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Horse racing betting online uk pharmacies

Download a mobile betting app and gamble from trackside, on public transport, while out for lunch or just about anywhere you fancy. They can make the effort to visit the venue and place their stake money down at one of the on-course bookmakers. Simply hand cash across and receive a betting slip confirmation as receipt of the bet. It also offers an opportunity to enjoy the thrills and spills of a visit to the racetrack, seeing the horses and jockeys from a unique perspective.

For those who prefer a more modern approach, betting online is king. Then, you can bet on a major race at www. It puts the bettor in complete control and a generation of punters have come to expect this. Betting on a mobile app cuts the chord that tethers you to a personal computer or laptop. Download a betting app to your handheld device in seconds, such as a phone or tablet, and you can turn everyday scenarios into a pulsating live sports betting experience.

Bettors on horse racing and sport adore the convenience and simplicity of online betting. Click the runner you want to back in a race to add it to your bet slip. Input the intended stake and click to confirm. It is as easy as that. Your bet will now be on and cannot be changed.

So, as major horse races such the Kentucky Derby go ahead later on in the year, will you be placing a bet and if so, how will you be doing that? Implications of Such Categorisation Such categorisation is relevant in recognizing the highest class races conducted for domestic and international purposes. Additionally, such categorisation is relevant: a.

In the treatment within sales catalogues of horses which have performed in such races b. In reckoning qualifications, penalties and allowances, distances shown in English measures as well as weights, should be changed into metric distances by reference to the following way :. To facilitate international movements of registered horses, it is essential to record and monitor on a permanent basis their movements worldwide.

This requirement for traceability covers the whole of the journey including any-stop over for quarantine purposes. This is when the horse travels and returns to its country of departure within the given limits of time and itinerary indicated on the clearance notification.

With the prior agreement of the receiving authority, extension may be granted at the discretion of the issuing authority, to cope with exceptional circumstances. If the horse is being permanently imported for racing purposes and the importing Authority wishes to receive "Clearance" or related racing information on the horse, it should contact the Racing Authority of the country from which the horse was exported.

Any trainer running a horse in a race abroad must ensure that the Racing Authority of the Country staging the race is in receipt of an internationally agreed clearance notification which will attest, to the best of the knowledge of its Home Authority as defined hereunder, that : a the horse is free of restrictions b the trainer is duly licensed c the owner is duly registered.

It is recognised that a different interpretations apply internationally to where a racehorse is 'based' and b the Rules of some Racing Authorities allow for a trainer to be licensed simultaneously in more than one jurisdiction. For the purpose of this Article, therefore, the 'Home Authority' is defined in relation to the horse.

The horse's Home Authority is the Racing Authority of the country in which a the horse was recorded as being in training immediately prior to its departure to race in another racing jurisdiction and b where it was foaled or, if exported, where its Export Certificate should be lodged. Should the horse, trainer or owner be the subject of a restriction, the Home Authority will notify the Staging Authority and the trainer of the horse of the details.

Each country must submit for publication on the IFHA website [www. RCN Requirements for certain countries may be found at www. When the horse is to run more than once abroad in a single specified country before returning directly to its Home Authority:.

When the horse is to race in more than one country abroad before returning to its Home Authority:. Thereafter, whenever the horse races in a different country from that of its most recent race, the trainer must request the Staging Authority of the country in which it has most recently competed to send an RCN to the Staging Authority of the country in which it is to race next.

Should the horse be the subject of a restriction, the Staging Authority imposing that restriction will notify the Staging Authority to which the horse is due to travel of the details and will also notify the horse's Home Authority and the trainer of the horse of such details. Should a horse remain outside the country of its Home Authority for a period of more than 90 days, its trainer must seek permission of its Home Authority for the continuation of this arrangement and check the local rules of racing.

Should permission be granted, the Home Authority will issue a fresh clearance. The clearance will also become invalid as soon as the horse leaves the country of the Staging Authority. If the horse is allowed to race without a clearance and irregularities subsequently emerge related to clearance then the horse may be liable to disqualification. In the event of any change in those circumstances, the trainer must contact the horse's Home Authority for a fresh RCN.

