new business ideas in india with high investment group

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New business ideas in india with high investment group forexeasystems profx 2.0

New business ideas in india with high investment group

This is possibly one of the most lucrative fields to tap into in the digital age. Professional blogging requires only a minimal start-up cost. As for promoting your blogs through the right channels, the cost-free and limitless expanse of the internet is all you need. YouTube is a hotspot for creative and talented individuals looking for great returns with little monetary investment.

YouTube allows its users to create independent channels and upload their videos for free. In fact, it even pays some YouTubers whose channels are popular. To know more about how to make money out of your YouTube channel, click here. Event managers barely spend any time in office. On that basis, their demand revolves around their brand image and popularity, which can be built with a good online marketing strategy. However, the overall startup cost for building this brand is minimal, if at all priced.

This is because weddings are taken very seriously by almost all cultures making up our diversified society. Today, even multinational corporations like Uber are tapping into this lucrative industry and centring their campaign on it. The most important investment you need to make to launch a wedding consultancy is in maintaining a popular website for it. The best way to reach out to potential clients in this field is online.

Thus, ensure that your website has the requisite base of followers and is detailed, accessible, and colourful. While any form of education is priceless in its ideal, it can still be priced for a good value. Developing and running an online course for students interested in learning a subject is a profitable feat.

While some online-course providers may offer the course for free on their own personalised websites, most usually tie up with other digital content companies , which provide them with the tools to carry out their lessons. In this too, the maximum cost you will incurred would be the minimum amount you pay for your domain name and hosting space, or to the digital content company in question for them to feature your course on their platform.

Assuming that you intend to take up professional photography, you may already are in possession of a high-definition camera. The first thing to do is set up a stall with a permit , which needs the right local contacts, following which your only investment is purchasing a dozen or so books from other sellers to start the business of second-hand book exchanging. Ghost writing may not be recommended as a primary profession, but it definitely ranks as high as any of its counterparts, considering the standard amount that a prospective client is willing to pay for a story to be written anonymously.

Here too, the best way to make clients reach out to you is through recommendations, be it online or in person, and your only investment, after accepting the project, is your time. This is extremely lucrative, since clients usually offer exorbitant amounts as compensation for writing their story for them. However, custom jewellery has been part of our ancient tradition and is still one of the most profitable markets today.

To look into that business, you should be prepared to get into well-placed bargaining deals with the manufacturers of these customised pieces, either offering them a good cut from your sales or buying their products in a bulk, for a cheaper price. Either way, the trick is to sell it at a higher price than it was bought at, in a shop or stall in a popular place , for which you need to pay for rented space. Despite this, your overall collective cost will possibly be covered in within Rs A profession that is almost exclusively online, the idea of running this kind of a business stems from the fact that most corporate advertising firms have taken to outsourcing their campaign developments, as an attempt to break the standard patterns and reduce the pressure.

Hence, as someone looking to build a business along these lines, you should be prepared to invest your time and money in running an active website with a domain name, hosting services, and perhaps SEOs , offering your services to potential clients. Can you imagine a world without tea?

What would we do with our evenings? While the tea-industry as a whole has done exceptionally well over the decades, the smaller tea stall owners have definitely been reaping the benefits of their overall success. Besides a basic budget for renting a small room or stall for space, the only other investment you need to make is on buying tea from the manufacturers and purchasing makeshift benches and tables.

Social media has become the way of the world. Corporates, startups, and personal channels have all realised this and work to increase their presence on it. While most of the bigger companies especially in the media now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones reach out to stand-alone social media strategists.

The only investment that you, as someone looking to build a brand in this line, should be making is improving your online presence by advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spending a basic amount on maintain your website, to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine pages.

While most of her fixed budget was spent on material for her designs, the concept of recycling saris helped defeat that splurge. Her primary investment went into maintaining a studio space and paying her two tailors. The world is looking to get fit. While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym or join any fitness classes, the idea of a fitness instructor visiting their houses and helping them get in shape is definitely more appealing to them.

So those looking to launch a business in online fitness should spend their money on maintaining a strong online presence through their website and social media pages, considering that they do not have to rent a studio space or equipment. Although this may sound like an oversimplification, the truth is that graphic designers are the highest in demand when they work independently and are ready to take on projects from clients outside their prescribed work.

Assuming the fact that they already have the necessary equipment to execute their projects computers, software, etc. The only investment that those looking to run dance or music schools have to carry out is in rental space. Besides this, the business runs on their skill as an instructor as well as their active presence in respected circuits. As the business grows, they may need to set aside an amount for the salary of an assistant or associate as well, but in the initial stages, the trick is to make sure that enough people are recommending your school to its potential students.

Cities like Mumbai are famous for independent scriptwriters , who work on a project-basis from anywhere and at any time. While these individuals work on deadlines and are affiliated with a production house through a contract, they do not need to spend on any initial costs to set up their brand, since they can work in the confines of their home and are negating rental space expenses.

Their only investment is time allotted to each project, so that they can be recommended to others through the same. As mentioned earlier, venturing into the food industry is almost always a profitable move. This is where you could come in. Since the cooking will probably be cooked in your own kitchen, there is no need to pay for extra space.

These handymen and women usually choose not to be affiliated with any organisation and instead take on work at homes independently at a nominal charge. Hence, their only primary initial cost will be spent in purchasing the necessary tools that befits their respective professions.

Especially when you have to go for a work-trip or a vacation. This an extremely lucrative and to an extent, still largely unexplored field in our country and holds great promises for those wishing to build a brand around it. The main costs for this would be in creating and maintaining a website.

While most corporate companies have their own research teams, a score of newly launched startups and smaller companies tend to outsource their research work to independent researchers in the same field, on a contractual basis. As a result, you could set up a business around independent research yourself or with another person, where, unless you wish to opt for rental space, your only investment will be your time.

