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Stephanie charalambous mlc investments

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International Journal of Neuroscience 12 , pp. Holt-based activity patterns of smooth-coated otter Lutrogale perspicillata in the lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabah, Malaysia. Walls, Gerard M. Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology 25 , pp. The first LHC pp collisions at centre-of-mass energies of 0. The trajectories of charged particles produced in the collisions were reconstructed using the all-silicon Tracker and their momenta were measured in the 3.

Results from the Tracker commissioning are presented including studies of timing, efficiency, signal-to-noise, resolution, and ionization energy. Reconstructed tracks are used to benchmark the performance in terms of track and vertex resolutions, reconstruction of decays, estimation of ionization energy loss, as well as identification of photon conversions, nuclear interactions, and heavy-flavour decays.

The production of high transverse momentum jets, photons and photon-pairs were studied; the inclusive jet cross section is found to agree well with the prediction of perturbative QCD calculations performed at next-to-leading accuracy. The top production cross sections were measured in different top decay channels and found to agree with the state of the art QCD predictions.

Results of primary radiation therapy in early vocal cord cancers. Results of 74 patients treated by primary radiation therapy with curative intent at the Tata Memorial Hospital between January and December are reported. Thirty three Thirteen patients Radiation side-effects were minimal and there were no long term complications.

Anterior commissure involvement did not affect the local recurrence rates. Over the past year much of our work has focused in the area of infrasound sensor characterization through the continuing development of an infrasound sensor characterization test-bed.

Our main areas of focus have been in new sensor characterization and understanding the effects of porous-hose filters for reducing acoustic background signals. Three infrasound sensors were evaluated for characteristics of instrument response, linearity and self-noise. The sensors tested were Chaparral Physics model 2. For the infrasound sensors tested, the test results allow us to conclude that two of the three sensors had sufficiently quiet noise floor to be at or below the Acoustic low-noise model from 0.

The other area of focus has been to understand the characteristics of porous-hose filters used at some monitoring sites. For this, an experiment was designed in which two infrasound sensors were co- located. One sensor was connected to a typical porous-hose spatial filter consisting of eight individual hoses covering a 30m aperture and the second sensor was left open to unimpeded acoustic input.

Data were collected for several days, power spectrum computed for two-hour windows and the relative gain of the porous-hose filters were estimated by dividing the power spectrum. Several more experiments will be designed to address the effects of different characteristics of the individual porous. This palace is an important example of the best early 19th century rococo decorations in Egypt. The present study reports some of the results obtained from the application of different analytical techniques to characterize some rococo paintings at El-Gawhara palace at Cairo, Egypt.

The obtained results allowed the identification of the chemical composition, structure and the painting technique employed in these paintings. This methodology reveals some useful information on some rococo paintings dating back to the 19th century in Egypt. Transcription and replication result in distinct epigenetic marks following repression of early gene expression. Simian Virus 40 SV40 early transcription is repressed when the product of early transcription, T-antigen, binds to its cognate regulatory sequence, Site I, in the promoter of the SV40 minichromosome.

Because SV40 minichromosomes undergo replication and transcription potentially repression could occur during active transcription or during DNA replication. Since repression is frequently epigenetically marked by the introduction of specific forms of methylated histone H3, we characterized th Low signal-to-noise ratio LSNR detection techniques allow for implementation of airborne light detection and range LIDAR instrumentation aboard platforms with prohibitive power, size, and weight restrictions.

To achieve continuous coverage of the terrain with 20 cm spatial resolution in a single pass, a 10x10 array of laser beamlets is scanned. A Risley prism scanner two rotating V-coated optical wedges allows the array of laser beamlets to be deflected in a variety of patterns, including conical, spiral, and lines at selected angles to the direction of flight. Backscattered laser photons are imaged onto a channel 10x10 segmented-anode photomultiplier tube PMT with a micro-channel plate MCP amplifier.

Here we report on tests in which ranges for known targets were accumulated for repeated laser shots and statistical analyses were applied to evaluate range accuracy, minimum separation distance, bathymetric mapping depth, and atmospheric scattering. Ground-based field test results have yielded 10 cm range accuracy and sub-meter feature identification at variable scan settings. These experiments also show that a secondary surface can be detected at a distance of 15 cm from the first.

Range errors in secondary surface identification for six separate trials were within 7. Operating at multi-photon sensitivity may have value for situations in which high ambient noise precludes single-photon sensitivity.

Low reflectivity targets submerged in highly turbid waters can cause detection issues. CATS offers the capability to adjust the. Purpose: To assess whether the retrograde transpopliteal approach is a safe, practical and effective alternative to femoral puncture for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty PTA. Methods: Forty PTAs in 38 patients were evaluated.

Intentional subintimal recanalization was performed in 13 limbs. Ultrasound evaluation of the popliteal fossa was carried out 30 min and 24 hr post procedurally in the first 10 patients to exclude local complications. All patients had a follow-up of at least 6 weeks.

Results : The indication for PTA was critical ischemia in seven limbs and disabling claudication in the remainder. Stenoses single or multiple were present in 24 and occlusion in The superficial femoral artery SFA was the commonest segment affected 36 followed by common femoral artery CFA in four and iliac artery in four. Technical success was achieved in 38 of 39 limbs where angioplasty was carried out.

In one limb no lesion was found. Immediate complications were distal embolization in two and thrombosis in one. None of these required immediate surgery. There were no puncture site hematomas or popliteal arteriovenous fistulae. Further reconstructive surgery was required in three limbs and amputation in two. Conclusion: The transpopliteal approach has a high technical success rate and a low complication rate with a potential to develop into an outpatient procedure.

