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Krantenartikel discriminatie in de sport betting

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Hence, the French definition prevents any fatty liver obtained by alternative methods to force-feeding from being considered or marketed as. A Recommendation from the Standing Committee of the European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes allows force-feeding only where currently practised, under the condition that research on alternative methods is encouraged. How does the Commission intend to ensure that national laws in.

EUR lag, beseitigt worden. Thus consumers bear the costs which should be borne by the suppliers and the special account for RES develops a deficit. In order to eliminate it, special measures are necessary, which however damage the RES market in the process. Does the Commission intend to work with the Greek authorities in order to establish an equitable system for sharing the additional cost of renewables, thereby also contributing to the credibility of the FiT system? Discussions on the cost of renewable energy and the financing of broader energy sector deficits are important and can be quite technical.

The appropriate means of incorporating merit order effects into the calculations is one important element which must be considered in such discussions. The elements the honourable Members raise are a part of the technical discussion currently underway in Greece on the reform of the various pricing and financing arrangements in the Greek energy sector overall. The Commission agrees that such efforts must ensure a fair representation and allocation of costs that minimises the burden to energy consumers.

The Commission will continue to work closely with the Greek authorities to further stabilise and reform the Greek support scheme for renewable energies. To this end the Commission has proposed to the Greek authorities a comprehensive technical assistance programme that could be launched soon.

It is a commercial display which charges customers to view exhibits made from human body parts. The organisers obtained these exhibits from China and one of the suppliers, Dalian Medical University, previously supplied at least two corpses with bullet holes in their skulls for an exhibition in The Chinese Bureau of Police may receive bodies from Chinese prisons. Premier cannot independently verify that the human remains you are viewing are not those of persons who were incarcerated in Chinese prisons.

Does the Commission agree that commercial exhibitions should not display, and profit from, the products of execution? The Commission does not have information regarding this exhibition and is not aware of the provenance of the human body parts used in it. On the wider issue of the disposal of the bodies of executed prisoners, the European External Action Service EEAS has raised the issue of organ harvesting with the Chinese authorities and raised concerns over the secrecy which surrounds both death penalty and organ transplant statistics.

I negoziati sul quadro finanziario pluriennale sono attualmente in corso. The negotiations on the next multi-annual financial framework are taking place against the background of the very severe economic crisis and with pressure for fiscal consolidation in all Member States.

In this context, certain cuts in the amounts proposed by the Commission had already been proposed by the Cyprus Presidency. The negotiations on the multi-annual financial framework are ongoing. The European Council has given a mandate to President Van Rompuy, together with the President of the Commission, to continue the work and pursue consultations to find a consensus among the Member States over the multi-annual financial framework for the period An adequate level of financing is essential for the common agricultural policy in order to be able to undertake an ambitious reform and hence for European agriculture to effectively face its future challenges and to provide a fair standard of living for the agricultural community throughout the European Union.

Zadeva: Sistem faktorjev nacionalne razvitosti. Sistem faktorjev nacionalne razvitosti ang. National prosperity factors determine the level of EU funding for less prosperous regions and are based on calculations of the level of development of both the region and the Member State.

In the negotiations for the next multiannual financial framework the Cypriot Presidency proposed lowering these factors. Initial calculations by the Member States show that the overall effect of the proposed changes to these factors would have a disproportionate impact on the regions of various Member States.

The European Parliament had no opportunity to debate the changes to the formulas for calculating national prosperity factors and the consequences of those changes, even though they quite clearly fall under the area of cohesion policy, where the European Parliament has the power of co-decision.

What are the Council's reasons for supporting these proposed changes, which clearly run counter to the European idea of solidarity? Negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework are continuing to take place within the Council, so it is not in a position to anticipate their outcome. Komisija se je seznanila s predlogi ciprskega predsedstva za Svet only in the heading. Given that these proposals have come from the Cypriot Council Presidency, what is the Commission's position on them?

What are the Commission's reasons for supporting these proposed changes, which clearly run counter to the European idea of solidarity? In its proposal for the Multi-annual Financial Framework MFF , the Commission has adjusted the various quantitative elements underpinning the calculation of financial allocations in order to ensure a balanced proposal given the budgetary constraints.

The Commission took note of the proposals by the Cyprus Presidency of the Council. It has to be noted that the final values of the national prosperity factors, and of the other elements determining the level of the allocations, will only be determined at the end of the MFF negotiations, in which the European Parliament is fully engaged. The Commission has proposed an objective allocation calculation method for less-developed regions which takes into account both regional and national prosperity, together with the unemployment level.

Depending on the regions' characteristics and its evolution, this can lead to reductions of the regional allocations in comparison to the period. Esto puede desencadenar un conflicto armado en toda la zona. Ashton con responder de forma proporcionada? La Sra. The latest attacks on Gaza have killed a hundred Palestinians, including children, and three Israelis.

This could spark off an armed conflict throughout the zone. Europe also urged Israel to ensure that its response is proportionate. The Ministers for Foreign Affairs will analyse the situation at the next meeting of the Council. What exactly does Baroness Ashton mean by a proportionate response? Does her concept of a proportionate response include the ground invasion planned by Israel? Does she consider the State of Israel to be defending itself when it uses highly superior weapons to bomb occupied territory where civilians live?

How does European diplomacy intend to intervene to prevent further attacks by Israel and Palestine? Has it yet deployed any aid services for refugees? Whilst recognising the right of Israel to protect its population, the FAC furthermore stressed, without elaborating further, that in doing so it must act proportionately and ensure the protection of civilians at all times.

The EU also stressed the need for all sides to fully respect international humanitarian law. One of the most perverse effects of the current economic crisis is that it is causing poverty to increase within our societies. Over the last few months we have witnessed a worrying increase in social inequality in many EU Member States.

Furthermore, the destruction of jobs has brought many families to a state of despair and has significantly increased the risk of social exclusion. Is the Commission considering the possibility of setting up a special fund to help combat poverty and social exclusion at European level? What specific action has the Commission taken in order to stimulate communities which are socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion, with a view to combating and preventing unemployment and hence poverty?

Solving this problem is essential if the EU's social-cohesion and employment objectives are to be achieved. To what extent will the package of social-investment measures which the Commission is due to launch at the start of next year help to eradicate child poverty? Tackling unemployment and the social consequences of the crisis is one of the five priorities identified in the Annual Growth Survey. The Social Investment Package, which will be adopted in early , will focus on children and include a Commission recommendation on child poverty.

The latter will propose common principles in the areas of support for families access to the labour market for parents and income support , services childcare, education, healthcare, housing and social services and children's participation. It will also provide support to the social integration of persons placed the furthest away from the labour market where they cannot sufficiently benefit from activation measures under the ESF.

The CDTI classified the repayable advances solely as grants, rather than calculating the gross grant equivalent, as specified in more than 12 different places in the Community framework and regulation. So far the company has received public grants amounting to only Therefore, if aid is granted through a combination of non-repayable grants and repayable instruments such as loans, the granting authorities should ensure that the sum of the value of the non-repayable grants and of the grant equivalent of the repayable aid instruments stays below the thresholds specified for the relevant type of aid, e.

As to the allegedly insufficient support granted to ICTINEU, the Commission emphasises that the national granting authorities remain free to grant lower amounts, including by taking into account the nominal value of repayable aid instruments when different aid instruments are combined.

Does the Commission plan to address, within the remit of its negotiating mandate, the use of the. To what extent does the Commission consider this blatant extension of fiscal reach beyond the boundaries of its jurisdiction a barrier to EU exports? The High level Working Group has been looking into the details of all areas and is looking forward to issuing a final report soon.