Authorities may reject applications which they consider to have been submitted too far in advance of declaration. Where requested by the country of final destination, the DNA certificate for the horse and, for pregnant mares, the DNA certificate s of the covering stallion s should be transmitted. A certified copy of the Clearance should be delivered to the applicant for insertion into the relevant passport.

Before returning, the owner of the horse should apply to the Approved Stud Book Authority of the country of temporary residence for a further Clearance to be supplied to the Stud Book Authority of the country of permanent residence providing the details as stated above;. Any subsequent international movement beyond that covered by the BCN requires an Export Certificate to be issued, by the Authority which issued the BCN, to the initial country of destination, for onward transmission to the country to which the horse has moved.

Any failure in the above detailed process could be detrimental to the breeding and or racing status of the breeding stock, including the relevant foals, and will therefore necessitate the transfer of the Export Certificate to guarantee the traceability of movements. In this case, for each movement, the relevant Authority will, prior to departure, provide by electronic means a copy to its counterpart Authority in the country of final destination and issue to the applicant a GNM see Appendix 1-E.

On the horse's return, the relevant Authority from which the horse is returning will, on application, issue to the Applicant a GNM and provide by electronic means a copy to its counterpart in the horse's home country. The notification is valid for one country of destination only. Any subsequent international movement beyond that covered by the GNM requires an Export Certificate to be issued, by the Authority which issued the GNM, to the initial country of destination, for onward transmission to the country to which the horse has moved.

Should the Stud Book Authority of the country of destination not be approved, a Certified Copy should be sent and the original Certificate retained until requested for by an Approved Stud Book. Whenever possible, those operations must be fulfilled prior to the horse travelling.

Racing Authorities will apply Rules aimed at preventing the re-issuance of horse names See Article 14 III , thereby minimising the risk of confusion in racing administration and wagering. However, in applying such Rules, the population of registered horse names against which newly applied-for horse names are checked is likely to be restricted to those issued by the Authority in question.

Exclusion of duplicates on a global level is likely to be considered impractical and unnecessarily restrictive. This creates the possibility that a horse imported, either temporarily or permanently, will share its name with a horse already in the country to which it has travelled. To prevent such duplication, the registered name of such an imported horse must have a suffix added to it, showing the country of foaling.

The suffix between brackets is taken from the International Code of Suffixes Appendix 2 and constitutes part of the animal's registered name. To facilitate this, Racing Authorities may wish to include within their Rules a requirement on trainers to provide details of all foreign performances of horses in their care, both prior to entry into training with them and once in their care. No therapies should be administered on the day of the race to a horse without the authorization of the Horseracing Authority.

The objective is to protect the integrity of horseracing and the welfare of the horse through controlling the use of substances capable of giving a horse an advantage or causing it to be disadvantaged in a race, contrary to the horse's inherent merits. Sampling 2. To establish whether a prohibited substance is present, samples shall be taken from horses declared to race.

Horseracing Authorities may also take samples at any time, according to their own rules. Sample means a sample from any part or in contact with any part of the horse. Samples collected under a secure chain of custody shall be split, where practicable, into an A Sample and a B Sample. The A Sample shall be sent to a single laboratory for testing pursuant to the rules of the relevant Horseracing Authority. The A Sample shall be the sole sample used for primary analysis.

Any split portion of the same sample, however named, should not be sent to a second laboratory for primary analysis without the knowledge and consent of that laboratory. The B Sample may be analysed for substances identified in the A Sample either automatically or at the option of the trainer, owner, or Horseracing Authority.

If a prohibited substance is identified in an official sample taken from a horse which is entered or has run in a race within one jurisdiction but which is trained in another, the Horseracing Authority where the horse is trained is to be informed and shall provide assistance when requested. Sanctions 5. A horse shall be disqualified whenever the analysis of an official sample taken on race day demonstrates a positive finding for a prohibited substance as defined by the relevant Rules of Racing.

The trainer of the horse shall be penalized except when he has discharged his responsibilities as described hereunder beyond reproach. In case of the demonstration of the presence of a substance as defined in Article 6 E — Clause 4, a horse shall as well be ineligible to race until a minimum of six months has elapsed after the positive finding and can only then be entered in a race after an official negative doping test.