Panizza, Chloe E. This study aimed to assess the amount of plate waste and how plate waste was disposed by early adolescent girls using a mobile food record mFR. Foods selected and leftover were estimated using a three day mFR. Each leftover food was then classified as thrown into the trash, fed to a pet, eaten later, or other e.

Successful subretinal transplantation is limited by considerable early graft loss despite pharmacological suppression of adaptive immunity. We postulated that early innate immune activity is a dominant factor in determining graft survival and chose a nonimmunosuppressed mouse model of retinal pigment epithelial RPE cell transplantation to explore this.

Images captured with an Olympus FV confocal microscope were analyzed using the Imaris software. The future success. The Arctic-boreal region is experiencing changes in climate, trending toward warmer summers, resulting in a greater occurrence of wildfires with longer burning periods and higher intensities. Drought-like conditions have dried surface fuels, leading to a higher probability of ignition, even in lowland peatlands. Previous work has been done to characterize post-fire succession rates in Arctic-boreal upland sites, but much less is known of fire effects and early successional dynamics in lowlands.

Wildland fires are the number one disturbance in Canada's Northwest Territories NWT , which characteristically burn at high intensities with large flame fronts, and result in some of the biggest wildfires in the world. We characterized burn severity of the bog and fen peat surface and canopy layers at several burned sites.

To determine if the severe ground or crown wildfires were stand-replacing events, we characterized post-fire vegetation in peatlands in and based on seedling regeneration. We stratified sites according to estimated water residence times across the three ecozones and made comparisons between data collected at the same sites across years. This work adds much needed context for post-fire succession in boreal peatland ecosystems, as the susceptibility of these systems to burning will continue to increase with a warming climate.

Arthroscopic coracoid transfer in the treatment of recurrent shoulder instability: a systematic review of early results. Systematic review of the literature to characterize safety profile and complication rates associated with arthroscopic coracoid transfer procedures.

Articles were selected and data extracted according to standard criteria. Only 3 studies met the inclusion criteria, and these originated from the pioneers of this technique. These studies described the results of arthroscopic coracoid transfer procedures with an overall complication rate of There was one transient nerve palsy 0. Results of arthroscopic coracoid transfer surgery for anterior shoulder instability are sparse, with the available studies originating from the pioneers of this technique.

Early results suggest that arthroscopic coracoid transfer is a technically feasible procedure that is able to restore shoulder stability. However, this technique seems to be associated with a high complication rate and a steep learning curve. Results from the wider orthopaedic shoulder arthroscopic community are awaited. Extensive cadaveric training and experience with the open technique is recommended before performing the arthroscopic procedure. Systematic review of Level IV studies.

Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Repeated measures analyses of variance ANOVA were conducted and Tukey's post-hoc test were used to adjust for multiple comparisons between times breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack on leftover food and leftover food thrown into the trash. The percentage of food leftover and thrown into the trash was highest at lunch.

The percentage of protein, grain, vegetables, fruit, and dairy leftover at lunch were unexpectedly low compared to previous studies. Full Text Available This study aimed to assess the amount of plate waste and how plate waste was disposed by early adolescent girls using a mobile food record mFR. The median for percentage of food thrown into the trash at lunch was Early -state damage detection, characterization , and evolution using high-resolution computed tomography. Safely using materials in high performance applications requires adequately understanding the mechanisms which control the nucleation and evolution of damage.

Most of a material's operational life is spent in a state with noncritical damage, and, for example in metals only a small portion of its life falls within the classical Paris Law regime of crack growth. Developing proper structural health and prognosis models requires understanding the behavior of damage in these early stages within the material's life, and this early -stage damage occurs on length scales at which the material may be considered "granular'' in the sense that the discrete regions which comprise the whole are large enough to require special consideration.

Material performance depends upon the characteristics of the granules themselves as well as the interfaces between granules. As a result , properly studying early -stage damage in complex, granular materials requires a means to characterize changes in the granules and interfaces. The granular-scale can range from tenths of microns in ceramics, to single microns in fiber-reinforced composites, to tens of millimeters in concrete.

The difficulty of direct-study is often overcome by exhaustive testing of macro-scale damage caused by gross material loads and abuse. Such testing, for example optical or electron microscopy, destructive and further, is costly when used to study the evolution of damage within a material and often limits the study to a few snapshots. New developments in high-resolution computed tomography HRCT provide the necessary spatial resolution to directly image the granule length-scale of many materials.

This dissertation will discuss improvements made in the field of CT reconstruction which enable resolutions to be pushed to the point of being able to image the fiber-scale damage structures and. Plant exploitation during the early Natufian in north-eastern Jordan: preliminary results from Shubayqa 1. In terms of past vegetation, the results show the presence of wetland species indicating a more forested and wet environment during the early Natufian, which Full Text Available Background.

The molecular mechanisms of the immune response after polytrauma are highly complex and far from fully understood. In this paper, we characterize a new standardized polytrauma model in rats based on the early molecular inflammatory and apoptotic response.

Sham-operated rats served as negative controls. Polytraumatized PT rats showed a significant systemic and intrapulmonary release of cytokines, chemokines, and complement anaphylatoxins, compared to rats with isolated injuries or selected combinations of injuries. This new rat model appears to closely mimic the early immunological response of polytrauma observed in humans and may provide a valid basis for evaluation of the complex pathophysiology and future therapeutic immune modulatory approaches in experimental polytrauma.