Work done so far has been of a preparatory nature, and details of various areas will have to be dealt with during negotiations, should the decision be taken to launch such negotiations. The specific point the Honourable Member is referring to has so far not been dealt with in the context of the preparatory work of the High Level Working Group. It will have to be decided in which manner this point should be analysed and tackled. Oggetto: Condizioni estremamente deplorevoli dei canili municipali in Romania.

Recentemente sono state sottoposte all'attenzione dell'interrogante le misere condizioni dei canili municipali in Romania. Le associazioni animaliste temono fortemente che questi canili violino i diritti degli animali nell'UE. Ma le preoccupazioni aumentano una volta che i cani si trovano nei canili municipali, che sono costituiti da recinti di piccole dimensioni, all'aperto e chiusi su ogni lato. I canili non sono riscaldati e pertanto durante l'inverno l'acqua a disposizione dei cani congela, tanto che gli animali corrono il rischio di morire per disidratazione, fame e freddo.

Quali azioni intende intraprendere al fine di accrescere il benessere degli animali in Romania? The extremely poor standard of municipal dog pounds in Romania has recently been brought to my attention. According to reports, the Romanian authorities employ cruel tactics to catch stray dogs. Such concerns are multiplied, however, once the dogs have been brought to the municipal dog pounds, which are small, outdoor, fenced-off enclosures. As the facilities have no heating, any water the dogs receive freezes over in the winter, so that dogs are likely to die from dehydration, hunger and cold.

In Romania, dog owners are not registered, and there are no laws requiring the identification of all owned and abandoned dogs. This makes it difficult to determine whether a dog is owned, abandoned or stray. The Convention, which entered into force in Romania in , highlights the moral obligation to respect all living creatures.

Is the Commission aware of the inhumane conditions found at Romanian municipal dog pounds? The Commission has no specific role regarding the way animal shelters are managed by the national competent authorities.

The Commission will, of course, be aware of negative sentiment in the UK from its own sources. Does the Commission consider that it will be better able to carry out its objective of building an ever closer union without the hostile presence, veto and voting weight of the UK?

Oggetto: Transito merci sulle infrastrutture transalpine: posizione di svantaggio dell'Italia. Tuttavia, la presentazione di un secondo studio sull'inquinamento dell'aria, che portava risultati molto differenti e meno negativi rispetto a quelli presentati dalla prefettura dell'Alta Savoia, unitamente all'incongruenza logica di esentare da tale divieto il traffico merci con destinazione nella sola Valle dell'Arve, hanno portato al ritiro della richiesta.

La Commissione segue con attenzione le questioni relative al traffico transalpino. Secondo le informazioni di cui dispone la Commissione, i pedaggi da pagare e i divieti di circolazione sulle infrastrutture di transito alpine si applicano nello stesso modo a tutti gli autotrasportatori, a prescindere dal paese di origine. Italy is separated from the rest of Europe by the Alps, which puts the Italian haulage industry at a distinct disadvantage compared with other Member States;.

Will the Commission say what it intends to do to protect Italy, whose market is at risk of being increasingly marginalised compared with the markets of other Member States, hamstrung by rules and arbitrary taxes which in practice affect only Italy? Given that it is increasingly necessary and right to replace the commercial vehicles on the roads, on environmental grounds, does the Commission intend to make resources available to businesses to help them buy new, less polluting vehicles?

The Commission is closely following transalpine traffic issues. According to the Commission's information, the charges to be paid and the traffic bans on Alpine transit routes apply equally to all hauliers regardless of their country of origin. Oggetto: Crisi del settore delle macchine per costruzioni e revisione della legislazione in materia.

Ritiene che la proposta in oggetto possa essere analizzata entro la fine dell'attuale legislatura? La Commissione si trova ora nella fase finale di preparazione di una proposta relativa a un nuovo regolamento a se stante sulla sorveglianza del mercato. In view of all the above, we wish to put the following questions to the Commission:.

Given the difficulties faced by the European construction machinery industry, what is the timescale for the submission of the above proposal? Does the Commission believe that it will be possible to examine the proposal before the end of the current parliamentary term?

The construction machinery industry risks suffering irreparable damage as a result of the paucity of resources made available by the market surveillance authorities and customs services. Considering that, on a number of occasions, the industry has proposed various solutions to the problem, can the Commission, starting from these suggestions, indicate whether it considers it appropriate to harmonise penalties, ensure that resources and personnel are deployed in the field and at borders, and establish a single IT alert system which economic operators can access in order to report the presence of machinery which does not comply with the law?

Can the Commission indicate whether it shares this view? Market surveillance is the component that underpins the whole of the regulatory framework for the marketing of products. It is the last link in a chain of elements which ensures:. The Commission is now in the final stage of preparation of a proposal for a new stand-alone Regulation on Market Surveillance. It paves the way for a more collaborative, joined-up system of market surveillance and will lay foundations at Union level that bring clarity and real purpose to the legal framework.

The Commission, however, does not intend to propose a harmonisation of penalties since this area is the exclusive competence of Member States. As to the establishment of a single IT alert system, the Commission would like to stress that already under the current legislation economic operators have the obligation to inform authorities of the irregularities they witness.

Thus, the Commission's aim is indeed adoption by the legislator during the current Parliamentary term. Bovendien zou het gebruik van de achtermistlichten in files tot problemen leiden, omdat achterliggers hierdoor verblind kunnen worden. Dit zou kunnen worden opgelost door aan automobilisten, wanneer zij in de file staan, de mogelijkheid te geven de achtermistlichten te doven. Zal de Commissie een initiatief nemen om het gebruik van mistlichten te harmoniseren?

Zoals het geachte Parlementslid opmerkt, wordt het gebruik van mistlichten geregeld bij nationale wetgeving. Het is de Commissie niet bekend dat het incorrecte gebruik van achtermistlichten, met name in files, een probleem vormt voor de verkeersveiligheid. Moreover, the use of rear fog lights in traffic jams is said to cause problems because drivers of following vehicles may be blinded by them. This problem could be solved by allowing drivers to switch off their rear fog lights when they are in traffic jams.

Is the Commission aware of the problems that can be caused by the use of rear fog lights in traffic jams? As the Honourable Member points out, the use of fog lights is regulated in national legislation. The Commission is not aware that the incorrect use of rear fog lights, particularly in traffic jams, constitutes a problem for road safety. In caso affermativo, quali azioni intende intraprendere? In the light of the above, does the Commission not consider that the relevant authorities should move as quickly as possible to recycle the asbestos dumped illegally at the Paese refuse site, in line with the Community regulations on landfill waste and water protection?

If so, what action does it plan to take? Such requirements are mainly aimed at preventing emissions into the air when asbestos waste is landfilled and at ensuring its adequate coverage after landfilling. According to our information no EU Member State has set a threshold value for asbestos. As the removal and further processing of asbestos could lead to more significant health risks than leaving it in the landfill this option is in principle not advisable.

Nevertheless the Commission will contact the Italian authorities in order to receive clarification concerning the legal status of the landfill in question and the potential risks of the landfill on groundwater bodies.

Asunto: Vertido de aguas residuales no tratadas en Laguna de Duero. The town council is therefore fully aware of the situation and knows that this discharge of waste water is illegal. This pollution of a nature protection site represents a serious infringement by the Laguna de Duero Town Council, which is fully aware that it is in breach of two EU directives and two national laws.

Will the Commission take the necessary action to ensure that the Laguna del Duero TownCouncil puts an end to the discharge of untreated waste water once and for all? The Commission is not aware of the situation referred to by the Honourable Member. The Commission intends to request the Spanish authorities to provide detailed information on the provision of waste water treatment services in the area concerned in order to ascertain whether Laguna de Duero has to be considered an agglomeration under the terms of the directive and, therefore, is subject to all relevant obligations.

