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Thomas cornelsen bainbridge investments

He is in charge of a team of qualified staff who help him deal with financial holdings and management. He loves his work due to the daily new challenges that require his immediate attention and to provide help in solving the problem and helping the client. Darien passes and advises his younger peers not to get corky and focus on sustaining a successful business. He also cautions on the importance of accepting and adjusting to new daily challenges that can be overcome through strategic and mindful planning.

To all entrepreneurs out there, he cautions them on the importance of keeping a close eye on their financial records and statements. OSI Group is an American privately owned food processing industry with numerous facilities in different parts of the world.

OSI Group has earned a reputation and has firm foundations since its establishment in OSI Group of Companies is one of the best food companies in the world. Sheldon Lavin joined the food company from the banking industry where he had acquired vast experience and knowledge in the corporate world and financial sector.

He has an excellent track record in the meat and food processing industry. Sheldon Lavin has helped the company to grow from a domestic food company into the international food industry. Presently the OSI Group serves over 60 different countries with the best facilities to facilitate the process in more than sixty locations. Sheldon Lavin deserves a thump up if not an award for his tremendous leadership that has enabled the company to grow and scales on the global market.

Sheldon Lavin appreciated the honor, and he knows what it takes to hit the bar higher and maintain good results. He believes nothing comes on a silver platter. Therefore, he dedicates most of his time working to help this company become more of what it is today. Under Lavin, the OSI Group has won various environmental and sustainability awards for being environmentally friendly through several conservation measures in their operation and production processes.

The company has more than 20, employees who are under Mr. Sheldon Lavin. He maintains his ethical practices in operations. Sheldon Lavin is among the philanthropist of this world living today. He has been involved in various charitable causes including Ronald McDonald House Charities where he even serves as the board member.

He contributes his notable donations and charities aimed at college funds, Jewish organizations, sick kids, and chronic illness. After graduation, Blatt perceived his passion for law and decided to sought associated education from Columbia Law School. Even though he was gaining a great reputation from the same, he was not feeling satisfied inventively and chose to apply his abilities to the specialty industry of entertainment law. With his gifts and status being recognized, he was later offered an opportunity at Martha Steward Living Omnimedia, where he served as the Executive VP and General Counsel from to Starting here, Greg Blatt developed his profession further, operating at IAC after another open door came to his life.

Demonstrating capable in the firm, Blatt started developing Match. In the platform, he oversaw development, marketing, and conception. From to , Blatt became the CEO of IAC, and even though he was an ideal fit for this job, he knew his talents and skills were suitable to grow the modern dating platform; thus, he decided to return to Match.

From to , Blatt would demonstrate to have discovered his specialty, whereby he spearheaded Tinder as the CEO , and in the firm, he excelled. He has since gained experience and turned into a pioneer within the universe of dating business.

Alejandro Betancourt is a prominent businessperson with vast experience in EPC and energy. Alejandro pursued a double degree in economics and business administration. He started his professional career working for numerous companies ; one of them was being a trader at Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy in Venezuela. Betancourt was a commercial manager for a UK based company. The company offers technological solutions in the oil industry. Alejandro Betancourt was determined and aggressive hence able to explore more opportunities.

An international asset management company with investments in vehicles. His leadership skills enabled the company to grow in different regions, such as Venezuela, Mexico, and Peru. There is a need to manage all infrastructures, especially in developing countries. It is the reason Alejandro Betancourt has been active in developing banking business in Africa and having a significant stake in Banque de Dakar in Senegal. Betancourt invested in a Spanish owned company called Hawkers.

The company was struggling financially, and the boost benefited the company. They have sold millions of sunglasses, and the secret is excellent quality at an affordable price. The product is known for its appeal to all age groups, styles, and interests. The sunglasses are of unique and light materials, come in different colors and sizes.

Most customers love them since they can accessorize with any outfit for any occasion. Alejandro Betancourt has been able to manage the company and re-evaluate their marketing approach. They have incorporated both traditional and modern marketing strategies such as Twitter and Facebook and word-of-mouth.

The company benefited from major beneficiaries such as musicians, film stars, elite athletes, and technology leaders. The company has experienced growth and expansion from its leadership and product quality. For more The tremendous contribution of Alejandro Betancourt towards the revolution of Hawkers.

More than 20 years after undergoing heart transplant surgery, those who know Sudhir Choudhrie say his energy and work ethic remains as strong as that of his year-old self. It was a combination of working hard and a keen acumen for business that made Mr. Choudhrie among the most successful businessmen in the world. Born in Delhi, India, to an ordinary middle-class family, Sudhir Choudhrie is a bona fide self-made billionaire. Furthermore, he conquered the world of business with several strikes against him from an early age.

First, his father died when he was just a boy. At age eight, a routine health exam revealed a faulty heart. Doctors told Mr. None of this prevented Sudhir Choudhrie from pushing forward. He was not only a man nurturing enormous ambitions, but he also displayed a joy and zest for life. With a critically bad heart, he knew any day could be his last.

Sudhir Choudhrie became determined to seize each day and make it the best day of his life. After graduating from the University of Delhi with a degree in finance, Mr. But he was determined to go his own way. He began dabbling in the export trade. A trip to London enabled Mr. Choudhrie to find a source of television equipment that he could purchase at an attractive price.

He knew he could sell it for a profit back in India where a burgeoning broadcast industry was emerging rapidly. His export business led to extensive deals in an array of products traded internationally. By , he had established the Magnum International Trading Company. Interests in the former Soviet Union became the source of some of his most lucrative deals, especially in the realm of trading agricultural equipment.

Sudhir Choudhrie went on to diversify, investing in everything from aviation to athletic shoes. Everything he touched turned to gold. Today he makes his home in London. He became a British citizen in Growing up in families with financial constraints can a blessing in disguise.

