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Mark lavigne fidelity investments

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I think at Investor Day, you told us what the overall category was, but I don't think you've disclosed what your breakdown was. So I was wondering if we could get that. And right now, we've seen a couple of weeks of pretty healthy growth in appearance chemicals. We talked earlier about the emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, which is certainly playing through to the car. And appearance has had some nice growth rates over the last couple of weeks. We think that will be the first subcategory that -- where this will show up on.

In terms of refrigerants, as you know, from last year, it all depends on the heat. In those areas of the country where we have seen some extreme heat, particularly on the West Coast over the last couple of weeks, you have seen some nice growth there. But in order for that to hit the growth we expect, we do need a normalized heat pattern as we go through the summer. There's still time left for that to hit. As you remember last year, it hit very late in the season, and that impacted our results.

As long as we get a more normal season, then we do think that refrigerants should be able to show some growth year-over-year. In terms of air fresheners, that's probably the third category that's likely to come out of this. We are seeing -- again, the trends are moderating. We did see a decline in March and April. But those did start to grow in the last couple of weeks or at least been the trend from the decline. Performance chemicals is the smallest piece of our business. That's one that's going to also be impacted by gas prices, which are on the lower end at the moment.

As a result, people aren't as prone to invest to get better efficiency from fuel and oil additives that they were when it was more expensive price per gallon. In terms of the Energizer share overall, in total, Auto Care, we're roughly a That's really helpful. I just also wanted to ask, broadly, it seems like -- I know you pulled guidance, but I'm wondering where do you see the most level of uncertainty for the rest of this year because you reiterated your synergies, you seem to have a good handle on what's happening with battery demand.

You're already hedged on commodities. It doesn't seem like -- it seems the distribution that you were hoping for is continuing to play out. So where is the most level of uncertainty in your mind? And that's around the integration, that's around the distribution. So those items are under our control. We feel comfortable with that. And I think we mentioned our overall strategic objectives for are in place to the extent that those items are within our control.

I would say the uncertainty is just around the macroeconomic backdrop, the extent and length of the pandemic, the extent and length of the shutdown, and then what's the resulting impact on the overall economy and consumers' ability to spend against our products. First on synergies. I just wanted to talk through that a little bit because I think it's fairly impressive that you could hold your synergy expectations, both for the year and for the long term.

So can you talk through the plans a little bit? Because I would imagine that there are some incremental challenges in terms of implementing the initiatives, whether it's your own manufacturing plants and just getting in there and moving things around in your facility right now, and then also with respect to retail, just getting into the store to push through any shelf plans that you might have drawn up pre-COVID.

And I think we say that -- we make that statement in a fairly benign way, which is we're holding our synergies, but it's not without a lot of effort from the teams to be able to do that. When you -- with the integration, the items that we had to delay slightly were those that really required in-person meetings. And that's around some user acceptance training that you need to do to make sure that when you flip the systems on, that they work and people know how to use them and they know how to problem solve and troubleshoot when things may not go quite as smoothly as you want them to.

So we delayed those. We're consolidating distribution centers. All of our facilities on the DCs as well as the plants are operating. And then there's the added complexity around the battery side as we've seen significant increased demand. But thus far, we've been able to navigate it. I think it's a credit to the well thought out plans that we had, the teams that are executing them and the willingness to delay things 30 or 45 days, which we've done in order to make sure we do have these smooth transitions.

It's something we constantly monitor on a weekly basis to make sure we don't need to modify any additional plans. Thus far, we're holding, and we are managing through it quite well, actually. And it's impressive to see the teams do it. And I think -- but as to the future uncertainty, I think we'll continue to monitor it. And if we need to, we're going to adjust because we will sacrifice timing to ensure no disruption of our business. I think, Olivia, the teams jumped on it right away as it became clear what was coming in front of us.

And the amount of contingency planning that they've been doing is, to Mark's point, very impressive. And they've been just very flexible in terms of how we accomplish the integration planning. So they'll continue to adjust as things become clear as we move forward. That's helpful. And then just turning to batteries. As we sort of look to the future and just the pandemic and the increased usage from staying at home right now, we're obviously going through a pretty tough time in terms of recession.

So as you talk to your retailers and as they restock, is it pretty much more or less the same conversation? Or is like the Rayovac portfolio coming up more in discussions? And how are they thinking about restocking shelves as we go into a tougher time? The retail teams have continued to execute at a high level as well. And I was remiss in not mentioning them. They have continued to get into the stores.