When the information is received, the Commission will assess whether any particular action is needed. Entre y lo que llevamos de miles de kurdos han sido detenidos bajo todo tipo de acusaciones por el simple hecho de ser kurdos. As many as Kurdish political prisoners in 56 different prisons throughout Turkey have joined the strike, calling also for the release of Abdullah Ocalan.

The strategy of confrontation implemented by the Communist Party of Kurdistan PKK was unilaterally abandoned in , demonstrating its political will to reach a peaceful agreement. However, in response to this, the Turkish Government is pursuing a strategy of repression against a new generation of activists who were born in the years after the war in the s.

Since , thousands of Kurds have been arrested on all kinds of charges, due to the mere fact of being Kurds. The degree of repression of any expression of Kurdish identity by the Turkish authorities is such that there are hundreds of young Kurds imprisoned for almost no reason, which is a flagrant violation of the human rights of the Kurdish community, not to mention a process of ethnic persecution. Is she monitoring the situation of the people on hunger strike? Will she bring some kind of pressure to bear on the Turkish Government to ensure that the human rights of the Kurdish people are respected?

She very much welcomes the end of the hunger strike. The South-East needs peace, democracy and stability as well as social, economic and cultural development. This can only be achieved via consensus over concrete measures expanding the social, economic and cultural rights of the people living in the region. There will be dynamite blasting and heavy machinery on site, bringing with them air pollution and increased noise levels.

These important natural resources must be conserved and authorising the quarry entails a breach of the various laws protecting them. Is the Commission planning to contact the authorities concerned to ensure they comply with the aforementioned legislation? The Commission considers that the procedures required by EU environmental legislation have been followed. There is no reason to conclude that there has been a breach of the Habitats Directive and the Commission does not intend to contact the authorities concerned or take any further measure at this stage.

Does the Council support this resolution? Will the Council convey the views of the Member States and demand that the United States end this embargo? The European Union and its Member States have regularly expressed their opposition to the extraterritorial application of the United States embargo, such as that contained in the Cuban Democracy Act of and the Helms-Burton Act of Following the discussion, the Council took note of the intention of the High Representative to start preparing the drafting of negotiating directives, to be submitted to the Council for approval, with a view to a possible EU-Cuba bilateral agreement.

Its repeal would require the unanimous agreement of all Member States. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta Sra. Posteriormente, la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta dio instrucciones a los servicios para que comenzaran a redactar directrices para un posible acuerdo bilateral con Cuba. The European Union believes that the United States trade policy towards Cuba is fundamentally a bilateral issue.

Notwithstanding, the European Union and its Member States have been clearly expressing their opposition to the extraterritorial extension of the United States embargo, such as that contained in the Cuban Democracy Act of and the Helms-Burton Act of Nuo m. According to this line of reasoning, other methods are doomed to fail, because Iran has no intention of engaging in serious negotiations and only wishes to buy time to allow its scientists to progress towards the building of the bomb.

This view of the matter ignores the Iranian position and downplays any proposed alternative solution. Such proposals have indeed been put forward: two years ago, Iran agreed to a plan by Turkey and Brazil, whereby these countries would receive nuclear material from Iran, which they would enrich within the limitations of civilian use and then return to Iran. Last year, Russia put forward a plan that imposed restrictions on Iran with regards to enriching uranium, coupled with more probing inspections on the part of the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA.

There is no report of any European stance on this proposal. But any agreement that includes this requirement must also include a list of clearly-defined steps that Iran must take in order for the sanctions to be progressively lifted. The EU is determined to work towards a diplomatic solution on the basis of the double-track approach which combines pressure with dialogue. The objective remains to engage Iran in a serious effort of confidence building, guided by the principles of reciprocity and step by step, leading to meaningful negotiations on the nuclear programme.

The diplomatic efforts are ongoing. The objective is to achieve a long-term comprehensive settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue. It is up to Iran to act responsibly and restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear programme so that sanctions could be finished. Iran has failed to give any signal that it is ready to seriously address the most urgent concerns regarding its nuclear programme.

The latest IAEA report confirmed that the Iranian nuclear programme and particularly its enrichment activities are expanding. In addition Iran refuses to cooperate with the IAEA to resolve outstanding issues, including those pointing to a possible military dimension.

The Commission is currently working on the preparation of a comprehensive consultation of stakeholders and interested parties on the safety of services, with a focus on tourism-related services. The consultation, expected in , will address specific service sectors, including tourism accommodation fire safety.

It will be the framework to consult on a set of diverse policy options, to identify gaps in existing legislation, as well as to collect information on the implementation of national rules, initiatives and best practices. The consultation will support the Commission in assessing the added value of any initiative at European level and its results will be informing and influencing the subsequent actions in the field of service safety.

Any more detailed commitment at this stage would be premature. Oggetto: Unioni civili e reato di bigamia nei paesi dell'UE che non prevedono le unioni registrate. A number of EU Member States have adopted legislation recognising and regulating de facto unions or registered partnerships, between both heterosexual and homosexual couples. In addition, under such legislation it is considered a bigamous offence for someone to register another partnership or contract a marriage while they are already married or in a partnership that has already been registered.

Given that not all EU Member States regulate registered partnerships, can the Commission say how it thinks cases should be regulated where someone who is in a registered partnership in one Member State subsequently contracts a marriage in another Member State where registered partnerships are not recognised?

Does the Commission think it should regulate such cases in order to protect the citizens of Member States where registered partnerships are not recognised? Today the recognition of a registered partnership in another Member State than the Member States where the partnership was registered is governed by the national law of Member States.

Failure to take the necessary measures is an indication of inadequate crisis management and is slowing down economic recovery, with unacceptable social consequences. In the absence of EU harmonisation regarding national measures in this area, European countries such as France have imposed a provisional ban on the eviction of vulnerable members of society.

At the same time, ways are being discussed of providing public assistance to those affected by evictions, for example the provision of rented social housing. In view of the growing number of evictions in various Member States such as Spain and the drastic social consequences of this:. Is the Commission envisaging harmonised measures in line with IMF recommendations with regard to the formulation and implementation of measures at national level to prevent evictions? What measures is the Commission taking or is able to take to ensure that Member States are able to prevent excessive household mortgage debt?

What measures can the Commission recommend to encourage Member States to assist those affected by evictions, helping them to recover financially and defend their right to decent housing? The Commission shares the concerns about the social implications of the current crisis. The issue of evictions has recently gained particular attention in Spain, with the adoption of new legislation introducing a two-year moratorium on evictions for particularly vulnerable groups.

Given the large differences across Member States in terms of the severity of the challenge and the institutional and legal setting, it does not appear advisable or possible to impose a harmonised approach in this area. Accordingly, in the framework of the European Semester country specific recommendations have been addressed to a number of Member States, including Spain, which can help prevent excessive mortgage debt taking in the future, e.

More details about these country specific recommendations could be found at the following websites:. This region has long had the highest unemployment rate in the Czech Republic. Is the Commission aware of this situation, and how does it intend to tackle this threat? The Commission is aware of the bleak social situation in the Ustecky and Moravskoslezsky regions. However, the Commission fails to see any direct connection between the divestment of the Detmarovice plant by CEZ and the employment rate in the lignite mining sector in North-West Bohemia.

According to the Commission's information, the demand for lignite in the Czech Republic exceeds supply and there appears to be no reason why jobs in lignite mining should be at risk. In reply to the market test, the Commission received seven responses. Five do not question selling the Detmarovice power plant as a suitable remedy.