It will make you think outside the box to make sure that you succeed. This is how one Samuel Leach, a year-old man from Watford, used to attain financial freedom. He grew up in a broken family and shared a single room with his brother and father. This was the catalyst for him to think about how to make money.

To get money for upkeep, he sought opportunities only to require huge years of experience. Luckily, he learned about stocks and financial markets and invested money from his student loan, never turned back. Defendant and associates that he recruited and directed to buy and sell shares secretly acquired ownership or control over enough stock in three microcap companies that he effectively controlled the float.

Settled charges re: a series of pump-and-dump frauds. Defendants engaged in a pattern of obtaining control of all the freely trading stock of a penny stock e. They then conducted coordinated trading to create the appearance of market interest in the stock. Settlement of charges against a Brazilian telecommunications company, for violating the books and records and the internal accounting controls provisions of the FCPA.

In particular, Respondent allegedly made improper gifts around a hospitality program that it hosted for the World Cup and Confederations Cup. Combined sanction as against three New York-based brokers, formerly associated with Alexander Capital L. Respondent consented to the Commission's entry of an Order finding that it excluded certain non-performing charged off loans from its reported calculation of annualized net returns, which thereby was overstated.

Combined sanction against Schmidt who defaulted, because he fled the country and the entity Defendants. According to the SEC's complaint, Schmidt defrauded investors of millions by creating a web of seemingly legitimate companies that were in fact simply designed to entice investment and conceal his misuse and commingling of funds.

Meli previously pled guilty in a parallel criminal case. The Defendant, a tax preparer, showed clients fabricated account statements, doctored stock certificates, and forged promissory notes to convince them to let him manage their investments. Instead of investing his clients' money, however, Newsholme cashed their investment checks at a check-cashing store and used the funds on himself and on Ponzi payments, while assuring his clients that their assets were safe and flourishing.

Sanction against Defendant DePalo who previously was found guilty in a parallel criminal case. He defrauded over twenty investors who purchased units in Pangaea Trading Partners LLC, a holding company that held itself out as holding indirect interests in a pair of broker-dealer entities controlled by DePalo, i. He misrepresented the value of their investments and misappropriated their funds for personal use. The SEC also found that he made false statements to its examiners in an attempt to conceal the fraud.

The theft was concealed using fraudulent account statements and tax documents. Partial settlement of enforcement action brought against these Defendants and others. Settlement of charges of stealing millions of dollars from investors to perpetrate a Ponzi scheme. Pedersen allegedly falsely promised prospective investors that she would place their money in "federally guaranteed" securities or the C.

Pedersen Client Investment Pool, a limited partnership managed by Pedersen that she claimed owned a large and diverse stock portfolio. However, according to the complaint, Pedersen used the funds to make Ponzi-style payments and to pay for personal expenses.

Respondent was charged with making false public statements in response to media allegations that it was selling laminate flooring containing levels of formaldehyde that exceeded regulatory standards. Settled charges that Respondent failed to adequately disclose conflicts of interest related to the sale of higher-cost mutual fund share classes that charged 12b-1 fees, when a lower-cost share class was available. Settled charges that Respondents failed to adequately disclose conflicts of interest related to the sale of higher-cost mutual fund share classes that charged 12b-1 fees, when a lower-cost share class was available.

The Respondents self-reported the potential violations. Settlement of alleged violations of the FCPA based on bribery to win telecommunications business in Uzbekistan. Settled charges that a firm acquired by the Respondent misled its advisory clients into believing they were receiving full service brokerage services in-house at a discount even though significantly less expensive options were available externally. Little, a law firm partner, accessed confidential documents on his firm's internal computer network related to at least 11 impending, market-moving announcements involving law firm clients, none of which he personally advised or billed for services.

He then traded ahead of the announcements and often tipped his neighbor, Berke. Sanction pursuant to final judgment against Rohner, confirmed on appeal, in case alleging that he and three of his companies operated a fraudulent scheme in which investors were falsely told that the companies had developed, tested, and patented an operational "plasma engine" which would replace the internal combustion engine, and that the funds would be used to bring it to market.

The Commission charged a foreign-based microcap company i. The promoters allegedly touted the stock of IMMA with various lies while they dumped their shares, selling them through nominees. Defendant Telford settled and judgment was entered on default as to the other two Defendants.

Instead, the money allegedly was used to pay prior investors and for lavish personal expenses. Respondents restated financial results because of alleged accounting errors made in a number of business units over multiple reporting periods, including several instances of changed methodologies that always had a favorable impact.

They agreed to settle the charges that this conduct violated antifraud and other securities law. Case based on the fraud of Defendants, a purported investment adviser and his unregistered investment advisory firm, in misappropriating millions from elderly investors using false account statements, etc. The adviser was criminally convicted. This qualifying sanction was recovered from a relief Defendant.

Sanction resulting from consent judgments entered against California-based Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC, its former owner, and its related companies. The amount comprises penalties and disgorgement for operating a massive Ponzi scheme that targeted retail investors. According to the SEC's order, former officers at an Eletrobras subsidiary engaged in an long-running illicit bid-rigging and bribery scheme among certain private Brazilian construction companies involving the construction of a nuclear power plant.

Respondent agreed to settle charges that internal control weaknesses directly contributed to the bribery scheme. The Commission charged under the FCPA that Respondent's Chinese subsidiary facilitated improper payments using local distributors and resellers, by providing them with product discounts that they would use some of the savings from to make cash payments to government officials who had influence over purchasing decisions.

Under the program, preferred utility securities were to be bought in the open market and held short-term in order to generate either dividend income or capital appreciation. Instead, Nadel allegedly simply executed cross trades with the securities at made-up prices. The Commission found that Respondent improperly provided American Depositary Receipts ADRs to brokers in thousands of pre-release transactions when neither the brokers nor their customers had the foreign shares needed to support them, leading to inappropriate short selling and dividend arbitrage.

