: I love my soles, but my toes are my favorite. The way I spread them drives men nuts ;.

Trample Freak Says: Have you ever trample a guy alone or with other girls? How did it feel? I can say I enjoyed the power of it also. BDS Says: Do you like it when men cum on your feet? If so do you ever lick it off after? And do you like the feeling of cum on or between your toes? TJ's Reply: The answer to all three of those are yes, look at coed's site, and you will see I do all three and enjoy them all.

Neil Says: Thank you for posing and thank you for taking time to consider our questions. You are a gorgeous woman! Beautiful all over and especially your stunning feet. Please tell me how it makes you feel to know that me like me many of us!

TJ's Reply: It is a huge rush, I love to feel the power my feet have over men. I get so excited myself, when I think of all them men who enjoy looking at my feet as they masturbate. Tornado Says: I think you are the most beautifull Girl in the World!! You have a very strong personality and very beautifull eyes, like Morning in May.

Could you describe to me your red shaving dots on calves and thighs? On which part of calve do you have these red points? TJ's Reply: Well, my leg hair dont grow that often ; but when I do get shaving dots, they are on the high thigh, and lower calf. They are tiny red circles, and a little sore at times, but usually go away after a day or so.. Danny G Says: How do you keep your soles so wrinkle? TJ's Reply: It is all so natural, it is hard to believe. I do put lotion on all the time, so they are soft, like an infants, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Devon Says: TJ I think your feet are hot as hell, my question is, are your feet ticklish and what spots are the most ticklish? TJ's Reply: Unfortunatally they are not ticklish. I wish they were, I just love watching girls get their feet tickled. Link Says: Hi TJ, your feet are beautiful! I'd like to ask you something: Do you use your feet to seduce a man?

TJ's Reply: I do.. I try dangeling them in sandlas, or high heels in front of almost every man I see now. Sometimes with coed, I will run my feet up his thigh during a shoot, and it drives him crazy. X Says: You have amazing feet!!

Do you lick or suck your own feet, and if so, what do your feet taste like? TJ's Reply: I do suck my soles and toes coed has a lot of this pics on his site and they are sweaty for the most part. Slave82 Says: Do you prefer a big or little cock? I'm only 4" when erect. Am I allowed to have a footjob from your beautiful feet?

TJ's Reply: I prefer a medium cock. Not to big, but not to small. I love to give FJ's, and feel cocks between my soles, so e-mail coed, and maybe we can work something out ;. Jakmo Says: What shoess make your feet the most smelly? Has a man ever smelled your feet while your were having sex? TJ's Reply: My flip flops make them smell, by far. But no, no man have ever smelled my feet during sex ; I bet it would be great though. Are you into footjobs?

I would give one everyday, if I just had the opportunity to. I was wondering when and how did you realize your feet were not only pretty, but sexy too? Thanks so much. TJ's Reply: Actully, I had no clue my feet were nice, until I started working with coed, and then I realized how huge the foot industry is.

I think it is wonderful to have so many followers. Xxboe Says: Hi! Who is your favourite man? TJ's Reply: I really dont have a favorite man, but I love men in uniform. What woman doesn't ;. Paul Says: Does your boyfriend cum on your feet? Would you enjoy watching me lick them clean after he blows his big load on them? TJ's Reply: No, unfortunatly he doesn't cum on my feet.

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TJ's Reply: I do travel from time to time, but keep me posted on when it is and it may be a possibility, and until them, keep up with my latest pics and videos at coeds site. How do you position your feet when giving a man a footjob? Have you ever licked the cum off your feet after? TJ's Reply: My favorite position is to have the hard cock between my soles. I do lick them clean also, I have some great video of that on Coeds site. Porgy Says: Have you ever given a black guy a foojob?

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My question is : who do you think has the sexiest feet in all the female celebrities? TJ's Reply: Hmmm.. Her soles are hot. Kerry W Says: Plenty of foot questions here. Are you seeing someone now? What's the most decadent dessert for you? Like to participate in or watch any sports? Very small, and homely. I am seeing someone, and thanks to him, football is my favorite sport I am a big city of villans, worlds of warcraft, computer game nerd.

I like italian and mexican foods the best, and anything chocolate would do me just fine for a desert. AC Says: Your feet are amazing,I would love to worship your feet for hours on end. I bet they smell great. How would a guy like me who is 20 let a girl know that he wants to worship her feet? TJ's Reply: Just be honest with her, and forward. It might freak some girls out, but most will appreciate the honesty.

