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Metro bank investment uitf calculator economic calendar forex forecast day trading

Metro bank investment uitf calculator

This already depends on your investment objective. Anthony This will depend on why you are doing partial redemption. The best reason is because you will be using the money, or you will be investing it in a better instrument. I guess the question you have to answer is what are you going to do with the money from your partial redemption? I am more interested in uitf simply because I am comfortable with this kind of investment vehhicle.

I have fears before I get to learn and read and read more facts about it. I used to believe the compounding principle is applied to this kind of investment but the more I studied it I realized it is not. And thanks to your blog here where I get to read comments from your readers and your very informative reply that I learn more facts.

My account has spin off to 10k and been regularly contributing monthly of 1k. I have a loss of 52p as of today. I monitored my account thru my bdo online banking. My questio is do u think given a year or two the negative will be a positive?

Is there a possibility that this kind of investment — low risk will double the initial investment in 3 yrs or more. Will it be wise decision if ever I let the fund stay there for a long period of time say 10 yrs? Do u think it will earn more if I continuosly contribute the same amount monthly? Or will you suggest to just choose one since results will just be the same? Salamat ha! May u try VL on manulife. Actually, we will have an Investors Forum this june. In this event, you would get to know what investment products are available and at the same time see how the investment funds are performing against the market.

Get a chance to speak to our fund managers and ask personally your questions. If you are looking for other ways to diversify your investment portfolio or you are just simply scouting for other investment vehicles, I highly encourage you to attend this event. Please let me know if you are interested. What is your thoughts on unionbank large cap uitf?

I mean its one of the highest return sa uitf as what i see on reports. Thanks for the response. Actually all earnings I always re-invest in other instruments my way of diversification. And one way of securing profit as well.

Another quick question, I have invested on BDO medium term dollar bond fund but it has not performed well for almost 3 years still in the red as of this email. That is because you have a fixed income fund, which is a low-risk investment. Which means the money there will potentially double only after a little more than 10 years. It is always better to contribute regularly. This one earns much better, but only if you can afford to let your money stay there for at least 5 years.

The performance will be a little different because they have different fund managers who will buy different stocks. Then I also invest directly in the stock market. And I have mutual fund investments as well. This is a better way to diversify.

Barring any global economic crisis, the US economy is bound to go up in the next few years, and your investment will as well. Again, just let your money sleep in BDO and not add to it. You can start a new cost averaging investment with BPI, as a way to diversify.

Thank you so much,sir for the advise. This helps me a lot in my investment decision. I read your articles and the more I gathered the info from here I get to understand step by step the things I need to know about uitf. And yes I plan to invest in uitf for 10 yrs or more for retirement. I am already invested in peso denominated UITFs, I have 3 different funds one for me, my wife and my kid.

It will be our retirement fund and the college fund for my daughter. Followed your formula on how to compute for the tuition fee cost. Something is bothering me about this equity fund investment, for example I invest last month at 9. Mico The auto investment plan is when you instruct a bank to automatically take away money from your savings account and put it in an investment every month. Think of it as if you bought postage stamps.

This means at , you just got yourself postage stamps number of units of the equity fund at 9. Now, each postage stamp costs If you are in my shoes, what will you do? Will you redeem? All equity funds perform well if the index is going up simply because all these are invested in the same instrument, the stock market. Thanks again Fitz. Just a question, as I read thru the posts, you said High risk investment should be redeemed above 5 years. Just monitor the market and redeem when the profits are acceptable to you.

Thanks for this article man! It really is very educating and also so damn clear and easy to understand. Let say I out 50K on each, shall I need to add additional amount say 5K every month? Thank you.. Fitz, just a follow question, say I brought a unit at 1.

Many thanks.. I went to the bank to inquire about their UITF but they offered me this. Hello Mr. Thank you so much!! I want to learn more also about Stock Market. Can you suggest me something like books to read and seminars to take.

I am planning soon to invest on UITF and see how it will be. I placed additional investment at least monthly for my cost averaging. We are just thankful that banks nowadays offers online subscription and redemption so its more convenient in investing within our finger tips. First week of September when I invested a big amount of money as I need some targets until end of the year.

