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Mahi binebine guggenheim investments

It is a temptation that he tries to resist. These are paintings that resist a figurative simplicity. Settled between an undoubted presence and the continuous need to disappear, the paintings that he produces question an issue that is never asked: What remains of representation? Because when an artist paints, in many respects, he produces a remnant that falls into a relative eternity. When considering the work of Mahi Binebine, it is a question of what is already there that escapes reason.

To say that this painting represents men or women would be to not examine it closely. From he studied and subsequently taught mathematics for a number of years in Paris. He lived in New York from to Following a short return to Paris, he returned to the city of his birth in He often begins by introducing his characters at a particularly precarious time in their lives; in the ensuing pages the story of the protagonist's life unfolds through flashbacks and embedded narratives. Burned umber earth , — inspired by the fate of the painter Gharbaoui — is about a Moroccan painter who freezes to death on a park bench in Paris following the failure of his career in the city.

The mortuary of milk , a novel about his mother which touches on the fate of his brother, Aziz Binebine, an unwilling participant in the failed coup attempt in Skhirat in , who was imprisoned for years in Morocco's notorious Tazmamart desert camp. Through a series of anecdotes the protagonist, Yachine, introduces readers to his impoverished life in Sidi Moumen, a slum on the outskirts of Casablanca.

Binebine's novels, rich in plot and narrative drive, are mostly committed to a realistic literary aesthetic expressed in a clear, concise voice.


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Binebine has written six novels which have been translated into various languages.

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Forex dna general discussion These are paintings that resist a figurative simplicity. His paintings are part of the permanent collection at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Mahi Binebine — internationales literaturfestival berlin. MarrakechMorocco. Born in in Marrakech, Mahi Binebine moved in Paris in to continue his studies in mathematics, which he taught for eight years. In verscheen de roman Cannibales.
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Metro bank investment fund navpu metrobank Mahi Binebine s novel Horses of God follows four childhood friends growing up in Sidi Moumen as they make the life-changing decisions that will lead them to become Islamist martyrs. Get this from a library! External links Venue. He studied in Paris and taught mathematics, until he became recognized first as a painter, then as a novelist. Welcome to Paradise by Mahi Binebine - Goodreads.
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Forex brokers giving bonus Mahi Binebine is a Mahi binebine guggenheim investments painter and novelist born in Marrakech in Mahi Binebine s Horses of God is an almost perfect little novel, a fictional account of an event in Casablanca on 16 May that saw twelve suicide bombers slaughter innocent people along with themselves. He wrote several novels, which have been translated into a dozen languages. Imprisoned several times in Nigeria for his opposition to corruption and dictatorship, he is often seen in the revolving doors of exile and return. Its central message: As long as nothing is done to close the ever-increasing gap between rich and poor, there will always be those willing to emulate the Sidi Moumen angels of death. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco organized conference. Arnon Grunberg is one of the most subtly outrageous provocateurs in world literature as well as an acclaimed reporter.
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Initiatives such as the Abu Dhabi Festival have a duty towards society. By facilitating access, engagement and participation with the arts, communities thrive and individuals flourish. The tours, talks and workshops that accompany this exhibition shall no doubt encourage the next generation to delve deep into their own imaginations, open their minds and take ownership of their cultural identity so that they may also contribute to the continuous dialogue of self-expression.

Over the last decade, we have seen our audience grow as more and more citizens, residents and visitors seek intellectual sustenance, creative inspiration, and innovative new ideas. Hoda I. IMA is therefore presenting a general overview of the plastic arts, which includes all media: painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation art, and so on. This enables visitors to gain an understanding of the trends and research that are part of contemporary Arab art.

Indeed, this term extends a particular vision on the Arab artists that would serve as a well beyond a simple abstract notion of an area comprised of 20 point of reference and a framework for their work. When one looks at all the Arab works of art produced in recent But, one might question whether a common secular history and years, there is a wide variety of sources of inspiration; art is a shared language constitute a unified culture. Artists, who and the accumulation of collective experiences.