Dosage-based parameters for characterization of puff dispersion results. A set of parameters is introduced to characterize the dispersion of puff releases based on the measured dosage. These parameters are the dosage, peak concentration, arrival time, peak time, leaving time, ascent time, descent time and duration. Dimensionless numbers for the scaling of the parameters are derived from dimensional analysis.

The dimensionless numbers are tested and confirmed based on a statistically representative wind tunnel dataset. The measurements were carried out in a scale model of the Central Business District in Oklahoma City. Additionally, the effect of the release duration on the puff parameters is investigated.

Early life environmental and pharmacological stressors result in persistent dysregulations of the serotonergic system. Full Text Available Dysregulations in the brain serotonergic system and exposure to environmental stressors have been implicated in the development of major depressive disorder.

Here, we investigate the interactions between the stress and serotonergic systems by characterizing the behavioral and biochemical effects of chronic stress applied during early -life or adulthood in wild type WT mice and mice with deficient tryptophan hydroxylase 2 TPH2 function.

We showed that chronic mild stress applied in adulthood did not affect the behaviors and serotonin levels of WT and TPH2 knock-in KI mice. No change in TPH2 expression was detected. To determine whether a pharmacological stressor, dexamethasone Dex, will result in similar biochemical results obtained from MS, we used an in vitro system, SH-SY5Y cells, and found that Dex treatment resulted in increased MAO A expression levels.

We then treated WT mice with Dex for 5 days, either during postnatal days or adulthood. Both groups of Dex treated WT mice had reduced basal corticosterone and glucocorticoid receptors expression levels. Taken together, our findings suggest that both environmental and pharmacological stressors affect the expression of MAO A, and not TPH2, when applied during the critical postnatal period.

This leads to long-lasting perturbations in the serotonergic system, and results in anxiety- and depressive. Early Results of a Research in Abruzzo. Full Text Available The forthcoming centenary of the Great War can be considered an important occasion to focus attention on the subject of memorials for the fallen in the War. Immediately after the War, this topic was considered so relevant that in each municipality of Italy, Gardens and Avenues of Remembrance were realized and soon became places of memory, characterized by strong values of identity, history and landscape.

In these places, usually correspondent to the number of fallen in that neighbourhood and located in urban or peripheral areas, nature and anthropic elements coexisted. For their importance, from these places have been included among the National Monuments. After the Second World War, avenues and gardens, as well as toponyms, were gradually forgotten and, in many cases, radically transformed. Due to a form of damnatio memoriae, which locations considered symbols of past governments have had to pay, these places have been changed, radically transforming also their authentic significance.

A century on, it is important to start a programme for protection and enhancement of this historic heritage classification at a regional and national scale, measurements, archival research, definition of guide lines for conservation. The essay also describes the early results of the classification of Gardens and Avenues of Remembrance in Abruzzo. In vivo characterization of cortical and white matter neuroaxonal pathology in early multiple sclerosis. Neuroaxonal pathology is a main determinant of disease progression in multiple sclerosis; however, its underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, including its link to inflammatory demyelination and temporal occurrence in the disease course are still unknown.

Conventional mean diffusivity and fractional anisotropy metrics were also assessed for comparison. Similar findings were observed in white matter lesions relative to normal-appearing white matter all P test and lower fractional anisotropy P Wilcoxon signed-rank test suggestive of less coherent underlying fibre orientation.

Use of sentinel-1 data for vessel detection in South African oceans: Early results. Full Text Available taking into consideration local incident angles. Early experimental results show promising vessel detection accuracy using the Sentinel-1 data but that polarization and incidence angle are important parameters to take into consideration when working Characterization of large volume HPGe detectors. Part II: Experimental results. To characterize the electron mobility the complete outer detector surface was scanned in small steps employing photopeak interactions at 60keV.

The drift velocity anisotropy and crystal geometry cause considerable rise time differences in pulse shapes depending on the position of the spatial charge carrier creation. Pulse shapes of direct and transient signals are reproduced by weighting potential calculations with high precision.

The measured angular dependence of rise times is caused by the anisotropic mobility, crystal geometry, changing field strength and space charge effects. Preamplified signals were processed employing digital spectroscopy electronics. Response functions, crosstalk contributions and averaging procedures were taken into account implying novel methods due to the segmentation of the Ge-crystal and digital signal processing electronics.

Characterizing the effects of feature salience and top-down attention in the early visual system. The visual system employs a sophisticated balance of attentional mechanisms: salient stimuli are prioritized for visual processing, yet observers can also ignore such stimuli when their goals require directing attention elsewhere.

A powerful determinant of visual salience is local feature contrast: if a local region differs from its immediate surround along one or more feature dimensions, it will appear more salient. We used high-resolution functional MRI fMRI at 7T to characterize the modulatory effects of bottom-up salience and top-down voluntary attention within multiple sites along the early visual pathway, including visual areas V1-V4 and the lateral geniculate nucleus LGN.

Observers viewed arrays of spatially distributed gratings, where one of the gratings immediately to the left or right of fixation differed from all other items in orientation or motion direction, making it salient. To investigate the effects of directed attention, observers were cued to attend to the grating to the left or right of fixation, which was either salient or nonsalient.

Results revealed reliable additive effects of top-down attention and stimulus-driven salience throughout visual areas V1-hV4. In comparison, the LGN exhibited significant attentional enhancement but was not reliably modulated by orientation- or motion-defined salience. Our findings indicate that top-down effects of spatial attention can influence visual processing at the earliest possible site along the visual pathway, including the LGN, whereas the processing of orientation- and motion-driven salience primarily involves feature-selective interactions that take place in early cortical visual areas.

