ainv dividend reinvestment plans

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Ainv dividend reinvestment plans usd/sek forexpros crude

Ainv dividend reinvestment plans

Second quarter. First quarter. NAV per share is determined as of the last day in the relevant quarter and therefore may not reflect the NAV per share on the date of the high and low sales prices. The NAVs shown are based on outstanding shares at the end of the relevant quarter.

Calculated using the respective high or low sales price divided by the net asset value per share at the end of the relevant quarter. Widra joined AGM in Prior to MidCap, Mr. Prior to Merrill Lynch, Mr. Powell joined AIM in From to , Mr. Powell was an analyst in the Industrials group at Deutsche Bank.

Prior to joining Apollo, Mr. Other Accounts Managed. As of December 31, , the Portfolio Managers were primarily responsible for the day-to-day portfolio management of the following accounts:. Name of Portfolio Manager. Type of Accounts. Total Number of Accounts Managed. Total Assets. Howard Widra 3. Registered Investment Companies:.

Other Pooled Investment Vehicles:. Other Accounts:. Tanner Powell. Patrick Ryan. Total assets represents assets under management as defined by Apollo Global Management, Inc. Represents the assets under management of the accounts managed that generate incremental fees in addition to management fees.

Compensation may include a variety of components and may vary from year to year based on a number of factors. The principal components of compensation include base compensation and discretionary compensation. Base Compensation. Generally, Portfolio Managers receive an annual salary that is consistent with the market rate of annual salaries paid to similarly situated investment professionals.

Discretionary Compensation. Portfolio Managers also receive discretionary compensation generally consisting of two components: an annual bonus and carried interest. Annual Bonus. A portion of each annual bonus may be deferred, and, at the discretion of Apollo, may be in the form of cash or equity of an Apollo entity, such as restricted stock units of Apollo Global Management, Inc. Carried Interest. Generally, a Portfolio Manager receives carried interests with respect to the Apollo-advised accounts, subject to standard terms and conditions, including vesting.

Material Conflicts of Interest. Actual or apparent conflicts of interest may arise when a Portfolio Manager has day-to-day management responsibilities with respect to more than one fund or other account. Certain inherent conflicts of interest arise from the fact that the Portfolio Managers, AIM and its affiliates provide investment management services both to us and the other Apollo-advised accounts, including other funds, client accounts, proprietary accounts and any other investment vehicles that AIM and its affiliates may establish from time to time, in which we will not have an interest.

The Portfolio Managers, AIM and its affiliates may give advice and recommend securities to the other Apollo-advised accounts that may differ from advice given to, or securities recommended or bought for, us, even though their investment objectives may be the same or similar to ours. AIM will seek to manage potential conflicts of interest in good faith; nonetheless, the portfolio strategies employed by the Portfolio Managers, AIM and its affiliates in managing the other Apollo-advised accounts could conflict with the transactions and strategies employed by the Portfolio Managers in managing us and may affect the prices and availability of the securities and instruments in which we invest.

Conversely, participation in specific investment opportunities may be appropriate, at times, for both us and the other Apollo-advised accounts. It is the policy of AIM to generally share appropriate investment opportunities and sale opportunities with the other Apollo-advised accounts to the extent consistent with applicable legal requirements.

In general, this policy will result in such opportunities being allocated pro rata among us and the other Apollo-advised accounts. In the event investment opportunities are allocated among us and the other Apollo-advised accounts, we may not be able to structure our investment portfolio in the manner desired. Although AIM endeavors to allocate investment opportunities in a fair and equitable manner, it is possible that we may not be given the opportunity to participate in certain investments made by the other Apollo-advised accounts or portfolio managers affiliated with AIM.

Furthermore, we and the other Apollo-advised accounts may make investments in securities where the prevailing trading activity may make impossible the receipt of the same price or execution on the entire volume of securities purchased or sold by us and the other Apollo-advised accounts.

When this occurs, the various prices may be averaged, and we will be charged or credited with the average price. Thus, the effect of the aggregation may operate on some occasions to our disadvantage. In addition, under certain circumstances, we may not be charged the same commission or commission equivalent rates in connection with a bunched or aggregated order.