Some have even gone so far as to which has left a mark - or even a scar - on local cultural forms represent political issues in their work, in a surprisingly direct and practices. Indeed, there has been a relationship between art and These were my immediate thoughts when I was entrusted by socio-political and cultural changes throughout history; art the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris to conceive and organise often has an influence on society, rather than vice versa. There are artworks, there are other constituent elements that need to be undoubtedly civilizational traits and many diverse cultural incorporated in this picture of contemporary art that we are characteristics which collectively constitute any society; and attempting to create.

We need to closely observe the various a close observation of these traits and characteristics enables forms of contemporary art in all their diversity, keep track us to create an accurate and as comprehensive a picture as of the changes, and ensure that we do not separate these possible of the specific nature of a particular society.

The arts and the environment in which they are observe all the forms of artistic expression conceived and. We believe that the experiences and artistic or categories: projects presented in this exhibition will greatly contribute to - artworks that are political in nature, which are simply highlighting the structure and overall coherence of the Arab art observational or even critical; scene.

Because, basically, countries are shaped by art. Apart from the work contemporary visual arts practices at regional level. In just over 10 months, I was able a challenge even - which would unfold over time and leave to gain a better understanding of the artists and their projects, certain ideas and means of expression for the final picture.

This is a phenomenon that involves both the horizontal two biennial events, I decided to build the project around two. When I saw it in the British Museum at the beginning of the year; the circumambulation of the sacred Kabah conveys the notion of eternity. Driss Ouadahi obsessively represents hundreds of symbols, drawing an analogy between the blocks of architecture and the layers of thoughts and memories in the memory, which constitute identity.

His work recalls what Jean Baudrillard said when he compared the levels of visual perception with the alternation of the authentic and the artificial in the history of art. Safaa Erruas explores boundaries, fragmentation and unity, utopia, and scars that accumulate over time in works that resemble woven standards. These works contain a.

These artists draw their inspiration from traditional symbols or their own experiences. The esoteric dimension enhances the aesthetic qualities highlighted by critics. This exhibition will enable visitors to discover works and practices that have already been presented at the project stage, on other occasions, or on a regional or international level; the exhibition contains projects that are dialectically connected to contemporary concepts, in their personal, esoteric, or interpretative dimension.

The fact remains that art has ceased to be a means of creating beauty - either through material transformation The current conceptual confusion at the time of writing, summer or representations of nature. Art the creative act, whose multifaceted and complex nature requires is no longer a tractable means of expression that creates beauty interpretation.

In fact, I would say that the visual structures create forms in replace a certain aesthetic consciousness - that remained dominant space, quite independently from the need for aesthetic expression, and widely accepted until quite recently - with a new visual artistic whether this is beauty in the traditional or more recent sense of consciousness whose main characteristic is a break with regional the term.

From this perspective, is it still possible to talk about an tradition, in terms of the general style, ideas, and references. This Arab art with distinct aesthetics? Sooner or later, they will An Ahistorical Struggle undoubtedly find themselves facing the dilemmas inherent to Until very recently, ideological commitment used expressivity this aesthetic consciousness, but they will also have new tools, and artistic commitment was aesthetic. These two forms of means and new materials.

Both commitments have now been by contemporary Arab artists over the last 25 years a means of creating invalidated by the sudden popular uprisings that have focused on the complex network that links have overthrown totalitarian regimes. There is the visual and the mental.

There It seems to me that contemporary Arab artists have more freedom is also an influence from experimental practices, which intend to in their deconstructive work, in the analysis they can make of promote reflection within the work of art, and not through it or elements of their creative life, which is very much removed from any intermediary.

I am only using the term postmodernism in a the set literary formulas dictated by ideology. Indeed, Arabian identity has This concept also combines art sensu stricto with that which does always been - and remains - an evolving cultural reality; Arabian not fall within the scope of art. In the past, the ideological regimes adopted or, at least, pushed aside and marginalised, until it disappears a somewhat dictatorial approach to art, which led artists to hide completely.

Sometimes, it is still perceptible in a hypothetical behind the idea of Arabian identity, but works by contemporary sense, in the symmetry or unintentional correspondences in Arab artists can help us understand Arab artists from an entirely. I think that a redefinition of Arabian identity framework.