Jonathan Says: Describe what your feet smell like right now in full details TJ's Reply: Well, I have been outside at a birthday party, so my feet smell like dirty and sweat mixed. The soles are filthy, and so are in between my toes. Mr Niceguy Says: Do you prefer to have your feet kissed or your toes sucked?

TJ's Reply: Toes sucked, most definitley. FootSlave Says: Your feet and legs are truly sexy and hot. I would like to know if you have ever kicked a guy in his balls? How would you do it during a session? Would you rather use your feet or your curvy legs, TJ? TJ's Reply: Hi, coed and I have threw the idea around, and are planning a shoot with that involved.

I would use my feet to kick him in his nuts. Keep checking the site to see what come of if. Rah Says: Have you ever been to a foot doctor for any foot aliments? TJ's Reply: Never been to a foot doctor for foot aliments, or had anything injected into them.

I do like my pedicures though. Texx Says: Hi, you've got amazing feet. I love your toes. I just want to know if you ever had a sprained ankle, so that your cute toes were sticking out of a bandage? TJ's Reply: I have never had a sprained ankle, but I have broken the same toe left right foot index toe three times, and had to have it taped to the pinky toe.

I heart smelly feet Says: What do your feet smell like? Are they cheesy? Are they vinigery? Are they flowery? Are they sweaty? I'd lvoe to know TJ's Reply: They are more sweaty i guess. The do smell flowery sometimes, depending on what shoes I am wearing. Daniel Says: Do you ever pose your feet with baby oil rubbed in and how does that make you feel when they are all shiny and wet? TJ's Reply: I think baby oil or luberication are my favorite way to pose.

I like the wet shiney look of my feet and they way it feels between my toes. Big Brian Says: Have your sexy feet ever gotten you into any trouble? TJ's Reply: Not so far, but I am just learing the power of sexy feet. I bet if given some time, they could get me into real trouble ;. Antiochos Says: You have incredibly slender feet and as such are some of the most feminine on the net, as you know you have a huge following.

If you didn't have a boyfriend, how would a guy have to approach you with the concept of a foot fetish. What would you be willing to do to satisfy him? Thank you so much for the time you take to answer these! TJ's Reply: I didn't realize I had such a huge following, until this interview was posted. But I appreciate it. If I was single, a guy should not be shy about approching me. I come off as aggressive, and tend to scare men away, but that is just the outside lining, I am really a sweet caring and very open person, so I would go a long way to satisfy him, if I felt he would appreciate it.

What would you do to me?. I would keep you in a jar beside my bed at night, and make you massage my sweaty smelly feet after every long day, and before each long day. I would make you work to regain your size. Footlover Chcse Says: First you feet are very beutiful!!! What is the yougest guy you let worship your feet? I am 18 and would love to worshiip!!! TJ's Reply: Anything 18 and above is fine with me. I love men of all ages to worship my feet. Mike Says: What is your favorite toe nail colour and how often you get pedicures???

You do it yourself or go to the professional?? Do you like black pedicure?? TJ's Reply: I love pink polish. I do go from time to time to get pedicures, but most of the time, I do it myself. It is my way to relax and feel girly. Pete Says: You have the most luscious feet I must say. Do you prefer male or female feet. Have you licked another girl's feet?

If so, how many? TJ's Reply: Well, I would have to say I prefer female feet to males, but that is just because most male feet I have come into contact with are hard. I like my feet soft. I have licked toes, and had mine licked as well. Coed has a ton of great pics on his site about this.

Micheal Says: Do you like to crack your toes and if so how often. I do crack my toes, and sometimes when I am walking threw the house they crack. Almost always when I first wake up. I have not done a video yet, but I think it would be a great idea.

Thank you so much. Smellyfeet Says: Do you like to dominate guys with your stinky feet? TJ's Reply: I do. I love private worship sessions where I can force men to smell and suck my toes. Where I can walk on their chests, and smash my feet into their faces. Also could you tell us about some times when you walked around in public in stocking feet, at nightclubs etc.? TJ's Reply: Pantyhose make my feet very sweaty, and smelly. I used to work in a business office, and I would wear hose all day long, and when I would come home, they would have to go straight to the wash, or my whole house would smell of sweaty hose.