And while the hand-cart has been replaced by a chain of luxury restaurants across the world, it was the reason for his eminent success today. Food trucks offer the same kind of potential to those looking to get into low-cost-high-returns business, considering their growing appeal among the urban masses today. Bengaluru even had an all-women food-truck company, 7 Sin, which has been doing exceedingly well since. These coaching centers are evergreen low investment businesses with higher profits which help in spreading knowledge and train students to become adept in clearing competitive examinations.

However, you just have to make sure you have an in-depth knowledge of the subject and explain the topic well to the students. Not only you need to teach maths or science, if you are a professional in sports you can start acting as a professional sports coach. Looking at its popularity, coaching is one of the best less investment business in India.

Starting a small mobile shop is a good small business idea with low investment. With an increasing number of mobile phone users, a well-stocked mobile store in a good locality has a high probability of turning profitable. You need Specialization in one or two languages you speak fluently or to hire other translators who know multiple languages, for this business. It is now a necessity and not a luxury. Learning how to repair devices such as laptops and computers is a one-time investment.

Every vendor selling mobiles and PCs has a small space in the corner of his store that is for the repair guy. To start this business, you need some cars and a good team of drivers who can teach driving. Or you can just contact your friends, neighbors, etc. Some people even bring their own car and ask people to teach them driving. Thus driving school makes for a great minimum investment business.

Having a huge space for providing safe and secure car parking will be the best deal. Investments required will be in hiring security guards, installing security cameras, and organizing the parking area properly. Stage fright is a fear that strikes a chord with every individual.

Some are born with the inherent ability to converse with confidence but some of us are devoid of this skill in childhood. If you are very good at dance, then you can think of starting a dance academy which is a very good business idea with a minimum budget. Many parents look for a good dance class for their children. Related to the earlier business, music, and dance classes are immensely popular. There is no dearth of the genre to choose from.

All you need is a room in case of dance lessons. Businesses of these kinds gain traction as time passes. So, perseverance is of utmost importance. If you start a business of baby keeping in the metro city you will surely see success very soon. Most of the people in the metro cities of India are very busy. So, people will definitely buy your services. Many people today look for better shipping costs and timely delivery. If you can manage it this business is for you. The consultancy firm includes agents who help people in getting things done.

With more and more people coming online for the first time and who wants to rank number on google, Digital marketing consultancy is an all-time high. With a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization or social media, you can easily set up a DM Consultancy Firm and help the business grow in the minimum time required. With more and more people trying to fit and smart than ever in India, dietary consulting has become a very important service. If you can learn food dietary and nutrition you can make good money with low investment.

It is a business idea with the largest amount of clients coming from the central government services public limited companies. If scaled, you can convert your small business into a big logistics company. Websites ought to have content to obtain the much-needed traffic yeah, there are exceptions. Anyone with the flair of writing great content can generate a secondary source of income by delivering articles, columns, and what not for websites. The magnitude of clients and amount earned per write-up may be less initially but once the flow sets in, the sky is the limit.

Sound knowledge of the language and its intricacies is the primary requirement. And this has to be complemented with innovation and inventiveness. Also, you can apply for content writing jobs from various job application sites and can work for the companies. Internshala provides a lot of such jobs of content writing, that too work from home. With the increasing number of websites, the need for content writers is also increasing day by day.

In India, the pay of a content writer is too low but if you think that the quality of your content is best. You can start content writing for international companies and can make a career as a content writer. When you have a skill, why let it go waste! Can you create amazing websites?

Teach your native language like a pro? Write catchy and interesting articles? If you have any kind of talent, start freelancing to earn money online without any investment. Freelancing refers to an individual who is self-employed and working solely based on the fees given. If you are a freelancer, then you don't have to be particularly associated with an individual company and you can work with various companies, allowing yourself to get more exposure. Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn are where this talent can earn some being.

If you are not interested in such websites, you can create your own website or can create your social media profile to promote your freelancing skills to attract customers. You have to build a portfolio before you start your freelancing journey. Now the competition is too tough but if you have a strong portfolio you can win the race.

Book lover always buy multiple books, thus, making the idea of a starting bookstore attractive. Many people prefer to shop in the online store. This is because they do not have to bother to come to the store to buy something. Simply by using their mobile, they can buy the products they want and the product will reach their home immediately. It can become an opportunity for you to do business in the field of the online store. You do not need to invest by buying products, just by selling other people's products.

Thus, you can earn high profits. The travel agency is a link between the traveler or tourist and the principal suppliers such as tour packages, hotels, airlines, etc. The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in our country. The tourist attraction points bring more and more people exploring these places while taking vacations and traveling. With the spin of globalization across the world, it is easier to travel around countries now.

It is more accessible and requires less time to roam any country — and the same is the case with India. It is a great time to start a travel agency since there is such a huge client base to cater to. The primary job of a travel agency is to provide easy and trouble-free travel to the traveler. It is also important for a travel agency to provide enough information to the tourist so that the tourist is not cheated during his or her travel and has a hassle-free trip.

To run a successful travel agency business and attract more customers domestic or foreign to use the services, you need to research, analyze, and meet the needs of the customers most effectively and efficiently. There is a huge list of places that attract tourism — the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, India Gate, the valleys, the greenery of South India, the urbanization of Bangalore, the modernity of Mumbai, and so much more. It is endless. Hence, a business in tourism is so popular as it perishes on the history, monuments, the weather and mountains, the ethnicity of a country.

With growing security needs you can start your own security agency another good option is to work as a spy. Many companies today earn money by doing data entry work, so you may start providing services like this. If you are good at designing a resume and have a deep knowledge of the subject you can become resume writers.

Disk jockey service is the part-time innovative business idea. People look for DJ on multiple occasions. If you are very good at music you can rock this business. Business in the field of music is a very profitable business. You can earn a lot of profit from this business. All you need to capitalize on is expertise in music and having a musical instrument such as piano or guitar.

If you do not have a building to open music classes, you can open this class in your home. You can take advantage of the empty garage to make a music class so that your students can comfortably learn. Laundry is one business that can be started with small capital , that is easy to handle and quickly get into the public market. Many people seek these services for their daily lives. Laundry business is a business that is suitable for you because you have enough to capitalize on the washing machine and detergent alone.