It is possible that other Apollo-advised accounts may make investments in the same or similar securities at different times and on different terms than us. Such investments may inherently give rise to conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest between or among the various classes of securities that may be held by such entities. Conflicts may also arise because portfolio decisions regarding us may benefit the other Apollo-advised accounts.

For example, the sale of a long position or establishment of a short position by us may impair the price of the same security sold short by and therefore benefit one or more Apollo-advised accounts, and the purchase of a security or covering of a short position in a security by us may increase the price of the same security held by and therefore benefit one or more Apollo-advised accounts. These activities could be viewed as creating a conflict of interest in that the time and effort of the members of AIM and their officers and employees will not be devoted exclusively to our business but will be allocated between our business and the management of the monies of other clients of AIM.

Variation in Compensation. A conflict of interest may arise where the financial or other benefits available to a Portfolio Manager differ among the accounts that he or she manages. The Portfolio Managers also may be motivated to favor accounts in which they have investment interests, or in which AIM or its affiliates have investment interests. For example, as reflected above, if a Portfolio Manager manages accounts which have performance fee arrangements, certain portions of his or her compensation will depend on the achievement of performance milestones on those accounts.

The Portfolio Manager could be incented to afford preferential treatment to those accounts and thereby be subject to a potential conflict of interest. We and AIM have adopted compliance policies and procedures that are reasonably designed to address the various conflicts of interest that may arise for AIM and its staff members. However, there is no guarantee that such policies and procedures will be able to detect and prevent every situation in which an actual or potential conflict may arise.

Beneficial Ownership of Securities. The following table sets forth the dollar range of our equity securities beneficially owned by each of the Portfolio Managers as of March 31, Howard Widra. We have entered into an investment advisory management agreement with AIM. Certain of our senior officers and our chairman of the Board of Directors have ownership and financial interests in AIM.

Certain of our senior officers also serve as principals of other investment managers affiliated with AIM that may in the future manage investment funds with investment objectives similar to ours. In addition, our executive officers and directors and the partners of our Investment Adviser, AIM, serve or may serve as officers, directors or principals of entities that operate in the same or related line of business as we do, or of investment funds managed by its affiliates, although we may not be given the opportunity to participate in certain investments made by investment funds managed by advisers affiliated with AIM.

However, our Investment Adviser and its affiliates intend to allocate investment opportunities in a fair and equitable manner consistent with our investment objectives and strategies so that we are not disadvantaged in relation to any other client. In addition, we rent office space from AIA, an affiliate of AIM, and pay Apollo Administration our allocable portion of overhead and other expenses incurred by AIA in performing its obligations under our administration agreement with AIA, including our allocable portion of the cost of our chief financial officer, chief compliance officer, chief legal officer and their respective staffs, which can create conflicts of interest that our Board of Directors must monitor.

We may invest, to the extent permitted by law, on a concurrent basis with affiliates of AIM, subject to compliance with applicable regulations, exemptive relief, SEC staff no-action positions and our allocation procedures. Unless otherwise indicated, we believe that each beneficial owner set forth in the table has sole voting and investment power over such securities. Name and address of Beneficial Owner.

Type of ownership 1. Shares owned. Percentage of common stock outstanding. Thornburg Investment Management Inc. All officers and directors as a group 15 persons. The principal address for Thornburg Investment Management Inc. Based on that filing, Thornburg maintains the sole power to vote or dispose of 5,, shares. The following table sets forth the dollar range of our equity securities beneficially owned by each of our directors as of May 18, Information as to the beneficial ownership is based on information furnished to Apollo Investment Corporation by such persons.

Name of Director. Independent Directors. Jeanette Loeb 2. Barbara Matas. Frank C. Rudolph Reinfrank. Carl Spielvogel 2. Elliot Stein, Jr. Interested Directors. John J. Hannan 2. Bradley J. Howard T. Dollar range includes shares held through indirect beneficial ownership of a family trust. The following is a listing of each portfolio company or its affiliate, together referred to as portfolio companies, in which we had an investment at December 31, A percentage shown for a class of investment securities held by us represents the percentage of the class owned and does not necessarily represent voting ownership.