How about wearing them with closed slippers on your feet slipper boots or ballet type , when you sleep as well and sneakers when you workout in a gym!!! I would love smelly sweaty dirty pantyhose and socks that reek of your pungent smelly feet!! TJ's Reply: I would consider wearing them and selling them. I do that from time to time. Wear shoes, flip slops, gym, sock, ect, and then sell them after they stink from a few weeks worth of straight wear. DirtyLover Says: First what I have to say, you have really sexy toes.

And my question is: do you enjoy when someone is licking your dirty feet? TJ's Reply: I do like my dirty feet licked, expecially in between my toes. Smoothy Says: I love to see fresh cum on wrinkled soles, do you have photos like this on your web site?

TJ's Reply: Coed has some pics and great video of that on his site. Travis Says: What do your feet smell like when they sweat and you wear shoes?? TJ's Reply: They have a flowery smell from time to time. I do smell them, and lick and suck them too. Scott Says: First, TY so much for sharing your gorgeous feet with us all!

I have two questions- 1. Have you ever had those beautiful soles eaten from? TJ's Reply: I would do worship sessions with fans, as long as you travel to me. I have such a busy schedule that it makes it hard to travel right now. I would love to have you eat off of my dirty feet. Volman Says: You mentioned no man has ever smelled your feet during sex.

I'm willing to be the first: Has a man ever made you curl your toes during sex? TJ's Reply: So far, no man has ever smelled them during sex as far as I know, men can be pretty sneak about these things but I have had men make my toes curl. Anthony Says: Would you be availabe for a foot session? I would like to lick soles and suck on your beautiful toes.

Get in contact with coed, and we will discuss some fun worship sessions. Devon Says: TJ, have you ever had another woman suck and lick on your feet and toes and if so, what did it do for you? TJ's Reply: I have had a woman suck and lick my toes, and I was suprised to find it very erotic. Coed has some pics he will posting soon of me and another model, and it was HOT.

GQman Says: Hi! You're lovely. I am curious, what were your initial thoughts when the idea of a foot fetish was first explained to you? I'd love to hear your opinion. TJ's Reply: Well, coed first approched me about foot fetish, and I loved the idea. I didnt realize there was such a huge following.

He explained to me all that was involved, and then the more we worked together and got comfortable with each other limitations, the ideas for new pics just began to flow. We have had about 30 shoots to date, and great pics from each one have emerged. Anakin Says: Dear TJ, first let me say that you have by far the sexiest feet ever. My question is this: What would you prefer. TJ's Reply: Great question, toes sucked my far. I like the feeling of my little toes in someones wet mouth.

DJ Says: Do your feet stink alot? I love my arches, and toes, and my wrinkles as well. What is your favorite part of my foot? Also, do you enjoy dominating and humiliating men, and using their foot fetish on the? You are a Goddess. TJ's Reply: I do like dominating, but I have never had a man lick the bottoms of my high heels yet, it is mostly feet that I make them clean.

TJ's Reply: Yes I do. I didnt realize feet have so many different smells. I have worked with a girl whos feet smell like cornchips, and one whos smell like vinigar, and one whos smell of sweat. Epic Says: Hey TJ! You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen!..

Tell me what do you enjoy being done with your feet? TJ's Reply: Truthfully, I love a great foot massage. For someone to rub my soles and arches nice and deep and hard. Alexandre Says: You have very beautiful, soft looking feet. How did you discover your feet are attractive to other people and how do you advise us "Footlovers" to address a woman about her feet? TJ's Reply: I didn't realize my feet were so attractive until I met coed.

Then after countless shoots and worship sessions, he inflated my head about how great there were. Be honest with a woman about her feet. If she gets freaked out, then you really dont want a girl who get so upset so easily right? I mean, I would be honored to have men address me about my feet. I find it much more respectful than being addressed about other body parts.

Sliver Says: TJ. Which girls feet on Coeds do you most enjoy sniffing and why? Do your feet ever smell vinegary? I would love to sniff yours!! TJ's Reply: I really enjoyed working with Loren. She was so much fun. But all the girls feet are great.

I always joke with coed and tell him I have the greatest job in the world. Smelling girls feet, and getting paid to do it. Tiny Says: What would you say a small sized dick is? TJ's Reply: 3-inches. Ali Says: My question is how do you feel about someone licking your soles the whole night?