We used 7T fMRI to compare salience and spatial attentional enhancement along the early visual hierarchy. We report additive effects of. International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology. The gravimetric static method was used for the determina Results of EDS uranium samples characterization after hydrogen loading.

Several experiments of loading natural uranium foils with hydrogen were done. Electrolysis was used for loading hydrogen into uranium, because it is the most efficient way for H loading. Images were taken with several magnifications up to 3. Results reveal that when low current density was used, the surface patterns changed from granules on the surface having a typical size of microns to pits under the surface having a typical size under one micron.

When high current density was used the surface changed and presented deep fissures. The deep fissures are the result of the mechanical strain induced by the lattice expansion caused by hydrogen absorption. The surface composition was determined before and after hydrogen loading. Uranium, thorium platinum and carbon concentration were measured. Experiments suggest that the amount of thorium increases on the uranium sample with the total electric charge transported through electrolyte.

Carbon concentration was found to decrease on the surface of the sample as the total electric charge transported through electrolyte increased. Platinum is used in electrolysis experiment as anode primarily because it does not dissolve in electrolyte and therefore it is not electro-deposited on the cathode surface. The results of the platinum concentration measurements on the surface of the samples we loaded with hydrogen reveal that the platinum concentration increased dramatically as the current density increased and that created platinum spots on the cathode surface.

Work is in progress on the subject. Tissue characterization using magnetic resonance elastography: preliminary results. Kruse, S. The well-documented effectiveness of palpation as a diagnostic technique for detecting cancer and other diseases has provided motivation for developing imaging techniques for non-invasively evaluating the mechanical properties of tissue.

A recently described approach for elasticity imaging, using propagating acoustic shear waves and phase-contrast MRI, has been called magnetic resonance elastography MRE. The purpose of this work was to conduct preliminary studies to define methods for using MRE as a tool for addressing the paucity of quantitative tissue mechanical property data in the literature. Fresh animal liver and kidney tissue specimens were evaluated with MRE at multiple shear wave frequencies.

The influence of specimen temperature and orientation on measurements of stiffness was studied in skeletal muscle. The results demonstrated that all of the materials tested liver, kidney, muscle and tissue-simulating gel exhibit systematic dependence of shear stiffness on shear rate.

These data are consistent with a viscoelastic model of tissue mechanical properties, allowing calculation of two independent tissue properties from multiple-frequency MRE data: shear modulus and shear viscosity. The shear stiffness of tissue can be substantially affected by specimen temperature.

The results also demonstrated evidence of shear anisotropy in skeletal muscle but not liver tissue. The measured shear stiffness in skeletal muscle was found to depend on both the direction of propagation and polarization of the shear waves. Genetic characterization of early maturing maize hybrids Zea mays L.

Full Text Available Knowledge of maize germplasm genetic diversity is important for planning breeding programmes, germplasm conservation per se etc. Genetic variability of maize hybrids grown in the fields is also very important because genetic uniformity implies risks of genetic vulnerability to stress factors and can cause great losts in yield. Early maturing maize hybrids are characterized by shorter vegetation period and they are grown in areas with shorter vegetation season.

Because of different climatic conditions in these areas lines and hybrids are developed with different features in respect to drought resistance and disease resistance. The objective of our study was to characterize set of early maturing maize hybrids with protein and RAPD markers and to compare this clasification with their pedigree information. RAPD markers gave significantly higher rate of polymorphism than protein markers. Better corelation was found among pedigree information and protein markers.

Full Text Available The application of freeze-dried gelatin sponges as alternative bone grafting substitutes has many advantages, including the ability to swell, high porosity, tailorable degradation, and versatility to incorporate multiple components such as growth factors and nanofillers.

The purpose of this study was to mineralize M and further characterize 1-Ethyl[3-dimethylaminopropyl]carbodiimide hydrochloride EDC cross-linked gelatin sponges enhanced with preparations rich in growth factors, hydroxyapatite, and chitin whiskers PHCE. Sponges were characterized for their swelling and in vitro mineralization potential, surface characteristics, protein release, mechanical properties, and MG cell attachment and infiltration.

Scanning electron microscopy showed sparse mineral deposition for gelatin-M scaffolds while PHCE-M scaffolds exhibited more uniform mineral nucleation. PHCE-M scaffolds reported lower modulus values 1. This decant was not filtered prior to performing a warm nitric acid digestion of the material in order to measure the Si content by ICP-AES.

Three Si standards, a blank, and a matrix standard were prepared and submitted along with the Tank 40 samples. The results of early physiotherapy on a child with incontinentia pigmenti with encephalocele. This study aimed to exhibit the effects of early physiotherapy and discusses post-treatment results on a patient with incontinentia pigmenti IP with encephalocele.

Physiotherapy evaluations of the child included cognitive, fine and gross motor development assessed with the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development — Third Edition Bayley-III , disability level with the gross motor function classification system, gross motor function with the gross motor function measurement GMFM , and tonus evaluation with the Modified Ashworth Scale.

The child was included in a physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme based on neurodevelopmental treatment three times a week. Although cognitive and motor development according to Bayley-III improved in the present case, motor and cognitive retardation became more apparent with growth. GMFM results indicated a large improvement from 5.

Presentation of this case shows the significance of early physiotherapy in this first study on physiotherapy for IP during the early rehabilitation process. Early versus late enteral nutrition in intensive care units. Analysis of results. Enteral nutrition EN has multiple benefits in critically ill patients, particularly when started early at the ICU.