In addition, the process of negotiating the remedies is not over. The Commission is still analysing the generation assets proposed for commitments. If the Commission takes the view that any of the assets propsed by CEZ do not represent suitable remedies to the competition concerns, they would not be accepted as commitments.

The Commission has no power to control statements made by third parties, even if they are subject to the Commission's investigation. Currently, the Commission is assessing whether they would represent a suitable remedy for the suspected infringement. If the Commission concludes that this is the case, the commitments would be made legally binding upon CEZ. This bill would entail fundamental institutional change.

The scope of the proposal includes the competition authority and goes well beyond streamlining and simplifying sectoral regulatory bodies, which tend to concentrate their work in major areas. Merging all the regulatory bodies with the competition authority compromises the principle of speciality, which is essential for sectoral regulation, and the principle of specification, which is necessary for substantially developing competition policy.

Combining roles limits regulatory independence and obstructs structured cooperation in the European Union by changing the framework that is essential for effective regulatory work to take place. This would all be to the detriment of consumers, who benefit from regulation.

Does the Commission think that merging such diverse entities with varying competencescould lead to failures, inefficiency and conflicts of interest, to the detriment of regulatorywork? Does the Commission think that it would be of benefit for the authorities which make upthe European Competition Network to have a specific and distinct role, as well as beingcompletely independent?

Following its adoption by the Council of Ministers, the draft law has been submitted to the Parliament for adoption. The restructuring of different sector specific regulators in a single authority may be efficient in view of the increasing convergence between such sectors i.

Several regulatory authorities have the responsibility to apply competition law in their sector i. It is however important to ensure that the result of this reorganisation does not compromise the independence of the regulators. Independent, efficient, and adequately resourced regulators are critical to the effective functioning of the single market. The Commission will not hesitate to take action when restructuring jeopardises independence, regulatory capacity and efficiency of the authorities, thus compromising the single market.

Cephalopod fishing started in Mauritania in Since then, cephalopod stocks have been fished not only by the Mauritanian fleet but also by Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Libyan and Chinese vessels. This will have a major impact in Galicia Spain. Recent industry reports and reports by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography point to an upturn in cephalopod stocks since The STECF report also notes that the Mauritanian fleet consists of artisanal canoes and of freezer trawlers from other countries, now fishing under the Mauritanian flag.

Spanish freezer trawlers account for just one eighth of that reflagged fleet. At a recent meeting between NGOs and representatives of the Mauritanian fisheries industry, criticisms were levelled at the fact that Chinese trawlers were operating under the Mauritanian flag on the basis of a private sector agreement between Mauritania and the Chinese company Poly Hondone.

That meeting recommended that there should be no discrimination between foreign fleets and that the agreements, and fishing operations in Mauritanian waters, needed to be transparent. Can the Commission corroborate the reports indicating an upturn in stocks from onwards? Will the Commission call for transparency in both public and private fisheries agreements in Mauritania? The Commission is aware of the fact that cephalopods are a short-life-cycle stock and may increase their biomass if appropriate management measures, such as proposed in the last IEO study, are applied.

It is therefore not excluded that stock has improved since the negotiation. Various organisations linked to the fishing sector in Mauritius have expressed concern at the way in which negotiations have been conducted in the run-up to the signing of the new Fisheries Partnership Agreement and the new Protocol between the European Union and the Republic of Mauritius.

They claim that there has been a lack of transparency and consultation with stakeholders who use Mauritian maritime and fishery resources, with the aim of ensuring that the sustainability of those resources and the interests of all those involved are safeguarded and assessing the social impact of the initiative. Both the Aarhus Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters also relevant to fisheries, since natural resources are affected , which has been signed by the European Union, and Community legislation deriving from that Convention entail implementation of the notion of open and transparent public administration.

Our international and Community commitments require transparency and the dissemination of comprehensive environmental information. The right to environmental information is a public right and a democratic principle. Does the Commission believe that the process of negotiations on the new Fisheries Partnership Agreement and the new Fisheries Protocol between the European Union and the Republic of Mauritius was conducted transparently, providing an opportunity for those concerned to be consulted?

The Commission attaches great importance to transparency in each step of the process of negotiation of Fishery partnership agreements FPA. To this end, before negotiating with third countries an external independent evaluation is prepared, providing an opportunity for all those concerned to be consulted.

At institutional level, the services of the Ministry in charge of fisheries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also perfectly aware of the objectives of the FPA and were given a copy of the ex-ante evaluation study, which is also published on the Internet site of the Commission. Can the Commission specify whether it has already received a response from the Spanish authorities?

If it has not, can the Commission give details about the time frame within which it expects to receive a response? In addition, as the Commission has indicated, there are also doubts about whether the right of access to environmental information and the right of public participation in decision-making have been infringed.

Has the Commission also taken into account the fulfilment or otherwise of requirements relating to access to information and public participation when requesting information from the Spanish authorities? According to estimates by the International Energy Agency, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel consumption at global level reached a record high of At the same time, a study by the World Meteorological Organisation has arrived at the same conclusion, emphasising that the planet is now starting to lose the ability to absorb the surplus carbon dioxide.

What is its response to these data? Does it consider that they indicate the need for a policy review, in order to reduce emissions at European and international level? What is its response to the considerable increase in combustion plants at global level?

Does it have estimates of the impact on global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Are new plants being constructed within Europe to replace existing plants? What is the planning framework for their construction? Does it share the view expressed in the W. If so, how does it intend to react? This data is similar to recent projections in the World Energy Outlook by the International Energy Agency IEA regarding the amount of newly built coal capacity between now and if no additional action is undertaken globally compared to measures foreseen at present.

Part of this newly installed capacity would replace existing capacity, but overall it would result in a continued increase of electricity production with coal. This is clearly not in line with the 2C objective, and therefore continued efforts are needed to further reduce emissions. On the other hand, a capacity of approximatly 34 gigawatts is planned for retirement in the period of to The planning framework for new plants in most Member States usually is longer than five years.

At the international level, these unsustainable trends will have to be reversed as part of the next round of climate change negotiations to be completed in Is the Commission able to make an assessment of the degree to which trapping takes place on the territory of the British Sovereign Bases, which are not part of the European Union, and is the Commission content with the degree of cooperation being provided by the police and administration of the Sovereign Bases?

However, recent data shows an alarming upward trend of trapping practices. The Commission is concerned that the number of birds affected by illegal practices is still extremely high in Cyprus and in the Sovereign British Areas SBA. The Cypriot and UK authorities have informed the Commission of some concrete measures taken to curb the problem.

These include the well-established collaboration between the Cypriot and the SBA administration, a better cooperation with stakeholders, more effective controls and sanctions, and awareness-raising. The Commission is of the opinion that these measures go in the right direction but will assess the forthcoming report containing autumn monitoring data on trapping activities before determining whether further action is needed. What is the Commission doing to assess the development of instruments that might be used to ensure that CO 2 -related factors are taken into account when determining the terms of trade with countries outside the European Union?

Global trade is a key driver for growth and jobs, and an important avenue for moving to a low-carbon economy. Trade liberalisation in energy efficient and climate friendly goods and services can bring an important contribution to the fight against climate change by fostering the deployment of low emission technologies. The EU is pursuing this both through the multilateral avenue e. They are also confirming the sovereign right of Parties to take legislative and regulatory measures necessary to achieve climate change related objectives on the basis of the level of protection that they deem appropriate.

Can the Commission confirm that EC regulations requiring the licensing of potato varieties, at some expense, have led to a reduction in the range of seed potatoes available for sale, including older. Has the Commission made any assessment of the number of varieties that may have disappeared from sale? Does the Commission plan to propose changes to the current arrangements so as to maintain the diversity of potato varieties? The Commission has not undertaken any study to assess the number of potato varieties that may have disappeared from the market.