There is already a lot of laundry business that has been successful. Do you want to follow their success? If yes then start with this low investment business idea which could return a high profit to you. Web designing is a good business to start in low investment. Web designing services are needed now. You just have investments in the form of a laptop or PC and Internet networks. A job as a web designer only includes web designing and content.

You can do this job easier when you are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience in this arena. You can also work at home as a freelance web designer. Because the business of web designing is needed by the people, so many people are looking for it and pay dearly to those who provide these services.

This business doesn't involve any investment. Although your skills in web development decide your pay scale for projects you undertake. One business that is most preferred by people today is affiliate marketing. Any purchase done on the portal through this link is considered as a sale done by the affiliate marketer in this case, you , and the merchant tracks all the sales done by the affiliate marketer.

The number of sales and the transaction amount involved determine the commission. You can start affiliate marketing without any investment. But affiliate marketing needs a strong virtual presence to garner the needed attention and awareness. If you have a small audience and if the audience trusts you then you can sell them anything you want. The Cost of land keeps increasing every day and people are unable to find one that satisfies their needs.

This is where real estate agents can pitch in as helpers to search for the best deals. Being a real estate agent or broker is extremely beneficial. You can put up tariffs to find a potential buyer or looking for real estate required by prospective. It takes just communication tools and proficiency in speaking to please customers and make money. Everyone knows about YouTube.

Many famous personalities got their fame just because of YouTube. All you need to do is start a YouTube channel, create your videos, and publish them. The more often you upload the more viewers you get and the more you earn from online advertisements. Make-up tutorials, fashion tips, and tricks, educational content, enticing videos, comedy vlogs, inspirational videos, etc.

However, for YouTube popularity, you should have patience and cleverness along with the talent. Then, maybe you can be the next name on the list of famous YouTubers. Whether you are a housewife or a cooking maniac, you can easily start it in your own kitchen with all your favorite recipes. Investing a lot is not necessary. Just start your cooking class, get the groceries, advertise a bit, and start earning.

This is the term where there is no initial investment. Just like Quikr and ebay does, get the people who want to sell their used products and connect them to those who want to buy those used products. Get the commission when the deal is exchanged. Offering food and beverages by starting up a restaurant is probably the best business idea that is sure to create maximum value and profits, however, it is also very competitive. There are many cases of a failed restaurant or fast-food joint.

You need to select the right location, it should be preferred to be situated in a crowd-friendly area where a constant flow of customers is present. You also need to consider what type of customers you want to attract — the niche. And depending upon that you should alter your style of serving food, offering services, and build up the interior thereafter.

Quality too plays an important role in the restaurant business. In today's busy world where working people, students who eat most of the time out looking for quality food. You need to maintain the quality of the food. Online food delivery is also very trending and feasible nowadays. Grab a place, get a cook or cook yourself , get a name, cook delicious food, and start earning.

This is the only business where you start earning from the very first day and if customers like your food you can easily be a successful business owner. India is known for providing low-cost generic drugs to foreign countries, which has grown and matured more with the rising development of technology and product research. India is now gaining one of the top spots in health tourism, as people from Western countries find the best of health services matching international standards at more affordable rates.

Today India is the largest exporter of generic drugs in the world, and it is also the fastest growing and very competitive. India also has patents for pharmaceutical inventions that are in huge demand. And it can be a very profitable and lucrative business in India.

The amount of doctors our country generates is very high and keeps on increasing day by day. Although there is a huge investment in the initial stage, the profit after some amount of time is also huge. The medical shop earns huge revenue because most of the patients visit the doctor in the clinic and purchase the medicines from the shop itself. People, especially women, are very conscious about their appearances. And the beauty industry caters to them. It includes beauty treatments of all sorts but much of the need is of basic hygiene.

The beauty parlors do well if they are situated at the right place where the customer visits are often high and provide the services at an economical value. The fashion industry is thriving and is never out of business. With new trends of Bollywood and around the globe - the brands of clothing, footwear, and accessories are always getting their inspiration from them and they are demanded by a huge base of customers. They sell at a very fast rate too. Opening up a boutique is therefore very opportunistic and can get you a lot of returns if operated efficiently.

They both are therefore a very profitable business to enter in, especially for aspiring women who want to contribute to the income of their households. Gardening Business involves growing plants and mainly these days herbs are becoming tremendously popular. From small shops to the largest warehouses, one can find medicinal herbs, herbal teas, baths, and candles.

The herbs can be planted and raised and then further sold to wholesale or retail customers. It is good to start small, growing the herbs in a large backyard or by renting inexpensive land. The profit margins would be small. One would need a solid working knowledge of growing and nurturing herbs to scale the business.

For working large areas of land, one would need to know the farming techniques in detail. Clean the house, water the plants, etc. So this type of business is catching up fast nowadays in metropolitan cities. This business is less capital intensive and has great margins in terms of profits.

You will have to start by setting up a team and managing them. Training them is a crucial task as you besides just teaching them the techniques, you will have to give them moral lessons too. It will help to create a good image of the company.

You will also require good communication skills to constantly manage your employees. Many people enjoy wearing authentic, handmade jewelry. The beauty of handmade jewelry lies in the fact that each and every piece is unique and the person who wears it feel a unique sense of pride and grace by wearing it.

Jewelry designing involves the following steps:. No matter what the occasion might be, there is nothing that expresses our emotions better than a bouquet of flowers and a greeting card! There are different styles of bouquets to express our feelings. Whatever the feeling or the occasion, flowers play a prominent role. Making different types of bouquets and designing cards for various occasions is an art. For people with the right talent and passion for this, this business is very simple and less capital intensive.

It also reaps great profit margins as it caters to a niche market segment. This business can be interlinked with the wedding planning business and both can be done simultaneously to bring out the best ROI. If you are good with numbers, accounting and tax preparation business is a low budget business idea to start. Having sound knowledge regarding accounting, taxation, etc, you can handle financial records and tax-related issues of businesses and earn a good amount of profit with very less investment.