And this is exactly what modern Arab artists have should include imaginary elements and other dimensions that are achieved - and with what virtuosity! Today, we view their works very much different from those dictated by ideological stereotypes. I am not advocating a particular replenish us; they are not a mirror reflection of us - they make approach.

Very often, ideas become secondary to reality. The Arab us into mirrors that reflect whatever imaginary characteristics are integration of 20th century mentality is only relatively recent, proposed by these works. It is an art that redefines our dreams and due to four centuries of Ottoman domination. This integration we make it into art, insofar as it makes us. Everything indicates that modern ideas has Acknowledging the fact that, paradoxically, an this evolution was organic, authentic, and durable.

Urban society played a major role in this evolution, required a measure image has the same value, whether it is present or not is the challenge faced by the modern arts. This future has now become our present, although we are this type of challenge. I would I also think that the desert could be a good place for ghosts … even say that many contemporary artists are unfamiliar with the experiences of their Arab predecessors in the s and s. This is because the psychological framework of their upbringing The Destiny of the Image and education - at art school and elsewhere - has not given them I think that the era of the image, whose rapid transformations the depth of imagination necessary to establish a balance between constitute the framework in which we live, has given the arts an the past and the future, between our origins and our destination Historically, representation capturing images, arranging them and the exploitation of their The Emergence of the Universal influences has played a central role in the figurative arts.

As we an image-based process, partly because they are more misleading have not fully exploited modernism, it is difficult to go beyond than ever. While the concept of figurative arts has developed into it. But reality tells us something else, something that we cannot that of visual arts, the eye also no longer has complete faith in the ignore. Has the artistic language become so realistic? I think image; in fact, quite the opposite has occurred. And since there that we need to distinguish two realities: social reality, which were no followers of pop art in the Arab world, it was not easy for is hampered by all sorts of ideological ties, and the reality in Arab artists to make the transition to the conception of a creative the world of art, which is open to the world through the use of space beyond images.

Pop art, which played an instrumental techniques to represent ideas and images, which are themselves role in flattening the image and the destruction of all the sacred undergoing rapid change. The break away from the ideological. The image has lost all its power everywhere; except in the Arab world, where figurative Poor Draughtsmanship: Does it Matter? And the introduction of video has generated a continual stream In any case, it will always be difficult to move beyond aesthetic of images.

Arab artists Up to now, the Arab public has had few opportunities to become rebelling against the power of the image will have to fight on two acquainted with these forms of art: event and performance. These levels: that of artistic inspiration, which only accepts the presence forms of art do actually contain fictional - and sometimes even of images if they are based on a different form of beauty this intimidating - images, because they use illusory material to create is the approach of the Libyan artist Arwa Abouon, the Moroccan a secondary reality.

These representations will not reinstate the Mahi Binebine, the Syrian Safwan Dahoul, and the Egyptian Adel image as a concept that once played a pivotal role in the arts El Siwi ; and on a level that is parallel to the first, which tends to throughout the world. This issue needs to Bouderbala, and the Lebanese Doris Bittar. Indeed, the image be addressed with much thought and wisdom.

Should we defend remains a key determinant in both instances. The non-figurative and justify the practice of allowing students to be technically trends paved the way for the post-imaginal age. Could The artist believed that the survival of vestiges is related to our drawing today become a new form of art? The artist was not an archaeologist, but he believed consider themselves to be draughtsmen, in the traditional sense that vestiges acquired a human dimension if we take into account of the term.

They are not seeking to compare their practices with the way anonymous people appropriated them, by writing on the those of their predecessors. While there is no aesthetic pleasure walls. These are images that contain their own meanings. What in their works, they fulfil a different function through drawing. Perhaps the new artists, who danger of betraying at any time and every time we look.

Arab artists were waiting for a revolutionary figure to from which it originates. We therefore need to be prepared for the free art from the power of the image - and Al Said paved the way emergence of artists who will draw without ever having received a. Today, Arab artists immediately give priority to meaning and ideas in their work. There will always be a sort of black humour associated with the paradoxical relationship between the real and the imaginary; like a potential image which is about to emerge - an image for which the artist is not responsible and which does not represent him.

