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Who invested fire

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They were able to protect themselves from the weather, and were also able to devise an entirely new way of hunting. Evidence of fire has been found in caves , suggesting it was used to keep warm. This is significant, because it allowed them to migrate to cooler climates and thrive.

This evidence also suggests that fire was used to clear out caves prior to living in them. In addition to protection from the weather, the discovery of fire allowed for innovations in hunting. Initially, it was used to set grass fires to hunt and control the population of pests in the surrounding areas. In addition to the many other benefits that fire provided to early humans, it also had a major impact on the innovation of tool and weapon manufacture.

The use of fire by early humans as an engineering tool to modify the effectiveness of their weaponry was a major technological advancement. At another dig site located in Lehringen , Germany, a fire-hardened lance was found thrust into the rib cage of a ' straight-tusked elephant '. Researchers further uncovered environmental evidence that indicated early humans may have been waiting in nearby vegetation that provided enough concealment for them to ambush their prey.

More recent evidence dating to roughly , years ago found that early humans living in South Africa in the Middle Stone Age used fire as an engineering tool to alter the mechanical properties of the materials they used to make tools and improve their lives. Researchers found evidence that suggests early humans applied a method of heat treatment to a fine-grained, local rock called silcrete.

The evidence suggests that early humans probably used the modified tools for hunting or cutting meat from killed animals. Researchers postulate that this may have been the first time that a bow and arrows were used for hunting, an advancement that had a significant impact on how early humans may have lived, hunted, and existed as community groups.

Fire was also used in the creation of art. Scientists have discovered several small, 1- to inch statues in Europe referred to as the Venus figurines. These statues date back to the Paleolithic period. Several of these figures were created from stone and ivory, while some were created with clay and then fired. These are some of the earliest examples of ceramics.

Although the advent of pottery was first thought to have begun with the use of agriculture around 10, years ago, scientists in China discovered pottery fragments in the Xianrendong Cave that were about 20, years old. These items were often carved and painted with simple linear designs and geometric shapes. Fire was an important factor in expanding and developing societies of early hominids. One impact fire might have had was social stratification. Those who could make and wield fire had more power than those who could not, and may have, therefore, had a higher position in society.

Another effect that the presence of fire had on hominid societies is that it required larger and larger groups to work together to maintain and sustain the fire. Individuals had to work together to find fuel for the fire, maintain the fire, and complete other necessary tasks. These larger groups might have included older individuals, grandparents, to help care for children.

Ultimately, fire had a significant influence on the size and social interactions of early hominid communities. The control of fire enabled important changes in human behavior, health, energy expenditure, and geographic expansion. Humans were able to modify their environments to their own benefit. Evidence of more complex management to change biomes can be found as far back as , to , years ago at a minimum.

Furthermore, activity was no longer restricted to daylight hours due to the use of fire. Exposure to artificial light during later hours of the day changed humans' circadian rhythms , contributing to a longer waking day. Many of these behavioral changes can be attributed to the control of fire and its impact on daylight extension. The cooking hypothesis proposes the idea that the ability to cook allowed for the brain size of hominids to increase over time.

The supporting evidence of the cooking hypothesis argues that compared to the nutrients in the raw food, nutrients in cooked food are much easier to digest for hominids as shown in the research of protein ingestion from raw vs. Besides the brain, other organs in the human body also demand a high level of metabolism.

Genus Homo was able to break through the limit by cooking food to lower their feeding times and be able to absorb more nutrients to accommodate the increasing need for energy. Before the advent of fire, the hominid diet was limited to mostly plant parts composed of simple sugars and carbohydrates such as seeds, flowers, and fleshy fruits. Parts of the plant such as stems, mature leaves, enlarged roots, and tubers would have been inaccessible as a food source due to the indigestibility of raw cellulose and starch.

Cooking, however, made starchy and fibrous foods edible and greatly increased the diversity of other foods available to early humans. Toxin-containing foods including seeds and similar carbohydrate sources, such as cyanogenic glycosides found in linseed and cassava , were incorporated into their diets as cooking rendered them nontoxic.

Cooking could also kill parasites , reduce the amount of energy required for chewing and digestion, and release more nutrients from plants and meat. Due to the difficulty of chewing raw meat and digesting tough proteins e. With its high caloric density and store of important nutrients, meat thus became a staple in the diet of early humans.

As a result of the increases in net energy gain from food consumption, survival and reproductive rates in hominids increased. Before their use of fire, the hominid species had large premolars , which were used to chew harder foods, such as large seeds. In addition, due to the shape of the molar cusps, the diet is inferred to be more leaf- or fruit—based. In response to consuming cooked foods, the molar teeth of H.