A percentage shown for equity securities, other than warrants or options, represents the actual percentage of the class of security held on a fully diluted basis. A percentage shown for warrants and options held represents the percentage of a class of security we may own assuming we exercise our warrants or options after dilution. We make available significant managerial assistance to our portfolio companies. Name and Address of Portfolio Company. Nature of its Principal Business. Percentage of Class Held 1.

San Antonio, TX GR , Greece. Transportation — Cargo, Distribution. Knoxville, TN Suite Wilmington, DE Structured Products and Other. Aviation and Consumer Transport. Jersey JE4 8SG. McLean, VA AMP Clean Energy. London, W1S 4LD. Energy — Electricity. Pelican Energy, LLC 2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oakland, CA Grapevine, TX Consumer Services. Accelerate Parent Corp. American Tire.

Huntersville, North Carolina Business Services. Acronis AG 2. Rheinweg 9. Schaffhausen, Switzerland High Tech Industries. Aero Operating LLC. Westbury, NY Alera Group Holdings. Deerfield, Illinois Jefferson City, MO Altasciences, Inc. Ambrosia Buyer Corp. South Attleboro, MA Amerivet Partners Management, Inc. New York, NY. Norcross, GA Analogic Corporation. Peabody, MA Aptevo Therapeutics Inc.

Seattle, WA AQ Sunshine, Inc. Walnut Creek, CA Arlington Industries Group Limited 2. United Kingdom. Consumer Goods — Non-durable. Sherman Oaks, CA Manufacturing, Capital Equipment. Tampa, FL Banner Buyer, LLC. Kansas City, MO Salt Lake City, UT Easton Road, Suite Doylestown, PA Bumble Bee Foods S. San Diego, CA Butterfly Fighter Co-Invest, L. PO Box Irvine, CA Calero Holdings, Inc. Building , Suite Cerus Corporation 2.

Concord, California ChargePoint, Inc. ChyronHego Corporation. Melville, NY Claritas, LLC. Cincinnati, OH Los Angeles, CA Preferred Equity, 1st Lien. Palo Alto, CA Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc. Fifth Floor. Franklin, TN Richfield, OH, Education Personnel 2. Electro Rent Corporation.

Beverly Hills, CA Emmes Corporation. Rockville, MD Huntersville, NC Eldrickco Limited 2. Bath Road Knowl Hill. Erickson Inc. Portland, Oregon Conshohocken, PA FiscalNote, Inc. Washington DC, Flock Financial, LLC 2. Atlanta, GA Florida Food Products, Inc. Eustis, FL Hotel, Gaming, Leisure, Restaurants. Genesis Healthcare, Inc. Kennett Square, Pennsylvania GB, Inc.

Gutter Buyer, Inc. Perth Amboy, NJ Hayward Industries, Inc. Elizabeth, NJ Consumer Goods — Durable. Heniff Holdco, LLC. Oak Brook, IL Eugene, OR Ivy Finco Limited 2. Frederica, DE Scottsdale, AZ IPC Corporation. Harborside Financial Center. Jersey City, NJ Jacent Strategic Merchandising. Huntingdon Valley, PA Morrisville, NC Riverside, California Kauffman Intermediate, LLC.

Lebanon, IN Lynchburg, Va Muskegon, MI Kure Pain Holdings, Inc. Annapolis, MD LabVantage Solutions Inc. Somerset, NJ Patterson Medical. Warrenville, IL Lion Cashmere Midco Limited 2. Memphis, TN Magnetation, LLC. Box Natural Bridge, VA Rocky Hill, CT Austin, TX Mannkind Corporation. Westlake Village California Margaux Acquisition Inc. Amarillo, TX. Amarillo, TX Mayfield Agency Borrower Inc.

Medical Guardian, LLC. Philadelphia, PA MedPlast Holdings Inc. Tempe, AZ Ministry Brands, LLC. Lenoir City, TN Magnate Holding Corp. Leonards, NSW Australia. Newscycle Solutions, Inc. Bloomington, MN NW Entertainment, Inc.

