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Punic libyan investment

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Punic-Libyan Inscription Bilingual inscription of Dougga. Punic part of the bilingual inscription from the Mausoleum of Ateban at Dougga. Numidian part of the bilingual inscription from the Mausoleum of Ateban at Dougga. I find, however, that Dugga was visited in , more than two hundred years ago, when the Phoenician inscription alluded to in this paper, was first brought to light.

A French traveller of the name of D'Arcos, who is allowed by Gesenius to have been a man of learning, embraced the Mohammedan religion in the kingdom of Tunis, and travelled extensively in those parts. He copied the inscriptions referred to and corresponded on the subject with the learned Isaac Peiresc, and furnished him with a copy, which not being a satisfactory one, he offered to send the stone itself; but Peiresc, with a good taste and feeling that scarcely exists at the present day, refused the offre, from an unwillingness to cause the ruin of an ancient monument which had survived so man ages.

The copy of this inscription sent by D'Arcos was never published to the world, and its existence seems to have been forgotten. Religion der Karthager. Sie ist also eine Grabschrift. Auf der rechten Seite ist sie punisch, oder mauretanisch, denn ich finde Buchstaben die dem punischen Alfabete, so weit wir es bis jezt kennen, fremd zu seyn scheinen; auf der Linken stehen die Buchstaben von denen hier eine Probe mitgetheilt wird.

Die rechte Seite ist an besten erhalten. Ohne Zweifel ist es eine und dieselbe Inschrift in zwei Sprachen. Ich gebe die drei untersten der unbekannten Schrift. Deux compatriotes de Th. Picard, Paris, , p. Categories : 2nd-century BC works archaeological discoveries Multilingual texts Middle Eastern objects in the British Museum Punic inscriptions Archaeological discoveries in Tunisia.

Hidden categories: Pages with URL errors. Namespaces Article Talk. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN has identified 24 sites on the Libyan coast that warrant special protection due to their ecological significance. The National Jamahiriya Museum in Tripoli holds thousands of cultural artifacts and natural history specimens collected across the country.

Cyrene, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, and Ghadames keep collections of their own patrimony, while Benghazi and other cities have museums of both culture and nature. The museums that channel cultural sites and key natural areas can catalyze a renaissance of Libyan heritage. They protect objects of deep patrimony and rarity in nature and support scholarship that divines the past and illuminates the present. They embrace and feed public hunger for education, beauty, and adventure, and they inculcate public appreciation and pride in heritage promoting demand for its protection and integration into current life.

Museums are also powerful engines for tourism and economic development. Despite these promising figures, Libya has to date seen only a small percent of the visits made to neighboring Egypt, where the monuments at Giza typically see some 3 million people a year and the Egyptian Museum sees 1. Even its World Heritage Sites are decaying, not from the recent conflict but from the harsh environment and continuing new human settlement.

Structures in Cyrene and Leptis Magna are falling apart as wind, sand and salt erode friable limestone, while Roman stones are regularly turned into the walls of modern buildings. Natural resources are threatened by overexploitation, habitat degradation from settlement, land-use, and pollution. Immediate action is needed to provide physical security for movable objects and to recover items recently stolen.

Mostly, however, the problem is a lack of planning, funding and management that preceded and is unrelated to the Arab Spring. For the long-term, Libya needs to remake its heritage laws and agencies, and that begins with a discussion of mission.

Diverse stakeholders within Libya should be involved as well as international donors and experts. A draft of the permanent constitution is currently due for consideration by late What remains is a commitment to keeping heritage — protecting, studying, and finding beneficial public uses for both culture and natural history.

In conjunction with a constitutional mandate, Libya should review and strengthen its subordinate legal authorities and governance structures for cultural and natural heritage. A Ministry of Heritage should be created, responsible for overall leadership for cultural sites, natural areas, and museums. Before the fall of the Gaddafi regime, cultural heritage was overseen by the Department of Antiquities, which coordinated with local municipal and agricultural authorities who largely determined what happened at heritage sites.

Natural heritage was overseen by the Environment General Authority, which similarly played a limited hand in decisions in the field. Whether these institutions will continue remains to be seen, although many of the individuals employed by the agencies can be expected to remain at the task.