You will need a computer and internet facilities and may need to hire a few people as you scale up. We hope the above list of business ideas with low investment and high profit in India will help you to make an informed decision.


I am passionate about saving money using credit cards, travel luxury under budget and writing content. I started a personal finance blog to help people in selecting the best credit card in India and helping people starting stock trading in India.

I make profits by collaborating with banks and financial companies whenever someone buys insurance, loan, credit card or any banking product from my partner banks. The first thing is finding what you are passionate about.. Google and Facebook dominate most of the traffic on the websites. I have created online business ideas in India that require almost zero investment under these industries.

You can create your own ideas by taking hints from what I share. I create better ideas when I work on my passion finance, travel and marketing. Focusing on your interest is more important than chasing money. Comedy videos become viral very easily. There are a couple of standup comedians like Kapil Sharma and Amit Tandon who have become a celebrity now.

The young talent is waiting for their turn. There are thousands of comedians who are looking out for a channel to show their talent. You can help them by building a comedy club online. Funny videos of kids, puppies and cats are all over the youtube and facebook. Can you make a library where people like me can pick the right video for their content marketing?

The person who is the creator of the original video can earn money as commission. If you are a dancer and you have interest in teaching people online then start online dance classes. Can you make 9 short videos so that I can learn simple dance steps for the upcoming family function? All industries are getting democratized by internet and that means individuals and organizations are losing control over the industry. Anyone like you and me can become the owner of an online TV show and complete with the branded channels like StarTV.

There is a lot of scope if you can build an audience for reality shows online. It must be a micro niche that you are passionate about. Facebook must be the first place to begin with if you are going to make an Indian audience centric business. At a later stage, go for moving to a mobile app.

No brainer! If you have a passion to teach music, start an online school for music. You can start with a free youtube video channel, upload a couple of videos to help people in learning music. I search on youtube whenever I have to learn basics of anything. You can make a good business out of a music school if you deliver high quality lessons to your audience.

There are many ways to look at this idea. Or you may become an organizer for the youth parties. Any experienced entrepreneur will advise you to focus on one group in the initial days rather than building something for the whole industry. I would be your first customer if you can help me in creating viral videos at a low cost.

You must start making videos yourself in the initial days and later on hire good video makers. Video demand is increasing every day. All the startups will have to create a lot of videos in the next few years. Videos are the easiest way to get viral in a short span of time. You just have to execute. Deliver the video in 24 hours with the promise of 2 revisions in next 24 hours.

If you are able to execute the idea well, you can become viral with thousands of projects in your hand. People pay higher price for the good quality work. Lack of confidence? They accept failure even before starting. Do you know that we lost 15,00, rupees in my first startup?

I decided to work even harder to get the success. There could be many business models in the entertainment industry. Depending upon your aspirations and risk taking capacity, you can make a nice money from advertisements pay per click and pay per view , selling services and affiliate products. In the long run, your business model would be a partnership with big brands, celebrities, production houses and TV channels.

A single guy can make about 50, to , rupees with a dedicated effort of one year. A team of people can make more than , rupees in less than one year if they execute the projects with perfection. Your revenue can be multi crore per year if you become an influencer of entertainment industry like TVF. I have not picked sports as the category, because Indians are not sports lovers, we are the cricket lovers.

Cricket remains in the air throughout the year. When you are starting something for a business purpose, you must start in a business where you can get customers throughout the year. No, I am not an anti-national ;-. Cricket works very well just like the entertainment industry. You pick your favorite player and make a fan club about him. Read the details of businesses to get more inspiration. India is a country, but we have so many cultures within this one country.

I have travelled many states last month when we were on our road trip from Chandigarh to Karnataka. Each state looks like a separate country. IPL is based on the same concept, where each region has one team. Yes, there is a business model if you can execute. The name explains it all. Pick the latest cricket news, curate interesting facts around the news and become the next cricket news channel. You will get thousands of readers from Facebook without spending any money on marketing.

Slightly different from the ordinary news, go for some interesting facts about the players, their life and the game as well. Your content can go really viral if you will execute it well. If you are really passionate about cricket, then the ideas would come naturally to you.

In the cricket season, you could make a lot of money through the Ads. In the long run, you can sell cricket equipment on your website. Partnerships with sports brand can make you a real businessman in the industry.

All you need is a regular flow of cricket fans on your website. Revenue from Ads would remain similar as in the entertainment industry. A single person can execute the whole project with a dedicated effort of one year. You can make your living comfortable by earning a handsome amount. If you are able to turn out the business as a huge success, you can make several crores out of it per year. Elections happen every year in some states of India. Politics domain has been always remain hot.

A great opportunity if you love debating on Indian politics. Indian audience spends a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter for political discussions. You can join the madness and create a yet another Facebook page to defame one political party and give benefit to your favorite party. Or, you can become the legitimate source of a well-researched news and information. You can write your own opinion about the political facts. Go and read a lot of stuff about the history and political movements happened in the past.

Important Note: Be prepared to face the heat from political parties if you share any fake news or try to manipulate facts. Run your business with your own responsibility. I am just sharing an idea. Take your own risk while executing. Political parties make many promises during the elections and later no one tracks the progress.

You can build a platform to influence the government to fulfil its promises. You can keep the track of promises, get latest information on the progress and keep the readers updates. There are different types of media and everyone puts the news in a different way.

You can curate the news from different channels. The reader might be happy while looking at the opinion of all the channels and political parties at a single place. Too much information is available on the Internet. Fake news becomes a big problem for everyone. Can you come up with a system to validate if the news is genuine or fake? Since the industry is highly volatile and viral, you will get a lot of traffic from social media.

The easiest way would be to earn money through display Ads. At a certain point you will become an influencer and you can get partnerships with corporates and NGOs to sell the targeted products and services to your audience. Even a single guy can handle such a business and make around 60, to 80, rupees within one year of dedicated effort.

