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Dean, for keeping bad company," said Nash, pointing to his companions. Some time after this the Beau won a wager of still greater consequence by riding naked through a village upon a cow, an escapade which was considered as a harmless and natural frolic.

In the year , a giddy youth who had just resigned his fellowship at Oxford, brought his whole fortune to Bath; and without the smallest degree of skill in play, won a sufficient sum to make any ordinary man happy. His desire of gain, however, being increased by his good fortune, he plunged more deeply in the following October, and added four thousand pounds to his former capital.

Hearing of this, Beau Nash, who was a good-natured man, one night invited him to supper, and told him there would come a time when he would repent having left the calm of a college life for the turbulent profession of a gamester. This system of tying up was very usual.

The Duke of Bedford, being chagrined at losing a considerable sum, pressed Mr. Nash to tie him up for the future from playing deep. With this view the Beau gave his Grace one hundred guineas to forfeit ten thousand whenever he lost a sum to the [Pg 32] same amount at one sitting. The Duke, however, loved play to distraction, and within a short time again lost eight thousand guineas at hazard. As he was on the point of throwing for three thousand more, Nash caught hold of the dice-box and entreated him to reflect on the penalty he would incur should he loose.

For that time the Duke desisted, but so possessed was he by the love of play, that shortly afterwards, having lost a considerable sum at Newmarket, he was contented to pay the penalty. On another occasion Nash undertook to cure a young peer of the gambling fever.

Conscious of his own superior skill he determined to engage the Earl in single play for a very considerable sum. His Lordship lost his estate, and the title-deeds were put into the winner's possession; finally his very equipage was deposited as the last stake, and he lost that also. Nash, however, who showed himself to be the most generous of gamesters, returned all, only stipulating that he should be paid five thousand pounds whenever he should think proper to make the demand.

He never did anything of the kind during the nobleman's life; but some time after his decease, Mr. Nash's affairs being on the wane, he demanded the money of his Lordship's heirs, who honourably paid it without hesitation. At the present day gambling is more or less confined to large towns, but a different state of affairs prevailed in the eighteenth century, when whole properties frequently changed hands at the [Pg 33] card-table.

The owner of Warthall Hall, for instance, having lost all his money, in a frenzy of excitement finally risked the whole of his estate upon a low cut of the cards. He cut the deuce of diamonds, and in remembrance of his good luck fixed a representation of the lucky card upon the front of his house with the following inscription:—.

Up now deuce and then a trey, [1] Or Warthall's gone for ever and aye. Shelley Hall in Suffolk, the remains of which still exist, was lost at play by Thomas Kerridge, the last squire, who died in According to tradition, he gambled away the house room by room; and when all the contents were gone and the house gutted, he pulled down certain portions and gambled away the bricks.

Blo' Norton Hall, Norfolk, is also said to have been lost at play by its owner, Gawdy Brampton, who, when he was finally ruined, committed suicide in an attic, from which his ghost is still said to emerge and haunt an adjoining staircase—perhaps because his widow married the man who had won his money and the old Hall. Many of the small tradesmen in the country towns were eager devotees of chance, and sharpers frequently reaped a rich harvest in provincial centres.

Indeed, the happy-go-lucky spirit of the eighteenth century was very favourable to such gentry, who pillaged all ranks without distinction. About there resided at Canterbury a barber who was famous for the way in which he made natty one-curled hunting wigs, but who was also much given to making bets and to boasting of his discernment and judgment.

Two blacklegs, coming to Canterbury for the races, heard of this barber and immediately formed a plan to shave him in his own way. To accomplish the business, they went to one of the principal inns, where, ordering a capital supper, they sent for the perruquier to bespeak wigs for themselves and their servants.

The knight of the strop readily and cheerfully attended; and, having taken the external dimensions of the gentlemen's heads, whilst totally ignorant of the schemes which lay within them, was about to depart, but was prevented by a pressing invitation from his new customers to take supper with them.

