Send money Transfer

How to send money

Send money transfer in a person :

Sending money transfer in a person with Western Union is easy way .just send money in a few mints . Choose
service that’s best for you and follow the simple steps is below to find out how.

Send Money transfer any country in few minets :

T o send money Transfer requirements

1.Your original and valid government issued id ( CNIC ,NICOP , passport )
2.Your full legal name same as it appears on your ID
3.Required location
4.Receiver full name same as it appears on your iD :
5.The receiver address.
6.The relationship with the receiver .
7.The purpose of the transaction .
8. one Transaction limit is 300000 and this amount fee is 12100.
9. If send amount is increase in 300000 then send in personal account .this transaction is called tt ( Telegraphic truncation )
10. This transcation is send limit in 3 days
Money transfer requirements any country :

1. Search for an Agent location near about you

2. Complete the Send Money section of the form and choose Cash Pickup and Money in Minutes.

3. Give the Agent the completed form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee) in cash.

4. Save your receipt and share the tracking number (MTCN) with your receiver for pickup in same time.
The agent will give you the terms and conditions and disclaimers for review and tow receipts
you retain the receipt with agents stamp and signature for your record
the agent keeps the receipt with you signature and copy of the photo id you provided the money transfer