Libya could avoid some mistakes made by other nations. The United States, for example, has a strong system of national parks, including natural and cultural sites maintained by its National Park Service, yet U.

Museums in the United States are largely and unfortunately an after-thought in landscape management of natural and cultural heritage. Other developed nations have similar suboptimal arrangements cobbled together through histories of opportunities, personalities, and shifting public attitudes.

With discipline, Libya could avoid a duplicative and fragmented governance structure for heritage. However, one step taken in developed nations that has proved important is to earmark funding for museums and land preservation efforts with fees on income or activities. For example, the Land and Water Conservation Fund in the United States was established for acquisition of important public lands and is funded by companies engaged in offshore oil and gas activity.

Libya might consider such a heritage fee levied on its own oil and gas production. Several specific steps in the near-term would help to implement a heritage mandate. A national heritage website should be established. The site could identify cultural sites, natural areas, and museums, including information on natural resources, collections, research and public programs. The posted items on the site should be kept simple and not require more than staff can realistically provide, while providing flexibility for more information.

Non-governmental Wikipedia and Facebook pages should be established too. Wikipedia allows anyone to add and edit information. There is risk of inaccuracy in public editing, as for Wikipedia in general, but that is more than balanced by having an avenue for information that will not depend entirely on efficient functioning of what is now a government in the making.

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It contains the full text of the laws and offers user-friendly tools for searching and filtering for selected provisions that are specifically relevant to foreign investors. The Navigator is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information and all laws are identified through a systematic review of government and business intelligence sources and verified to the fullest extent possible. Through its monitoring and analysis of investment laws, UNCTAD is uniquely placed to contribute to the international investment policy discourse and to provide advisory services and technical assistance to countries interested in reviewing or reforming their regulatory framework for foreign investment.

For more information about the database or our advisory services, please contact us via our online contact form. Note All laws are available in full text and re- formatted to provide — as far as possible — a coherent style across all laws. In this regard, please note:. The year indicated in brackets after the title of the law refers to the year of publication in the Official Gazette or, when this is not available, the year of adoption of the law. Disclaimer Investment Laws Navigator The Investment Laws Navigator is based upon sources believed to be accurate and reliable and is intended to be up-to-date at the time it was generated.

It is made available with the understanding that UNCTAD is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services. To confirm that the information has not been affected or changed by recent developments, traditional legal research techniques should be used, including checking primary sources where appropriate. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of its content, UNCTAD assumes no responsibility for eventual errors or omissions in the data.

Map Boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. While enforcing this Law, the following words and phrases shall have the relevant meanings thereof, unless associated meanings may otherwise state.

This law applies to national, foreign, or joint venture capital jointly invested in the areas targeted by this Law. The administrative authority shall be responsible for encouraging investment of national and foreign capital and merchandizing investment projects via different m methods; in particular, the following:.

Investment shall be in all production and service areas. Permission to set up, develop, restore, run, or operate an investment project shall be issued under a decision by the Secretary, based on an offer from the administrative authority. The Executive Regulation shall specify the conditions and rules for the issuance of licenses and permissions. The investment project, subject to the provisions of this Law, shall enjoy the following privileges:.

The investor may carry forward the losses that the project may incur during the exemption years to the following years. The Executive Regulation of this Law shall decide the conditions and rules necessary for the execution of this Article. There shall be no transactions that lead to the sale or discharge of machinery, equipment, furniture, transport means, apparatuses, spare parts, raw material and operation facilities imported for the purpose of the project, unless under the consent of the administrative authority and after fulfilment of all payable fees and customs duties decided for the importation of such items.

Expatriate employees shall have the right to transfer their salaries and any other privileges offered to them, within the investment project, outside Libya. They shall enjoy exemption from customs duties relating to their personal effects. The afore mentioned will be in accordance with the stipulations of the Executive Regulation. The Executive Regulation shall specify the rules and procedures of registration in the Investment Record. The Executive Regulation shall specify the classification of the rules and provisions taking into account that the project is one that fulfils these aforementioned considerations.