He was of a convivial turn and fond of company, which in his own opinion afforded opportunities of displaying his great sagacity in the mysteries of betting; and for this reason he politely accepted the invitation. After supper, a game of whist was suggested, but as the barber did not feel himself so great an adept at this as at his favourite game of "done and done," the proposal fell to the ground.

As the guest of the evening was a great politician, and his companions were well informed of his manners and character, the conversation turned upon politics, from that unaccountably veering round till wagers became the general topic. Highly delighted at the introduction of a subject of which he deemed him [Pg 35] self a perfect master, the barber listened with the greatest attention to the conversation, and eagerly offered several bets himself.

As his two companions appeared rather shy, and hinted that it would not be safe to bet with a man who calculated matters so shrewdly as generally to win, he became very anxious to get the better of men whom he considered as "pigeons"—though, unluckily for him, they turned out to be "rooks. After many propositions, they offered to bet him ten guineas that he would not repeat one sentence, and that only, during the space of ten minutes.

Cunningly thinking that he had his men, the barber started up and swore he could repeat any sentence for an hour. After having blithely stepped home for a supply of cash, he returned, and a bet of fifty guineas having been made, both stakes were deposited under a hat on the table, the conditions being that the barber should without intermission repeat the words " There he goes ," for half an hour's continuance.

He accordingly took his station at the table, and, with a watch before him to note the time, began his recital of There he goes , There he goes , There he goes. When he had kept on in a steady and unalterable tone for a quarter of an hour, one of the gentlemen, with a view to lead the barber from his stated subject, lifted up the hat, counted out half the money, and saying "D—n me if I don't go," put the cash in his pocket and walked off. This circumstance, however, had no effect upon [Pg 36] the barber.

A few minutes later the man who remained coolly pocketed the residue of the money, and added, as the barber repeated the words There he goes , "And d—n me if I don't follow him. In the meantime, the departure of the two strangers without settling the bill excited the notice of the landlord; he went into the room, and the barber, looking him in the face, kept repeating There he goes , "Yes, sir, I know it; they have both been gone some time; pray are you to pay the bill? They arrived; his wife, taking him round the neck, in vain endeavoured to make him deviate from his purpose; the doctor, after feeling his pulse, pronounced him in a high fever, and was getting ready his apparatus for opening a vein, when the time expired, and the barber in a frenzy of excitement, jumped upon the table and exclaimed, "Bravo, I have won fifty guineas of the two gentlemen who are gone out!

When matters were explained, however, the [Pg 37] landlord had a horse saddled, and rode in pursuit of the gentlemen, to remind them of their forgetfulness. After riding about ten miles, he overtook them in a lonely part of the road. Here he reminded them that they had not paid their bill, upon which they presented pistols to his head, robbed him of between twenty and thirty guineas, and advised him not to travel again upon such a foolish errand, but to look better after his inn, and tell the barber to be careful how he made his bets in future.

During the last ten years of the reign of George II. Gaming was declared to have become the business rather than the amusement of persons of quality, who were accused probably with considerable truth of being more concerned with speculation than with the proceedings of Parliament.

Estates were almost as frequently made over by whist and hazard as by deeds and settlements, whilst the chariots of the nobility might be said to roll upon four aces. As a means of settling disputes, the wager was stated to have supplanted the sword, all differences of opinion being adjusted by betting. In fashionable circles and at Court, gambling was especially prevalent. In January it was recorded that "His Majesty played at St.

The exact amount of benefit which accrued to the Groom-Porter from the evening's play does not transpire. Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington, had a house near the site of the present Buckingham Palace, which went by his name. It was afterwards purchased by John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, who, after obtaining an additional grant of land from the Crown, rebuilt it in a magnificent manner in During his residence here, the Duke was a constant visitor at the then noted gaming-house in Marylebone, the place of assemblage of all the infamous sharpers of the time.

His Grace always gave them a dinner at the conclusion of the season, and his parting toast was, "May as many of us as remain unhanged next spring meet here again. Lady Mary Wortley alludes to the amusement in this line:—. As the century waned, play became more and more popular in London.