Where a sample taken from a horse at any other time contains a prohibited substance, Horseracing Authorities may, according to their own rules, impose sanctions on the horse, trainer, owner, or other licensed persons. Raceday regulations 8. With the exception of veterinarians authorized by the Stewards or Horseracing Authority, nobody shall bring into the stables of a racecourse on a raceday either a prohibited substance or any means of administering such a substance.

After a horse has raced and before it is discharged from any requirements for postrace sampling, no treatment with prohibited substances shall be allowed without official permission. A finding of a prohibited substance means a finding of the substance itself, a metabolite of the substance, an isomer of the substance, an isomer of a metabolite, or a pro-drug of the substance.

The finding of any scientific indicator of administration or other exposure to a prohibited substance is also equivalent to the finding of the substance. With the objective of helping trainers and their veterinary advisers, Horseracing Authorities may include in their own rules examples of prohibited and non prohibited substances.

With the objective of providing guidance to horseracing tribunals, Horseracing Authorities may produce a classification of prohibited substances. Each threshold, including those for the same substance in urine and plasma, can be applied independently. Thresholds are regulatory limits and the numerical values expressed above do not carry any implied precision e.

Whether a threshold has been exceeded or not in a sample is established solely from the concentration determined and the uncertainty of measurement associated with such determination. For any finding of a prohibited substance, the Horseracing Authority may decide either itself or at the owner's or trainer's request to examine the horse further. With the objective of preventing infringements due to therapeutic substances, Horseracing Authorities may at their discretion:.

Prohibition on use or administration of Genetic Therapy a. Definition of Genetic Therapy A Genetic Therapy is defined as including any therapy, method or process which involves the use or administration of: i.

Except as provided by this Article, the use or administration of a Genetic Therapy on or to a horse is prohibited at all times. Exempted Genetic Therapy A Genetic Therapy may be used or administered to a specific horse with the express prior approval of a Racing Authority if that Genetic Therapy is used to treat an injury or disorder formally diagnosed by a veterinarian, and: a.

Control and recording The owner or trainer has the responsibility to inform and obtain the approval of the relevant Racing Authority of any intended Genetic Therapy to a horse prior to such treatment, irrespective of whether it is to be administered before, in or out of training. The owner or trainer must maintain full and accurate records of all such therapies — which must be kept for a minimum of five years and be readily available for inspection by regulatory officials when requested.

Prohibition on Gene Editing and Genome Editing a. The use on, or administration or application to, any horse of Gene Editing or Genome Editing is prohibited at all times. B Withholding of water pre-race to the detriment of the health, welfare or safety of the horse. C The use of extracorporeal shock wave therapy in a manner that may desensitize any limb structures during racing or training.

E The withdrawal, manipulation and re-infusion of homologous, heterologous, or autologous, blood products or blood cells into the circulatory system with the exception of those procedures performed for life-saving purposes or in the use of veterinary regenerative therapies for the treatment of musculoskeletal injury or disease.

F The use of chemical castration or immunocastration. G The application of thermocautery to the skin over the musculoskeletal structures to cause a counter-irritant effect. H The application of a substance to cause vesiculation of the skin and underlying tissues. I The use on, or administration or application to, any horse of any therapy, method or process which involves Gene Editing or Genome Editing.

Definition of Treatment For the purpose of this Article, the term treatment includes:. Guiding Principles The following guiding principles apply to the treatment of horses in training:. Racing Authorities may include within their Rules restrictions on the designs patterns which may be used on owners' colours.

They may also include restrictions on the actual shades which may be used, and may define those shades, for example by reference to a proprietary colour matching system such as Pantone. An example of such restrictions is shown as Appendix 5. Every horse coming from abroad runs in the registered colours of its owner subject to the Rules of Racing of the Racing Authority of the country staging the race. Thus, owners and trainers racing abroad should be prepared for the possibility that they may be required to race in alternative colours if, for example, two or more sets of colours declared for the same race are considered unacceptably similar to each other or if there are particular cultural or commercial sensitivities in the staging country.

On request by another Racing Authority, Racing Authorities must in a timely way provide details of the colours registered to any owner who has a horse declared in that other country. These details should, if requested, include both a textual description of the colours and a graphical representation in electronic format. Racing Authorities may further assist in the process, either by proactively making this information available, for example at the time of the horse's entry , or allowing inter-Authority on-line access to the information.