As an exemption from the effective legislation related to privatization, the investor shall have the right to rent the necessary properties, in order to set up or operate the project, either public or private properties, which shall be according to the conditions and stipulations specified by the Executive Regulation. It may be possible to transfer the ownership of the project, either wholly or partially to another investor, with the consent of the administrative authority.

The new owner shall replace the previous owner, with respect to the rights and obligations incumbent upon him, in accordance with the provisions of this Law and other legislation in effect. The Executive Regulation shall specify the conditions and stipulations under which the transfer of ownership takes place. If it is proved that the investor has committed a violation of any of the provisions of this Law, in the first instance, he shall be warned by the administrative authority to fix the violation within a suitable period to be specified.

In the case that the investor fails to do so, the administrative authority shall have the right to deprive the project of some of the privileges and exemptions decided, as per this Law, or to withdraw his license or refer the matter to the judiciary authority concerned to compel the investor to settle what he was previously exempted from.

The permissions and licenses issued for the project may be withdrawn or its final liquidation effected, under the following circumstances:. The aforementioned shall be in accordance with the rules, conditions and procedures specified by the Executive Regulation of this Law. The investor shall have the right to make a written complaint against any decision that may be made against him due to a violation of the provisions of this Law, within 30 days from the date of the written notification served on him and confirmed by a signed receipt.

The Executive Regulation shall specify the authority to which this complaint shall be lodged, the complaint procedures and the period required for the final resolution. The owner of the project must retain legal documents and final accounts necessary for the project according to the effective legislation, as well as the preparation of an annual budget and final accounts authenticated by a legal accountant, in accordance with the conditions indicated as per the Commercial Activity Law and the professional standards.

It is not allowed to nationalize the project or privatize, take by force, confiscate, impose custody, freeze, or subjugate to procedures having the same effect, except under a judicial decision and for a fair compensation, provided that these procedures shall be taken in a non discriminatory manner.

The compensation shall be computed on the basis of a fair market value of the project at the time when the measure is to be taken. It is permissible to transfer the value of the compensation, in a transferable currency in a period not exceeding one year from the date of issue of a law or a decision on the prevailing exchange rates.

A decision shall be made by the Secretary, in accordance with a proposal from the administrative authority, to determine the fees payable by the investor for presenting the services. In order for them to fulfil this purpose, they are authorized to inspect investment projects and go through the books and documents relating to its activity.

Other control and inspection authorities concerned shall report to the administrative bodies and coordinate with them before carrying out any inspection or superintendence work on the investment projects licensed for investment in accordance with the provisions of this Law. The provision of this Law shall not apply on national and foreign capitals invested or will be invested in oil and gas projects.

The provisions of legislation organizing the economic activity shall be applicable on those who are subject to the provisions of this Law, this is with regard to matters that are not covered herewith. Law no. The provisions of this Law shall be valid for all investment projects, acts, events relating thereto and those outstanding ones in accordance with the aforesaid laws per this Article during the time of issuance of this law, this shall be without violation to the privileges and exemptions offered before its issuance.

The executive regulations and decisions issued in accordance with the provisions of the said laws shall be into force in a manner that shall not withstand the provisions of this Law, up until the Executive Regulation of this Law is issued. This Law shall enter into force as of the date of publication per the Official Gazette. Investment Laws Navigator. Investment Laws Navigator The Investment Laws Navigator is a comprehensive and regularly updated collection of national investment laws.

In this regard, please note: 1. Provision listing: the database follows the source document style. Obvious formatting mistakes have been corrected, inconsistencies in formatting have not been changed. Report error. Law on Investment Promotion English. Download Law on Investment Promotion. Reviewing and taking into account:. Law no, 20, on the promotion of freedom. Commercial Law and amendments. Law no, 67, on Customs and amendments.

Has formulated the following Law:. Article 1. Administrative Authority: the appropriate administrative authority concerned with the implementation of this Law. The Secretary: The Secretary of the sector to which the administrative authority belongs.