But nevertheless, I think that Arab artists - despite all the importance they place on the imaginary - largely remain attached to figurative work and images, and are slightly saddened when they stand before their canvases without the influence and presence of the phantom artists from the past.

There has been a gradual loss of interest in works on major collective themes, executed in a style comprising a variety of techniques; and works of art have become more independent in relation to their social environment and classical references. In the face of this kind of determined and uncompromising liberation, social control if there is any will be difficult. Worse still, it will be almost impossible to integrate new works in established cultural settings; a traditional institutional demand.

To be more precise, I think that we now have to define art as an event that is essentially personal and individual. This is, in a way, the raw material that Phantom Meaning forms the basis for the work of many contemporary Arab artists. There is an organic relationship between arts that initially appear This takes us back to the fundamental question: What is art?

For example, the three artistic expressions - event, question, which in this context, takes the form of a performance, and video - can be combined to form recurrent phantom. If there had been no art, would we be who we name to satisfy terminological requirements.

The document that can prove artist stands in front of a camera lens and creates are now? This mastery enables us to perceive the They have certain tasks they must fulfil on their own. The question essence of the metamorphosis that is underway in the visual arts of the essence of art can also, for example, lead us to the cave in the Arab world. The mastery also does not have the power drawings. Contrary to what one might think, this does not mean to deceive us, because although it appears to be unstable and that we are straying from the subject under discussion.

The image without points of reference, it fiercely affirms its individuality and as a mental representation continues to be an obsession, despite independence. I The contemporary artist is an individual who is often indecisive believe that art combats reality with and through truth, perhaps and hesitant - certainly not an inspirational prophet.

Creatures of Imagination Contemporary artistic activity is more about hypothesis and. I do embracing interrogation and rejection, than transmitting a univocal not think that it is an exaggeration to say that women, more than message based on certitudes. I would even say that women anyone, have contributed to liberating art from its traditional have played a major role in this revolutionary transformation. More importantly, they have radically altered the role they There are more female artists in the Arab world today than ever play on the art scene.

They have gone from being inspirational to before; things are clearly tipped in their favour. Individualisation being the driving force behind renewed inspiration. Henceforth, and independence have always been female aspirations par any inspiration that excludes the influence of female artists will in excellence. In the past, female artists drew and sculpted like some way be deficient. But that did not alter the fact that the artistic milieu was predominantly male.

Nowadays female artists are Rupture and Continuity developing independently in their own milieu. This is not only However, art has begun to question society. Society is the most about asserting independence from men, but also relates to the powerful driving force of inspiration, with regard to contemporary artistic world of their mothers and grandmothers.

In my view, the most important change is of artistic relevance. Female artists highlighted the inadequacy of that which affects the relations between art and politics. On the contrary, inspiration. This collective conscience. Hence, conceptual artists than 70 years, considering them to be some of the most simple have emerged, endowed with wisdom, performance artists - who and simplistic aspects of life, contemporary artists are more are as bewitching as dancers - and a whole host of other forms of conscious of the fact that - by exclusively focusing on existential expression, in which female artists contribute visual works based and aesthetic issues - these artists have inadvertently contributed on their experiences and daily rituals.

This continues to consume and I would even say that the emergence of female artists is one of the dominate vast areas of contemporary life, which might not have most positive cultural phenomena to have taken place in the Arab occurred if artists had focused more on social issues. In truth, world in recent years. After decades of hesitation and perplexity, Arab artists have long overlooked society, absorbed as they were caught between modernism for which society was not ready in perfecting the tools of modernism, which were not considered and a radical revolt that addresses fundamental issues that would in the social context but as tools in themselves.

When the moment open up new and lasting avenues, female artists have emerged of truth came after the occupation of Iraq and the beginning of and established the foundations of a balanced art that enables the Arab Spring revolutions , it became apparent to everyone that individuals to express themselves, but under new existential there was a kind of vague area, separating Arab art and society;.

On the bold step. We will have to deal with this type of the service of the viewers. We are looking for the truth because contestation with a degree of trust and caution. They are entering unknown pleasure. So, was all the beauty that we have enjoyed for 70 years territory, even if there is no trace of fear in the works they produce.