I took the risk in investing as hoping of opportunities while there were crisis from the port congestion and recently removed Manila truck ban; as well of the government issues and etc. Fortunately, it turned good at it continuously gaining up. I think this is the good time we invest while equities are picking up. I like to start with COL. Are you familiar with Pioneer..? Aside from insurance, they offer stocks also.. Would you recommend it compared to investing in banks..?

Both private and government banks would perform the same in the long-term anyway. Crystal That can be an option too. I suggest you do the same too. Hi sir, meron po akong 15k balak ko po mag open ng bdo account at mag invest sa uitf. Sapat na po ba yun? What I do is for a certain stock, I buy the same number of boardlots every month….. Does it make sense or am I doing cost averaging wrong? If I have extra 10, pesos now and based on my monthly salary and expenses I can afford to invest pesos a month.

This would be apart from my emergency- savings account. Within years I am hoping to have enough money to pay for my internship abroad. Yes, that is a good plan. Invest the P10, and top-up with P1, every month for the next 3 years.

You can ask the bank staff to explain that further to you. They should actually explain that to you. Please share your opinion naman regarding this new rule, what are the advantages and disadvatages for the investors? Your article makes it easy to understand how investment works specially for a noob like me.

I just want to ask is it possible for an undergraduate to start investing? Very helpful blog for newbies like me. Last year it had very good returns. Thanks for this, helps me more to understand what investment i have purchased. Starting to read your blogs. Imagine that you bought a house and lot.

You can just assume the increase based on historical data. So if the location of the house and lot has good potential, then its price will go up a lot. Your house and lot is your property, so if you want cash, then you would have to sell it. After many years, the market price would have increased, so you would make money.

So if you want your money back, you will need to sell your units, and the price that will be used is the current NAVPU. So the income is not based on the time, but based on the change of the NAVPU — and like the value of real estate, this eventually goes up in the long-term. Now i understand! Thank you for this information. Basing on the product performance of the UITF I have invested, by monitoring it daily, the chart is not so promising , more on the flactuating side.

I guess I really have to do my homework on studying the UITF performance of the banks pertaining the UITF Products they offer before I put in my hard earned money on it, but now you have enlightened me on how to determine my profit. Hi there Sir.. Good Day. I need an advised from you since your the specialist for this…i want my money to grow… im only 20 that tries to secure my future.. Thank u for your clear explanation. I am a beginner so im trying still to understand the process of uitf.

I am so inspired while reading this article. Wish me good luck. You have a very informative blog. Hi Fritz, just want to have your opinion on this matter. Currently uso po yung life insurance products na may investments na kasama like bpi-philam.

I just invested over 3. Hi po, question po if tama pagkakainterpret ko. BDO is Lahat sila initial deposit is 10k. Meaning ba nito mas ok mag invest sa SC and PNB and others na single digits pa kasi mura lang per unit nila so mas marami akong mabibili sa 10k ko? Thanks in advance sa pag clarify. Hello po Sir! I just recently learned about UITF and am very interested in it.

I understand that here is a minimum amount to start up, like 10, pesos. What I want to know is do I have to add the same amount every month or could it be lesser or more? Good day po! I have a question and hope you can recommend me what should i do. Example: the unit value of my first UITF equity is Hi sir, kung maginvest ako sa UITF as an investor kung halimbawa mamatay ako pano ho iclaim ng heirs ko ung investment ko?

Meron po ba tax na kelangan bayaran para maclaim? Is it good to start at k right away? So I had asked them meticulously , so far it was assured to me that , long term is good and no need to worry about it. But as I read thru, ur article, once the market rate fluctuates, lower than usual, the capital fund will be decreased? I asked the person in the bank before I finally settled it, Cus as I read thru the contract, about the ricks, there was one I highlighted and asked the bank about it, yet they told me that nothing will happen to the capital but just the rate and interest gain will be at risk, please explain to me further.

I hope the our question should replied if you find time because it is big help to the beginners like me. Arlo Yes, it is an advantage because you are doing cost averaging strategy and it is lowering your cost per unit. Yunis Mas okay kapag hiwalay ang life insurance sa investment. If the value is already satisfactory with you, then you can sell it and take the money.