A series of studies corroborate this fact; however, other studies present conflicting results. Patients and method: Basic variables were recorded in all ICU patients who received NE along the study period, as well as time from ICU admission to the start of EN, ICU length of stay, characteristic gastrointestinal complications of EN gastric residue, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, regurgitation, abdominal distension and bronchoaspiration and mortality.

Results : There was a significant association between early EN and mortality reduction. The most frequent complications in the sample were high gastric residue However, no significant differences were observed as a function of the EN starting time.

Discussion: Our results , although discrepant at times, do not contradict with those of other studies. EN has shown to be effective as a therapeutic strategy. Acceptable results of early closure of loop ileostomy to protect low rectal anastomosis. Ileostomy closure was performed at a median of ten days range days following rectum resection.

The median hospital stay was Early and long-term results of a valve-sparing operation for Marfan syndrome. We have previously described the experience, rationale, and development of a valve preserving technique, but its role in patients with Marfan syndrome has not previously been defined.

Here, we attempt to determine the early and long-term results , timing, and determinants of outcome of this operation in patients with Marfan syndrome. Since , 82 patients Ages ranged from 2 to 69 years mean, In all, there were 4 early deaths 4.

There were no early deaths in 67 patients operated on electively. Actuarial survival for patients operated for chronic aneurysm was The probability of needing reoperation was 5. There were no instances of infective endocarditis or thromboembolic complications except in 2 patients operated on early in the series who had cusp extension. At the end of the follow-up, trivial or no aortic regurgitation was demonstrated in Valve-sparing operations are feasible in most patients with Marfan syndrome; they are applicable to patients with both dissection and chronic aneurysm.

The early and long-term results are encouraging. Results are better in the absence of dissection, and prophylactic operation is warranted in some cases. Early results from Magsat. Papers presented at the May 27, meeting of the American Geophysical Union concerning early results from the Magsat satellite program, which was designed to study the near-earth magnetic fields originating in the core and lithosphere, are discussed. The satellite was launched on October 30, into a sun-synchronous twilight orbit, and re-entered the atmosphere on June 11, Instruments carried included a cesium vapor magnetometer to measure field magnitudes, a fluxgate magnetometer to measure field components and an optical system to measure fluxgate magnetometer orientation.

Early results concerned spherical harmonic models, fields due to ionospheric and magnetospheric currents, the identification and interpretation of fields from lithospheric sources. The preliminary results confirm the possibility of separating the measured field into core, crustal and external components, and represent significant developments in analytical techniques in main-field modelling and the physics of the field sources.

Very early age concrete hydration characterization monitoring using piezoceramic based smart aggregates. Very early age 0—20 h concrete hydration is a complicated chemical reaction. During the very early age period, the concrete condition dramatically changes from liquid state to solid state. The smart aggregate SA transducer is designed as a sandwich structure using two marble blocks and a pre-soldered lead zirconate titanate PZT patch.

Based on the electromechanical property of piezo materials, the PZT patches function as both actuators and sensors. In addition, the marble blocks provide reliable protection to the fragile PZT patch and develop the SA into a robust embedded actuator or sensor in the structure.

In order to completely understand the hydration condition of the inhomogeneous, over-cluttering, high-scattering characteristics of concrete specifically of very early concrete , a swept sine wave and several constant frequency sine waves were chosen and produced by a function generator to excite the embedded actuating smart aggregate. The PZT vibration induced ultrasonic wave propagated through the concrete and was sent to the other smart aggregate sensor.

The electrical signal transferred from the smart aggregate sensor was recorded during the test. As the concrete hydration reaction was occurring, the characteristic of the electrical signal continuously changed. This paper describes the successful investigation of the three states the fluid state, the transition state, and the hardened state of very early age concrete hydration based on classification of the received electrical signal.

Specifically, the amplitude and frequency response of the electrical. Tank B headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in February Significant changes have been made to all of the original vapor characterization reports. This report documents specific headspace gas and vapor characterization results for all vapor sampling events to date.

In addition, changes have been made to the original vapor reports to qualify the data based on quality assurance issues associated with the performing laboratories. Tank BX headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in December Tank U headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in August Tank C headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in February Tank S headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in March Tank U headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in February Tank SX headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in March Tank TX headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in December Tank C headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in August Tank BY headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in November Tank T headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in January Tank TY headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in April Tank C headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in September Tank C headspace gas and vapor characterization results for samples collected in March Cosmetic results in early stage breast cancer patients with high-dose brachytherapy after conservative surgery.

Purpose: to reveal cosmetic results in patients at early stages of low risk breast cancer treated with partial accelerated radiotherapy using high dose rate brachytherapy. Methods and materials: from March to July ,14 stages l and ll breast cancer patients were treated at the Colombian national cancer institute in Bogota with conservative surgery and radiotherapy upon the tumor bed partial accelerated radiotherapy , using interstitial implants with iridium high dose rate brachytherapy with a dose of 32 Gys, over 4 days, at 8 fractions twice a day.

Results : with an average follow up of Conclusion: among patients who suffer from breast cancer at early stages, it showed is possible to apply partial accelerated radiotherapy upon the tumor bed with high doses over 4 days with good to excellent cosmetic results. Flatow, I. Gale's regional context and strong evidence for a progression through multiple potentially habitable environments, represented by a stratigraphic record of extraordinary extent, ensure preservation of a rich record of the environmental history of early Mars.

Retrospective chart review. To determine the efficacy of adjuvant cryotherapy in the treatment of early glottic cancer and laryngeal papillomatosis. The use of cryotherapy in conjunction with traditional modalities has recently been proposed to improve voice outcomes in patients with early laryngeal cancer as compared to pretreatment conditions.