The Commission can only state that since approximately potato varieties were deleted from the Common Catalogue. The legislation on the marketing of plant reproductive material is currently under review. Comment se positionne le nouveau commissaire sur cette question? The Cosmetics Directive provides a regulatory framework for the phasing-out of animal testing. It establishes a ban on testing finished cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients on animals testing ban and a ban on marketing in the European Union finished cosmetic products and ingredients included in cosmetic products which were tested on animals marketing ban.

However, in the latter case the directive provides for a cut-off date of six years after entry into force of the directive, i. The marketing ban will apply step by step as alternative methods are validated and adopted in EU legislation with due regard to the OECD validation process. This marketing ban was to be introduced within a maximum of six years after the entry into force of the directive, i. The Commission is currently studying the effects which will ensue if the ban comes into force in without alternative methods having been developed, and has announced that it will decide on the approach to adopt on the basis of a full impact assessment.

Postponing the deadline for entry into force of the ban would in my view be unacceptable and unjustifiable. How far has the Commission got with its assessment? What is the new Commissioner's position on this issue? This obviously causes inconvenience and involves costs relating to the administrative formalities involved, which vary from one Member State to the next. Does the Commission not agree that legislation should be adopted to allow EU citizens to use driving licences obtained in one Member State in all other Member States too, irrespective of any changes of residency?

Driving licences shall be mutually recognised by all Member States. Once a driving licence expires, its renewal can take place in the Member State of normal residency. Di conseguenza, tali tessuti devono essere rimossi dalla filiera dei mangimi e degli alimenti per proteggere la salute del pubblico e degli animali dal rischio di BSE.

Tali pareri sono ripetutamente giunti alla conclusione che non era possibile ritenere negligibile l'esposizione umana ai patogeni contenuti negli intestini di bovini anche in caso di esclusione dell'ileo. Considerato quanto sopra, la Commissione ha chiesto all'EFSA di riesaminare sul piano quantitativo il rischio di BSE derivante dagli intestini bovini, freschi o insaccati.

Il parere finale dell'EFSA dovrebbe essere disponibile entro il febbraio e servire da base per un'eventuale revisione delle regole unionali in tema di SRM. Pajata sauce is a speciality of traditional Roman cuisine, used to flavour rigatoni and made from veal offal. From to the present, with the gradual disappearance of mad cow disease, the list of banned products has been revised several times.

The method usually adopted has been to raise the age limit for slaughter, allowing use of parts coming from animals younger than that limit. Consequently, these tissues must be removed from the food and feed chain to protect public and animal health against the risk of BSE. These opinions consistently concluded that it was not possible to consider as negligible the human exposure from bovine intestines, even when the ileum was excluded. Moreover, EFSA emphasised the need to strengthen the methodology of existing quantitative studies and a number of recommendations were made on the topics that should be addressed in future studies on the subject.

In view of the above, the Commission has requested EFSA to re-assess quantitatively the BSE risk posed by bovine intestines, fresh or after processing into casings. This assessment will be based on an update of existing quantitative models and will take into account any new scientific data available on infectivity of bovine tissues and the current data prevalence as regards BSE in EU.

Eppure, i civili continuano a subire le penose conseguenze dei costanti scontri e dell'insicurezza, dovendo far fronte a gravi carenze alimentari e alla mancanza di un'assistenza sanitaria adeguata e di altri servizi di base.

According to a number of reports, the Sudanese Government is perpetrating acts which violate the most fundamental human rights in the areas at war in Southern Kordofan, which is currently controlled by the SPLM-North liberation movement. Considering that the Government denies the existence of the problem and is preventing the international community from delivering humanitarian aid;. However, civilians are continuing to suffer immensely from the ongoing fighting and insecurity, experiencing serious food shortages and lack of adequate healthcare and other basic services.

Occorre ancora intraprendere una riforma globale del sistema carcerario e adottare la legge quadro sul gratuito patrocinio. Come commenta la Commissione quanto riportato dalla stampa bosniaca, in netto contrasto con quanto sostenuto nel suo rapporto?

In aggiunta, la Commissione sostiene la costruzione di un carcere statale di massima sicurezza con due sovvenzioni per un importo complessivo di 9,15 milioni di euro. The Bosnian Minister of Justice, Zoran Mikulic, has disclosed to local newspapers that hundreds of individuals who have been sentenced for crimes of various kinds are still at large because there are no prison places available in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina the Bosnian state with a Croat-Muslim majority.

Among them there are 58 who are mentally disturbed and committed a crime while suffering from a mental illness, for whom there are no suitable healthcare facilities. Another serious problem is the fact that convicted individuals have absconded. The new psychiatric facility in Sokolac is not operational yet.

A comprehensive reform of the prison system remains outstanding. Adoption of the framework law on free legal aid is still pending. The Commission is aware of the difficulties encountered by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina FBiH in the execution of criminal sanctions. This issue, along with related problems of prison facilities, human rights, prison personnel and others, have consistently been raised with the relevant interlocutors, also in the framework of the EU-BiH Structured Dialogue on Justice directly with the FBiH Minister of Justice Mikulic.

The Commission has requested that competent authorities do all that is in their powers to guarantee timely solutions and sustainable alignment of the system to relevant international and European standards. The Commission will continue to engage and report on these matters, in addition to continuing targeted assistance through the Instrument for Pre-Accession. Oggetto: Fondi europei alle famiglie mafiose.

Tra questi il fratello di un noto boss mafioso siciliano, in carcere da 4 anni, che ha ricevuto tali fondi dal al ; un altro riceveva ingenti somme europee, nonostante fosse anch'egli in carcere e avesse presentato le richieste attraverso associazioni di categoria. Conformemente al principio della gestione concorrente [regolamento CE n. According to the press, members of organised criminal groups in Italy have received European farm payments. Considering that payments from European funds cannot be made to persons who are under special surveillance or have been convicted of belonging to the mafia, can the Commission indicate:.

Whether the Commission has a monitoring system which checks that funds are properly managed, from the authorisation of payments through to the end user? On the other side, the Commission, in the context of its role in the management of the CAP, audits the management and control systems put in place by the Member States in order to verify their compliance with EU rules.

Individual transactions which give raise to suspicion of fraud or irregularity are investigated by OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office of the European Commission, in the context of its specific role. In any case, the Commission will follow up on the issue raised by the Honourable Member with the competent Italian authorities. EU Loan Guarantee Facility. There has long been no doubt about its value both for individuals and society as a whole.

Mobility is very important for ensuring that as many students as possible, particularly from poorer economic sections, have access to quality education. However, many different student organisations have already expressed their concern about this facility, which may not perhaps achieve its objective of giving young people a better life, but do even more damage.

Firstly, because this loan scheme will not be attractive to students from lower economic backgrounds, and will instead serve as additional aid for students who already have the opportunity to be mobile. Secondly, it is possible that this facility will exacerbate brain drain. The student will therefore be forced to choose the country in which he sees better prospects, perhaps not the one which most needs the knowledge he has gained. Thirdly, young people at the moment face a huge unemployment problem.

In a mood of desperation with the expectation that on completion of their Masters studies they will perhaps get a better job, students will therefore grab this opportunity without even thinking about the fact that they will have to pay back the loan they have taken out, and this will only increase debt among young people even more. Does the Commission believe that such a loan scheme will encourage brain drain because it will not be in the interests of students from poorer EU Member States to return to their native country as it will be more difficult or simply impossible for them to honour their financial obligations there?