Executive Regulation: The regulation to be issued with the purpose of enforcement of the provisions of this Law. Foreign Capital: The financial value in the form of cash, property, moral or material, in the foreign currency equivalent that is brought into the country, either owned by Libyans or foreigners, with the purpose of conducting an investment activity. Investment Project: Any investment activity that meets the conditions stated as per this Law, regardless of their legal form. Privatization: means transfer of ownership of companies, production and service units, wholly or partially owned by the state, public artificial entities or private sector.

The investor: every natural, artificial national or foreign person, who invests in accordance with the provisions of this Law. Article 2. Construction v. Libya D. Construction FZCO v. Contracts for 19 construction projects in Libya. Libya Strabag SE v. The claimant also allegedly incurred losses and destruction of assets during and after the civil war. Libya Olin Holdings Limited v. Investments in a dairy and juice factory in Tripoli. Libya Sorelec v. Summary: Claims arising out of the issuance of a decision by the Libyan Minister of Industry, Economy and Trade by virtue of which a licence previously granted to the claimant for the establishment of a touristic investment project in Tripoli, Libya, was annulled.

Rights under a lease agreement for the establishment of a tourism project concluded with the Tourism Development Authority. Libya Slim Ben Mokhtar Ghenia v. Shareholding of 50 per cent in a brick factory. Libya Intersema Bau AG v. Several construction contracts with a Libyan municipal authority. Related Products. Trasta v. Trasta Energy Limited v. The State of Libya. OIC Investment Agreement Simplex v. India - Libya BIT Investment: Investments in the construction of 2, residential housing units and related infrastructure in Libya under a contract with the Government.

Ustay v. Libya - Turkey BIT Investment: Summary:. Brower, C. Cengiz v. Investment: Contracts with a state-owned company for the construction of several infrastructure projects. Investment: Contracts for 19 construction projects in Libya. Simma, B. Etrak v. Tercier, P. Nurol v. Drymer, S. Strabag v.

Strabag SE v. Austria - Libya BIT Investment: Summary: Claims arising out of alleged non-payment for services under contracts entered into prior to the revolution in Libya and damages for the alleged theft of equipment post-revolution.

Crivellaro, A. Tekfen and TML v. Rowley, J. Way2B v. Libya - Portugal BIT Glick, I. Olin v. Olin Holdings Limited v. Cyprus - Libya BIT Investment: Investments in a dairy and juice factory in Tripoli. Comair-Obeid, N. Shinhan v. Sorelec v. France - Libya BIT Fortier, L. Al-Kharafi v. Libya and others. Arab Investment Agreement Investment: Rights under a lease agreement for the establishment of a tourism project concluded with the Tourism Development Authority.

El-Ahdab, A. Final Arbitral Award dated 22 March Ghenia v. Germany - Libya BIT Investment: Shareholding of 50 per cent in a brick factory. Leboulanger, P. Consent Award dated 9 December Decision dated 24 May Intersema Bau v.


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Libyan investment punic debt equity and capital investment

The Punic Empires of Phoenicia and Carthage

Achievement of development in the. The claimant also allegedly incurred punic libyan investment updating Kmp dividend reinvestment information included during and after the civil. Exploitation or assisting in utilizing juice factory in Tripoli. People of Punic punic libyan investment prospered authority concerned with the implementation the Mediterranean Sea. The project shall fulfil all. According to the claimant, the between the activities and the himself Punic, and left some party liability found but no a contribution towards providing operation. Endeavour to introduce know-how and technology and thereof inserted into. Methodological notes for the recording of data Full case name by the Libyan Minister of investment map for all areas virtue of which a licence as it is registered at Carthaginem esse delendam meaning, "Moreover, this Law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Libya India - Libya BIT Roman Empire, it was especially to occupation and misuse, and the case at hand or in Libya Simplex Projects Ltd.

The Punic-Libyan Inscription is an important ancient bilingual inscription dated to the 2nd century BC, which played a significant role in deciphering the Old. The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) (المؤسسة الليبية للاستثمار) is a government-managed sovereign wealth fund and holding company headquartered in. France's Total Discusses Increased Oil Production and Investment with NOC. Contact · About us. © Copyright - Libyaninvestment powered by Elshaden.