Settled charges against national audit firm Crowe LLP and two of its partners, based on an audit of client Corporate Resource Services that was found to have numerous deficiencies, including a lack of auditor independence. Settlement of Commission's findings that Respondent Nicoletta, via the entity Respondents, committed numerous violations of Rule of Regulation M under the Exchange Act.

Partial settlement of charges against 13 individuals and their 10 companies for unlawfully selling securities of Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC to retail investors. The settlement resulting in this sanction was with Goodman, who neither admitted nor denied the charges. Partial settlement of charges against Florida-based sales agents for unlawfully selling securities of Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC the instrumentality of a massive Ponzi scheme to retail investors.

Settlement of allegations that Respondent failed to file a number of Suspicious Activity Reports SARs , and did not properly review suspicious transactions flagged by its internal monitoring systems. The Respondent, a publicly-traded issuer of subprime automobile loan securitizations, settled charges that it used faulty accounting on troubled loans.

Such loans allegedly were improperly grouped with other loans with different characteristics, and Respondent had to restate its financials twice as a result. The misallocated money was paid as compensation to employees who performed work that was unrelated to the Dyal Funds.

Respondent RIA agreed to settle the Commission's charges that it failed to disclose several financial conflicts of interests and misallocated fees and expenses, including those of Respondent's principal for personal investments. Settlement with three Houston-area developers that allegedly misused funds raised from 90 Chinese investors under the EB-5 Program. They agreed to settle the resulting charges. Respondent, a multinational agricultural company, agreed to settle charges that it concealed through fraudulent accounting substantial losses incurred in connection with its divestiture of its primary operating entity.

Defendants allegedly purchased unrelated residential real estate and provided investors with fake documentation. Respondent agreed to settle charges that it: 1 misallocated certain expenses such as its rent to its business development company clients; and 2 failed to reasonably conduct quality control reviews of its business development company clients' quarterly valuation models, causing one client to materially overstate its net income.

Following mediation, Defendants consented to final judgment in SEC's enforcement action charging that they had acted as unregistered brokers in connection with sales of EB-5 investments and defrauded their investor clients by not fully disclosing their receipt of transaction-based compensation. Settlement with former CEO and CFO of a Dallas and New Orleans-based disaster remediation and construction business who, along with some other business associates, were charged with fraud for lying about non-existent business deals in the time period and inflating the company's revenues and stock price.

Respondent's director and a marketing agent were charged in Brazil as part of "Operation Carwash" for paying bribes to officials at Petrobras. It agreed to settle. DeCinces, about his company's acquisition by Abbott Laboratories, Inc. Defendants also didn't tell prospective investors that they were being paid thousands of dollars each month to promote Axiom.

Affiliated broker-dealer Respondents were charged with misstatements and omissions about the operation of dark pool, "POSIT. Former registered representative and investment adviser in Altoona, Pennsylvania operated a long-running offering fraud. He told clients their money would be invested in a "tax free" fixed rate investment, a rental car company, or one of two coal mining companies in which he claimed to have an ownership interest, but largely used the money to repay other investors and for personal use.

The Commission found that the Respondent, as a Defendant in a civil enforcement proceeding, settled charges of perpetrating EB-5 fraud on numerous investors. Insider trading by a former executive at Stamford, Conn. Upon the SEC's motion, the Court entered a final judgment including this sanction. Further, Karroum allegedly misappropriated money and hid trading losses. Hitt, from Arlington VA, orchestrated multiple offering fraud schemes using two companies he owned i.

Investments were supposed to be in real estate in the Washington, D. Ahmad, an investment professional formerly at venture capital firm Oak Investment Partners, was charged with fraudulently diverting tens of millions of dollars from the funds he advised. Respondent agreed to settle charges of material misrepresentations and omissions concerning handling of customer orders by its Retail Execution Services business, which subsequently was closed.

The Commission charged Respondent with violating the books and records and internal accounting controls provisions of the FCPA, finding that the company failed to detect the risk of improper payments in sales of its products in India, China, and Kuwait, and that its India subsidiary failed to maintain complete and accurate books and records.

The Commission reached settlements with the Respondent pharmaceutical conglomerate, its former CEO and its former CFO regarding charges of misleading investors about increased risk that the company would miss a key financial goal announced in connection with the merger of Walgreen Co.

The company allegedly was channel-stuffing, but significantly understated the amount of Salix drugs that wholesaler customers held in inventory. All three agreed to settle the Commission's charges. The Commission found that Respondents, an investment adviser and one of its former portfolio managers, facilitated dozens of prearranged, illegal cross-trades of RMBS between client advisory accounts in a manner that disadvantaged the selling clients.

Trades were executed at the bid price instead of the midpoint between the bid and the ask as required. The Commission brought civil enforcement actions against these defendants - who agreed to settle in the cumulative amount of this sanction - and others, on allegations that they created and disseminated elaborate rags-to-riches internet marketing videos to trick retirees and other retail investors into opening brokerage accounts and trading high-risk securities known as binary options.

Consent judgment against fund manager and its principal, in case alleging that they managed two private hedge funds in which their only compensation was an incentive fee, and engaged in a continuous scheme to inflate their fees by structuring trading so that a generally illusory profit would be realized at the end of the month and losses would not be realized until the following month.

Respondents, a card payment processingservices provider for merchants and its former CEO, agreed to settle the Commission's charges that they misled investors by overstating the significance of an operating metric, "New Margin Installed," as a meaningful indicator of future revenue growth.

Settlement with BBSI of charges of accounting fraud. The Commission found that they expressly denied any impact for approximately 9 months, despite declining attendance, and then finally admitted the impact of negative publicity which resulted in a significant drop in the stock price.