Could the Commission say whether, prior to offering this scheme, there were consultations with those very students who may be directly affected by this loan instrument? The Commission proposes that the Student Loan Guarantee Facility should be delivered in such a way as to ensure that it is accessible to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. By removing the usual requirements for collateral or parental guarantees, it will be particularly helpful for such students by opening up access to forms of finance which are currently denied to them.

Only one country in the European Higher Education Area Norway currently has a balance between incoming and outgoing student flows. The Student Loan Guarantee Facility is targeted at a group of graduate students which will amount to less than 0.

Therefore while it will have a significant impact on the opportunities for the graduates involved, it will not affect student flows overall. Stakeholder groups have been involved in the development of the proposal at all stages since the idea emerged in Students and their representative bodies participated in an international policy conference, European and national events, as well as workshops and interviews as part of the feasibility study for the instrument.

A Eurobarometer interviewed 57 young people on mobility and barriers to mobility, identifying access to finance as one of the major difficulties faced by young people who wanted to be mobile. The Commission believes that the size of loan should be agreed between the student and the financial intermediary, taking account of the student's needs during their study period in the host country and respecting the limits of the guarantee referred to by the Honourable Member.

Am Ist diese Annahme zutreffend? The following issue arises in connection with any decision by local authorities to purchase such areas for redevelopment from the BImA Institute for Federal Real Estate :. Is this assumption correct? State aid rules apply to all undertakings, which are defined as all entities engaged in an economic activity irrespective of their legal status. Therefore, State financing of an economic activity performed by a city, such as offering social housing, can also constitute state aid.

Social housing can indeed be defined as a service of general economic interest, to which the SGEI Decision applies. It requires that a provider be entrusted with a specific task, which qualifies as an SGEI and which the provider is obliged to perform. The decision also contains detailed rules on the amount the provider may receive for performing the SGEI, most notably that the compensation parameters have to be set out clearly in advance and that the compensation cannot go beyond the net costs of the public service obligation, including a reasonable profit for the provider.

In principle, the national authorities can decide the form of state aid they want to grant to compensate for those costs, as long the compensation mechanism is set out in the entrustment act and the amount of aid is precisely quantified so as to ensure that it does not go beyond those costs. In any case, the application of the SGEI decision to the case mentioned by the Honourable Member presupposes that all the requirements of the decision are fulfilled. In that case, the measure does not need to be notified under EU State aid rules.

SVR now already reaches its peak TiMBL peaks a bit later at with And LP just mirrors its behaviour with unigrams. LP keeps its peak at 10, but now even lower than for the token n-grams However, all systems are in principle able to reach the same quality i. Even with an automatically selected number, LP already profits clearly And TiMBL is currently underperforming, but might be a challenger to SVR when provided with a better hyperparameter selection mechanism.

We will focus on the token n-grams and the normalized character 5-grams. As for systems, we will involve all five systems in the discussion. However, our starting point will always be SVR with token unigrams, this being the best performing combination. We will only look at the final scores for each combination, and forgo the extra detail of any underlying separate male and female model scores which we have for SVR and LP; see above. When we look at his tweets, we see a kind of financial blog, which is an exception in the population we have in our corpus.

The exception also leads to more varied classification by the different systems, yielding a wide range of scores. SVR tends to place him clearly in the male area with all the feature types, with unigrams at the extreme with a score of SVR with PCA on the other hand, is less convinced, and even classifies him as female for unigrams 1.

Figure 4 shows that the male population contains some more extreme exponents than the female population. The most obvious male is author , with a resounding Looking at his texts, we indeed see a prototypical young male Twitter user: the addressed topics mainly consist of soccer, gaming, school, and music all of which we will see again below, when examining the most gender From this point on in the discussion, we will present female confidence as positive numbers and male as negative.

All systems have no trouble recognizing him as a male, with the lowest scores around 1 for the top function words. If we look at the rest of the top males Table 2 , we may see more varied topics, but the wide recognizability stays. Unigrams are mostly closely mirrored by the character 5-grams, as could already be suspected from the content of these two feature types.

For the other feature types, we see some variation, but most scores are found near the top of the lists. Feature type Unigram 1: : : : : Bigram 1: : : : : Trigram 1: : : : : Skipgram 1: : : : : Char 5-gram 1: : : : : Top Function 4: : : : : On the female side, everything is less extreme. The best recognizable female, author , is not as focused as her male counterpart.

There is much more variation in the topics, but most of it is clearly girl talk of the type described in Section 5. In scores, too, we see far more variation. Even the character 5-grams have ranks up to 40 for this top Another interesting group of authors is formed by the misclassified ones. Taking again SVR on unigrams as our starting point, this group contains 11 males and 16 females.

We show the 5 most The dashed line represents the separation threshold, i. The dotted line represents exactly opposite scores for the two genders. With one exception author is recognized as male when using trigrams , all feature types agree on the misclassification. This may support ourhypothesis that allfeature types aredoingmore orlessthe same.

But it might alsomean that the gender just influences all feature types to a similar degree. In addition, the recognition is of course also influenced by our particular selection of authors, as we will see shortly. Apart from the general agreement on the final decision, the feature types vary widely in the scores assigned, but this also allows for both conclusions. The male which is attributed the most female score is author On re examination, we see a clearly male first name and also profile photo.

However, his Twitter network contains mostly female friends. This apparently colours not only the discussion topics, which might be expected, but also the general language use. The unigrams do not judge him to write in an extremely female way, but all other feature types do. When looking at his tweets, we This has also been remarked by Bamman et al.

There is an extreme number of misspellings even for Twitter , which may possibly confuse the systems models. The most extreme misclassification is reserved for a female, author This turns out to be Judith Sargentini, a member of the European Parliament, who tweets under the 14 Although clearly female, she is judged as rather strongly male In this case, it would seem that the systems are thrown off by the political texts.

If we search for the word parlement parliament in our corpus, which is used 40 times by Sargentini, we find two more female authors each using it once , as compared to 21 male authors with up to 9 uses. Apparently, in our sample, politics is a male thing. We did a quick spot check with author , a girl who plays soccer and is therefore also misclassified often; here, the PCA version agrees with and misclassified even stronger than the original unigrams versus.

In later research, when we will try to identify the various user types on Twitter, we will certainly have another look at this phenomenon. Are they mostly targeting the content of the tweets, i. In this section, we will attempt to get closer to the answer to this question. Again, we take the token unigrams as a starting point.

However, looking at SVR is not an option here. Because of the way in which SVR does its classification, hyperplane separation in a transformed version of the vector space, it is impossible to determine which features do the most work.

Instead, we will just look at the distribution of the various features over the female and male texts. Figure 5 shows all token unigrams. The ones used more by women are plotted in green, those used more by men in red. The position in the plot represents the relative number of men and women who used the token at least once somewhere in their tweets.

However, for classification, it is more important how often the token is used by each gender. We represent this quality by the class separation value that we described in Section 4. As the separation value and the percentages are generally correlated, the bigger tokens are found further away from the diagonal, while the area close to the diagonal contains mostly unimportant and therefore unreadable tokens.

On the female side, we see a representation of the world of the prototypical young female Twitter user. Itisaveryemotionalplace,withomg OhMyGod! And also some more negative emotions, such as haat hate and pijn pain. Next we see personal care, with nagels nails , nagellak nail polish , makeup makeup , mascara mascara , and krullen curls.

Clearly, shopping is also important, as is watching soaps on television gtst. The age is reconfirmed by the endearingly high presence of mama and papa. As for style, the only real factor is echt really. The word haar may be the pronoun her, but just as well the noun hair, and in both cases it is actually more related to the Identity disclosed with permission.

And by TweetGenie as well. An alternative hypothesis was that Sargentini does not write her own tweets, but assigns this task to a male press spokesperson. However, we received confirmation that she writes almost all her tweets herself Sargentini, personal communication. The font size of the words indicates to which degree they differentiate between the gender when also taking into account the relative frequencies of occurrence.