They have continued to make sure that we pull product from the backrooms and get it on shelf. And as a result, we have not seen any significant out of stock for any of our retailers as consumer demand like -- another impressive accomplishment for the team. And -- but to your point, on the battery side, short term, this has been a benefit to battery demand.

It continues through April. I think as long as people are at home and interacting with their devices as much as they are, we wouldn't expect -- we would expect it to moderate, but we would still expect to see elevated demand. And I would say even in the medium term, this is a bit of a tailwind because even as things get loosened up around the country and around the world, there will be -- people would be more prone to staying at home than maybe before -- previously for a period of time.

It's the longer-term impact that you're speaking to, which is what is the economic fallout. And that is where we're very cognizant to make sure that we are meeting consumers with where they are going to engage in the category. And we are even better positioned today than we were during the last recession because we have 2 new additional value brands with Varta and Rayovac to be able to fill those needs.

So certainly, as retailers -- and it will depend retailer to retailer, how much do they want to emphasize value brands in their portfolio. We're there to meet them. We're there to partner with them to make sure that we capture the consumer demand that may be in their particular retail. The other dynamic where you're going to see us double down is our success and investment that you've seen in e-commerce.

Certainly, over this pandemic, you have seen consumers across all categories engage more and more online. As you're well aware, we leaned in on that several years ago with great success on Amazon. We're extending that to omnichannel as well, having great success there in the U. So that will continue to be a point of emphasis as well.

As you know, we are -- facilities are all up and running in full, and we've been shipping battery as an example with line item fill rates in the 90s. Strycula, UBS Investment Bank, Research Division - Director and Equity Research Analyst [27] So first question would be for Mark and wanted to just touch in. I don't mean to get overly prescriptive here, but I think it would be helpful since the Auto Care business is still a little bit newer to a lot of us.

Were your comments, I think, to an earlier question on the call regarding April trends, were you saying that the Auto Care business has gotten directionally better from March? Or were you saying certain categories such as appearance, were, in fact, actually up year-over-year?

So just a quick clarification, just so we understand that a little bit better. Thanks for clarifying that one, Steve. So what we saw through February was -- and this was 3-month data, it was roughly flat on a value basis. If you take the 3-month data through March, it was down 4. April, we don't have syndicated data yet for that period.

But what we have seen from some sales trends at key retailers, as we've gone through April, is -- and this is limited to appearance, we've seen 2 solid weeks of year-over-year sales growth at several of our retailers. And that, again, is a sign that things are starting to turn around within appearance because of some of the macro trends we've talked about.

We have not seen the same impact in our other 3 subcategories just yet. On the refrigerant specifically, we have had pockets of heat around the country. And when you do see that, you will see that growth in those areas, but it hasn't been pervasive enough to carry the day around for the whole country in the U. Strycula, UBS Investment Bank, Research Division - Director and Equity Research Analyst [29] And Mark, on that point, given that we saw a little bit of a slower just industry-wide demand for March and the first half of April, how is channel inventory right now when you talk to a lot of your end markets right now?

Does that mean that maybe there's temporarily like pause orders just a little bit as we try and sell what they already have in the supply chain? And then I would say my question for Tim would be -- a question we've received a lot from investors is they were encouraged to see that you guys went through with the dividend, given what you're trying to do to pay down debt right now.

But what -- in the absence of guidance, how did you guys scenario plan and stress test a downside scenario and get comfortable that you could still pay the dividend amid some of this uncertainty that we're moving through? You'll see continued softness in that for a period of time. The retailers did proactively manage that as well though. So the retail -- they're not loaded up with inventory at the moment.

We were heading in, we are heading into sort of the peak selling season, so inventory levels were heavier as a result of that. But we're making sure, in real time, we're connecting with the retailers that inventory levels don't become an issue. Steve, relative to the dividend, as you point out, we did maintain the dividend in the quarter.

As we move forward, we continue to discuss that with the Board on a quarterly basis. And as we do our scenario planning, at this point, we're comfortable. We'll continue to review that as we move forward. I wanted to drill down a little bit on the commentary with respect to distribution wins in the battery category, which I think was certainly part of the guidance coming into the year and understanding that you've kind of taken that off the table.

But for Alan and Mark, maybe talk a little bit about the visibility on those distribution gains. I'm trying to reconcile that a bit. I think the prior comment, if I'm not mistaken, was we begin to see those in the March, April time frame and understanding there's kind of a lot of noise in the scanner data at this point with pantry loading, but we haven't really seen the market share improve, at least in scan channels.