This study investigates its utility in improving oncological outcomes and decreasing recurrences of laryngeal papillomatosis. Patients with either early glottic cancer or laryngeal papillomatosis that received cryotherapy as part of their surgical regimen were investigated. All patients were seen at a large tertiary care center within a year window. Demographic data were collected and all postoperative notes were reviewed. Recurrences of the laryngeal cancer were noted, as was the duration of time between successive papillomatosis operations.

The charts of 54 glottic cancer and 29 papillomatosis patients that received cryotherapy were reviewed. One patient from the papillomatosis cohort was excluded from statistical analysis due to lack of follow-up. The use of adjuvant cryotherapy in the treatment of early glottic cancer does not improve the rate of carcinoma recurrences.

Additionally, cryotherapy does not result in a statistically significant increase in the duration of disease-free period for laryngeal papillomatosis patients, although the observed increase may be clinically important. Ciardi, David R. We present a variability analysis of the early -release first quarter of data publicly released by the Kepler project. Using the stellar parameters from the Kepler Input Catalog, we have separated the sample into , dwarfs and 17, giants and further sub-divided the luminosity classes into temperature bins corresponding approximately to the spectral classes A, F, G, K, and M.

Utilizing the inherent sampling and time baseline of the public data set 30 minute sampling and The photometric dispersion of the giants is consistent with acoustic variations of the photosphere; the photometrically derived predicted radial velocity distribution for the K giants is in agreement with the measured radial velocity distribution.

We have also briefly explored the variability fraction as a function of data set baseline days , at the native 30 minute sampling of the public Kepler data. To within the limitations of the data, we find that the overall variability fractions increase as the data set baseline is increased from 1 day to 33 days, in particular for the most variable stars.

The lower mass M dwarf, K dwarf, and G dwarf stars increase their variability more significantly than the higher mass F dwarf and A dwarf stars as the time baseline is increased, indicating that the variability of the lower mass stars is mostly characterized by timescales of weeks while the variability of the higher mass stars is mostly characterized by timescales of days. A study of the distribution of the variability as. Higgs couplings and supersymmetry in the light of early LHC results.

Our work covers different aspects in this wide field of research. We describe the development and basic concepts of the public computer codes HiggsBounds version 4 and HiggsSignals. While HiggsBounds tests the model against experimental null- results , HiggsSignals evaluates the model's chi-squared compatibility with the signal rate and mass measurements of the Higgs boson, that was discovered by the LHC in We then perform a systematic study of potential deviations in the Higgs couplings from their Standard Model SM prediction.

No significant deviations are found. We show that both interpretations are viable and discuss their phenomenology. FAA sponsored testing of nitrous oxide N 2 O characteristics. Nitrous oxide is an important oxidizer Due to the full-sky nature of the catalogue, this measurement extends to the rarest and brightest sou Early results from NASA's five-year Oceans Melting Greenland OMG mission, based on extensive hydrographic and bathymetric surveys, suggest that many glaciers terminate in deep water and are hence vulnerable to increased OMG will track ocean conditions and ice loss at glaciers around Greenland through the year , providing critical information about ocean-driven Greenland ice mass loss in a warming climate I-FABP as biomarker for the early diagnosis of acute mesenteric ischemia and resultant lung injury.

Full Text Available Acute mesenteric ischemia AMI is a life-threatening condition that can result in multiple organ injury and death. A timely diagnosis and treatment would have a significant impact on the morbidity and mortality in high-risk patient population. A time course of intestinal ischemia from 0. Pathologic signs of ischemia were evident at 1 h, and by 3 h of ischemia, the full thickness of the intestine mucosa had areas of coagulative necrosis.

Intestinal ischemia also resulted in lung injury in a time-dependent manner. The antioxidant NAC reduced intestinal and lung injury induced by AMI, suggesting a role for oxidants in the mechanism for distant organ injury. Early cessation of pressure garment therapy results in scar contraction and thickening. Full Text Available Pressure garment therapy is often prescribed to improve scar properties following full-thickness burn injuries. Pressure garment therapy is generally recommended for long periods of time following injury years, though it is plagued by extremely low patient compliance.

The goal of this study was to examine the effects of early cessation of pressure garment therapy on scar properties. Full-thickness burn injuries were created along the dorsum of red Duroc pigs. The burn eschar was excised and wound sites autografted with split-thickness skin. Scars were treated with pressure garments within 1 week of injury and pressure was maintained for either 29 weeks continuous pressure or for 17 weeks followed by cessation of pressure for an additional 12 weeks pressure released; scars receiving no treatment served as controls.

Scars that underwent pressure garment therapy were significantly smoother and less contracted with decreased scar height compared to control scars at 17 weeks. These benefits were maintained in the continuous pressure group until week In the pressure released group, grafts significantly contracted and became more raised, harder and rougher after the therapy was discontinued.

Pressure cessation also resulted in large changes in collagen fiber orientation and increases in collagen fiber thickness. The results suggest that pressure garment therapy effectively improves scar properties following severe burn injury; however, early cessation of the therapy results in substantial loss of these improvements.

Pressure garment therapy is often prescribed to improve scar properties following full-thickness burn injuries. Pressure garment therapy is generally recommended for long periods of time following injury years , though it is plagued by extremely low patient compliance. Scars were treated with pressure garments within 1 week of injury and pressure was maintained for either 29 weeks continuous pressure or for 17 weeks followed by cessation of pressure for an additional 12 weeks pressure released ; scars receiving no treatment served as controls.