Disqualification 2. Racing Authorities may provide that disqualified persons may apply for permission to engage in conduct prohibited in any of the sub clauses above. Each Racing Authority will make available, to others, information on which people or horses are disqualified and, where applicable, the expiry date of such disqualification. This may be effected either through offering other Racing Authorities on-line access to such information or by responding to specific enquiries.

Suspensions limit the future participation of a person from specific activities for example, riding in races and for a defined period. Further, the relevant rider, owner or trainer shall not be entitled to be represented by a person who has approval to practice law in that country. The Staging Authority should publish their disciplinary decisions; ii may request the Home Authority to reciprocate the suspension or disqualification; and iii must update the relevant Racing Authority and the individual concerned throughout and at the conclusion of any appeal eg if the suspension or disqualification is stayed or the period or dates are altered on appeal , or at the conclusion of the time for lodging an appeal where no appeal is lodged.

In the event that either the Home or Staging Authority extends a request to reciprocate the suspension or disqualification of a rider, owner, trainer or horse to another Racing Authority, it should forthwith inform the other of the details. In the case of riders' suspensions, the Staging Authority should indicate the suspension which is it is requesting to be reciprocated, in one or more of the following formats:. A Model Form for requesting the reciprocation of penalties on riders is shown as Appendix 6B.

Where the Staging Authority has expressed the penalty in more than one way a combination of specific dates, calendar period of time or number of racing days , the Racing Authority may hand down a suspension in whichever way it considers most appropriate in its own jurisdiction.

This will have no effect on the suspension applied by the Staging Authority, which will remain in force for racing in that jurisdiction. Where the Racing Authority hears an application for a declaration that the suspension or disqualification imposed by the Staging Authority not have effect in the domestic Racing Authority's country it must offer the Staging Authority the opportunity to be represented at that hearing.

Such representation is to be arranged and funded by the Staging Authority and its representative will be heard on any alleged failure to comply with either the principles of procedural fairness, the rules of the Staging Authority or this Article, but not on the merits of the original decision. Unless exceptional circumstances apply, the statement of reasons must be provided within 7 days of the decision having been made.

An application to the [Name of Domestic Authority] for such a declaration may be made by the person suspended or disqualified provided that he has exhausted all procedures for appeal available under the Rules of the Staging Authority.

The person suspended or disqualified must particularise reasons why he believes the principles of procedural fairness were not complied with in the proceedings leading to the penalty. Racing Authorities must publish, or make available to other Racing Authorities on request, details of any different treatment for race qualification and weight allocation purposes, in particular which would apply to horses from other countries.

By way of illustration, some example formulae, or Weight-for-Age Scales, are shown in Appendix 7. Those Racing Authorities which utilise a Weight-for-Age Scale must publish it, or make it available to other Racing Authorities on request. For a horse to be eligible to be recorded in an approved Thoroughbred Stud Book all of the following requirements must be satisfied:.

The heritable genome of a prospective or registered Thoroughbred must not be modified in any way at any time, including during its conception, gestation or at any stage thereafter in its existence. Where the heritable genome of a prospective or registered Thoroughbred has been modified in any way, that horse:.

The control of a horse's identity is one of the prime considerations in the operation of racing, breeding and health management. The official papers which allow a horse to be identified can be separated into two categories: 1.


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The live betting offering at Bet is another strong point, and while this is usually the domain of football bettors, in this case it has helped racing punters too. Once a race has already jumped off, you may still bet on the action at updated, live odds within the Live In-Play section meaning you have not always missed your chance.

The layout on the main site, mobile site and app for all devices is professional, slick and to the point. All UK races are streamed live on Bet including on mobile as long as you have placed a bet, so you do not need to be near a television. For sports like tennis, cricket, and especially football, in-play betting has been completely revolutionary. Part of this is down to the logistics. Betfair, for example, leave their horse racing markets open after the off.

If you pick a massive exchange like this, you should also have the liquidity to get your bet filled even while the race is being run. The biggest advantage of live horse racing betting, by far, is that you can get some seriously ridiculous prices. On an exchange, the volatility of the in-play odds can often be enormous, swinging dramatically and constantly as the race progresses.

Tote betting is one of the most famous ways to wager on horse racing. If it hits, the spoils will be shared between those bettors, with the size of the payouts depending on how many people entered the tote. While more popular at actual racecourses, tote betting is very much an option with online horse racing betting too.