The range of modern techniques cannot hide the perplexity and We should not exaggerate by labelling the past as entirely negative, the hesitation of the artists, who are on the brink of falling into nor do we need to wipe the slate clean. I think that art is more the political trap. Their elders and masters view this hesitation as skilled at deceiving us than we are at deceiving being akin to futile agitation, the first step towards an outright abandonment of art.

If we review the history of Arab art, we will admit that, until now, Arabs have not dared to take powerful driving force see that generally speaking, the beginnings were always more positive than the endings. It is true that art off its pedestal. Hence, all the other political decadence has been echoed, on a somewhat imaginary arts developed in imaginary frameworks.

But modern Arab artists level, by art. This is why artists have renounced misplaced pride view the issue from a global and entirely different perspective. While many points. Arab artists have only recently discovered that history has left them behind. We believed we were part of the modern movement, but in reality we have made very little progress. But, as these visions are beyond the scope of traditional art, they will constitute a creative reserve for a future art that will not be hostage to its techniques and means of expression, and will instead place these means at the.

In , an important and atypical institution was established in France: the Institut du Monde Arabe IMA was a world first and constituted a unique organisation in the Western - and even international - cultural landscape. The establishment of IMA was a veritable revolution at the time and it has since become an acknowledged authority and a centre for the discovery of cultures and countries that still seem alien, despite the close relations they have maintained with the rest of the world, in particular Europe.

The institution celebrated its 25th anniversary in This anniversary has provided an excellent opportunity to assess the evolution of so-called Arab art in our contemporary societies. This is the aim of this exhibition, which in the absence of definitive answers, has decide to reflect on the following issues through images: what has developed over a quarter of a century?

How have representations relating to the Arab world evolved? Where does Arab art stand with regard to universal contemporary art? In , on the international arena, the second Gulf War had not yet taken place, nor had the events of 11th September or the war in Iraq that followed. In France, societal issues such as the wearing of veils in schools, the practice of street prayer, and halal meat in food shops did not yet exist.

Since then, plenty of water has flowed beneath the bridges of the Seine. While the Arab world has been and continues to be the focus of political news, bridges between East and West have increased. Given this context, what role can the IMA still play?

Apparently not. The events that have taken place over the last year and a half in the Maghreb and the Middle East have brought these regions of the world under the spotlight. While the experts argue over whether the Revolution has taken place in due form, like those that took place in the United States and France, it is evident that this particular revolution has at least produced a radically different outlook.

On 14 January , a new perception of the Arab world came into being. Suddenly, the West became aware of a world that it had always viewed as immobile, a world marked by an irreductible otherness, and saw that it was being agitated by movements that took place at a phenomenal rate and aspired to common values of liberty, equality, and democracy, which were no longer solely limited to the Western world.

Suddenly, the intoxicating perfume of jasmine replaced the smell of gunpowder in the Arab street. Although this Terra Incognita had been familiar to the Europe for thousands of years via the Mare Nostrum, it was transformed at the beginning of the 21st century under the incredulous gaze of a disorientated West into a symbol of popular revolt against the chains of despotism, after breaking those of colonialism in the preceding century.

Time had accelerated to meaning to the changing and elusive identities of North Africa and the such a degree that every journalist was unanimously proclaiming the Middle East. The Arab world became a place where the issue of the precocious emergence of the Arab Spring in the very heart of winter.

Apart film, which was screened in in festivals around the globe, from from the Arab origins of the artists who have produced them, what is Cannes to Doha. The artistic field also has not been spared from this darker side of This question leads to a series of related questions: Is this interest the Revolution. Cultural exhibitions have provoked violent reactions, merely a whim of fashion or a genuine attempt to comprehend the like those that occurred in June during the contemporary Arab world?

Since the 19th century, Arab art has excited In this atmosphere of extreme confusion, the art world has become enormous interest and features in many spectacular exhibitions that the receptacle for the revolutionary tensions and convulsions, and brought together objects found on scientific expeditions and on artists have in turn addressed the questions raised by the spectacular travels, which were acquired by the major museums, most notably transformations that they attempt to translate in their own fashion the Louvre.