Burbank, CA Niacet Corporation. Niagara Falls, NY Norvax, LLC. Chicago, IL San Clemente, CA Omnitracs, LLC. Harwood Street, Suite Dallas, TX, Orchard Therapeutics plc 2. Santa Fe, NM Environmental Industries. Raleigh, NC PAE Holding Corporation. Courthouse Rd. Arlington, VA Paper Source Inc. Partner Therapeutics, Inc.

Lexington, MA Preferred Equity, 1st Lien, Warrants. Peer Advisors, LLC. Lansing, MI PGM Holdings Corporation. Lake Forest, CA PHS Buyer, Inc. North Salt Lake, UT Project Comfort Buyer, Inc. Monett, MO Pinstripe Holdings, LLC.

Brookfield, WI PrimeFlight Aviation Services, Inc. Three Sugar Creek Center, Suite Sugar Land, TX Overland Park, KS PTC Therapeutics, Inc 2. South Plainfield, NJ Purchasing Power, LLC. Dallas, TX Rapid Displays Acquisition Corporation. Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

South San Francisco, CA RiteDose Holdings I, Inc. Columbia, SC Royton Bidco Limited 2. RSC Acquisition , Inc. Boston, MA Securus Technologies Holdings, Inc. Sequential Brands Group, Inc. New York, NY, Nashville, TN SI Holdings, Inc. Long Beach, CA Simplifi Holdings, Inc. Fort Worth, Texas Sirsi Corporation. Lehi, UT Soliant Holdings, LLC. Tucker, GA Sonar Entertainment, Inc. Sorenson Holdings, LLC. Salt Lake City, Utah San Ramon, CA UB8 2AE.

San Francisco, CA Teladoc, Inc. Purchase, New York Telestream Holdings Corporation. Nevada City, CA Ten-X, LLC. Irvine, CA, Milpitas, CA Conestoga, PA Virginia Beach, VA Green Bay, WI Transplace Holdings, Inc. Frisco, TX TricorBraun Holdings, Inc. Louis, MO Trident Bidco Limited 2. One Canada Square, Fl. Canary Wharf. London E14 5FA. Truck-Lite Co. Southfield, MI Auto Finance, Inc. Lawrenceville, GA Houston, TX Vertafore, Inc. Denver CO Westfall Technik, Inc.

Chandler, AZ Bolthouse Farms, Inc. Bakersfield, CA Wright Medical Group, Inc. Memphis, Tennessee ZPower, LLC. Camarlllo, CA We have no independent ability to verify this information. Some, if not all, portfolio companies are subject to voting agreements with varied voting rights. The status of these assets under the Act is subject to change.

We monitor the status of these assets on an ongoing basis. As of December 31, , non-qualifying assets represented approximately There are governing documents that precludes us from controlling management of the portfolio companies and therefore we disclaim such portfolio companies are controlled companies of us. Its focus is on current generation aircraft, held either domestically or internationally.

Merx Aviation may acquire fleets of aircraft through securitized, non-recourse debt or individual aircraft. Merx Aviation is not intended to compete with the numerous large lessors but rather to be complementary to them, providing them capital for various transactions. Merx Aviation also may outsource its aircraft servicing requirements to the large lessors that have the global staff necessary to complete such tasks.

Debt and equity securities that are not publicly traded or whose market price is not readily available or whose market quotations are not deemed to represent fair value are valued at fair value as determined in good faith by or under the direction of our Board of Directors.

Market quotations may be deemed not to represent fair value in certain circumstances where AIM reasonably believes that facts and circumstances applicable to an issuer, a seller or purchaser or the market for a particular security causes current market quotes not to reflect the fair value of the security.

If and when market quotations are deemed not to represent fair value, we typically utilize independent third party valuation firms to assist us in determining fair value. Accordingly, such investments go through our multi-step valuation process as described below. In each case, our independent valuation firms consider observable market inputs together with significant unobservable inputs in arriving at their valuation recommendations for such Level 3 categorized assets.

With respect to investments for which market quotations are not readily available or when such market quotations are deemed not to represent fair value, our Board of Directors has approved a multi-step valuation process each quarter, as described below:. Investments are valued utilizing a market approach, an income approach, or both approaches, as appropriate. The market approach uses prices and other relevant information generated by market transactions involving identical or comparable assets or liabilities including a business.