Settlement with the listed Defendants for their alleged roles or connection to schemes to manipulate the stock price of Arista Power, Inc. Respondents were charged with misleading users of a dark pool called Citi Match, regarding assurances that high-frequency traders were not allowed in.

The SEC found that Respondent, via subsidiaries and a joint venture, made unlawful payments and provided trips and gifts to officials in multiple countries including China, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, South Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, and Indonesia in order to obtain business. Respondent investment advisers agreed to settle the Commission's findings that they engaged in a fraudulent scheme to conceal declining asset values in various client accounts, by making false statements and improperly redeeming investments from private funds they controlled.

Respondent was charged with perpetrating schemes via its Kazakhstan and Middle East subsidiaries that involved bribe payments to government procurement officials and healthcare providers in order to be awarded tenders and to increase prescriptions of its products.

Partial settlement Tangoe, Subbloie, Martino, and Beach of enforcement action brought by the Commission alleging the use of fraudulent accounting practices that artificially boosted Tangoe's revenues between and Respondent investment adviser agreed to settle the Commission's findings of material misstatements and omissions concerning hypothetical stock returns from a blended fundamental and quantitative stock rating model, because some of the quant ratings were determined retroactively.

Ratings were found in error due to flaws in the models, and ratings that deviated materially from model-implied ratings were not documented. They were charged based on their involvement and the problems with AUIM's models. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in investor funds were allegedly misappropriated and used to pay for personal expenses. Defendant was a microcap issuer and former movie studio that allegedly was the instrumentality of its founder and CEO in a fraudulent offering, who employed false and misleading statements in press releases and corporate filings, etc.

Merrill Lynch settled charges that it failed to disclose a conflict of interest arising out of its own business interests in deciding whether to continue to offer clients products managed by an outside third-party advisory firm. Settlement of charges against Florida-based sales agent and her company for unlawfully selling securities of Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC the instrumentality of a massive Ponzi scheme to retail investors.

Sanctions resulting from alleged scheme in which "flippers" improperly diverted new issue municipal bonds to broker-dealers at the expense of retail investors. The Commission found that three former traders at Citigroup's U. Respondents were charged with failure to supervise and inaccurate books and records and agreed to settle. Settled charge that Respondent failed to devise and maintain a sufficient system of internal accounting controls concerning a wholly-owned subsidiary, the Mexican bank Grupo Financiero Banamex, S.

The case was settled, including by payment of the listed sanction. Respondent investment adviser agreed to settle charges that it engaged in cross trading of thinly traded muni bonds that favored certain advisory client accounts over others. Instead of executing the trades at the midpoint between the bid and the ask price, the Respondent allegedly arranged that the trades be executed at the bid price, resulting in the undisclosed allocation of all market savings to its buying clients.

Respondent settled charges that he failed to disclose conflicts of interest to his investment advisory clients in recommending promissory notes issued by Success Trade, Inc. Cloud communications company and two executives were charged with providing misleading quarterly revenue estimates, and they agreed to settle.

The Commission's Order cites red flags that were missed or ignored, including that Ribbon Communications or rather, its predecessor had pulled forward deals initially projected to close in in order to achieve revenue guidance for the fourth quarter of A hedge fund manager and his two advisory entities conducted a scheme to defraud investors by hiding trading losses and misappropriating investor funds. The scheme was allegedly aided by Murakami's former business partner, Avi Chiat, who settled related charges.

Defendant settled charges that, between July and August , he raised money from four friends and business acquaintances by misrepresenting to them that their funds would be used to finance various businesses, including an American Indian business entity engaged in high-interest installment lending to consumers. Instead, he allegedly diverted substantial portions of the invested funds for personal purposes.

Defendant, the former senior director of regulatory affairs for Puma Biotechnology, Inc. McFarland fraudulently raised millions, including for the "Fyre Festival" which was pitched as a once-in-a-lifetime music festival in the Bahamas.

Margolin, McFarland's Chief Marketing Officer, and Simon, an independent contractor to his companies, allegedly provided substantial assistance. It agreed to settle the charges including paying the listed sanction as a penalty. Respondent depositary bank agreed to settle the Commission's findings that it engaged in misconduct allowing pre-released ADRs to be used for abusive practices, including inappropriate short selling and inappropriate profiting around dividend payouts.

Respondent, a registered broker-dealer, agreed to settle the Commission's findings that it engaged in misconduct allowing pre-released ADRs to be used for abusive practices, including inappropriate short selling and inappropriate profiting around dividend payouts. Final judgment entered on consent against former CFO of consulting and software development company Quadrant 4 System Corp.

Respondent broker-dealer agreed to settle charges that it failed to preserve audio files sought by the SEC, and inaccurately recorded in its books and records certain travel, entertainment, and other expenses that lacked sufficient business purpose they appeared to be rewards for brokers as "selling and promotion. Settlement of Commission's findings that the financial statements of the entity Respondent, a drainage pipe manufacturer, were misstated due to improper accounting, including unsupported journal entries directed or approved by Respondent Sturgeon, the former CFO, and due to insufficient internal accounting controls.

Defendant broker-dealer agreed to settle charges that it failed to file Suspicious Activity Reports on the suspicious transactions of independent investment advisers that it terminated from custodying their client accounts with Defendant. Respondent agreed to settle charges that several of its senior managers in the Asia-Pacific region sought to win business by hiring and promoting individuals connected to government officials as part of a quid pro quo arrangement.

The Commission found that, in a six-year period, Respondent offered to hire more than individuals referred by or connected to foreign government officials, resulting in millions of dollars of business revenue. Settlement of charges against two real estate investment funds and four executives for allegedly failing to disclose that one of the funds could not pay its distributions and was using money from the other, newer fund to pay them. The Commission found that Respondent, an engineering and construction company, inflated a performance metric known as "work in backlog," which is supposed to represent the amount of revenue expected in the future from firm orders under previously awarded contracts.