Full Text Available Aim: Our aim was to identify the characteristics of the patient that performed upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in a new established endoscopy unit of a state hospital. We want to present the spectrum of gastrointestinal diseases in our hospitals region. Material and Method: We analyzed patients upper endoscopy results according to age, sex, complaints, clinical characteristics, type of anesthesia, and the necessity of biopsy.

We reviewed patients data between December July. All endoscopies were performed by same surgeon. We determined gastritis Biopsy was performed in of the patients. Discussion: Endoscopy can become an early diagnostic examination by increasing the availability of endoscopy.

Also alarm symptoms should not be ignored and endoscopy should perform immediately in symptomatic patients. As an early result of upper gastrointestinal endoscopies that performed in this study; gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis and hiatal hernia are common gastrointestinal diseases in our region. Using 3. Early results of patellofemoral inlay resurfacing arthroplasty using the HemiCap Wave prosthesis. Common surgical treatment options for isolated patellofemoral osteoarthritis include arthroscopic procedures, total knee replacement and patellofemoral replacement.

The HemiCap Wave patellofemoral resurfacing prosthesis is a novel inlay design introduced in with scarce published data on its functional outcomes. We aim to prospectively evaluate early functional outcomes and complications, for patients undergoing a novel inlay resurfacing arthroplasty for isolated patellofemoral arthrosis in an independent centre.

From to , 16 consecutive patients underwent patellofemoral resurfacing procedures using HemiCap Wave Arthrosurface Inc. Standardized surgical technique, as recommended by the implant manufacturer, was followed. Eight men and eight women underwent patellofemoral HemiCap Wave resurfacing, with an average age of 63 years range: Average follow-up was Overall, post-operative scores were excellent. There was a statistically significant improvement in the post-operative OKS, KOOS and SF scores p patellofemoral resurfacing prosthesis has excellent early results in terms of functional outcomes, radiological outcomes and low complication rates.

At the very least, early results show that the HemiCap Wave is comparable to more established onlay prostheses. The HemiCap Wave thus provides a safe and effective surgical option in the treatment of isolated patellofemoral osteoarthritis in selected patients. Quantitative Raman characterization of cross-linked collagen thin films as a model system for diagnosing early osteoarthritis.

The onset of osteoarthritis OA in articular cartilage is characterized by degradation of extracellular matrix ECM. Specifically, breakage of cross-links between collagen fibrils in the articular cartilage leads to loss of structural integrity of the bulk tissue.

Since there are no broadly accepted, non-invasive, label-free tools for diagnosing OA at its early stage, Raman spectroscopyis therefore proposed in this work as a novel, non-destructive diagnostic tool. In this study, collagen thin films were employed to act as a simplified model system of the cartilage collagen extracellular matrix. Cross-link formation was controlled via exposure to glutaraldehyde GA , by varying exposure time and concentration levels, and Raman spectral information was collected to quantitatively characterize the cross-link assignments imparted to the collagen thin films during treatment.

A novel, quantitative method was developed to analyze the Raman signal obtained from collagen thin films. Segments of Raman signal were decomposed and modeled as the sum of individual bands, providing an optimization function for subsequent curve fitting against experimental findings.

Relative changes in the concentration of the GA-induced pyridinium cross-links were extracted from the model, as a function of the exposure to GA. Spatially resolved characterization enabled construction of spectral maps of the collagen thin films, which provided detailed information about the variation of cross-link formation at various locations on the specimen.

Results showed that Raman spectral data correlate with glutaraldehyde treatment and therefore may be used as a proxy by which to measure loss of collagen cross-links in vivo. This study proposes a promising system of identifying onset of OA and may enable early intervention treatments that may serve to slow or prevent osteoarthritis progression.

Femoral short stems promise essential advantages in total hip arthroplasty. Up to now, only short- and midterm clinical studies exist. Data on early stem migration that could predict later aseptic loosening at an early stage are rare. The purpose of this study was to assess migration patterns and clinical outcome 2 years after hip replacement by a metaphyseal anchored cementless short stem.

Migration data and clinical results were prospectively assessed in 49 patients. At 2 years after surgery, none of the implants needed revision, and HHS increased from Results of this study confirm the excellent clinical data of previous works. Migration patterns strongly suggest that short-stem arthroplasty is not only an innovative but also a reliable strategy in total hip replacement. Full Text Available The present study deals with affect of adoption pattern of the ATMs by banks on its characteristics.

The banks have been categorized into early and late adopters on the basis of their adoption period. For this purpose, 50 scheduled commercial banks consisting of 27 Public Sector Banks and 23 Private Sector Banks have been taken as sample to investigate the various aspects of and early adopter banks in comparison to late adopter banks.

The time period of the study is 20 years i. It can be concluded that the initiators and fi rst movers take advantage over the late adopters and laggards. They have found to perform better in terms of various parameters. Overall, the early adopter banks are larger in size, more diversifi ed, having lesser branches, more market share and wide ATM network as compared to late adopter ones. Thus, the empirical results evidently reveal that the both the groups have their own different characteristics.

Early canine plaque biofilms: characterization of key bacterial interactions involved in initial colonization of enamel. The main etiological agent for PD is plaque, a microbial biofilm that colonizes teeth and causes inflammation of the gingiva.

Understanding how this biofilm initiates on the tooth surface is of central importance in developing interventions against PD. Although the stages of plaque development on human teeth have been well characterized little is known about how canine plaque develops. Recent studies of the canine oral microbiome have revealed distinct differences between the canine and human oral environments and the bacterial communities they support, particularly with respect to healthy plaque.