TJ's Reply: I would feel so lucky to have that. I love my soles to be licked, and a whole nights worth would drive me nuts. Bill Says: Do you like being tickling on your feet? TJ's Reply: Unfortunatly, I am not ticklish ;. Sohail Says: H TJ. I am BIG fan of your feet. Do you like anklets and toeings? And if you wear, how many do you wear on each foot? My second question is do you ever think of growing your toenails very long like some models on internet have?

I don't think I would like to grow my toe nails long, because I wear flip flops often, and am scared if I stubbed my toes, it would break the nail off and bleed a whole lot. Steve Says: Hi, have you ever crushed anything under your feet before? And have you ever driven barefooted? TJ's Reply: I have crushed food and playdo under my toes.

I like driving barefoot, although in ohio it is illegal or so the cop told me. Steve Says: If tied up and tickle tortured on your feet with a feather for info would you give it up. TJ's Reply: probably not, I am not ticklish, but if you were real sweet, and licked my soles and sucked my toes, I might divulge.

J-rizzo Says: What's your shoe size? What kind of shoes are your favorite? Gene Says: Like most have already said, you have very pretty feet and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! How did you end up getting into the foot industry and modeling for coed?

I love your sets where you are licking and sniffing other females feet! Do you really enjoy doing that? I moved to Ohio a year ago and coed contacted me threw a modeling site about foot fetish work, and it just took off from there. I do enjoy working with other females.

Sid Says: You mentioned working with a girl whose feet smell like vinegar Care to give us a name? TJ's Reply: Candace had feet that I thought smelled like vinigar. And I do wear backless shoes, without socks. Alexa Says: I was just wondering do you clip or file your toenails?

If you clip them, do you use clippers or scissors to clip them? TJ's Reply: I clip my toes nails with toenail clippers. Then if they still feel jagged, I will file them off to a smoothness. Wow your soles are amazing! Have you considered doing just a feet and face sole show? Go on, you know you can! Just put your wrinkly soles up high and scrunch those yellow soles of yours! TJ's Reply: I have not done a shot like that yet, but It sounds fun, and I am flexible, so you never know, maybe something in the near future?

You have such pretty feet! Ok now here's my question, I'm a rather good looking 22 y. So I was wondering if you know anyone I could get in touch with, perhaps coed so I could get to work with you and maybe be a footjob guy TJ's Reply: Yeah, by all means, contact coed.

He is the master in the busniess, as far as I am concerned. He can steer you in the right direction, and he has some awsome pics and clips you can look over to see what your the most interested in. Ras Says: You spread yer toes so well. How do you do it? TJ's Reply: Pretty natural I guess. I have no problem spreading my toes, or wrinkling my soles. Guess I just got lucky in the foot department.

Lobo Says: Would you ever give a footjob to 50 men at one time, would it turn you on to have 50 men whacking their cum all over your feet? TJ's Reply: Wow, 50 men is a lot. But I am sure my feet could handle it. Fiddy Says: Damn TJ you are hott! TJ's Reply: I do like toerings, but they are so hard to find around here, that I dont wear them all that often. Chris Says: You have lovely feet. I'm a big dangling fan especially high heels. TJ's Reply: Oh definitely. I would find it hard to resist not putting on a show for you.

I love when men look at my feet, and I play it up big time when I notice. L2J Says: Do you like being tied up and getting hogtied? TJ's Reply: I do like being tied up. I have not done anything yet, in the foot industry, being tied up, but before foot fetish I worked as a bondage model and couldnt get enough of being tied up.

Jeff Says: Is smelling other girls sweaty feet a personal turn on for you and if so what is your favourite kind of foot smell on a woman? TJ's Reply: I do get turned on by smelling other females feet. I love when they smell like sweat and flowers mixed. Get in contact with coed, and we can discuss setting up a worship session.

Randy Says: What is it with all of you beautiful Blondes. It seems like everyone of the Blonde Foot Models. Have The most beautiful legs and feet that just drive a foot man crazy. I can see why blondes have more fun. You're a Knock out TJ. You are a ten for sure. TJ's Reply: Thank you. I appreciate all the input, and support I am recieveing from everyone out there.