The income approach uses valuation techniques to convert future amounts for example, cash flows or earnings to a single present amount discounted. The measurement is based on the value indicated by current market expectations about those future amounts. In following these approaches, the types of factors that we may take into account in fair value pricing our investments include, as relevant:. Accordingly, under current auditing standards, the notes to our financial statements incorporated by reference in this prospectus, refer to the uncertainty with respect to the possible effect of such valuations, and any change in such valuations, on our financial statements.

Our Board of Directors reviews the accuracy of the valuations of our portfolio investments quarterly and, no less frequently than annually, the adequacy of our policies and procedures regarding valuations and the effectiveness of their implementation. We have adopted a dividend reinvestment plan that provides for reinvestment of our dividend distributions on behalf of our stockholders, unless a stockholder elects to receive cash as provided below.

A registered stockholder may elect to receive a dividend in cash by notifying American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, the plan administrator and our transfer agent and registrar, in writing so that such notice is received by the plan administrator not less than 10 days prior to the record date for dividends to stockholders. The plan administrator will set up an account for shares acquired through the plan for each stockholder who has not elected to receive dividends in cash and hold such shares in non-certificated form.

Those stockholders whose shares are held by a broker or other financial intermediary may receive dividends in cash by notifying their broker or other financial intermediary of their election. We intend to use primarily newly-issued shares to implement the plan, whether our shares are trading at a premium or at a discount to net asset value. However, we reserve the right to purchase shares in the open market in connection with our implementation of the plan.

The number of shares to be issued to a stockholder is determined by dividing the total dollar amount of the dividend payable to such stockholder by the market price per share of our common stock at the close of regular trading on The Nasdaq Global Select Market on the valuation date for such dividend.

Market price per share on that date will be the closing price for such shares on The Nasdaq Global Select Market or, if no sale is reported for such day, at the average of the reported bid and asked prices. The number of shares of our common stock to be outstanding after giving effect to payment of the dividend cannot be established until the value per share at which additional shares will be issued has been determined and elections of our stockholders have been tabulated.

Stockholders who do not elect to receive dividends in shares of common stock may experience accretion to the net asset value of their shares if our shares are trading at a premium and dilution if our shares are trading at a discount. The level of accretion or discount would depend on various factors, including the proportion of our stockholders who participate in the plan, the level of premium or discount at which our shares are trading and the amount of the dividend payable to a stockholder.

Stockholders are subject to U. The automatic reinvestment of dividends into shares of our common stock will generally not relieve participants of any U. Participants may terminate their accounts under the plan by notifying the plan administrator via its website at www. The plan may be terminated by us upon notice in writing mailed to each participant at least 30 days prior to any record date for the payment of any dividend by us. All correspondence, including requests for additional information, concerning the plan should be directed to the plan administrator by mail at American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, 15th Avenue, Brooklyn NY or by telephone at The following discussion is a general summary of certain U.

This summary does not purport to be a complete description of the income tax considerations applicable to such an investment. For example, we have not described tax consequences that we assume to be generally known by investors or certain considerations that may be relevant to certain types of holders subject to special treatment under U.

This summary assumes that investors hold our common stock as capital assets generally property held for investment. The discussion is based upon the Code, Treasury regulations, administrative and judicial interpretations, and other applicable authorities all as in effect as of the date of this prospectus and all of which are subject to differing interpretations or change, possibly retroactively, which could affect the continuing validity of this discussion.

No assurance can be given that the IRS would not assert, or that a court would not sustain, a position contrary to those set forth below. This summary does not discuss any aspects of U. It does not discuss the special treatment under U. This summary does not discuss the consequences of an investment in shares of our preferred stock, debt securities, units, subscription rights, purchase contracts or warrants representing rights to purchase shares of our common stock, preferred stock or debt securities.

The tax consequences of such an investment will be discussed in a relevant prospectus supplement and any related free writing prospectus. If a partnership including an entity treated as a partnership for U. Any partner of a partnership holding shares of our common stock should consult its tax advisers with respect to the purchase, ownership and disposition of shares of our common stock.