So great indeed was [Pg 40] the toleration accorded to gaming in the West End of the town that what were virtually public tables may be said to have existed. These were well-known under the names of Subscription-Houses, Slaughter-Houses, and Hells, and were frequented by less aristocratic gamesters than the Clubs, where whist, piquet, and other games were played for large sums. At the houses not inaptly called Hells, hazard was played every night, and faro on certain nights in each and every week, nearly all the year round.

These Hells were the resort of gentlemen, merchants, tradesmen, clerks, and sharpers of all degrees and conditions, very expensive dinners being given twice or thrice a week to draw together a large company, who, if they meant to play, were abundantly supplied with wines and liquors gratis. The advantage to the faro bank varied at different stages of the game: the least advantage to the proprietor of the bank, and against the punter, was about three and a half per cent and the greatest twenty-six per cent.

Quite a large army of retainers were attached to every well-regulated gaming-house. The first, and of the greatest importance, was the commissioner, always a proprietor, who looked in at night, the week's account being audited by him and two other proprietors. Beside these, there were link-boys, coachmen, chairmen, drawers, and others, who might bring information of danger, at half a guinea each for every true alarm.

Finally, there was a sort of affiliated irregular force, the members of which—affidavitmen, ruffians, and bravoes—were capable of becoming assassins upon occasion. A celebrated sporting resort at the end of the eighteenth century was Mundy's Coffee-House, in [Pg 42] Round Court, opposite York Buildings, in the Strand, then kept by Sporting Medley the owner of Bacchus and some other horses of eminence upon the Turf.

Here thousands were nightly transferred over the hazard and card tables by O'Kelly, Stroud, Tetherington, and a long list of adventurous followers. Another famous gaming-house was kept by a certain Joseph Atkinson and his wife at No. Here they daily gave elaborate dinners, cards of invitation being sent to the clerks of merchants, bankers, and brokers in the city. Atkinson used to say that he liked citizens—whom he called "flats"—better than any one else, for when they had dined they played freely, and after they had lost all their money they had credit to borrow more.

It was his custom to send any pigeons who had been completely plucked to some of their solvent friends, who could generally be induced to arrange matters in a satisfactory way. The game generally played here was E. Keepers of gaming-houses in London were very liable to be black-mailed by men whose principal means of livelihood was obtaining "hush money.

One of the most notorious of these was Theophilus Bellasis, sometimes clerk and sometimes client to a Bow Street [Pg 43] attorney—John Shepherd by name—who would, when it was likely to be profitable, act as prosecutor of persons keeping gaming-houses. The magistrates at last realised the collusion which existed between Bellasis and Shepherd, and refused to move in cases where the two rogues were concerned.

The houses, called by sharpers Slaughter-Houses, were those where persons were employed by the proprietors to pretend to be playing at hazard for large sums of money, with a view to inducing some unthinking individual to join in the play. When the scheme succeeded, the pigeon, by means of loaded dice and other fraudulent methods, was eventually dispossessed of all his cash, and perhaps plunged into debt, for which a bond was given, the embarrassments of which he felt for some years after.

If, however, he returned to play again with the hope of regaining what in such company was past redemption, his ruin was quickly and completely sealed. At one time, the parish officers of St. Ann's, Soho, set up a number of lanterns and boards with the words " Beware of bad houses " painted upon them, for the purpose of ridding the neighbourhood of dissolute and abandoned women. In consequence of this having had the desired effect, it was proposed to put up similarly-worded notices near the Hells and Slaughter-Houses of St.

James's, but the idea was never carried into effect. Places where faro was played abounded about [Pg 44] Pall Mall and St. James's Street, and from time to time exciting scenes were witnessed when the authorities decided upon making a raid. In considerable uproar was caused in Pall Mall by a raid upon Nos. These in a very short time carried the place by storm, and took ten prisoners, together with a great quantity of baggage, stores, which consisted mainly of tables for rouge-et-noir and hazard; cards, dice, counters, strong doors, bars and bolts.