And that, as a result, Respondent restated earnings in certain of its financial statements. The charges were settled. Settlement on the part of the entity broker-dealer of charges based on the conduct of a former supervisor and two traders who reported to him. Allegedly, pursuant to an improper commission-splitting scheme, the supervisor received off-book payments from the traders. The firm consented to this sanction without admitting or denying the charge.

Settled proceedings brought on findings of inadequate disclosures and breach of fiduciary duty by the private equity fund adviser Respondents. Also, Respondents' receipt of accelerated fees was a potential conflict of interest, so they could not effectively consent to this practice on behalf of the funds. Respondent was charged with improperly generating large fees by encouraging retail customers to actively trade financial products known as market-linked investments.

It agreed to settle the charges. Potential investors were cold-called and pitched opportunities to finance the drilling and completion of oil-and-gas prospects in Kansas and Texas in exchange for a share of future oil-and-gas production revenue. However, according to the complaint, Defendants' pitches and offering materials were false and misleading.

The Commission found that, in a practice called "masking," Merrill Lynch falsely informed customers that it had executed millions of orders internally when it actually had routed them for execution at other broker-dealers, including proprietary trading firms and wholesale market makers. This practice would create the appearance of a more active trading center and reduce access fees paid to exchanges.

Partial settlement Fossum. This Defendant allegedly misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars of investor funds raised using fraudulent statements and material omissions in unregistered securities offerings. The companies, directly or indirectly, were purportedly in the business of making real estate-related loans in California, but in reality Wang and Ko used money received from newer investors to make the promised quarterly interest payments to earlier investors in Ponzi-like fashion.

The Commission found that Merrill Lynch traders and salespeople convinced customers to overpay for residential mortgage-backed securities by deceiving them about the price the bank paid to acquire them. Two broker-dealers and an anti-money laundering officer settled charges of failing to report suspicious sales of billions of penny stock shares.

Respondent advisory firm Visium Asset Management LP agreed to settle charges related to asset mismarking and insider trading by its privately managed hedge funds and portfolio managers. They induced at least nine issuer affiliates to transfer ownership of millions of shares of publicly traded stock as collateral for purported loans, based on a false promise to return the shares to borrowers upon repayments of the loans.

Instead, they simply sold the pledged shares. Davis was a board member of Dean Foods Company and he owed Walters money. In exchange for assistance with his financial debts, Davis regularly shared inside information about Dean Foods with Walters in advance of market-moving events, using prepaid cell phones and other methods in an effort to avoid detection. This sanction represents disgorgement and prejudgment interest agreed to by Walters.

Both men were also criminally convicted. The Commission found, inter alia, that Respondent's U. The Commission found that investors were misled until the fact of the breach was disclosed, over two years after it occurred.

One of the subsidiaries also allegedly made improper payments to obtain specific business. This sanction was ordered following default judgment against the entity defendant and summary judgment against Lee. Respondent PNC Investments LLC agreed to settle charges that it failed to disclose conflicts of interest and violated its duty to seek best execution by investing advisory clients in higher-cost mutual fund shares when lower-cost shares of the same funds were available.

Respondent Securities America Advisors Inc. Respondent Geneos Wealth Management Inc. This sanction was included in a final judgment against Robertson, who participated in defrauding investors. Respondent, a manufacturer of energy storage and delivery products, and one of its former sales executives were charged with conducting a fraudulent revenue recognition scheme by entering into secret side deals with customers and falsifying records. Two former executives also were charged and settled for failing to adequately respond to red flags.

Also, funds allegedly were misused by Tobias Preston and McKinley Mortgage on personal and operational expenses. The former CEO of investment management firm F-Squared Investments was found liable for false and misleading statements to investors concerning the firm's "AlphaSector strategy," an algorithmically balanced model portfolio of sector ETFs. Among other things, the strategy was touted as having a successful seven-year track record, which was longer than it had even been in existence.

Defendants, a syringe manufacturer and its CEO, committed fraud through a series of false press releases depicting the company as on the cusp of mass production and distribution with significant sales agreements, including one with the U. Department of Defense. Respondent firm agreed to settle charges that it failed to perform required gatekeeping functions in the unregistered sales of securities on behalf of a China-based issuer, Longtop Financial Technological Limited, and its affiliates.

Two investment adviser subsidiaries of Voya Holdings Inc. The advisers agreed to settle the charges. Settlement of charges of multiple regulatory failures, including the first-ever charged violation of Regulation SCI. As alleged, Choice Equity was a telemarketer controlled by recidivist Lovy, retained to solicit investors on DSA's behalf. All Defendants settled the charges. Zoernack was criminally convicted in a parallel proceeding.

Combined sanction as against all Defendants, most of whom were amateur golfers and friends in the New England area, and all of whom were alleged members of an insider trading ring that included a senior executive tipper albeit unintentional at American Superconductor Corporation. Three Israeli residents Perlstein, Swartz, Yaron allegedly created numerous public shell companies, pursuant to a fraudulent scheme to profit by selling shares in the companies.

The remaining Defendants were allegedly gatekeepers who provided substantial assistance in the scheme. Sanction against Lunn for his role in a fraud under the name of Dresdner Financial, a fictitious financial services company purportedly based in Chicago, Illinois. Respondent firm and its former head trader agreed to settle charges that they failed to supervise traders who made false and misleading statements during negotiations for sales of commercial mortgage-backed securities.

Settled charges for violation of the Customer Protection Rule, based on alleged significant error in the Respondent's weekly calculations to determine the net amount that should have been deposited into its Reserve Account. Final judgment entered against Karlis, a former owner of the entity Defendant. The case alleged that investors were defrauded regarding a purported foreign currency "Forex" trading venture.