One million monthly traffic is not difficult. At later stage, there is no limit on how much you will earn. There could be some more ideas to build a better environment around politics, which has been considered as dirty till date. Please share your ideas and I will include them in the list. If you invest in stocks, then you can check my favourite Demat service provider, Upstox review , Zerodha review , 5Paisa review. Unlike other topics, childcare and parenting must be handled with utmost responsibility and love.

You cannot create content for the sake of getting it viral. Remember, one wrong advice can have a negative impact on the health of the mother or the baby. If you are a parent and you wish to share your parenting advice with others, you can start something on Facebook.

Last year, I had a similar discussion with my wife Neha when she was confused about her career. She had a good sense of designs without any designer qualification. She enjoyed sharing her parenting experience with her friends. I randomly asked her to start a website and a Facebook page in order to share whatever she learned as a mother. All the work and growth is organic. The page is highly engaged. On an average, her posts receive shares. Pregnant women need a lot of care during pregnancy.

There could be some complicated cases where special care is required including the food, exercise and other daily activities. Thousands of women are looking out for help in pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy stage. A mother forgets about herself once the baby comes in her hands. Her entire focus shifts to the new born baby.

There is an equal opportunity to do a great work by helping mothers in the critical stage. Start with one segment of parenting where you have most of the interest, make some business and expand the scope of your business. I loved this idea because I am a believer of using home remedies for the common diseases. We even observed that our immune system became stronger since we denied the unnecessary use of medicines.

We including Neha have seen some facebook groups where mothers discuss issues related to breastfeeding only. I loved the idea of staying in a niche within an industry. If you as a mother experienced issues with breastfeeding, you can come up with a support as a group for the other mothers. This is another niche to be explored within parenting domain.

There could be many different ways to start your venture to help mothers come out of postnatal depression. Some mothers face the issue severely while some comes out of the depression phase easily. But, almost every mother faces mood swings after pregnancy. In my personal opinion, no mother should work during this phase and rather enjoy her life with her baby and family.

After few years, when the child starts going to school, a women feels a need to express herself through work. Some startups are already helping women in getting job and starting ventures. The market is too big that you can be the next successful venture. The idea revolves around the consumption of video content. Last year one of our videos had gone viral and has been viewed by more than 4 million people.

Just one viral video can make you popular in your industry. There is so much requirement for the quality content in childcare and activities. Some companies in parenting domain got funded last year. Their business model is simple, get the parents in their app, show them engaging content, and make money from partnerships with the baby care brands and hospitals.

You can decide to sell the baby products on your own website. Build a great content and make money from advertisements and affiliate marketing. Search for partnerships and affiliates and once you have more than 10, monthly traffic on your website, you can start earning 5, to 10, rupees as you grow your traffic. All this depends on your own hustle and the quality of traffic that you have on your website.

I love talking about startups and content marketing. I am planning to write a lot of stuff on running businesses with low investment while getting high returns. Content marketing is the core of the success of my online business. Be careful when you take advice from anyone. Check the background of that person, what he had done in the past and what is his core competency. If you have experience in startup or marketing, then you can find a lot of ideas for new businesses.

I have gone through the phase of starting one product startup from the scratch, then joining a funded startup as the marketing co-founder, working on many freelance writing and marketing projects and last year I even resigned from a job where I was heading the content marketing. My online business is my biggest source of income without my active participation. I have a lot of ideas in my mind and I know how to execute them well. But, I execute only a few ideas and share the rest of them with you, so that you can also live on a passive income source.

If you know how to teach people in building passive sources of income then please join the mission of making people self dependent and financially independent. If you have a good experience in sales, help other startups.

I know how we struggled for a single sale in our first startup where we were selling ERP to schools. I learned sales process by failing at it multiple times. Some of the books and blog articles helped me. I am grateful to those people who helped me. If you look closely at the startups, you will find one startup idea every day. I am suggesting you to become a startup for startups.

Finding a great design for website and app is the third biggest challenge for startups. Can you provide high quality design designers to startups at an affordable cost? We could save a lot of money by avoiding hiring of a bad guy who ran away after two months with our laptop. We caught him eventually but we wasted so much time in the chase.

He was a designer. He was a bad hire. We should have fired him after first month only. But, it was our bad and it was proved that delayed firing is more dangerous than a bad hiring. If you know how to find the right candidates for a startup, you can help a lot of startups, who are losing a lot of value because of bad hiring process.

You can come up with your own innovative ideas to select the right candidates for the right job position. I do marketing without spending a single paisa on paid marketing. If you know content marketing, you can help many startups, which are looking out for the growth organically. There is a lot of demand for good content marketing guys in the market.

You can be the next successful guy if you want to build your career in content marketing. Many people consider digital marketing and content marketing as same. Digital marketing is more about driving traffic to your website and app through paid mediums like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Content marketing is more about organic growth with the help of articles, videos and graphics fueled with compelling stories. If I can bring one lead at a cost of rupees, a digital marketing expert can bring one lead at 50 rupees. Digital marketing is all about understanding the data and optimizing the cost. I can also create Ads on Facebook but I just know the basics.

Learn the basics, try some digital marketing for yourself and you can become a digital marketing agency. My friend Deepak teaches digital marketing free of cost. You can get most of your initial audience from the Facebook.

Your content can go viral if you create a high value content for startups. There are already so many groups dedicated to startups, marketing, blogging and seo. Once you have an audience, you can start selling your services to startups. Affiliate and display Ad marketing will always remain an option for you. Depending upon your skills, you can charge 20, to 50, rupees to sell your services. This is very much doable if you put your brain and heart at work. You can get multiple online business ideas if you look at any news portal.

You can make a niche media website for business, movies, cricket, food, tech, auto, apps, art, wedding and elections. There might be many channels that share the bollywood news but the market is not saturated. You can still write movie reviews and find interesting stories of celebrities that people want to read. Your success depends on your promotion capabilities. There is enough room in the startup ecosystem to find stories from many different angles.