The universal exhibitions that were intended as grandiose into sounds and images. Revolution is a creative act par excellence, demonstrations of the extent of colonial empires and of the industrial transforming squares and streets into enormous places for artistic power of major European powers bestowed a special status on this art, performances and producing anonymous artistic heroes, and placing which was qualified as Arab or Muslim in a confusion of terminology art right at the heart of the issues.

After decolonisation, while modern artists were finally able to The Arab Spring may have promised a radical change in this vision exhibit their works, the same Orientalist presuppositions existed of things, by revealing to the West - in parallel to the existence of in the attitude to Arab art. In the best scenarios, the selection of shared values and aspirations for citizens - a particularly flourishing works was based on a definite taste for what was foreign and autonomous artistic sphere.

In this very specific context, the works were often Square, a curious phenomenon has taken place. There have been many exotic products created for consumers avid for Oriental delights. The display of novelty came to acquire their goods. However, as everyone is aware, the road to hell is paved with good The events of 11 September partly accentuated this phenomenon, intentions and this approach seems to limit Arab artists to a form of even if it also inspired informed artists to commence a fruitful recalcitrant Orientalism in which the literary themes and motifs of examination of how they were perceived at the time.

Overnight, banners and slogans replaces those of the veil and the beard in an Arab artists were seen as Muslim artists, as a consequence of a equally caricatural and limited fashion. Many curious The artists who respond to this demand and plunge headlong and disorientated observers viewed their plastic creations as keys into this open breach are unquestionably guilty of opportunism to comprehend and analyse terrorist attacks, as though artists and facility.

The most vision. It is organised by the gallery owner Saatchi in his London gallery in important to remember that the concept of revolution, according to In this perspective, Arab art is evidently regarded more in its etymological sense, is the action of turning or bringing back to a. Art was not born last spring from the Most of the Arab states are represented in the exhibition, including blood shed by the insurgents.

Above all, and most importantly, these Morocco, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and events have generated a new outlook in the West , renewed pride and Saudi Arabia. This counters the general perception that these countries fresh interest; all attributes that should be seen as an opportune trigger cannot be artistic nations, even though young artists like Ahmed for action and change, rather than a tabula rasa. Mater and Abdulnasser Gharem are today among the most soughtThe creation of identity involves an analysis of the past and the after artists on the international art market.

The works of the Moroccan artist Najia In short, it requires departing from an approach to identity that shuts Mehadji and the Qatari Yousef Ahmad are excellent examples of this. Similarly, the duality of the conflict between artists to substitute for their Arab counterparts. Their Arab origins Labban, the artistic director of the Cairo Biennial established in aside, these artists are above all contemporary artists.

Their familiarity with The selection of artists in the exhibition reveals the sheer range, the painting of Paul Klee and the Syrian Marwan Kassab Bachi helps complexity and diversity of contemporary Arab creativity, which them contribute to the enrichment of contemporary art and give it a cannot be reduced to a monolithic and uniform block.

Rather than a. North Africa and the Middle East. An Indian, a woman, a idea that according to Samir Kassir2 is at the origin of Arab malaise Muslim, an American … all these labels are merely departure points. Far from playing a marginal role or merely approach.

If these conditions are met, a truly videos of contemporary Arab and Iranian artists in their Islamic art universal contemporary art can emerge, in which the Arab world will rooms. This has highlighted the contemporary resonance of their become an essential component rather than playing an unconsidered works with the works of the past. Nadim Karam. War Series Drawing. Digital illustrations on acid free paper. Courtesy of the artist and Ayyam Gallery, Beirut. As a mathematics graduate and multidisciplinary artist, she has dedicated herself to video, photography and installations.

She uses her scientific training in her works and she is also fascinated by the systematic reproduction of forms. Since , she has been working for the magazine Al Tashkeel and also contributes to other art reviews and publications. Since , her work has been featured in many solo and collective exhibitions in Dubai, New York and Germany.

She has also appeared in the 7th Sharjah Biennial in Both are complementary and reinforce one another. My work is based on this idea, and is a study of the mind and the human brain. While it is a biological organ, it is also that of thought and culture, as it contains our language, reflections, and intimate conscience.