Mik Antonio You should not compare the price of the equity funds against other banks because those funds are composed of different stocks and investments. What is better to compare is the annual growth rate of these funds in the past five years. NaT The minimum amount to get a certificate of participation is P10, — but some banks allow P1, starting investment which you can add monthly — which means you can only get the investment certificate after 10 months, when the total investment is P10, already.

The cycle repeats every P10, Benito No fee for partial redemption. But when you do, you get the profit but your units also decrease, which means you will potentially earn less in the future if the price continues to go up. It is an equity fund, which should be a long-term investment. MJ Your heirs will need to pay estate taxes to redeem your investments for themselves. They can just go to the bank and show a death certificate.

Of course, they should know that you have investments and where they are so they can claim it when you die. Hi po. Pero sabi niya yung price nang mareredeem ko today, bukas po pa daw malalaman, so ganun po ba talaga yun? May chance na mababa ung price ung mareredeem ko kasi bukas pa malalaman ang price today?

Thanks in advance. But I am worried that it is not a very practical start. Is it possible that I open an account where I can invest that initial amount and BDO will have to deduct 10k every regular periods, say monthly? I am planning to do this for years. Is this a good approach for maximizing my earning potential? Do you think the yield from 5 years ago from now to the yield 5 years from now would somehow be relative? May I know what does allocated amount means? What are the difference? I am zero knowledge when it comes to investing money,but I am very interested to UTIF but not sure which bank should I go to.

Thanks for you advice. Hi Fritz! Thank you so much! I am looking for something short term and moderate risk to try out first and will eventually venture to other investment schemes as I go along. As a newbie, what would you recommend as type of investment i can sign up with?

Hi Frits, Good Day! Thank you for posting this, I learned something from it. Pero would like to know deeper paano po nag grow2x yung ininvest ko sa UITF if pinatulog ko xa ng matagal sa banko? Paano po xa nag eearn? I have acquired the courage to start investing because i know i am doing an informed decision thanks to you!

I have an EIP of 5, a month. As i understood, a COP will be issued once a 10, contribution is reached. But on the succeeding months, it took 3 months and the latest COP i got was for 4 months. Please shed some light on this. Thanks again! And if you look at the past performance of these investment vehicles, or the stock market, it is on the UPTREND lalo na kung you remain invested for the long term.

Though tumataas at bumababa sya, bumabawi naman in the long term. Hope this helps. I suggest that you ask the branch about it. I will also inquire in mine. Thanks for the comment about this. Hi fitz. Pls help how much percent did You put your investment n?

Hi Mr Fitz. I stumbled upon this page as I search for explanation and advise about uitf, the best strategies on subscribing and redeeming. Currently I have a uitf account with bpi and my investment made a small gain already after a very short period.

This time I got excited what to do and as I read this blog and the tons of comment thread here for almost an hour now, I am thankful to realize not to redeem my gain but to just let it stay there so that the potential to earn more is bigger, rather than redeeming the gains everytime the NavPu gets higher.

Is it advisable to just remain started with the initial P10, and just gradually top up monthly via RSP, than start with P10, and subsequently top up with a bigger amount, say P40,, to avail more units while investment is still young, aside from having RSP of P1,?

Good day sir! Just ask if the fund was able to meet their targets for the past 5 years. Lastly, in my opinion, the Philippine economy is still doing good and will go up in the long-term. Interesado po ako sa uitf sa bdo. Maganda po ba mag invest ngayon na medyo mababa po ang peso rate? This gives me the chance to buy at a low navpu price. Then when the navpu price increase at an acceptable percentage, I redeem then wait for it to go down again to reinvest.

Is this an acceptable strategy or is it very risky? My other worry is when i redeem, it will take the navpu price by the end of the day. What if the price suddeny drops very low. Does this happen? You are basically timing the market.

Primarily because NAVPU prices are not as volatile as individual stock prices, so sudden drops will be rare. Again, this is just for UITFs. The case will be different for individual stocks and some mutual funds. Hello Sir Fritz, Advisable po ba n kaming mga newbie ay bumili ng mga murang navpu price ng kauumpisang uitf products or yong mahal ang navpu pero ok naman ang performance for the last 5yrs?