Tax matters are very complicated, and the tax consequences to an investor of an investment in our shares will depend on the facts of his, her or its particular situation. We encourage investors to consult their own tax advisers regarding the specific consequences of such an investment, including tax reporting requirements, the applicability of federal, state, local and foreign tax laws, eligibility for the benefits of any applicable tax treaty and the effect of any possible changes in the tax laws.

Election to be Taxed as a RIC. As a RIC, we generally will not have to pay corporate-level federal income taxes on any ordinary income or capital gains that we distribute to our stockholders as dividends. To qualify as a RIC, we must, among other things, meet certain source-of-income and asset diversification requirements as described below.

Taxation as a RIC. If we qualify as a RIC and satisfy the Annual Distribution Requirement, then we will not be subject to federal income tax on the portion of our investment company taxable income and net capital gain i. We will be subject to U. We will not be subject to excise taxes on amounts on which we are required to pay corporate income taxes such as retained net capital gains. In order to qualify as a RIC for federal income tax purposes, we must, among other things:.

We may be required to recognize taxable income in circumstances in which we do not receive cash. For example, if we hold debt obligations that are treated under applicable tax rules as having original issue discount such as debt instruments with payment-in-kind interest or, in certain cases, increasing interest rates or issued with warrants , we must include in income each year a portion of the original issue discount that accrues over the life of the obligation, regardless of whether cash representing such income is received by us in the same taxable year.

Because any original issue discount accrued will be included in our investment company taxable income for. Gain or loss recognized by us from the sale or exchange of warrants or other securities acquired by us, as well as any loss attributable to the lapse of such warrants, generally will be treated as capital gain or loss. Such gain or loss generally will be long-term or short-term, depending on how long we held a particular warrant or other security.

Although we do not presently expect to do so, we are authorized to borrow funds and to sell assets in order to satisfy the Annual Distribution Requirement. If we dispose of assets in order to meet the Annual Distribution Requirement or the Excise Tax Avoidance Requirement, we may make such dispositions at times that, from an investment standpoint, are not advantageous.

Alternatively, to satisfy our Annual Distribution Requirement, we may declare a taxable dividend payable in cash or stock at the election of each stockholder. In such case, for federal income tax purposes, the amount of the dividend paid in stock will be equal to the amount of cash that could have been received instead of stock. In that case, all of our income would be subject to corporate-level federal income tax, reducing the amount available to be distributed to our stockholders.

In contrast, assuming we qualify as a RIC, our corporate-level federal income tax should be substantially reduced or eliminated. We intend to monitor our transactions and may make certain tax elections to mitigate the effect of these provisions and prevent our disqualification as a RIC.

Investments in these types of instruments may present special tax issues. These and other issues will be addressed by us, to the extent necessary, to preserve our status as a RIC and to satisfy the Annual Distribution Requirement. Taxation of U. Distributions by us including distributions pursuant to our dividend reinvestment plan or where stockholders can elect to receive cash or stock generally are taxable to U. To the extent such distributions paid by us to non-corporate stockholders including individuals are attributable to dividends received by us from U.

In this regard, it is anticipated that distributions paid by us will generally not be attributable to dividends and, therefore, generally will not qualify for the reduced maximum rate. Distributions in excess of our earnings and profits first will reduce a U. The amount of the deemed distribution net of such tax will be added to the U. The amount of tax that stockholders are treated as having paid and for which they receive a credit may exceed the tax they owe on the retained net capital gain.

Such excess generally may be claimed as a credit against the U. A stockholder that is not subject to federal income tax or otherwise required to file a federal income tax return would be required to file a federal income tax return on the appropriate form in order to claim a refund for the taxes we paid. In order to utilize the deemed distribution approach, we must provide written notice to our stockholders prior to the expiration of 60 days after the close of the relevant taxable year.

For purposes of determining 1 whether the Annual Distribution Requirement is satisfied for any year and 2 the amount of capital gain dividends paid for that year, we may, under certain circumstances, elect to treat a dividend that is paid during the following taxable year as if it had been paid during the taxable year in question. If we make such an election, the U.