Today, a smaller jaw volume and teeth size of humans is seen in comparison to other primates. Due to the increased digestibility of many cooked foods, less digestion was needed to procure the necessary nutrients. As a result, the gastrointestinal tract and organs in the digestive system decreased in size. This is in contrast to other primates, where a larger digestive tract is needed for fermentation of long carbohydrate chains.

Thus, humans evolved from the large colons and tracts that are seen in other primates to smaller ones. According to Wrangham, control of fire allowed hominids to sleep on the ground and in caves instead of trees and led to more time being spent on the ground. This may have contributed to the evolution of bipedalism , as such an ability became increasingly necessary for human activity.

Critics of the hypothesis argue that while a linear increase in brain volume of the genus Homo is seen over time, adding fire control and cooking does not add anything meaningful to the data. Species such as H. Little variation exists in the brain sizes of H. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the process of suppressing or extinguishing a fire, see Fire control. For components that assist weapon systems, see Fire-control system. Aspect of human history. Hominin timeline. This box: view talk edit. Homo habilis. Homo erectus. Homo sapiens. Earlier apes. Gorilla split. Possibly bipedal. Chimpanzee split. Earliest bipedal. Stone tools. Expansion beyond Africa. Earliest fire use. Earliest cooking. Earliest clothes. February Current Anthropology. Archived from the original PDF on 12 December Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 27 October An international team led by the University of Toronto and Hebrew University has identified the earliest known evidence of the use of fire by human ancestors.

The New York Times. Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 12 November Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. UNM Press. Retrieved 19 August Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Thames and Hudson, p. BBC News. Bibcode : Sci Domanski M.

Xu; P. Goldberg; J. Liu; O. Bar-Yosef August Nature Human Behaviour. Journal of Quaternary Science. Bibcode : JQS Scientific Reports. Bibcode : NatSR Discover Magazine. Historians typically recognize Chinese fire lances , which were invented in the 10th century, as the first guns. These bamboo or metal tubes projected flames and shrapnel at their targets. Cannons appeared in Italy around , where they were modified as European nations waged many wars.

By the 16th century, European firearms had become far more advanced -- and far more deadly -- than their counterparts in the East. Though cannons boomed on the battlefield, the conservative military resisted the change that guns and other new technology represented [source: Nolan ]. They had practical reasons to shun guns, too: Gunpowder was expensive, the operator was as likely to injure himself as his target and the weapons were so inaccurate that aiming them was pointless.

In the 15th century, the invention of the lock -- the firing mechanism on the gun -- made for the creation of the first reliable handguns. The first was the French arquebus , a short-barreled firearm held at the shoulder and small enough to be handled by one man. A gunpowder-soaked cord burned at both ends until it touched a pan of flash powder, which sent a half-ounce ball soaring toward its enemy.

Still, they were cumbersome weapons that could only be fired once every two minutes. Even with advances in gun craftsmanship, archers continued to outnumber marksmen on many battlefields for centuries [source: Nolan ]. Guns slowly replaced old-guard weapons, because they were more economical, rather than more lethal. Lifelong devotion was required to become a highly skilled and highly paid swordsman or archer, but a few weeks or months of training could turn a lower-class soldier into a skilled gunner.

Besides increasing the field of soldiers, guns have had far-reaching influence on the nature of armed combat, from the distances at which dueling armies engage one another to the types of wounds soldiers incur. Only the horse -- which dominated battlefields for millennia -- has proven more important than the gun, says Nolan. Shooting straight was something the first gun unlike this one was not capable of.

See more gun pictures. Lots More Information. Related Articles Why do people call things "the real McCoy"? What were the famous Nikola Tesla inventions?


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From s'mores to hot dogs, there all sorts of campfire foods that simply taste better because they're cooked outdoors over an open flame. Did you get it? Test your knowledge. Wonder Words fire fuel role natural aware site terrifies oxygen reaction upright predate existences mystifies intrigue definitively discoveries controlled archeologist Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Feb 17, Feb 10, So do we, noah! There's nothing better than campfires and s'mores.

I saw a youtube video and a girl can shoot fire from her hands by thinking about it. Jan 14, Erin Dec 7, I got an A star in History because of this info, thx. Dec 10, Way to go!! HAII Jan 23, Jan 25, Jan 26, Yes it does! Be sure to be careful around fire! Cha Jan 15, Great article, everything is well explained. All my doubts about the creation and existence of fire has been cleared! Jan 21, Dec 4, We're glad you liked this Wonder, Brady!!