Like I said before, I didnt realize I had such a huge following. I am honored that you and all the other members look at me as a foot goddess. If it werent for ya'll, I wouldnt be doing this today. Ank Says: Hi TJ you have great feet do you like to wear foot jewelry if so what? TJ's Reply: Every once in a while I will wear toe rings, and anklets. I like to let my polish stand on its own though. I love painting my toes, and experimenting with new colors. Foot Adict Says: Offering you money for you took kick me in the balls with your beautiful feet and then steeping on them is something that wouldn't really be wrong right?

TJ's Reply: Nothing illegal or morally wrong with that. In fact, it sounds fun ;. Big Boi Says: How well can you wiggle your toes? Can you move them like your fingers? TJ's Reply: I can wiggle my toes pretty well. I can make them wave like a hand, and I can pick things up with them. I can hold a pencil in between them too. Robo Says: Hey TJ, you have very sexy feet.

Just wanted to know what's you favourite foot activity is licking, sucking, footjob etc? TJ's Reply: To have my toes sucked. I love the feeling of that act. Or was this your first time? TJ's Reply: I have always like to paint my toenails and have nice smooth skin, even on my feet, but before coed, I didnt realize there is such a huge interest in foot models, and foot fetish modeling.

Paul Says: You're awesome, and so are your feet! Have you ever had a guy or girl lick the bottoms of your pretty feet clean for you? I would sure love to Amit Says: I wish to get your name tatooed on my dick permanently. Which color would you like me to use and also please tell me where will you like it tatooed? On the helmet or on the shaft? Thanks for answering. TJ's Reply: Well, pink is my favorite color ; and my name is only 2 letters so the head would be just fine.

Or maybe a T on the left nut and J on the right? Let me know how it turns out. Vinnie Says: Hi Tj! I like the way that you spread your toes, and I have three questions for you. In Coed feet, are you the girl who spread the toes longer????? And do you like a man seeing you spreading your toes??????? TJ's Reply: I am pretty sure I can speard them longer than any other model coed works with.

I do like spreading them, and I love when men watch me spread them. Footluvr Says: Hi there, first of all I think your feet are just perfect! My question is have you ever used those beautiful feet to kick someone in the balls? I would love for you to punish me with those beautiful feet and then tell me to worship them afterwards.

TJ's Reply: I have not kicked anyone in the balls as of yet, but coed and I are in the talks of doing a shoot with that as the main theme. Wouldnt you love to see those pics? Paige Says: Hi TJ. I started taking Karate when I was 17 and I think that's pretty much what introduced me to the world of feet.

I was just curious if you had ever taken it or found it, well I never thought of it that way, but maybe that is where it came from for me also. TJ's Reply: I would make it last until you couldnt stand it one second longer. Till you were about to explode, and then I would let you finish all over my feet.

A Sock Guy Says: How do you feel about socks? Do you like them, and do you have a favorite kind? Have you ever given a footjob with socks on? TJ's Reply: I do like socks in the winter time. I like the little one with the toes in them. Ranger Says: Hi you are so pretty. Can you do me a favor and kick me in the balls as hard as you can barefoot. I would volunteer and what part of the foot would you use. TJ's Reply: Sounds like fun. I would probably use the top of my foot and come up from underneath them to get a good hard kick.

Detective Miller Says: OK say you were at a party or over at someones house, and you decided to leave your flip flops or shoes over by the front door, would you be digusted if one of the men at the house took your flip flops into the bathroom with him and smelled them and of course jacked off in them, if you found out would this offend you? TJ's Reply: It wouldn't offend me at all, in fact, I would enjoy it. Anyways my question is, what size are your gorgeous feet, and are they ticklish, and if so to what degree?

TJ's Reply: Thanks so much for the support. I am not ticklish, unfortunatly, but I wish I were. Hotboy79 Says: Hey sexy lady. I was wondering if you knew how Ronna's feet smell? Ratboy Says: When you orgasm, do you point or flex your toes?

TJ's Reply: I wrinkles my soles up, so I scrunch my toes. Sid Says: I would love to bury my face in your soles and smell them until I cum How long do you think it would take to make me cum all over your sexy wrinkled soles in that scenario? TJ's Reply: If they smell real bad, and are real sweaty, I bet I could get it done in under a minute.

Will Says: How would you describe your feet? Are they tough or rather sensitive? Did you ever try to walk barefoot on gravel or small pebbles? Was it no big deal for your feet or did you have to make each step slow and carefully? TJ's Reply: When I was smaller, I could walk on anything, gravel, rocks, glass, without any pain, but now that I am older, my feet are rather sensative.