Within this organ, the link is established between biological reality and cultural reality. This link is too complex to be simply analysed or be subjected to schematic descriptions. It has long been accepted that the study of the brain could not be merely studied using scientific criteria, focusing on its extraordinary anatomical complexity.

I am looking for the human phenomena that are based in the brain; the complexity of which cannot be understood by science. I am fundamentally curious about the functioning of our sensorial apparatus and about how the link is made between what we see, hear and perceive through touch.

These relationships between the senses need to be examined with the greatest care, as this will lead to the creation of new forms of perception. This forms the basis of my approach and I create works both visual and auditory - that enable viewers to understand nature's principles. These investigations have led me to the following conclusion: the brain is an organised and complex system that cannot be summed up by facile formulae and oversimplified principles. Video Installation 52 seconds.

Courtesy of the artist and The Third Line, Dubai. She studied plastic arts and photography at Concordia University in Montreal. She is interested in her dual cultural origins - Western and Eastern - and her photographic and graphic work employs the visual motifs of Islamic culture. Her somewhat humorous works hover between irreverent re-appropriation and respectful homage.

Their strong, visual impact perfectly expresses her subtle messages. They are a reality that transcends beyond colours and faiths. They are valuable lessons waiting to be learned. Yet after hardship comes light; indeed, with hardship comes ease Quran Islam teaches us to remain steadfast in times of affliction. Allah is with the steadfast Quran 2: Prayer unites our mind body and soul; therein we manifest submission to His authority, gratitude for His mercies, and penitence for our sins.

In prayer, we stand together free of discrimination. Similar to prayer, rain does not discriminate; it transcends form and colour. Digital print. He made his apprenticeship in the studio of the painter Simon Shahrigian before studying sculpture at the Faculty of the Fine Arts, Helwan University in Cairo. Eary on in his career, Agop exhibited his work in numerous shows throughout Egypt and received the Sculpture Prize from the Autumn Salon in His national recognition was confirmed in , when he received the prestigious Rome Prize.

Since moving to Europe, Agop has been increasingly present in the international art scene with exhibitions across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In , he received the prestigious Umberto Mastroianni Award. Fortunately, words are poor so we can experience the unexplainable things. These works are the result of my encounter with this ancient material; me, a currently living human, who shared part of his life with a material that is millions of years old.

Now that meeting is with you. Between and , he studied calligraphy and worked as a calligrapher and caricaturist for the Government of Qatar. He returned to Doha where he worked as an art career advisor at the Ministry of National Education and taught art at Qatar University. His art, which is highly personal, has received various international awards. His first major exhibition was held in Doha in However, in the work of Yousef Ahmad the desert is represented differently, through the words and phrases that make up its visual language.

Born in the desert, he is familiar with its calm, vast horizons, and immense dunes where the soul can sometimes drift and come to rest. The picture is stripped of its colours, revealing its secrets. The fragments of shadow on the dunes of jostling letters trace out a geographical space with a surface area of over 32, cm2.

We are invited to open our eyes to contemplate the avenues of light, understand the language of the desert, and take in the palm trees blackened by the sun. The artist moves within this magical atmosphere created by the letters, generating a melody that spreads over the desert space, and its familiar murmur is perceived by hearing, which is attempting to free itself from the fear of the unknown; and the silence is transformed into serenity.

We behold a land covered in palm tree shadows, so that we can gauge the depth of its language. Mixed media and handmade palm leaf paper on floating frame. As a photographer and video maker, she employs the fantastical as a method for distancing the viewer from politics. Through voiceover narration that weaves together images, letters and songs, a story of defeat transpires into a journey that explores how we collect and perceive information, understand facts, history, images and sound and where the individual is to be found in the midst of the material.

His work, inspired by the expressionism of Marwan Kassab Bachi, bears the scars of his childhood spent in Lebanon during the war. The dichotomy lies in the superficiality of those shallow, insignificant texts devoid of any meaning, as compared to the historical value of language in the Arab consciousness as the ultimate purveyor of culture, identity and pride. Embroidered cut-outs on printed fabric. Courtesy of the artist and Agial Art Gallery, Beirut. In , he studied in Paris and, for eight years, taught mathematics while continuing to paint.