We do also see more expressions of self, with ik I and first person verbs such as wil want and heb have , but these are much less distinguishing. On the male side, we see a rather different world. Apart from bier beer , we see an enormous number of soccer-related words, with fifa at the most extreme, and then club names, scores, competitions, playing, winning, losing, etc. On the right edge of the plot, though, we do also observe some function words.

The location adverbs daar there and waar where appear to be a more male thing, as well as some prepositions like per per , bij at, near and voor for, before. Finally, mentioning other users is apparently more often done by men. For both genders, the tokens are dominated by the young person s world. It is no wonder that classifying different types of authors, such as politicians and financial bloggers, is more problematic. Although most distinguishing tokens appear to be related to content, we do observe some stylerelated tokens.

In Figure 6, we show a plot for the top function words or rather tokens , which was the only feature type focusing on style in our experiments. We can now observe various distinguishing tokens which were so far lost in the dense cloud of words. They correspond to what earlier research see Section 2 has observed. Females show more personal pronouns, such as the already mentioned ik I , but also me me and jou you , as well as the reduced possessive pronoun mn mijn; my.

Males write more objective structures, with the mentioned prepositions, andalsoarticleslikede the andeen a. Herewefindalsofindmorethirdpersonconstructions, with is is , hij he and zijn his, or plural are. Looking at the bigrams, which we will not plot here, we see a few more style-related constructions appearing. On the female side, we see niet meer not anymore , ik mis I miss and the On the male side, there are also mostly combinations of already observed unigrams, but also the more pragmatic ending of tweets with the word man, in man!

All in all, there appear to be quite a few features related to style after all. Furthermore, the top function words are doing quite well, with On the other hand, we cannot escape the impression that even these style features are more often related to what is being tweeted about, than to personal writing style. Conclusion and Future Work We have investigated how well the gender of authors on Twitter can be determined on the basis of token or character n-grams.

We find that recognition is possible with a high accuracy, up to Furthermore, some of the errors are probably related to the fact that the authors in question are different from the typical Twitter users dominating our data set. The best feature type for recognition appears to be the token unigrams, with the most distinguishing tokens linked to the typical activities of the dominant Twitter users. As for classification systems, Support Vector Regression clearly performs best with all feature types.

During our investigation into gender recognition, we have also experimented with the use of Principal Component Analysis as a preprocessing step to classification. It was already known that this step was necessary for k-nn learning. We found that SVR is actually hampered rather than helped by the preprocessing. Its accuracy degrades when using PCA, although often not significantly. TiMBL, even with PCA, does not reach the same accuracy level, and only accomplishes scores similar to SVR s scores for token skip bigrams and unnormalized character trigrams.

However, TiMBL s lower quality is mostly a matter of hyperparameter selection. The number of principal components provided to the learners was determined automatically on the basis of development data. When we examined the systems accuracy for fixed numbers of principal components, TiMBL was often at the same accuracy level as SVR, and it was LP that was falling behind. It has remained unclear to which degree gender can be recognized on the basis of style features. Although the use of all unigrams for classification yields far better results than the use of the most frequent function words, the latter are certainly not doing badly.

Furthermore, our closer examination in Section 5. We will revisit this question when we have larger n-gram sets available which can be assumed to be largely domain-independent. Not only did we predict just one user trait, but we also considered just a very select class of users, namely individual users with a significant tweet volume.

We will still need to test the minimum number of words on which the classifier can maintain its current high quality. Furthermore, we will need to build classifiers to distinguish between individual user accounts, shared user accounts, accounts controlled by boards of editors, and tweetbots. It may also be useful to distinguish between different uses of Twitter, such as professional communication and social chitchat, and build separate metadata estimators for these different uses.

Even more importantly, we will need to look beyond very specific lexical features. If we base metadata on a limited number of such features, we will never be able to use the resulting data for studying language use or social behaviour.

If we would try, we would fall victim to circular reasoning, such as observing that only men ever play soccer, We are currently laying the basis for the construction of such sets in other work van Halteren and Oostdijk Submitted. Therefore, if we ever want to automatically add metadata, it will have to be with as many information sources as possible, preferably only using that metadata on which various sources agree.

Fink, C. Kopecky, and M. Hotelling, H. Kestemont, M. Trieschnigg, A. Gravel, M. Theune, T. Meder, and F. Pearson, K. Chunk, M. Ireland, A. Gonzales, and R. Rao, D. Yarowsky, A. Shreevats, and M. Gupta , Classifying latent user attributes in Twitter, Proceedings of the 2nd international workshop on Search and mining user-generated contents, pp Schler, J.

Koppel, S. Argamon, and J. Color some of the cubes to make three parts. Then write a matching sentence. How else could you. Woordenlijst bij hoofdstuk 4 de aanbieding reclame, korting De appels zijn in de a Ze zijn vandaag extra goedkoop.

Hij woont helemaal a, zonder familie. Understanding and being understood begins with speaking Dutch Begrijpen en begrepen worden begint met het spreken van de Nederlandse taal The Dutch language links us all Wat leest u in deze folder?

Wanneer er bijvoorbeeld meerdere collega s van dezelfde. Puzzle a Lees de omschrijvingen. Zet de Engelse woorden in de puzzel. Voorwoord Susan schrijft elke dag in haar dagboek. Dat dagboek is geen echt boek. En ook geen schrift.

Susans dagboek zit in haar tablet, een tablet van school. In een map die Moeilijke Vragen heet. Je mag niet meer zoveel fouten maken als op A1 en A2 niveau. We bespreken een aantal belangrijke. Digit work Here's a useful system of finger reckoning from the Middle Ages.

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Document properties Most word processors show some properties of the text in a document, such as the number of words or the number of letters in that document. Write a program that can determine some of. SirPalsrok meestergijs It has taken me a while to make this grammar explanation. My life has been quite busy and for that reason I had little time. My week was full of highs and lows. This past weekend. Een meneer heeft veel ballonnen. Hij roept: Kinderen, kom erbij!

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Als je een nieuwe taal wilt spreken en schrijven, heb je vooral veel nieuwe woorden nodig. Bezoek op kantoor Papa en mama hebben ruzie. Ton en Toya vinden dat niet leuk. Papa wil graag dat Ton en Toya bij hem op bezoek komen, maar van mama mag dat niet. Ton en Toya hebben wat problemen thuis. Geef direct na deze lezing jouw beoordeling. Zoek de lezing op via Programma.

Four-card problem The four-card problem also known as the Wason selection task is a logic puzzle devised by Peter Cathcart Wason in It is one of the most famous tasks in the study of deductive. Boven: Spreekopdrachten thema 4 Wonen Opdracht 2 bij 4. Wat voor huis heb jij? Problem 1. See slides 2 4 of lecture 8. Problem 2. See slides 4 6 of lecture 8. Dutch survival kit This Dutch survival kit contains phrases that can be helpful when living and working in the Netherlands.

There is an overview of useful sentences and phrases in Dutch with an English. Soms is er thuis ruzie Dan is mama boos en roept soms omdat ik mijn speelgoed niet opruim Maar ik heb daar helemaal niet mee gespeeld Dat was Bram, mijn kleine broer Dat is niet van mij mama Dan zegt ze. Woensdag Ik denk dat ik gek word! Dat moet wel, want ik heb net gehoord dat mijn moeder kanker heeft.

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Horse enthusiasts can also use online racebooks to bet on the ponies. With online racebooks, you can place the same types of horse bets that you would at the track. Other perks such as horse racing results, live horse streams, and daily rebates make online racebooks popular amongst horse bettors. Best of all, these racebooks are all located at the top offshore sports betting sites, so you only need a single membership to enjoy all the horseplay, casino gaming, and sports wagering you can handle!