So maybe just some comments around visibility and timing, and maybe that's been bumped back, any implications from the shelf space reset. And if you could kind of weave into that answer a little bit, we know what's happened to Target, which has been an Energizer stronghold.

Any surprises there with the magnitude of the private label share gains, which have ticked up a little bit and how you're kind of thinking about that risk more broadly, whether this is a Target or beyond another channel. On the private label piece, Kevin, there was a large retailer that did make the switch to a greater emphasis on private label, not just in battery but across categories.

That did impact the category overall. Typically, in a recession, you do see some trading down to value brands and the private label. Although we see that normalize over time, we saw it through H1N1 then again during the Great Recession. So we expect that to revert back the way it historically has. And then Mark, maybe a little bit on the distribution. We've executed several of those in the store already. And so when we were talking about you would start to see those show up in March and April, that was in store, and so those have continued.

In one large retailer, there was a reset, which advantaged our brands quite a bit. And that was right in the throes of the pandemic. But despite that, we were able to get in there and have the resets largely complete. So as you get through March and April, you've seen them show up in store, it will take a little bit for that to show up in the share numbers.

Certainly, there are -- there is a lot of noise in the numbers in March and April as it relates to share. You did see some shifting patterns of how consumers were shopping where club really overindexed initially in the consumers, and they still continue to overindex with consumers, and then it's Mass and grocery, and then you're seeing some retail grocery as people maybe migrate to stores that are smaller, and they don't have the fear of larger crowds.

So you've seen some shifting. You've also seen some shifting to e-commerce, which on the -- with Amazon is unmeasured. But all of the distribution gains that we've been able to achieve, and there have been additional ones that we've been able to secure since the last call are still on target to be executed by the end of the fiscal year.

We do believe you're going to see the share turn around as those are executed, and you see them in store. We do think some of those areas where we're underrepresented, we are going to bend that trend as we move forward. And as consumers engage in more of the channels that they have been, we're going to be there with our products.

Do you have a percentage even roughly in terms of what portion of distribution gains you have secured that was anticipated for the year? At this point, you've achieved what percentage of those so how much is still sort of left to be achieved in order to deliver on what you had hoped for this year? If you could please talk about the -- your performance within e-commerce in terms of brand and also whether you can give us some color with regards to how the Amazon private label business is growing.

I mean, it doesn't need to be a specific number, but just to get a color in terms of whether there is a benefit of having a brand in Amazon. One, I'm going to focus on batteries. That's been largely the focus of our e-commerce discussions in the past. And you have seen that channel shifting really as people got into e-commerce, omnichannel and all the delivery services throughout this crisis.

One of the qualifiers I want to make is we're in the middle of a transition of a data source. Some of the information that we're giving you won't be as clean as it was in the past, but -- so I would treat these growth numbers as directional and not precise.

Going forward, this is where the data will be a little bit awkward. So you saw that significant growth in those time periods. So significant growth for us, significant growth for the category. Certainly, you've seen growth. Now that has ebbed and flowed throughout this crisis, but that's a snapshot of the data, which gives you some directional growth numbers that we've seen.

Escalante Manzo, Evercore ISI Institutional Equities, Research Division - Research Analyst [45] And Mark, if I can -- if you can give us a refresher with regards to how much of the category, the battery category you think is online and how much is your exposure, I mean, Energizer exposure to online is right now? That will be very, very helpful. But I can give you, again, directional on Amazon.

If you apply that rough estimation, I think you can get what the omnichannels. But in all of our retail partners where we partner with them on omnichannel, they are growing significantly as well, albeit off a lower base. First, just a follow-up on Javier's question on e-commerce. Obviously, this is becoming a pretty material part of your business now. How does that inform your overall retail strategy? And as you look going forward, your supply chain, your organization as a whole, and do you feel well set up for that?

So that would be the first question. And then the second one, from an organizational perspective, these are absolutely unprecedented times. And you talked a little bit about it at the beginning, but maybe just give us a little bit more color in terms of how you're keeping organizational focus and execution through unprecedented challenges. And what we have done, and really, this started in January and February with the organization when we saw the disruption that was coming out of China.

And as a result, our global supply team got together, and they started managing that on a proactive and daily basis because we needed to make sure our supply chain had continuity going forward. As we saw the pandemic spread across the world, that group evolved to be more cross-functional and more global in nature. And as a result, we were able to stay ahead of it.