Allegations included misappropriated money, misleading account statements, etc. This case involved alleged fraudulent offerings of EB-5 investments by Quiros and his businesses in Vermont-based ski resort "Jay Peak. Respondent was the personal assistant to Thomas Edward Andrews. Partial settlement Landess, Sonfeld and two default judgments Brewer, Lane entered in SEC's case alleging various securities law violations in the unregistered, nonexempt distribution of more than Respondent broker-dealer agreed to settle charges that it repeatedly violated Rule of Regulation SHO due to improper credit claims, incurring numerous, prolonged fails to deliver positions as required.

Defendant agreed to settle charges of being the vehicle by which a former principal, John Rogicki, stole millions from his advisory client, a charitable foundation established by an elderly widow to donate her estate to health and education causes. Settlement of allegations that Respondent failed to file and timely file a number of Suspicious Activity Reports SARs as a result of not having appropriate anti-money laundering policies and procedures.

Settled proceedings brought on findings of inadequate disclosures and breach of fiduciary duty by private equity fund adviser TPG. Also, TPG's receipt of accelerated monitoring fees from four portfolio companies was a conflict of interest, so it could not effectively consent to this practice on behalf of the funds. Settled allegations of misstatements made by registered investment adviser Ameriprise to certain of its advisory clients concerning the performance track record of the F-Squared "AlphaSector strategy.

Plumer was charged by the Commission with involvement and settled without admitting or denying. Default judgment was entered against the remaining defendants. Partial settlement by the entity defendant, only. Canada-based oil and gas company was charged with an extensive and long-running accounting fraud that artificially reduced its operating costs by as much as 20 percent in certain periods. Ponzi scheme case involving money raised to make loans to professional athletes.

Final judgment entered against all Defendants, who allegedly misled investors about the terms, circumstances, and even the existence of some loans, and only used a portion of the funds raised as promised. Settlement of allegations that Respondent failed to file and timely file a number of Suspicious Activity Reports SARs regarding continuing activity occurring in accounts held at branch offices that focused on international customers.

Partial settlement by the entity Defendant of charges of fraudulent accounting and deficient financial statement. The company allegedly improperly: i recognized revenue using artificially inflated prices; ii backdated documents to recognize revenue in earlier periods; iii prematurely recognized revenue upon delivery of products to be held on consignment; iv used pricing data known to be false; and v attempted to book revenue on a fictitious transaction, among other accounting improprieties.

Former Merrill Lynch broker out of Indiana agreed to settle SEC charges that he fraudulently schemed to increase his personal income by obtaining excessive commissions and fees from investors. The Commission found that the Respondent adviser, ACM, via two of its principals the other Respondents , made multiple self-interested loans out of a managed fund without proper disclosure to, or the consent of, investors in the fund.

Settlement with energy services provider and four executives for their alleged roles in an accounting fraud in which the company recognized revenue earlier than allowed in order to meet internal targets. Final judgment entered against Homero Joshua Garza, principal of the entity Defendants against which the case was previously resolved.

He was charged with conducting a fraudulent offering of unregistered securities and operating a Ponzi scheme with a digital bitcoin mining operation, that did not own promised computing power. Combined sanction in alleged multimillion-dollar, international pump-and-dump scheme involving the stock of the entity Defendant, a company that used trademarks of the late reggae artist Bob Marley to sell coffee products. The bulk of the sanction was assessed against UK and Canadian resident Weaver, pursuant to a decision that was affirmed on appeal.

Final judgment now entered as to all Defendants. Respondent medical manufacturer agreed to settle charges that it committed accounting fraud through its subsidiaries, including a S. Korean subsidiary, to meet revenue targets and made improper payments to foreign officials to increase sales in certain countries. Sanction was a penalty that Defendant, a biopharmaceutical company, agreed to pay to settle fraud charges.

Defendant allegedly exaggerated the number of new patients actually filling prescriptions for an expensive drug that was its sole source of revenue. Stamford, Conn. The SEC won summary judgment against him, after a guilty plea in a parallel criminal case. Investment services subsidiary of SunTrust Banks was charged with collecting avoidable fees from clients by improperly recommending more expensive share classes of various mutual funds when cheaper shares of the same funds were available.

The Respondent agreed to pay this sanction as a penalty to settle the charges. Defendants - a former broker, his company, and his business partner - agreed to settle allegations that they used high-pressure sales tactics on retirees and others to solicit investments in distressed real estate, and then used the money for other purposes, including Lombardo's personal expenses.

Charges settled. The Commission noted its allegation that, to conceal the scheme, the markups were falsely explained to one customer who detected and asked about them. Defendants, off-shore entities, were charged with conducting unregistered sales of penny stock securities shell issuers Swingplane Ventures, Inc.

The Caledonian entities settled, and judgment was entered on default against the other three Defendants. Settlement with two individual Respondents and three entities they controlled, for making unauthorized loans and using fraudulent straw purchaser transactions to conceal those loans. Respondents agreed to settle charges that they violated the Securities Exchange Act of by failing to register as dealers when they were regularly distributing millions of shares of microcap stock.

The Respondents also collected fees resembling underwriting fees from microcap participants, such as such as success fees, documentation fees and break-up fees. Respondent settled charges that it failed to establish, maintain, and enforce policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent the misuse of inside information, including information about confidential government decisions.

Certain of its current and former analysts had allegedly traded on material, nonpublic information obtained from a political intelligence analyst. Settlement of charges that Respondent: 1 violated the Securities Act of when it requested the issuance of and received ADRs, without possessing the required underlying foreign shares or ensuring appropriate custody thereof; and 2 failed to supervise personnel.

The engagement partner in charge of the audit also agreed to settle. Settled charges of misconduct by Respondent investment adviser Coachman and its CEO in connection with providing advisory services to four private oil and gas funds. The Commission found that the Respondents failed to adequately disclose fees and expenses methodology, and caused one of the funds to enter into a transaction with an affiliated entity without properly disclosing or obtaining investor consent to the conflicts of interest.