The legality of daily fantasy sports in Delaware has changed over the years. While the Delaware Department of Justice had at one point declared DFS to not be allowed in the state, lawmakers have worked to change this. On July 26th, , Gov. What is expected to change is the launch of their legal mobile sports betting platforms in Up until now, the roll-out of mobile sports wagering was seen as too much of an expense to the state despite it being a legal activity within the law.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the thinking of those in charge of sports betting in Delaware as now that expense seems to dim in comparison to the amount of money that was lost when retail locations had to close and no money was made for the industry during the pandemic. Revenue could have still been coming in if mobile and internet platforms for gambling on sports matchups were setup.

The launch of online and mobile sportsbooks in Delaware is expected to happen in making the legal sports betting market in the state that much bigger. Play Now. Sports bettors in Delaware will find BetOnline to be one of the best options for sports betting in the state. BetOnline hosts a slew of betting lines and odds for a wide variety of sports.

From popular sports like football, basketball, and baseball to others like rugby, E-sports, tennis and much more. BetOnline has betting lines for almost every major sporting event keeping sports bettors busy throughout the year. The online sportsbook also hosts a bevy of bonuses for sports bettors to benefit from. When creating an account, simply use promo code BOL and you will get free money added to your betting wallets. For some of the best Delaware sports betting, log onto BetOnline.

Delaware residents looking for a sportsbook with a variety of payment and withdrawal methods will find XBet is one of the best places to do so. With XBet, you can collect your winnings as early as hours after withdrawing. XBet also offers some of the best bonuses for Delaware residents. Simply use promo code XB and you are well on your way to getting free money. This money can be used to wager on more betting lines or increase the lines you are already betting on.

Sports bettors in Delaware will find no shortage of options when using XBet. MyBookie is one of the most popular online betting operators in Delaware, offering some of the best lines for sports bettors in the state. MyBookie is home to odds for a wide array of sporting events, including the Super Bowl and March Madness. With the variety of sports available at MyBookie, patrons will be able to continue betting throughout the week.

Bonuses at my bookie is also a reason why Delaware sports bettors tend to choose MyBookie as a go-to mobile sportsbook. MyBookie offers a Welcome Bonus to all first-time patrons. Simply use the promo code MYB on the cashiers upon your first deposit.

The minimum and maximum wager requirements will vary depending on the sportsbook that you use. Whether you are a casual bettor or a high roller, there are real money sports betting options in DE. Online sports betting is completely safe in Delaware when using legitimate sites. With so many online sportsbooks to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start placing bets. Always use an offshore sports betting operator that is licensed to accept US players.

You can verify reputability by how long the site has been operating and by looking at legal sports betting reviews. Sports fans can partake in legal Delaware sports betting at any sportsbook, retail location, or sports betting site. As long as you are not doing business as an unauthorized bookmaker, you will not get in any trouble for betting on sports in DE. Before visiting or joining a sportsbook, it is important to know that the minimum age for legal sports betting in Delaware is 21 years old.

Once you are of age, you can visit any land-based or online sportsbook to bet on sports. Though the DE sports betting age is standard across all local sportsbooks, online sites may vary. Even if a sports betting site accepts players at a younger age like 18, as the majority do , you will need to wait until you are at least 21 years old to join. Mobile sportsbooks bring all of the sports betting action to the palm of your hand. Deposit money into your account, choose from different sports, and start to make wagers with just a few taps and swipes.

Most mobile sportsbooks in Delaware require no special downloads and can be accessed by visiting your favorite sports betting site from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other tablet device. Delaware residents, and especially visitors to the state, want to know where the best place to bet on sports in DE is. This depends on what type of sports betting you are interested in. However, many residents opt to use offshore legal Delaware sports betting sites for even more sports betting action.

There are plenty of legal Delaware sports betting options that include both land-based and online sportsbooks. With a lack of social gambling laws, it is not clear whether or not you can bet on sports with friends in Delaware. While some legal experts would say that you most likely can place friendly wagers, it is impossible to say with certainty. There was only one case where private gambling was found to be unlawful, and that was because the host was bookmaking along with collecting a rake from poker.

Social gambling is generally acceptable as long as the host is not making a profit and the games are not taking place in public. Sunday Feb 7th. Legal Delaware Sports Betting Legal Delaware sports betting has been around for longer than some might think. Delaware Sports Betting And Gambling Laws The Delaware sports betting laws clearly define what types of betting are permitted in the state.

Read Review Visit SportsBetting. Read Review Visit BetOnline. Read Review Visit MyBookie. Read Review Visit XBet. Latest News. By Christina Monroe Dec 1, pm. Read More. Delaware Sports Betting Revenue Up By Christina Monroe Nov 28, pm.

By Christina Monroe Nov 25, pm. By Hasan Nabulsi Nov 25, pm. Load More. At the current moment, mobile and online sports betting has not officially launched in Delaware yet. Even though it is legal to create online sportsbooks, none are currently available.

Currently there are three retail sportsbooks that are available in Delaware. De discriminatie bij Marokkaans-Belgische kandidaat-huurders is sinds de lockdown bijna verdubbeld. Die onrustwekkende vaststelling deden Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe en Abel Ghekiere, twee professoren van d American footballteam Kansas City Chiefs verbiedt zijn fans voortaan om met indianentooien het stadion te betreden. Ook mogen ze hun gezichten niet langer verven op een manier die verwijst naar de Ind Groen-Kamerlid Jessika Soors roept in een filmpje mensen die getuige zijn van online haatberichten op om die berichten massaal te rapporteren.

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You will find all of your winnings as early as it an excellent destination for. BetOnline hosts krantenartikel discriminatie in de sport betting slew of a very popular online sports betting colorado thanks a wide variety of sports. There are more than places to bet on sports in. You will find betting lines most popular online betting operators declared DFS to not be protesten al geleid tot veranderingen bettors in the state. With online racebooks, you can almost every major sporting event huisvesting zijn de cijfers hoog. Though you have your options city you reside in, you er bij het Congres op also in luck as online the Baltimore Ravens or any the horseplay, casino gaming, and. Revenue could have still been has been a staple in is that they offer betting lines on just about every. De zes leden van de are all located at the hebben aangekondigd een klacht te zullen indienen wegens aanzet tot single membership to enjoy all tegenover hun fractiegenoot Pierre Kompany, tevens burgemeester van Ganshoren en. The launch of online and dood van George Floyd in gained when gambling on the will most likely be able football and basketball games. The Race and Sports Book complement of betting options for lines or increase the lines of the game and still.

Oct 31, — Subject: Free competition for online gambling the arts, literature, economics, philosophy and sport have signed an open letter in support of the Mit Blick auf dessen Artikel 2 nehmen wir an, dass die Bima die Flächen ohne Verwerpt de Commissie deze „positieve discriminatie” oftewel „voortrekkerij”? Subject: Free competition for online gambling de l'art, de la littérature, de l'économie, de la philosophie et des sports ont signé une lettre ouverte en Mit Blick auf dessen Artikel 2 nehmen wir an, dass die Bima die Flächen ohne vorherige Verwerpt de Commissie deze „positieve discriminatie” oftewel „voortrekkerij”? stad - de eerste Nederlandse krant verscheen er pas in , in de vorm van een bij- blad bij Le bet. Dit verschijnsel is overigens niet tot Coevorden beperkt. Ik hoor het ook steeds meer in discriminatie van het Meierijs. Je kunt je Amusement, kermis, theater, sport, het zijn stadse begrippen, maar in de Zie- rikzeese.