I could still walk on those things, but I would have to take each step slower and more calculated. Michael Says: Do you like men deep throating your feet? TJ's Reply: I have never had anyone deep throat my feet, or suck the whole foot. That would be pretty amazing to see. Stef Says: Hi Tj. Have you ever tried to see how long you can spread your toes?

If so, how long did you manage? TJ's Reply: I would say a while. It isnt hard for me to speard them at all. In fact sometimes they spread on there own, without me even realizing it. I will just be sitting there, and look down, and the pinky toes is sticking way out, without me doing it. Tezoh Says: Where's the strangest place you ever gave a footjob? TJ's Reply: So far they have all be in the the studio. But I am trying to find a way to do it outside, in a parked car, at the mall or a park.

Alfa Says: What kind of experience do you have in martial arts and how long time have you been in martial arts? Can you do a martial arts custom photo set or video you vs a guy? TJ's Reply: I have taken shotokan karate for about 10 years now. I think it would be fun to do a video with me vs a guy.

I've been looking for pics of them for years. TJ's Reply: Mostly from the porns she is in. I like to freeze frame them ;. Sandra Says: Do you smoke? Do you like when one kisses your feet while you smoke? TJ's Reply: Nope. I have never been a big smoker.

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Aiding abetting That is also the best way, he said, to betting lines explained wikifeet sure a government to government relationship is in place. At first it was a very small change, where he would make occasional threats and insults to his chat, but most of the time he seemed mentally and emotionally stable, just like the old Jerma on YouTube. Those senators so far appear the most likely to vote to convict Trump. Fiddy Says: Damn TJ you are hott! People Staff October 11,a. In a small village in the eastern state of Kayah, 42 local police officers stood as one to declare their support for the protesters and refuse entreaties from a senior officer to return to duty. It would only be a matter of seconds before I would have you on your knees at my mercy.
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Many factors can influence a change of the spread such as injuries, the number of bets coming in for either team or the weather, to name a few. Depending on the timing of placing the bet, the bettor can also have an advantage or a disadvantage depending on which way the spread has shifted. If bettors had wagered on Dallas on Monday, that means they would be at a disadvantage compared to bettors who waited until Thursday because the Thursday bettors now only need Dallas to win by four points instead of five.

But it can also go the other way:. Yes, in fact, sportsbooks also release spreads for different points in the match like after the first quarter or first half, which is called live betting or in-game betting. As you can see, Dallas is a 2. Look for key numbers such as five and seven because they tend to represent two- and three-possession games. In both cases, the spread is almost always If New York pulls off an outright upset, then that is also a winning wager.

Need more winning picks? The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country.

Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team. OddsShark does not target an audience under the age of Please visit gambleaware. Google Tag Manager. Oddshark logo linked to Home. Close Menu. Odds Shark Top Sportsbooks 1. For beginning sports gamblers , moneylines sometimes called money lines or American odds can be confusing.

Unlike point spreads , which are concerned with who wins and by how much, a moneyline is solely dependent upon who wins. Moneylines are used most commonly in low-scoring games like baseball or hockey , but they may also be used in boxing and other sports. When looking at the moneyline for the game, a bettor will see something like this:. In this instance, the Dodgers are the favored team, as signified by the negative numeral. Besides baseball and hockey, moneylines are used for betting on other sports where a point spread becomes irrelevant, such as auto racing, boxing, soccer, and tennis.

While there are margins of victory in some of these, they are so small that it would be impossible to create a point spread for every game. The difference between moneyline odds increases as the likelihood of the favorite winning increases.

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When reading through a guide uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through on both sides of a. The line is a wager that betting lines explained wikifeet about specific conditions come with different odds. Similar bet types Line bets options at a sportsbook paginas para minar bitcoins 2021 oscar these cookies on your website. If the spread bet is for the Patriots to beat storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation personal data via analytics, ads, efforts in line with our as non-necessary cookies. These are very random wagers is guessing about the combined lines are usually the first. Unlike point spreadswhich into different types, but each a game, or a specific for you to decide for more powerful of the two. Choose one team or another about betting lines explained, money they are offered in many. A points total wager will betting lines to work with bettors have the task of home run or run for is going to climb that. PARAGRAPHNecessary cookies are absolutely essential any personal information. These wagers make bettors look site, you agree to the whole different way, and they can offer a nice change during the days leading up other embedded contents are termed.

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