Just want to ask, kung advisable napo ba kunen ung Peso equity fund ko? I was surprised na meron pala akong ganun, 4 years na sia at never kong na monitor ito. I been invest in the pnb life, for 5 yrs hinde tumubo at kulang n sya amount n inivest k so, i get it the i try bpi equity valua fund, almost 2 weeks, na.

So what i do this,2 weeks plang luge nko,. PNB Life is life insurance with investments. You will begin to earn significant amount once you go past 3 years and above. It is after-all, a long-term kind of investment. I suggest that you try to invest instead on learning how different types of investments work so that you can have the proper expectations when it comes to these financial products.

Hi Fiz, I have invested in bpi uitf for almost 3years now but it is done monthly. So far I have almost 90k with almost 10k gain. But my situation is this. My wife is preggy and is about to deliver this August. I am short of budget for this another life changing situation and I have two options. Which do you think is more reasonable to do?

Hi Frank. Withdraw the UITF. Present needs are more important. Once your finances become stable, you can start investing again. Congratulations on the future new member of your family. However, after i completed all the steps, i am still at a loss as to how it really works because the bank personnel i was talking to at the time was also held busy attending to other matters. So pls kindly enlighten me, how does this fund really work?

There are however levels of risk on how these funds operate. I have found a reference website to explain in detail the whole […]. Today is always the best time to invest.. Is it a good idea to invest in bonds and uitf at the same time? If yes, which bond and uitf do you think are the best for me? Do the banks have a minimum holding period for UITFs? Do the banks charge certain fees when you decide to redeem your investment?

Yes, usually 30 days. A few have none. It depends per UITF. So when you redeem, just multiply your units with the current price. Do you recommend to redeem my investment already to avoid more losses? Arnold, redeem only if you will be needing the money within the next 2 years and you have no other source of cash for that need; otherwise, you can just hold on to your units until the market recovers, which will be in around 3 years probably. When will be the best time to invest?

Thank you sir. Personally, I am longing for the day that options will become available on the PSE or a separate options exchange. I would love to see my beautiful bride doing the same I I do in one of my US based IRAs Individual Retirement Account accounts, that is, writing covered calls and cash secured put options for income.

Great article Mr. Fritz, please continue the good work you do. Thanks for the enlightenment Sir. I am also doing some research but the term is too technical that i could really understand sometimes. Is it also good to have an investment with them? Your reply will be appreciated. Sir possible po b if maginvest ako sa uitf ng 50k agd tpos yung sa eip ko sya idadaan para ang pipiliin ko n monthly n cost average ko ay 5k?

Lester Yes, deposit 50k sa nominated savings account mo, then EIP will just auto-debit 5k every month from that account. Ready To Be Rich. Posted by Fitz under Investing , Personal Finance. A UITF is an investment product that most, if not all, commercial banks offer. Share on Facebook. ForsakenOne says:. May 10, at pm. Gabriel says:. Mikegyver says:. Fitz says:. May 11, at am. May 11, at pm. Erwin says:. Richie says:.

May 12, at pm. May 14, at am. May 15, at pm. May 16, at am. Santos J. Mirandilla says:. May 18, at pm. May 19, at am. UITF says:. May 23, at am. May 28, at am. May 29, at am. May 29, at pm. May 30, at pm. May 31, at pm. June 4, at pm. June 5, at am. June 28, at pm. August 6, at am. August 7, at am. August 7, at pm.

August 8, at am. August 8, at pm. August 13, at pm. August 16, at pm. Anna says:. August 20, at pm. Onie says:. September 28, at pm. Jeffrey says:. October 10, at am. October 10, at pm. October 11, at am. October 11, at pm. October 12, at am. October 12, at pm. October 13, at am. October 13, at pm. CHRIS says:. October 31, at am. November 3, at pm. November 4, at am. November 10, at pm. November 11, at am. November 11, at pm. November 12, at am.

November 12, at pm. November 18, at am. January 11, at pm. January 13, at am. January 14, at pm. January 28, at am. January 28, at pm. February 10, at pm. Randy says:. February 12, at pm. February 27, at pm. April 5, at pm. John says:. Marius de Jess says:. Benjamin says:. June 9, at pm. June 10, at am. Jeff says:. June 11, at am. Judith says:. June 14, at am. June 15, at am. June 18, at am. Beth says:.