Defendant Belson and the other five Defendants, real estate development companies that he controlled, agreed to settle charges of defrauding investors in purported southern California real estate "flips. Defendants, a hedge fund manager and his investment advisory businesses, were found liable of illegally diverting investor money for use by other hedge funds that were illiquid and in need of cash. Consent judgment against a financial adviser Defendant charged with taking money without permission from the accounts of several professional athletes in order to invest in movie projects and make Ponzi-like payments, and subsequently lying to SEC examiners about it during an investigation.

Defendant, while employed as the assistant treasurer of Frisch's Restaurants, Inc. He allegedly concealed this theft by falsifying Frisch's accounting records, which tainted the company's financial statements. Halliburton settled charges that it violated the FCPA while selecting and making payments to a local company in Angola in the course of winning lucrative oilfield services contracts. Defendant, the founder of a collection of businesses known as Citadel Energy, consented to entry of a final judgment including this sanction.

Final judgment entered against GAW Miners and ZenMiner, in case alleging that they offered investors purported shares in their digital bitcoin mining operation, without owning enough computing power for the mining they promised to conduct. Pump-and-dump scheme involving Chimera Energy Corp. Farmer was found to be the primary orchestrator, Grob and Rios were charged with serving as figurehead CEOs, and Austin was charged with facilitating the scheme by dumping shares in the midst of Farmer's promotional efforts.

Default judgment for insider trading against defendant, a resident of Taiwan formerly employed by California-based technology company Ubiquiti Networks Inc. Sanction resulting from consent judgment in case in which defendants allegedly engaged in a fraudulent offering of overriding royalty interests in five initial, undeveloped oil and gas wells. The complaint alleged that defendants made multiple, material misrepresentations about the company, the nature of the offering, and the use of investor funds.

The court found that liability was established. The SEC alleged that defendants did not own enough computing power for the mining they promised to conduct, and paid returns to some investors from proceeds generated from other investors. Case still pending against principal of the companies, defendant Garza, at the time of writing of this summary. Case resolved by settlement following conviction of defendant Broidy in a parallel criminal matter.

Defendant Sanderley Rodrigues de Vasconcelos consented to judgment in which he admitted he was a promoter for TelexFree, an international pyramid scheme targeting Latino communities in the U. The case remained pending against the remaining defendants top-of-the-pyramid entities, four officers, and three additional promoters at the time of writing of this summary.

Summary judgment granted to SEC on charges that defendant, former Connecticut-based fund manager Francisco Illarramendi, perpetrated a years-long Ponzi scheme to defraud investors, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. The other defendants were entities owned or controlled by Illarramendi, the assets of which were placed in receivership for the benefit of victims. Such benefits included private aircraft usage, club memberships, cosmetic surgery, yacht and sports car expenses, jewelry, charitable donations, pet care, and personal travel expenses.

However, the assets they purportedly possessed or were secured by were egregiously misrepresented - almost all were distressed - and investor funds were generally used to make Ponzi payments. The other defendants were affiliated corporate entities allegedly used to further the scheme. The issuer, Verto Capital, was allegedly presented as a profitable although it had been unprofitable for several years. Case resolved by settlement. The SEC found that Respondent MagnaChip engaged in a "panoply" of accounting tricks to overstate revenues for nearly two years.

The then-CFO, Sakai, allegedly directed or approved, among other things, recognition of revenue on sales of incomplete or unshipped products, and delayed booking of obsolete or aged inventory. Pressure on employees each quarter to meet revenue and gross margin targets that had been communicated to the public was described as "immense. False statements allegedly included the price at which Barclays had bought the securities; the amount of profit Barclays was making for facilitating the trades; and who owned the securities.

The SEC found that the respondent advisory firm: 1 used managed mutual fund assets to pay for the distribution and marketing of fund shares outside of a Rule 12b-1 plan; and 2 failed to fully disclose that it would retain fees for providing shareholder administration services to certain funds.

Respondent settled the charges. Riddle was Muroff's CFO in title and bookkeeper in truth, although she allegedly also significantly participated in and benefitted from the scheme. The complaint alleged that he knowingly or recklessly made multiple fraudulent statements in the effort. He was also separately charged with defrauding two other investors by selling them restricted stock in a small unrelated biotechnology company, and then simply failing to deliver when he couldn't get the restrictions lifted keeping the money.

The SEC found that respondent, a registered investment adviser, caused an affiliate investment company to violate the Investment Company Act. Respondent allegedly used the investment company to launch an ETF invested in Russian securities prior to when it gained the exemptive relief needed to trade since such trades may not be the same as the net asset value of the shares. Default judgment against entity for its role in a scheme to defraud investors by concealing the ownership and control of issuer Cannabiz Mobile by defendant Christopher Esposito of Topsfield, Massachusetts, in order to facilitate the sale of hundreds of millions of shares of Cannabiz stock into the public market.

The purpose for the concealment was to evade SEC Rule , which limits securities sales by affiliates, including control persons such as Esposito. The SEC found that respondents issuer and CEO engaged in a scheme to mislead investors by commissioning over internet publications promoting Galena that purported to be independent and objective when, in fact, they were paid promotions.

Some of the publications were transmitted while Galena was preparing to offer or offering securities. The scheme allegedly involved 12 issuers, at least 10 writers, over internet publications, and the distribution of emails to thousands of potential investors, with zero disclosure that the promotion was paid and, in some cases, affirmative misrepresentations that it was not.

One article was published before an issuer's registration statement became effective. Defendant Connerton allegedly defrauded investors by misleading them to invest in a purported glove manufacturing company and then diverting their money for personal use. The company was said to be developing a material to make surgical gloves better resistant, with several major glove manufacturers wanting the technology, but the SEC found that no deals were ever anywhere close to materializing, and that Connerton emptied the company's bank account to pay personal expenses.