You can take interviews of startup founders in a particular area and celebrate the whole month on that topic. For example, write stories on funding in February, matching co-founders in March, acquisition in April.. If you have a mind of an entrepreneur, you can be innovative at each step of your career. If you are a passionate tech lover and spend many hours reading about latest trends in technology then why not start an online business in the same niche.

I already gave you the source for generating as many ideas as you wish. You can go deeper into the software development technology, tools or design tech. There are infinite opportunities if you keep your eyes open. Tech and gadgets are in the similar domain. You may include both on your portal or start with your niche products. If I would have to start, I would pick just one product or a range of products from a company.

You can go for the expanded scope at a later stage. You can make an exclusive news portal on Apple products only. Make sure to keep the quality so high that you become the first source of contact if I need any information about iPhone, iPad or Macbooks.

A great opportunity for all the young ladies who are fascinated by the latest trends in the fashion market. When we say fashion, the first impression that comes to our mind is the western fashion. You can get the same success even if you are interested in Indian fashion trends. After acquiring a post graduate degree in regional planning from the MIT, US, in , Pastala returned to India and stumbled upon the name for her future venture.

When her son was born in , she changed career tracks. It took Pastala about a year to zero in on exactly what she wanted to do. According to her, the concept of honey is generic in India, where the packaging seldom specifies the kind of honey being sold.

The business model of the company is simple. The sourced honey is tested, certified, packaged and labelled in a production plant on rented premises in an industrial area, in Mumbai. The packaged products are sold online, delivered to over shops in Mumbai and Bangalore, as well as to a lot of B2B partners like Taj Hotels.

In fact, this month, the company has tied up with Nature's Basket to supply in the National Capital Region. For most people, blogging serves as a good pastime, a forum to air or read views and opinions. However, for four yuppies from Chennai, harnessing the power of blogs has proved to be a money-minting venture—a Rs 1 crore business, to be precise.

Launched in August , IndiBlogger. However, the founders—Renie Ravin, Karthik DR, Vineet Rajan and Anoop Johnson—had a bigger game plan: to mobilise the blogosphere, a nascent field at the time, so that companies and brands could engage with their customers. Luckily for the founders, they found an angel investor in their friend Nitin Bindal, who chipped in with the seed capital of Rs 32 lakh.

The money was spent on building infrastructure and marketing. Here's how IndiBlogger works: Registering one's blog is free of charge, but members must publish at least five blog posts to continue to be a part of the community. The company's eight-strong team handles support and moderation from Chennai and Bangalore. The revenue comes from connecting brands and bloggers via unique blogging contests and meets, which are organised periodically across the country.

Meet Chennai-based Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy, spouses-turned-business partners, both IIM graduates who opted out of the corporate rat race on the same day, 31 January , with one sure idea: to work on an environment-related concept. The couple, who got married in , decided to see the world while waiting for inspiration to strike. THey did not set up the venture in the traditional way, that is, first launching and then promoting it.

In fact, they did the reverse. By the time the product was launched in May , Krya had built a potential customer base without spending much—Rs 6 lakh for the entire process, from idea inception and registering the company to renting a sq-ft office space and launching the product. Currently, the business is averaging sales of about Rs 1 lakh a month.

How often have you sat through employee training workshops only to emerge disappointed and confused? Set up in October , the executive training company focuses on teaching behavioural and cognitive skills to corporate employees. The co-founders, Kamat and his wife Ruchira Karnik, had research reports to prove they were on to a good thing. The husband-wife duo faced a tough one-and-a-half years due to the novelty of their business idea and lack of experience in the field.

The venture grew one customer at a time but, luckily, they managed to break even in nine months, earning Rs 5. In the course of the past four years, the couple has conducted programmes for over 40, executives in India through 30 certified contract-based trainers. It was conceptualised in August the previous year, when all four were attending the Entrepreneurship Summer School at the London Business School, their alma mater, till May Their proposal was shortlisted as the top 30 ventures worth nurturing, so the four decided to take the idea a step further by researching the Indian market as their launch pad.

In November , the quartet pooled together a seed capital of Rs 85 lakh, drawn from their personal savings, and registered the company as Helping Doc Private Limited. Here's how the website works: search for a doctor based on a criterion such as health problem. The portal displays a list of doctors and their location on map.

You can narrow down the list on the basis of experience, consultation fee, distance and availability. Once you zero in on a doctor and convenient time, you can make an appointment and get a confirmation free of charge.

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Add a few packets of disposable diapers, antiseptic lotions and a first aid box as well. Nowadays, babysitting and childcare facilities are in very high demand due to the rise in number of working couples. There are various small business ideas that can be done online from home or office. You can start many of such ideas without investment. We have already covered such business ideas here.

You can check which is best suitable for you from the list of business ideas. Everyone has seen cars, scooters and motorbikes breakdown in the middle of busy roads. The unfortunate owner of these vehicles usually faces a dilemma about where to get repairs. For such eventualities, you can offer a mobile garage. For this business with low investment, you will require a car, mobile phone and all the tools required to repair a stalled vehicle.

All you need to do is, rush to the place where the vehicle is parked to perform repairs. This is a small business idea you can enter with low investment and also from your home. For this trade, you need to buy a few aquariums of various sizes and different kinds of fish that are popular as pets. Additionally, selling air pumps, fish food and decorative stuff for aquariums will net you more profits. Aquariums are also popular as gift items. However, you need to be well versed in handling various species of fish.

Once again, this is a great small business idea with low investment. Due to increased awareness about environment, many people now maintain small plants and shrubs at their apartments and offices. You can open this business from your home. Additionally, you can sell packets of fertilizers, seeds and other garden requirements. As people become increasingly conscious about their health, the demand for healthier, non-commercial jams, pickles, sauces and ketchups is on the rise.

Moreover, consumers nowadays are wary of consuming foodstuff that contains chemicals of any sort. Given this scenario, you can manufacture jams, pickles, sauces and ketchups with traditional recipes that are chemical free. Surprisingly, this lucrative business is almost non-existent in India. Stamp and coin collectors look for the latest issues from around the world. Register yourself with postal departments of various countries by paying them a small advance for buying the latest stamps.