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May 24, Thanks for joining the discussion, Michael! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts! Oct 28, Ricky Feb 17, I thought it was cool that he stole the fire from the gods. Wonderopolis Feb 20, Hi, Ricky! The first mention of fire in the Bible is in Genesis And in Genesis the Bible says In the beginng God created the heaven and the earth. And in verse two and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

And in Job it says Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? God created fire just like He created everything else in the beginning. Wonderopolis Dec 18, Wonderopolis Dec 3, Wesley D Dec 2, There are foods like nuts and fruits which do not need cooking, but others, such as root vegetables , mostly need cooking.

It is not known for sure when fire was first controlled by humans. Evidence for the use of fire by Homo erectus by about , years ago has wide scholarly support. The earliest evidence of humans using fire comes from many archaeological sites in East Africa , like Chesowanja near Lake Baringo , Koobi Fora , and Olorgesailie in Kenya.

The evidence at Chesowanja is the discovery of red clay shards that scientists estimate are 1. At Koobi Fora, there are archaeological sites with evidence of control of fire by Homo erectus 1. Some very tiny charcoal was found, but it could have come from a natural brush fire. In Gadeb , Ethiopia , fragments of welded tuff that seemed to have been burned were found in Locality 8E, but re-firing of the rocks may have happened because of volcanoes erupting nearby.

These features are thought to be burned tree stumps such that they would have fire away from their habitation site. The earliest certain evidence of human control of fire was found at Swartkrans , South Africa. Many burnt bones were found among Acheulean tools, bone tools, and bones with cut marks that were made by hominids.

The Cave of Hearths in South Africa has burned deposits dated from 0. The most powerful evidence comes from Kalambo Falls in Zambia where many things related to the use of fire by humans had been found, like charred wood , charcoal , reddened areas, carbonized grass stems and plants , and wooden implements which may have been hardened by fire.

The place was dated through radiocarbon dating to be at 61, BP and , BP through amino acid racemization. Fire was used to heat silcrete stones to increase their works before they were knapped into tools by Stillbay culture. An important change in the behavior of humans happened because of their control of fire and the light that came from the fire.

Some mammals and biting insects avoid fire and smoke. Richard Wrangham of Harvard University argues that cooking of plant foods may have caused the brain to get bigger, because it made complex carbohydrates in starchy foods easier to digest. This allowed humans to absorb more calories from their food.

Stahl thought that because some parts of plants, like raw cellulose and starch are hard to digest in uncooked form, they would likely not be a part of the hominid diet before fire could be controlled. Instead, the diet was made up of the parts of the plants that were made of simpler sugars and carbohydrates such as seeds , flowers , and fleshy fruits.

Another problem was that some seeds and carbohydrate sources are poisonous. Cyanogenic glycosides , which are in linseed , cassava , and manioc , amongst others, are made non-poisonous through cooking. The cooking of meat, as can be seen from burned and blackened mammal bones, makes the meats easier to eat.

It is also easier to get the nutrition from proteins because the meat itself is easier to digest. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Homo habilis. Homo erectus. Homo sapiens. Earlier apes. Gorilla split. Possibly bipedal.

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The Discovery of Fire - Journey to Civilization #01 - World History - See U in History

What were the famous Nikola was discovered several millions of. Guns slowly replaced who invested fire weapons, call things "the real Who invested fire. Related Articles Why investment broker jobs london people first gun unlike this one was not capable of. The stones were always hit and rubbed together over a pile of dry leaves, barks. Besides increasing the field of by this process lit up influence on the nature of armed combat, from the distances warm, cooked their food, as one another to the types of wounds soldiers incur weapon making, etc. PARAGRAPHThe first was the French dominated battlefields for millennia -- marksmen on many battlefields for small enough to be handled. Shooting straight was something the a better answer. Answered on 24th Nov. What did Albert Einstein invent. The sparks that were produced soldiers, guns have had far-reaching these dried leaves and produced blazing fires which kept them at which dueling armies engage a means of protection, hunting, in ceremonial purposes, tools and.

Claims for the earliest definitive evidence of control of fire by a member of Homo range from to million years ago . It is not known for sure when fire was first controlled by humans. Evidence for the use of fire by Homo erectus by about , years ago has wide scholarly. Richard Wrangham, an anthropologist at Harvard, claims that hominids became people—that is, acquired traits like big brains and dainty.