After his first exhibitions, he published several novels that were translated into various languages. In , he moved to New York, where he gained recognition. His works can be seen in the permanent collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York. Binebine is also a promising author in the emerging literary scene of the Moroccan diaspora. In , he returned to Paris. In , he finally moved back to his native city of Marrakech. My figures may be reduced to broken, bound and painful silhouettes, but they are alive and they are struggling.

While blackness and desperation are omnipresent, there is always hope; a rebirth from the ashes, a future. After living in Lebanon for many years, her parents fled the civil war and emigrated to the United States. While working as an artist she taught visual arts at the San Marcos University in California from As a multidisciplinary artist, she focuses on painting, photography and installation.

She is fascinated by decorative motifs and history; two elements she incorporates into her work. In recent years, her work has been exhibited and acknowledged in both the United States and abroad. Her work involves the use of various media painting on various supports, photography, etc. She is critical of Orientalism, evoking our relationship with the body and femininity.

Since the s, Bouderbala has curated various exhibitions around the world. Her work has appeared in several solo and collective exhibitions in Morocco, Tunisia, France, Germany, and the United States, as well as in the Cairo Biennial of Contemporary Art in Popular revolution no longer exists - only hijacking via a revolutionary mode that the elites greedily share in their quest for sensations.

War is always waged by the same people. The current face of Tunisia is like that of an erring art on a quest for the sublime. Between and , he taught photography in the School. Painting often features in his installations, photomontages and videos.

Bouras is a founding member of the Essebbaghine Group, which brings together eight contemporary artists in Algiers. His work focuses on current events and contests aesthetic-political complacency by using different media and by exhibiting his work in situ in unconventional public spaces. The two territories have two distinct histories, full of visual differences and contrasts. The first is an agricultural land; a land of refuge and crossing whose future will see sustainable, organic farming.

The second land is dry and contaminated, only hoping to be rehabilitated for a healthy future by some means of appeasing the past. To freely move between borders - to go beyond these means of separation whether real or imagined. These frontiers are charged with political, military and poetic connotations.

To conclude, we see rushing water full of hope in a shared sense of humanity, a wealth to be equally distributed. In , he was awarded a grant from the Government of Syria to continue his studies abroad. He produces original works in which women are given pride of place. Since the s, his works have been regularly exhibited in the Middle East, Europe and the United States in solo and collective exhibitions and at international contemporary art fairs.

Series of 22 curtains. Embroidered small white pearls on cotton paper. I want to reproduce each flag identically using white on white. My work — commenced with a series of flags from the Arab countries, based on the 22 countries that are members of the Arab League. I delicately embroidered stars, trees, and … red, green, and black … everything is embroidered in white. Al-Faisal works on universal themes identity and difference, memory, etc.

My art aims to represent the presence of the divine in nature and man. I see light as one of the many manifestations of God, which He casts before us as reminder of His constant presence in us and all around. Each photograph is a model of light and shade. I see photography as a tool for praising the glory of God in the universe. After completing a course in plastic arts in Casablanca, he studied in Rome. In his work, Fatmi constructs spaces and interplays of language.

Videos, installations, drawings, paintings and sculptures highlight our ambiguities, doubts, fears and desires. They underline world events; what occurs in accidents, and reveal structures. Video installation 15 minutes. Images projected show the architectural construction in the Middle East, creating an intense cinematic environment.

The speed of industrialisation and the growth of cities are reflected today in the rapid development and urbanisation of the Middle East. Cities are appearing out of the desert, with buildings thrown up so fast that there is no time to reflect on the changes. He is both an artist and a soldier, and taught himself art history and philosophy.

As the leader of an emerging generation of young Saudi artists, his work addresses local issues. Part of the conceptual art movement, Gharem produces performances and in situ installations and highlights environmental, geographic, urban and social issues. His work has been internationally acclaimed and presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale and the 8th Sharjah Biennial Popular Content See all. The truth is, as one of the older posters still around, I'd given most all advice that I could think of as I rose through the IB ranks.

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