However, any dividend declared by us in October, November or December of any calendar year, payable to stockholders of record on a specified date in such a month and actually paid during January of the following year, will be treated as if it had been paid by us and received by our U. The IRS currently requires that a RIC that has two or more classes of stock allocate to each such class proportionate amounts of each type of its income such as ordinary income and capital gains based upon the percentage of total dividends paid to each class for the tax year.

Accordingly, if we issue preferred stock, we intend to allocate capital gain dividends, if any, between our common stock and preferred stock in proportion to the total dividends paid to each class with respect to such tax year. If an investor purchases shares of our common stock shortly before the record date of a distribution, the price of the shares will include the value of the distribution and the investor will be subject to tax on the distribution even though it represents a return of his, her or its investment.

Any gain or loss arising from such sale or disposition generally will be treated as long-term capital gain or loss if the stockholder has held his, her or its shares for more than one year. Otherwise, it would be classified as short-term capital gain or loss.

However, any capital loss arising from the sale or disposition of shares of our common stock held for six months or less will be treated as long-term capital loss to the extent of the amount of capital gain dividends received, or undistributed capital gain deemed received, with respect to such shares. In addition, all or a portion of any loss recognized upon a disposition of shares of our common stock may be disallowed if other shares of our common stock are acquired whether through reinvestment of distributions or otherwise within 30 days before or after the disposition, in which case the basis of the shares acquired will be adjusted to reflect the disallowed loss.

In general, individual and other non-corporate U. Corporate U. Non-corporate stockholders with net capital losses for a year i. Corporate stockholders generally may not deduct any net capital losses against ordinary income for a year, but may carry back such losses for three years or carry forward such losses for five years.

Certain U. We will send to each of our U. Distributions may also be subject to additional state, local and foreign taxes depending on a U. From time to time, we may also invest in public companies as well as public companies that are thinly traded. Quarterly net asset value per share information can be obtained in our public filings e. Please note that the Company's CUSIP number changed as a result of the Company's one-for-three reverse stock split which became effective at the close of business on November 30, Apollo Investment Corporation intends to distribute quarterly dividends to stockholders of record.

To see a list of our historical dividends please visit our Distributions page. A registered stockholder may elect to receive an entire dividend in cash by notifying American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, the plan administrator and our transfer agent and registrar, in writing so that such notice is received by the plan administrator no later than the record date for dividends to stockholders.

Registered stockholders can notify the plan administrator via its website at www. A registered stockholder is one that is shown on the records of the Company. Individual stockholders whose shares are held in street name should contact their broker for more information on any dividend reinvestment plan changes. Dividends are generally taxable to U. We will send to each of our U. For more information on how to sign up for email alerts regarding events, documents and press releases please visit the Email Notification page.

Please visit our Analyst Coverage page to view a detailed list of the analysts who follow the company. About Portfolio Shareholders Contact. FAQs 1. Who is Apollo Investment Corporation?


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Established in FebruaryApollo Investment Corporation is a closed-end, non-diversified management investment company that has elected to be treated as a business development company under the Investment Company Act of

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Ainv dividend reinvestment plans 42
Ikhlas premier investment linked takaful insurance At the end of December investments on nonaccrual status represented 0. Kauffman Intermediate, LLC. Investment sales and repayments for the year. Ryan P. Dividends Declared. You should note, however, that any issuance of preferred stock must comply with the requirements of the Act.
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How To Build Wealth - Through Dividend Reinvestment --

A few large-cap companies that pay dividends operate their own until you have enough to. German American Bancorp Inc. Forbes adheres to strict editorial. To the best of our management of their direct stock from partner links on this page, but that doesn't affect. Hospitality Properties Trust Hubbell, Inc. Horizon Bancorp Hormel Foods Corp. Using DRIP plans at your brokerage or robo-advisor is probably still benefit from compound returns. Many brokerages facilitate DRIP investing. MainSource Financial Group, Inc. This DRIP process is more knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, buy whole shares.

Does Apollo Investment Corporation have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP​)?. Yes. All stockholders are automatically enrolled in the dividend reinvestment. Additional information about the dividend reinvestment plan may be obtained by contacting the plan administrator, American Stock Transfer and Trust Company. Over time, that can really add up. Most other dividend reinvestment plans aren't so lucrative. Apollo Investment (NASDAQ:AINV) and Ares Capital.