For coins, there are special government run bureaus abroad. Understandably, people love their pets. However, while travelling for holiday or business, they are unable to take their pets along. Hence, people look for services that will care for their pets while they are away. If you are well versed in handling pets, this is a great business you may consider. Again, this is a small business that requires low investment. Let you creativity and sense of fragrances run wild. Making candles is fairly easy.

Fragrant oils are readily available. With some training and experience, you can make fragrant candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Armed with a good oven, you can open a low investment business making cakes, muffins, cookies and other bakery items.

This small business has huge potential since consumers are always looking for new, better tastes at economical rates. You will however require great skills in preparing these baked delicacies. Understandably, this is a complex business. However, with proper equipment, clean water and proper packaging, you can enter this lucrative market of selling ice cubes in bulk to restaurants and bars and retail to consumers.

Offering travel and related services can see you make instant profits. Tie-up with long distance bus services, offer online reservation of rail tickets and reserve hotels at various destinations for clients. You can also add local sight-seeing and other requirements for your customers. You can either collaborate with a major travel agent or enter into deals with service providers and get commissions for every reservation you make. Should you be well acquainted with the palates of various communities of India, you can open a small ethnic food store with low investment.

All you need to do is procure products that have a long shelf life, from suppliers located in those particular regions and sell them to your target communities. This is yet another rapidly growing, low investment small business idea in India. It simply means you collect blood, stool, urine and sputum samples from patients, from their homes. These samples are for delivery to pathological labs that will test them and issue medical reports.

The reports have to be home delivered to the customer. You will require a vehicle, equipment to store the bio-hazardous material and skills in extracting blood samples. Nobody wants to part with antique furniture. Simply because they have sentimental values attached. Restoring or repairing damaged antique furniture is one business you can look at, if you have a sense of aesthetics and the required skills.

You can also hire craftsmen to do the restoration at the premises of your customer. Restoring antique furniture is very intricate and you will require excellent workers. Increasingly, people are becoming security conscious. They want to protect their families and themselves against theft, rape and other crime. Consequently, more and more people are installing CCTV and surveillance cameras at their homes and offices.

This is a low investment and high returns small business idea. People hold parties for various reasons. They are held round the year to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. With this low investment business, you can offer various services. These include decoration of the venue, conducting games, mascot appearance, buying and packing return gifts, among others. Banks, credit card issuers and mobile phone companies often require physical verification of addresses provided by customers.

They do so to prevent frauds and defaults. This is a low investment business that is again in demand nowadays. However, you will require a vehicle and might require manpower to visit the customer addresses provided by bank and other service providers. India has a huge market for items required by followers of various faiths. These include pictures of deities, incense sticks, cotton wicks for lamps, candles, prayer beads and other minor paraphernalia.

Making these at home or at a small premise requires low investment. There is no dearth of customers for such stuff. Banks, companies listed on the stock market, bulk mailers look for small businesses that can provide this service.

Especially, since they do not need to employ staff for the purpose. You will require a vehicle and some manpower to enter this low investment small business. For those who reside in cities and towns with several tourist attractions, walking tours is a great low investment business. Foreigners and domestic visitors want to get a first hand feel of the city by walking on the streets, mingling with locals and experiencing sights and sounds of the place.

You will have to hire buses to take your tourists to a particular area where they will walk and visit attractions. Indians returning home after a foreign tour tend to buy stuff they can sell locally. They do so to defray costs of their foreign trip. Products they sell include fragrances, cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor, chocolates, food items and T-shirts among others.

The craze for foreign goods in India ensures you have a good market for your wares. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are going vegan. Soya products such as soya milk, tofu soya curds , soya flour and soya chunks are provide a great alternative to meat. Manufacturing Soya products is fairly easy, provided you have the required equipment. It is also a low investment small business.

You can get a small loan to start this micro industry. Some years ago, people would have balked at the idea of ice cream made with tomato or capsicum. However, such unique ice creams are trending nowadays. Unfortunately, manufacturers of such rare ice creams are few despite the huge market. If you are daring enough, enter this low investment business of unique ice creams.

Considered a luxury some years ago, laptops are ubiquitous now. Shopping trends indicate, people sell their used laptops and buy those with the latest features and higher configuration. Despite, there exists a huge market for used laptops. Buying, refurbishing and selling such used laptop is a low investment, high returns business you can consider. Generally, there are two types of signboards used by businesses and shops: Painted and Neon.

Every small business and commercial establishment requires signboards. The demand is for creative yet low cost signboards that aptly advertises the business. Making and supplying signboards of all types, according to specifications of the business owner, is a business in demand round the year. Every business requires more manpower almost on daily basis. This is especially true with restaurants where staff attrition rates are rather high.

Waiters and cooks leave at short notice or merely abandon work. This puts the business owner to great inconvenience. Occasionally, households also require manpower for cleaning the home. With some ingenuity and low investment, you can help restaurants overcome their manpower problems and earn a handsome income almost daily.

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions as well as businesses require bulk stationery. These includes customized letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books and motley others. With little investment and some contacts, you can enter into this evergreen business.

You will need agreements with printing presses and a few samples to enter this profitable venture. Millions of people across India possess audio and video tapes of their favorite music and movies, recordings of special occasions and other stuff. However, audio and video cassette players are now rare. Nowadays, DVDs and digital forms of music storage are popular.

If you possess the older type record players, audio and video cassette players, you can enter into this business of digitizing old recordings. You will need to invest in equipment that allows you to copy audio and video in the older formats to the latest ones.

Individuals and housing societies owning gardens generally are unable to attend to their favorite and sometimes expensive plants, trees and lawns. You will need to invest in some gardening equipment and hire manpower to enter into this small business, which is also round-the-year in demand. Undoubtedly, every male and female wants to appear glamorous.

Glamorous pictures are used for several purposes: To apply for jobs as models, actors and actresses, cabin crew with airlines or matrimony. For those with an eye for photography, taking glamorous pictures is a great business to open with small investment. You will have to buy a professional camera and related equipment. Taking pictures can be done at the residence of the customer or at public places. Alternatively, you can hire a studio by the hour, if needed.