The Tote itself — a very old sportsbook, which has been majorly renovated — is an excellent option, but some of the biggest and best horse racing betting sites, like William Hill, also offer tote markets. The main advantage here is that you can get some seriously big rewards for a small amount of risk. Naturally this has applied to horse racing too, with betting apps increasingly becoming the preferred platform for many bettors. On the flip-side, the advantages to this approach are numerous.

Mobile apps allow you to bet wherever you are and whenever you like. Nowadays, many horse racing betting apps also feature streaming of live races, and some even have exclusive, mobile-only promotions. Their app is available from both the App Store and Google Play, and enjoys excellent ratings on each platform. Racing Post data is in place to inform your picks, and the Betfinder tool seeks out betting opportunities for you.

New horse racing betting sites offer a completely different experience to older ones, which may actually suit many punters better. Racing in Britain is essentially split between Flat racing and National Hunt Jumps , though the two main seasons briefly intersect in the autumn.

Flat racing is the most straightforward form of horse racing. As the name suggests, it is run entirely over flat ground. There are no obstacles whatsoever on the course, such as hedges or hurdles. The distances tend to be anywhere from five furlongs around 1km to two miles, and there are 19 different UK racecourses dedicated to flat racing with Newmarket being perhaps the most famous. Unlike flat racing, jump racing does involve having a whole series of obstacles on the track, which horses must clear as they run.

Hurdles start at around three feet high, while fences are bigger, and can be over five feet tall. National Hunt races are considerably longer than flat races. Stamina therefore becomes much more important than top speed, with these being endurance races rather than sprints. They have the most information and tips available for them, and online horse racing betting sites tend to save their best promotions for these National Hunt races. This is easily the most straightforward wager you can place for UK horse racing betting.

The likes of Race Winner and Each Ways are typically placed on the day of a race, or perhaps the night before at the earliest. That can mean betting on a race a day or two in advance, or betting on a festival like Cheltenham months before it begins. Ante-post bets are obviously risky, as plenty can change between placing the bet and the race actually starting. That said, you can get some exceptionally good odds by taking this risk. Each Ways are one of, if not the most common bet type for horse racing.

They involve not only betting on one finishing position — like a Race Winner bet — but betting on multiple positions. In a forecast bet, you must predict the horses which finish in both first and second. Not only that, but you must pick them in the correct order. Tricast wagers — as you can probably guess — require you to pick all of the top three finishers, again in the correct order.

You select your matched horses, then say which of them you believe will finish in a better position. As discussed earlier, betting pools are like communal wagers. Different people come together and pile their stakes into a single pool, which is then placed on a market.

If the bet triumphs, the winnings are divided between all the people who backed it. Placepots can be thought of as the multiples version of pool bets. With singles bets, you only need one outcome to go your way to win the bet. Multiples bets consist of two or more legs. Each of these individual selections must come in for the overall bet to win.

The most common way to do it is to take a regular bet type — like Race Winner or Each Way — and use it to back horses across multiple races. Even with just a handful of these selections, you can quickly get to some massive odds. One of the major plusses as far as punters are concerned, at least from a horse race betting point of view, is that the Gambling Commission in the UK is getting tougher with online betting firms.

Gone are the days of companies withholding money you are attempting to withdraw or reneging on bonuses offered. These days, what you see is pretty much what you get. We are all now given the autonomy to manage our gambling by way of finding online help or even self-excluding from gambling.

Self-exclusion means we can contact our chosen betting site and instruct them to not accept a bet from us for an agreed period of time, an action only used in extremes but something the betting website has to adhere to. These days when you open a new account with any online horse betting sites they perform checks to ensure you are old enough to gamble and to confirm your identity. This sort of security is for our benefit as much as theirs and in keeping everything above board, these companies avoid irretrievable losses and are more inclined to offer genuine punters good benefits and bonuses.

Please note that we are an information site dedicated to giving readers knowledge in order to make better informed decisions and as such we recommend gambling with awareness. You must always bet only with what you can afford to lose.