The greater expense of class A shares is attributable to certain fees, which the mutual funds here allegedly paid to Credit Suisse, with a portion going to Katz. However, instead of investing the money as promised, it appeared that a large portion was used to make Ponzi payments and to pay for defendant's own personal expenses.

Settlement of charges that respondent willfully, unlawfully obtained millions of dollars from its customers by adding hidden markups and markdowns to their trades over roughly a four-year span. The SEC found that respondents created and sold 15 "blank check" companies i.

Mehdizadeh was the founder of Medbox, described as a leader in the marijuana industry. However, its revenues were allegedly boosted by illegal stock sales carried out by a shell company created by Mehdizadeh called New-Age Investment Consulting. Respondent, an investment adviser, allegedly failed to disclose to clients that it had two agreements with its clearing broker causing conflicts of interest. Under one of the agreements, Voya received a certain percentage of the clearing broker's revenues from mutual funds in a no-transaction-fee program that it offered, in which Voya participated.

And in the other, Voya agreed to provide certain administrative services in exchange for the clearing broker sharing a certain percentage of service fees it received from mutual funds on the platform. They offered and sold unregistered interests in a drilling project in which they had no rights to participate or share profits.

The other defendants also sold these interests, acting as unregistered broker-dealers. The SEC alleged that these two defendants were promoters who conducted a pyramid scheme in Southern California. The other defendants comprising this sanction announcement were relief defendants, as they received illicit proceeds from the scheme. Contrary to representations, funds that were supposed to be used for exploration and development of oil-and-gas resources were diverted to cover corporate business overhead, Schumacher's compensation, and for personal expenses.

The seven parties named herein were relief defendants, including four California-based shell companies and the son, girlfriend and a long-time associate of James Y. These relief defendants either did not appear or were found to have failed to comply with court orders, including discovery abuses. They allegedly received diverted funds from Lee so that he could avoid holding them in his own name, and were found liable for the full amount he swindled. The SEC found that respondent Angel Oak operated an unregistered broker-dealer for nearly five years, and that the other respondents caused this violation.

Angel Oak allegedly entered into an independent contractor agreement with Peraza Capital in late for the purpose of conducting a securities business, despite not being registered - a fact known to Peraza Capital. Prabhu was an owner of Angel Oak and Wells was an employee of an affiliate. Respondent Morgan Stanley did not adequately implement its policies and procedures to ensure that advisory clients understood the risks involved with purchasing inverse ETFs.

These investments were typically unsuitable for investors planning to hold them longer than one trading session unless used as part of a trading or hedging strategy. Morgan Stanley recommended them, including for retirement accounts, but did not ensure their suitability through adequate disclosure, monitoring, etc. Most egregiously, some funds were allegedly used to purchase a restaurant and a yacht for respondent's own use. Also, respondent allegedly commingled funds among his entities.


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Multi Family Assets and Management Services. Development of management services, project feasibility, master Planning, Design, construction, cost management scheduling, occupancy and project closeout. Real Estate Operations and Asset Manager that focuses on retrofits and utilizing green technology.

Strategic Planning, Business development and Short term lending on commercial property and public figure. Strategic Leadership, Business development with a specialization in supply chain optimization, reengineering and implementation.

Development, Latin America, infrastructure and commercial, construction, corporate governance, global finance and commerce. Property Management. Asset Management. Development Services. Bainbridge Investments. Real Estate. Liquid Assets. Private Equity. Our History. Our favorite holding period is forever. In order to maximize yields while minimizing risks, we utilize our proven management expertise to identify strong opportunities that provide our investors strong returns.

Bainbridge Investments Nick Chini. Bainbridge-Lyon Frank Suryan. Bainbridge Investments Bill Smith. Bainbridge 5 Stone Doug Lawrence. Bainbridge 5 Stone Lewis Jones. Bainbridge Hershiser Orel Hershiser. Bainbridge Investments Carlos Arias. Bainbridge Investments Felipe Carizossa. What helps me in investments is the amount of time I get information directly from Reuters, instead of wasting time with analysis produced by other investors or analysts.

Reuters has no bias, and delivers good information. The advice I would give to young managers is to read a lot of information and less the opinion of other market participants. They have to learn how news will affect the markets and to look to the world as a whole instead of small pieces. I do not know one single idea the all other market participants disagree with me. There is always someone who would tend to think on one subject like I do.

There were some ideas that most market participants would disagree with me in the past. One was the euro that almost everybody would believe it would vanish in the first European recession and I was convinced it will stay until an international currency replaces it.

In I had sold all my assets in Brazil because I thought the new economic model the government was implementing in Brazil would be a disaster for the economy. Some economists did agree with me, but I do not know anybody who had sold all Brazilian assets they had due to it. I have sold all mine in March , well before other investors did. Russia defaulted on its debt at the end of last century, on those days nobody believe Russia would be back to the market, and would try to pay its bond.

I do not know of anybody who bet that Russia would try to come to an agreement with its creditors. I bet on that, and I was very well rewarded for it. I do not have a specific strategy to grow my business. It grew due to finding out assets depreciated before others did. I failed as a investor when in I did close all the positions in commodities I was short, instead of selling all shares I used to have.

One has to sell what it is expensive, and to keep what to buy what it is cheap. In I did the opposite believing I was being conservative. Steve Stefan Junge hails from Germany and helps with the day-to-day publishing of interviews on IdeaMensch. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Menu Item Separator about how to contact. Where did the idea for your investment advising career come from? What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive? How do you bring ideas to life? What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur? What advice would you give your younger self?

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business? What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it? What is one piece of software or a web service that helps you be productive? How do you use it? I do use Reuters news as they have no bias and they just report what it is going on. What is your favorite quote? Stefan Junge. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


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