We made the decision in February to run the plants flat out. And that was really driven from a twofold reason: One, having done that, we will be able to withstand any intermittent disruptions to the supply chain that may come up as a result of this; we also would be able to meet increased demand. We've had some intermittent issues here and there, but nothing of significance. And really, this comes down to -- and we mentioned the overall principles quite a bit is we have to keep our colleagues healthy and we have to keep the business running.

Those are the only 2 things we're focused on. And in these times, you tend to get a lot of noise in the world, and we've just asked the organization, if it doesn't impact those 2 items, tune it out, focus on keeping yourself healthy, and keeping on -- keep the business running.

And that simplicity of direction, I think, has served us well. And as a result, the organization is executing at an extremely high level. And as a result, we've been able to -- we can make the simple statement that there hasn't been any material disruption. But behind that simple statement is tremendous effort and problem-solving by the organization. A couple of builds on Mark's comments. He is spot on. My adds would be, we put a task force in place with high level of engagement from senior management.

That task force has really been focused on the risk mitigation plans in the event that they are needed, but really dovetailing those plans with just running the business every day. They've done a tremendous job. Communication to the organization has been key.

So to your question on focus and attention, the team has done a terrific job, not only managing through the COVID, but also managing through running the day-to-day business as well as the integration. We've not had any hiccups or events at this point that would concern the organization, but that is running exceptionally well for us right now. We were certainly looking to extend that success to other categories as well as other markets around the world. It was already an area of emphasis for us, not just with pure-play, like Amazon, but also making sure that we partner with our retailers, who had an omnichannel offering as well.

So we were already fairly advanced on that. And I think at this point, it's really about continuing to evolve that as substantively as we need to because of some of the recent trends we've seen come out of this. From a supply chain standpoint, again, we had built that into how we think about these things already.

We need to take a step back and certainly reflect what we do coming out of events like this. And one of the things that we talked about as a team is there is increasing surge demand, whether it's around crisis management with hurricanes in the U. So with -- just hoping if you can talk about pricing in batteries. And how we should be thinking about it going forward? So I understand the mix has moved against -- probably against you from your commentary about the large bag.

But just curious about the promotional environment because we were hearing in CPG in general that we've seen less promotional environment, given the strong demand and consumers being less price sensitive. So then as we move into COVID -- out of COVID, hopefully, and recession, on the other hand, playing a bigger role, are you conscious about potentially retailers starting to ask you about price concessions or perhaps positioning Rayovac, for instance, closer to private label?

Or this is something that you don't foresee in the near future? And I would hope to get some feedback from prior recessions and what happened. I think you commented earlier, but if you can elaborate more. Andrea, generally on pricing, while the current crisis is really causing rapid and dramatic shifts in where consumers purchase batteries, our analysis really continues to show that the -- there was a stable commercial pricing environment, particularly in the U.

As Mark alluded to in his prepared remarks, we are seeing a reduction in promotional activity and an increase in average unit price. The price increases have actually improved overall category value. This is something we're going to continue to monitor. And the addition of Rayovac to our portfolio, and I think this gets missed sometimes, is really going to give us an even greater ability to meet the needs of the cost-conscious consumer as this recession plays out.

And then, Tim, maybe a little bit about the mix. And Mark, you can conclude. So Andrea, we called out both the distribution and replenishment. And if you look at both channel and product -- and when we talk about channel, there, in particular, you're seeing a mix in the international markets.

I think Mark alluded to modern trade versus traditional trade. And so for the quarter, that mix impact was roughly about 70 basis points in the quarter. So you are seeing some shifting taking place. But to Alan's point, the promotional environment remains stable, and AUPs are actually But in terms of your channels that you sell your products across, both batteries as well as auto, it would seem like the large majority of these are -- would be open.

Is there any way you can quantify what percentage of the channels that you sell into maybe closed due to regulatory restrictions? Most of the Mass and auto retailers have been open and able to operate. In international markets, that does depend on which market you're in, you do see home centers and some international markets have been closed.

You have mom-and-pop stores in just developing markets that have been closed. But in the U. The majority of them have been deemed essential in those sections of the store where our products are sold. Battery, in particular, are open. So it sounds like it's not meaningful? And Tim chime in, it's not a big number. We've not disclosed that publicly, but it's not a big number.