Indisposed senior citizens and people in hospitals require caregivers. Especially, since their kin are busy at work or unable to attend to their needs. Caregiver services are fast gaining momentum in India.

Understandably, you will require some manpower to provide such a service. Several unemployed women and men are interested in working as caregivers for businesses that offer the service. Understandably, this is one of the most common low investment businesses in India.

All it requires is a computer with the required software, a printer and fancy paper to print the horoscope. However, in a land of superstitions, computerized horoscopes continue to remain in high demand. The reason is simple: People do not rely on results from only one computer. India has a rich culture of corporate gifting. It continues round the year. Corporate gifts include pens, wallets, mugs and a wide range of stuff given to staff and business associates.

With adequate samples and contacts, you too can open this business with low investment. Small and medium businesses generally do not have a separate department for packing their products. They hire individuals- who can often be unreliable. Or, they outsource the job to small businesses who can pack their stuff with care while adhering to deadlines.

To enter this business, you will require adequate packing material such as cartons, strapping machines and cutters and of course, manpower. With some chocolate making skills and little investment, you can enter into this highly profitable small business idea. Homemade chocolates are sold by almost every major pastry shop and gift store. They are in high demand since their taste is much different from bulk manufactured varieties commonly available in the market. Several companies order homemade chocolates to send as gifts to their business associates.

Such chocolates are in great demand during festive and wedding seasons too. Moreover, people also install large names outside buildings, villas and bungalows. They prefer artistically designed name plates or simple ones. Making these name plates is a low investment small business that anyone can begin with ease.

The demand for these name plates is round-the-year and you can make decent profits from your venture. Earlier, wedding gowns were the mainstay of the Christian community. However, over the years, the concept of wedding gowns has become popular among people of other faiths too. For men and women who are adept at fashion designing, making wedding gowns is a great, low investment and high returns small business idea. Chips and wafers are consumed almost everywhere: cinema halls, schools, home, bars, in buses and on trains.

The list is endless. Manufacturing chips and wafers with potato, raw banana, jackfruit, tapioca and other starchy roots is fairly easy. However, you need to ensure proper supply of raw material and have good packaging. Generally, shops and bars order such chips and wafers in bulk. The mainstay of south Indian communities, Idli and Dosa are now popular across India. However, not everyone can prepare the batter required for making these dishes.

The batter has also to be fermented to the right degree to ensure it gives great tasting Idli and Dosa. Organic food is becoming popular in India. Thus starting own organic food store could be a lucrative business option. It is recommended to do a tie-up with farmers directly for getting a constant food supply of vegetables and fruits. An antique dealer is a person that deals in antique items.

In order to become an antique dealer, you need to start gathering antique showpiece, items. You will lot of money to start antique dealer business. These types of items are purchased by high net worth individuals in India as well as abroad. Online Coaching is next in the list of business ideas for You can start an online coaching business from home. Firstly, you need to prepare content for various subjects.

You can prepare videos and post it on youtube or you can give subscription-based online coaching using Skype, WebEx, zoom or other coaching tools. The incidents of hacking and security incidents are increasing rapidly. This gives birth to a new career option called a cybersecurity specialist.

In this business, you need to help companies in protecting their infrastructure, application, and websites from cyber-attacks. You have to undergo a course to get expertise in this field. Once your business grows you need to employ people as a helping hand.

Mobile app development is a lucrative business option. In this business, you need to develop a mobile app based on customer requirements. You can design even your mobile app or game for making money. You require a team of extremely knowledgeable people in android and IoS app development. Weight loss is one of the most discussed topics among everyone. You can start own weight loss center.

In weight loss center first, you need to design a weight loss plan with exercise, with a diet plan and using the medicine. It is a good idea to get certification and experience before starting a weight loss center. Stem Cell business is one of the most popular growing business options. A stem cell is a biological cell that is used for fighting against life-threatening diseases.

In stem cell business, you need to collect, test and preserve stem cells from the donors. The stem cell is to be kept at a lower temperature. It is a capital intensive business with very good business potential. Home care for the elderly is a popular business option. In this business, you need to provide manpower for home care. You can tie up with nearby hospitals and doctors to get client lists for the business. Initially, you need to do a lot of hard work for establishing this business.

Internet advertising is a promising business option. The usage of internet is growing all over. The Internet is widely used for advertising. You can start your own internet advertising trading business. You can accept advertisements from the business and give it to a popular website at a specific place.

This advertisement could be text based or image based. You can earn a lot of money in this business. Internet and mobile infrastructure building are next in the list of business ideas for The usage of the internet and mobile is growing. There are many companies looking for contractors to help in building the internet and mobile tower infrastructure. If you have the capacity to invest money and a lot of manpower you can start this business. A food truck is an evergreen business option.

It is a low-cost business. In this business, you need to modify a truck or vehicle for accommodating food stoves and other items. You will need a good cook to help you in this business. Good taste and the economical price is important to get success in this business. A recruitment service is an evergreen business idea. The level of unemployment is growing all across.

People are ready to spend money on getting a good job. Thus starting your own recruitment agency is a very good business option. You need to do a tie-up with the organization looking for good candidates. You can earn good commission income by this business. Starting a foreign visa consultancy is next in the list of business options. You need knowledge of the visa rules of various countries before starting this business.

If you have expertise and manpower you can start this business.

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For each business idea in India, we'll look at the opportunity behind it, groups of investors to create a fund that will invest socially responsible and There is a large opportunity for residents in India to generate their own power and save money. at new laws to implement in the business environment, this idea would help. Your idea will bring you your company, your company will bring you the people, and the On that positive note, here are a few business ideas that we believe can be Other than a small rented space, you only need to invest in powerful sewing and The term 'big fat Indian wedding' exists for a reason. Are you looking for small investment business ideas which you can run without much technical knowledge? Weddings constitute a big industry in India. Starting a small company which organizes events could be a good.