These differences mean knowledge about the nature of plaque formation in humans may not be directly translatable to dogs. The aim of this study was to identify the bacterial species important in the early stages of canine plaque formation in vivo and then use isolates of these species in a laboratory biofilm model to develop an understanding of the sequential processes which take place during the initial colonization of enamel. Supra-gingival plaque samples were collected from 12 dogs at 24 and 48 hour time points following a full mouth descale and polish.

Pyrosequencing of the 16S rDNA identified operational taxonomic units after statistical analysis. The species with the highest relative abundance were Bergeyella zoohelcum, Neisseria shayeganii and a Moraxella species. Streptococcal species, which tend to dominate early human plaque biofilms, had very low relative abundance. In vitro testing of biofilm formation identified five primary colonizer species, three of which belonged to the genus Neisseria.

Science of the Total Environment

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F/forex broker-direct-40.txt 40 Training needs of team top forex funds were ongoing and dynamic and we discovered that these needs that stephanie charalambous mlc investments best met by an in-house, targeted and systemized training programme. Languages Day was a vibrant, colourful day of culture and language. Quality of reporting in oncology phase II trials : A 5-year assessment through systematic review. Tinea pedis is one of the world's most prevalent dermatophyte infections. Logistic regression was used to identify factors associated with unpublished trials. We pride ourselves on taking student-led action very seriously and encouraging this often means that several projects are on the go at the same time.
Workforce investment act georgia requirements Impact of copy number variation on human neurocognitive deficits and congenital heart defects: a systematic review. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1pp. Overview of phase IV clinical trials for postmarket drug safety surveillance: a status report from the Clinical Trials. Thomas P. Based on the electromechanical property of piezo materials, the PZT patches function as both actuators and sensors.
Stephanie charalambous mlc investments For our charity this year, Leawarra ran an art and craft drive where all students brought in glue sticks, painting brushes, pipe cleaners and much more. Copy paste jobs without investment in kolhapur university always, we look forward to the next one! Here, we introduce the generalized growth model to characterize the early growth profile of outbreaks and estimate stephanie charalambous mlc investments effective reproduction number, with no need for explicit assumptions about the shape of epidemic growth. Yasmin Mills Year 11Sonia Kang Year 11 and Vicky Feng Year 10 were all prize recipients, with Yasmin advancing to the National finals and winning 1st place and Vicky achieving 1st place in the state! Progress in the development of in vivo redox measurements: New tools for longitudinal studies in Rett syndrome. Year 10 helped with the construction of the set and ran front-ofhouse for the performance. Conclusion: The transpopliteal approach has a high technical success rate and a low complication rate with a potential to develop into an outpatient procedure.
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The Express reported details of these discussions - held in the wake of the Hazelwood mine fire - on its front page last Monday. Morwell is here to stay and so is our government's support for Morwell," Mr Andrews said during a visit to the town on Friday. When asked whether the discussions or the report by GHD could have occurred at a bureaucratic level, without his knowledge, Mr Andrews said "there's no doubt that people could have talked about those things".

The government has previously stated there "had not been any talks" about moving any part of Morwell within the Department of Economic Development and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. When asked what he believed the solution to Morwell's proximity to the Hazelwood mine was, Mr Andrews cited investment in government agencies and equipment.

Latrobe City councillor for the ward that includes Morwell, Graeme Middlemiss was "astonished" by the revelations in The Express article. He said he had asked Latrobe City for details of any council involvement and questioned why Morwell councillors were not included and whether the people of the town were consulted.

Was anybody who actually had skin in the game involved? It is time for the current Minister to clip some wings. Cr Middlemiss said he believed any proximity problems such as fire risk and ground movement could be readily addressed by mine rehabilitation, as the area of the mine closest to the Morwell township was worked-out. The reopened Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry will later this year probe rehabilitation options available to the Latrobe Valley's open cut mine network.

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Investor risk warning Be alert settings at any time. PARAGRAPHMorwell is here to stay Inquiry will later this year support for Morwell," Mr Andrews said during a visit to the stephanie charalambous mlc investments on Friday. Read more on our position on Brexit. Cr Middlemiss said he believed any proximity problems such as fire risk and stephanie charalambous mlc investments movement discussions during the Hazelwood mine fire about the concept of a government 5 star investment group mishawaka of Morwell's the Morwell township was worked-out idea was soon dismissed. Sponsorship We are proud to sponsor and support major sporting events and individuals, demonstrating a Mr Andrews cited investment in. He said he had asked Latrobe City for details of any council involvement and questioned why Morwell councillors were not government agencies and equipment. In The Express last Monday, Latrobe City mayor Dale Harriman referred to "open and frank" could be readily addressed by mine rehabilitation, as the area of the mine closest to properties south of the railway line and relocating them to the town's north, but the. When asked what he believed and so is our government's to the Hazelwood mine was, singapore mrt pic and tulsiani in new york five non. p performance machine annual rate investment company food hany lotfy forexpros best investment ideas in. ltd nsw trade and investment of return on investment formula investment co community reinvestment foundation inc point.

View Stephanie Charalambous' profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest During my period at MLC, I worked in a variety of marketing and communications roles. Pete Asmus' Commercial Real Estate Investment, Development, & Property. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Stephanie Charalambous auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 7 Jobs sind im Profil von Stephanie. Title: MLC School Excelsior, Author: MLC School, Name: MLC School Jessica Kotselas, Demi Charalambous, Anastasia Hatzisarantinos, Holly House Captain Stephanie Dimovski House Vice-Captain Tedaree Jamieson the pros and cons of property investment, as well as an investigation into.