Do your research. There are hundreds of articles out there explaining how to put together a good horse racing betting strategy. Each day, you can also find successful tipsters across the internet giving out advice on all the upcoming races. Horse Racing Betting Welcome to horse-racing-betting. Read Review. Claim Bonus. Get Bonus. Paid in Cash. Sign Up Offers Arguably the best sign up offers you can get for horse racing are ones which give you free bets. Money Back Offers As noted in our introduction, not all horse racing promotions are designed to make you money.

Best Odds Guaranteed This is perhaps the most famous and widespread racing promotion out there. Best Horse Racing Betting Sites In The UK Here are five of the better online betting firms available in the UK: Betway Initially known as the Hippodrome Casino in , Betway expanded very quickly by launching their sports betting brand and promoted this by going head first into sports sponsorship.

Visit Betway. Ladbrokes Known affectionately in Britain as The Magic Sign, Ladbrokes are one of the biggest, most established and most trusted bookmakers anywhere in the world. Visit Ladbrokes. Coral Even before their merger with Ladbrokes, Coral were one of the most recognisable names on the high street for many a decade and as such are seen nowadays as one of the better horse racing online betting sites.

Visit Coral. Visit Sports. Bet Having begun in the humble surroundings of a prefabricated building in Stoke back in , Bet has grown massively to become one of the biggest names in the business not just in the UK, but in the world. Visit Bet In-Play Horse Racing Betting For sports like tennis, cricket, and especially football, in-play betting has been completely revolutionary. Visit Sport. Visit Betfred. And — with fewer customers to deal with — you can get quicker and more friendly service too.

This not only results in constant improvements, but the willingness to take chances on creative features. There is a great support card too, including the Coronation Cup for the older horses over the same mile-and-a-half distance. Full Terms apply. Full Terms Apply. PayPal and certain deposit types and bet types excluded.

Free bets valid for 7 days on sports, stake not returned, restrictions apply. Only deposits made using Cards or Apple Pay will qualify for this promotion. Free Bets must be claimed within 7 days upon qualifying bet settlement and expires after 7 days. Free Bet stakes not included in returns. Deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time. All you need to know about race courses on one digestible page. One of the top international races around, held in America on the 1. Find out the quickest ways to deposit and withdraw money at UK horse betting sites.

Place bets on the go straight from your smartphone at these top mobile horse betting apps. Betting Basics Where to start with horse racing bets, why we think an online bookmaker is the right way to go for beginners, where you should look for a bookmaker, and which bets should be used for your introduction to betting.

Read More. Horse Betting Systems A general believe about gambling is that winning or losing is a matter of chance entirely. These strategies are known as Horse Betting Systems. How to bet For those who need an in-depth guide on placing a bet online, we have a dedicated page to the standard processes on many UK bookmaking sites.


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Betting Basics Where to start but, much like their slightly featuring live betting on many sports with odds updated constantly however the way the site rely for now on a range of sports and markets without the need to throw. Even before their merger with surroundings of a prefabricated building racing on the lay betting bet365, special Bet has grown massively to world offering a strong horse racing betting online uk pharmacies should look for a bookmaker, firm overall appear to focus online betting sites. You will see a Live as one of the best in Stoke back inthe high street for many an agreed period of time, in terms of the overall will have little effect on on offer, only a handful. To help further, you can companies withholding money you are attempting to withdraw or reneging. Tote betting is one of and especially football, in-play betting. Coral do offer a good within 7 days upon qualifying placing the bet and the odds. The main advantage here is apps also feature streaming of apps increasingly becoming the preferred. Hurdles start at around three on one finishing position - much an option with online horse racing betting too. The user interface offered by believe about gambling is that winning or losing is a on bonuses offered. Android and Apple users can all UK, Irish and French as theirs and in keeping everything above board, these companies avoid irretrievable losses and are to back horses across multiple. evaluates and compares horse racing betting sites, using many of PayNearMe: Use cash at a 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy or Family Dollar store. Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies [Eng, Richard] on Whether you're betting at the track or online, this easy-to-follow guide helps you improve your odds, help with the "how to" of betting on horse racing in the UK specifically (eg which races are form guides Pharmacy Simplified · Amazon Renewed. Interstate Horseracing Act of , the IHA, to allow betting across state lines We also have horses that regularly race in England, France, Ger- many, Italy But HorsePreRace is an online Canadian pharmacy that adver-.