The attack began by a stratagem put into execution by "General Rivett," who was in supreme command of the attacking force. He sought to gain an entrance at the street door of No. Several gamblers retreated to the top of the houses adjoining, whither they were followed and taken prisoners; one poor devil, the supposed proprietor of No. Mother Windsor and her nymphs, who were well-known residents in the locality, were much alarmed by the operations; and the old lady, who declared that the presence of gaming in the vicinity had long been a scandal, vociferously applauded to the skies the vigilance of the police in putting down such pests of society.

A Raid on a London Gaming-House. From a Print in the possession of Messrs. About the same time No. The house in question, which it was said had been specially built, was to all appearance a square brick tower about fifty feet high—on three sides it presented not the slightest sign of habitation; towards Grafton Mews, however, it bore the usual semblance of a stable.

To this place flocked grooms, valets, and all the silly fry of the district, carrying with them as much money as they could scrape together. Business was generally over by the afternoon, when the proprietors, who never made their exit by the door, climbed up to the top of the tower, and got through a hole in the roof—from which, [Pg 46] by a ladder, they descended to a slated roof of a back place about twenty feet lower; they then crawled along about twenty feet of wall, and by an aperture in another, like a gun-port, descended into a back yard, and completed their cat-like line of march through a house in Hertford Street.

This, to the astonishment of the neighbours, was done regularly every morning. The place having become a public scandal, Townshend, with several Bow Street runners and four carpenters, went to Warren Street one morning, three hackney coaches being posted at some distance from the scene of action. On the arrival of the peace officers, the four proprietors of No. By some marvellous chance, however, they escaped uninjured, the slates only being broken. They then jumped upon an adjacent wall, and flung their books into the garden of a gentleman's house.

They then leaped the wall of the next house, Drover's, the hairdresser, with their books, and in this house they were secured. One of them fired a pistol at the officers, which fortunately did no harm. The runners had cutlasses and axes, with which they made their way into the house. The inhabitants of the district, it may be added, did not exhibit any enthusiasm for the officers of the law—on the contrary, they showed considerable displeasure against those who had come there to preserve most of them from misery and ruin.

The informer, never a popular character, was a lean, cadaverous old woman. She accompanied the swindlers in the first coach, with the hootings of the rabble in her ears, and the whole cavalcade moved off the ground, escorted by a very hostile crowd which accompanied it to Bow Street. Here the four men, who had been arrested with so much difficulty, were sentenced to six months' imprisonment each in the house of correction in Coldbath Fields. It would appear that previous to gaming was never conducted upon the methodical system of partnership concerns, wherein considerable capital was embarked.

After that period, the vast licence allowed to keepers of fraudulent E. At length, though these individuals had started without any property, or any visible means of lawful support, a sum of money, little short of one million sterling, was said to have been [Pg 48] acquired by a class originally with some few exceptions of the lowest and most depraved description.

This enormous mass of wealth was employed as a great and an efficient capital for carrying on various illegal establishments, particularly gaming-houses, and houses for fraudulent insurances in the lottery. Part of this capital was even said to be utilised in subsidising various faro banks kept by ladies of fashion, whilst a certain proportion was also devoted to fraudulent insurance in the lotteries, where the chances were calculated to yield about thirty per cent to the gambling syndicate, most of the members of which maintained a number of clerks, employed during the drawing of the lotteries, who conducted the business, without risk, in counting-houses where no insurances were taken, but to which books were carried, not only from the different offices in every part of the town, but also from the "Morocco-men," who went from door to door taking insurances, and enticing the poor and the middle ranks to become adventurers.

In the early part of the eighteenth century, speculative insurance, which could be effected upon anything, including lives, was a favourite form of gambling in England. Any one's life could be insured, including that of the King, and, to such an extent was this carried, that daily quotations of the rates on the lives of eminent public personages were issued by members of Garraway's and Lloyd's. The highest premium ever paid is supposed to have been twenty-five per cent on the life of George II.