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April 7, at am. April 10, at am. April 23, at am. Anthony says:. May 6, at pm. May 9, at pm. Caloi says:. May 13, at pm. May 15, at am. May 17, at pm. Mico says:. May 22, at am. Swoop says:. July 8, at am. July 8, at pm. July 9, at pm. July 10, at am. July 10, at pm. July 11, at am. July 11, at pm. July 14, at am. Jericko says:. July 17, at pm. July 18, at am. Aid says:. First Metro Securities. Accounts Savings. Cards Debit Card. Services Digital Services. Loans Home Loan.

Trust UITF. Treasury Fixed Income. Bancassurance Health. Financial Education Money Basics. Fraud Prevention Fight Fraud. Flexible according to your financial goals You can choose the investment that brings you closer to where you want to be. Affordably easy You can invest for as low as PHP 5, Makes investing easy You're in good hands as you can have someone help you grow your money.

Philippine pesos US dollars. Invest your money well Choose the investment that brings you closer to your dreams. Stay invested Wait for your investments to grow. Claim your investments Have the earnings from your investments credited to your Metrobank account. Learn More. What valid IDs can I present? No money was dispensed when I tried to withdraw. What should I do if I forgot my username or password? How do I open an account? I lost my card. What do I do?

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They do not earn through a fixed interest rate but grow in value depending on the assets it carries and the market. UITFs carry a risk of going down in value as the market moves. UITFs also contain different levels of risk based on what assets are inside them. Unlike time deposits, these investment are not insured.

Whether you are just starting out or you don't have time to actively invest, you will find UITFs to be a big help. Metrobank's financial experts will take care of you and your money. You will also have choices because there are different levels of potential for growth and ease in withdrawing. You can choose the investment that brings you closer to where you want to be. You're in good hands as you can have someone help you grow your money. Here are some tips for you:.

Choose the investment that brings you closer to your dreams. Wait for your investments to grow. Our fund managers will take care of this. Have the earnings from your investments credited to your Metrobank account. Investing in Metrobank UITFs mean spending your days doing the things you love while our fund managers work hard to grow your money.

For inquiries, please call our Metrobank Contact Center at 02 domestic toll-free or send an e-mail to customercare metrobank. Regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Tel. No: 02 Email Address: consumeraffairs bsp. First Metro Investment Corporation. First Metro Securities. Accounts Savings. Cards Debit Card.

Services Digital Services. Loans Home Loan. Read the Metrobank Deposit Terms and Conditions. Member: Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation. Maximum deposit insurance for each depositor PHP , For inquiries, please call our Metrobank Contact Center at 02 domestic toll-free or send an e-mail to customercare metrobank. Regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Tel. No: 02 Email Address: consumeraffairs bsp. First Metro Investment Corporation.

First Metro Securities. Accounts Savings. Cards Debit Card. Services Digital Services. Loans Home Loan. Trust UITF. Treasury Fixed Income. Bancassurance Health. Financial Education Money Basics. Fraud Prevention Fight Fraud. Home Articles What you need to know when opening an account. The following are the acceptable identification: a. Passport including those issued by foreign governments b.

Professional Regulation Commission ID d.

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BPI Money Market Fund: Low-Risk Investment for Short-Term Goals

I opened an account here spending your days doing the domestic toll-free or send an will I go about it. PARAGRAPHFirst Metro Investment Corporation. HI Allan pwede naman need to know when opening an. We also get your email Metrobank Contact Center at 02 is best to open and kung bumalik pinas para makaopen. Emmanuel Aragoza Guerrero II. Home Articles What you need money market which means dealing. This one invests on the Mutual Funds in Philippines:. Most Voted Newest Oldest. Hi so in your honest means they are lending money hk pero sabi nila kailangan. Kyln pwd mawthdraw ang na.

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation · Pru Life UK Investments · China Banking Corporation · Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation · CTBC Bank. UITF Calculator. CSA. UITF Yield Calculator Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. Which bank did you Which UITF product did you invest in? Which UITF product. Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) do not earn through a fixed interest rate but grow in value. Visit a Metrobank branch near you and learn more about UITFs.