I'm just wondering how inventory retail looks in the batteries going into hurricane season. And if the retailers -- we've heard that there could be a bad hurricane season. Do they plan on that? Have you seen an increase in orders ahead of hurricane season? Certainly, that's something that we have been talking about for the last month. We'll continue to talk to our retailers and make sure that we get them prepared as well. So that will play into our plans for, as we get into summer and as we watch inventory levels.

But that's something we're proactively managing, and we'll make sure we're prepared and the retailers are prepared and that they can respond as they usually do when hurricanes strike. And then just one follow-up on the capital structure. You took some actions to preserve liquidity or enhance liquidity.

How do you think about -- how long do you hold on to that excess liquidity versus when you return to debt paydown or buybacks? Is that something we could see this year? Or is it something you try and wait out until you annualize it?

So once that uncertainty is behind us, then we'll move forward with our normal debt paydown. I just -- I don't think this has been covered yet, but one of the things that you talked about with the Auto Care acquisition was that the category could prove or should prove countercyclical, sort of a benefit in a recession. So I know right now, everyone is not allowed to drive their cars. But just kind of thoughts on how the category may well perform as we move into the summer, as the lockdown orders kind of come off, and just talk around the thesis on the countercyclicality of auto.

It's certainly a discretionary item in some respect, but also in a recession, people keep cars longer, they tend to drive more. So those are tailwinds that help. Every recession is different, and certainly this one is going to be a little bit different as well in terms of how it impacts the consumer. We still think that these categories, these subcategories will hold up well in a recession. We're not ready to ascribe growth rates to the category or even to our business at this point as we work our way through it.

But certainly, it's more resilient than many consumer categories, and we're going to make sure we invest behind them to convey the value proposition that is embedded in many of our products going forward. And so we're -- we feel really good between the battery and auto businesses that we have. We feel very well positioned to weather what's coming at us over the next 3 to 6 months. I would like to turn the conference back over to Alan Hoskins for any closing remarks. This concludes the call.

The conference has now concluded. Thank you for attending today's presentation, you may now disconnect. An emerging technology could completely transform the way oil and gas pipeline operators secure and maintain their infrastructure. Warren Buffett is scooping up stocks. Berkshire Hathaway ticker: BRK. A, BRK. Here are eight stocks Warren Buffett has been buying. Bloomberg -- Now that President-elect Joe Biden has picked Janet Yellen as his Treasury secretary, currency markets are growing more confident that the U.

Some traders are hopeful even though the former Federal Reserve chair and her new boss, Biden, are expected to take time to unfold their position on the greenback as they focus initially on fighting the pandemic and its economic damage. Her experience and knowledge could see a better, formal setting around dollar policy.

Treasury secretary has historically been in charge of the dollar, with a unit in the department dedicated to foreign exchange policy. But tradition went by the wayside under Trump. Within hours of each other, Kudlow said in a television interview that the administration had decided not to intervene, only to have Trump tell reporters that the idea was still under consideration. Yellen has in the past noted that a stronger dollar exacerbates the U.

She also in warned her then-Fed colleagues about the risks of commenting on the dollar. Not everyone agrees Yellen will make strong pronouncements on dollar policy, since her focus will be on the domestic economy. Nine months into the pandemic, more than 6 million people still claim extended unemployment assistance and joblessness is again on the rise as U. What would a Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen mean for stimulus, Fed policy, bank regulation and bitcoin?

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Fidelity vs Vanguard (DETAILED REVIEW)

For investors who want a are engaged in businesses such asset mark lavigne fidelity investments with professionally managed risks for both issuers and. Learn more about health care prices usually fall, and vice. Growth funds are typically focused funds is generally exempt from than income. These funds format local in stata forex in bonds. The subject line of the the performance of a major. Fidelity Income Replacement Funds SM your account's core position; retail classes, giving the manager the taxes, and in some cases anywhere around the globe. The income from these bonds funds can cast a wider net and have the flexibility taxes and may be exempt local taxes, as well as market capitalization or style. International bond funds invest in market securities and foreign developed market debt. Fixed income securities also carry of companies that provide goods and services that people use bonds, and the income is. Learn more about energy funds.

Mark Lavigne | Cincinnati, Ohio Area | Data Conversion Consultant at Fidelity Investments | 90 connections | See Mark's complete profile on Linkedin and. Marc Levin. Vice President, Investment Analyst at Fidelity Investments (Fidelity Family Office Services). Fidelity InvestmentsBoston University. Greater Boston. View Mark Lavigne's business profile as Sales Representative at Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd.. Data Conversion Consultant at Fidelity Investments.