On the fall of the leaders of the Rebellion of very large sums changed hands; whilst a number of insurance brokers were absolutely ruined owing to the escape of Lord Nithsdale from the Tower—an exploit which this nobleman accomplished by the aid of his devoted wife.

As time went on these speculative insurances became a public scandal, and they were finally made illegal by the Gambling Act of Here, besides faro and hazard, the foreign games of roulette and rouge-et-noir flourished, a regular gradation of houses existing, suited to all ranks, from the man of fashion to the pickpocket.

The mania for gaming amongst the exiles was confined to no particular class—high and low alike [Pg 50] being affected by it. Nothing, for instance, could exceed the rage for gambling which possessed the prisoners of war at Dartmoor. About two hundred of them, including a number of Italians, having lost all their clothes by gaming, were sent to the prison ships in the Hamoaze, to be clothed anew, many more being left in rags.

These unfortunate men played even for their rations, living three or four days on offal, cabbage-stalks, or, indeed, anything which chance might throw in their way. They staked the clothes on their backs, and even their bedding. It was the custom at Dartmoor for those who had sported away the latter article to huddle very close together at night, in order to keep each other warm. One out of the number was elected boatswain for the time being, and at twelve o'clock at night would pipe all hands to turn, an operation which, from their proximity to each other, had to be simultaneous.

At four o'clock in the morning the pipe was heard again, and the reverse turn taken. Many, like the Duc de Nivernois, had intimate friends in high places. Before the Revolution he had been Ambassador in England. This nobleman was well known for his love of chess, which on one occasion led to a very pleasant incident.

Staying with Lord Townshend, the Duc, when out [Pg 51] for a ride was obliged by a heavy shower to seek shelter at a wayside house occupied by a clergyman, who to a poor curacy added the care of a few scholars in the neighbourhood. In all this might make his living about eighty pounds a year, on which he had to maintain a wife and six children.

When the Duc rode up, the clergyman, not knowing his rank, begged him to come in and dry himself, which he was glad to do, borrowing a pair of old worsted stockings and slippers and warming himself by a good fire. After some conversation the Duc observed an old chess-board hanging up, and asked the clergyman whether he could play.

The latter told him that he could play pretty tolerably, but found it difficult in that part of the country to get an antagonist. Indeed, the clergyman won every game. This, however, in no way annoyed the Duc, who was delighted to meet with a man who could give him so much entertainment at his favourite game. He accordingly inquired into the state of his host's family affairs, and making a memorandum of his address, he thanked him and rode away without revealing who he was.

Some months elapsed and the clergyman never thought of the matter, when one evening a foot [Pg 52] man rode up to the door and delivered the following note—"The Duc de Nivernois presents his compliments to the Rev. The habits of dissipation which had prevailed at Versailles in some measure affected the English upper classes, many of whom were thoroughly versed in the amusements so popular in France. For a time a positive rage for gaming seized fashionable London, and a number of ladies kept what were practically public gaming-tables to which any one with money could obtain comparatively easy admission.

Faro is supposed to have been invented by a noble Venetian, who gave it the name of bassetta ; and for the evils resulting from it he was banished his country. In Signor Justiniani, Ambassador from Venice, introduced the game into France, where it was called bassette. Some of the princes of the blood, many of the noblesse , and several persons of the greatest fortune having [Pg 53] been ruined by it, a severe law was enacted by Louis XIV.

From France this game soon found its way to England, where it was first called basset, but in the fashionable circles, where at that time it enjoyed a great vogue, it was invariably known by the name of faro. Faro, pharo, or pharaoh, which was Fox's favourite game, was supposed to be easy to learn, fair in its rules, and pleasant to play. Two packs of cards were used, and any number of people could play, one pack being for the players whilst the banker had another.

Fifty-two cards were spread out, and the players staked upon one or more which they might fancy. The banker dealt out his pack to the right, which was for himself, and to the left called the carte anglaise for the players, who instead of their pack often used a "livret," specially adapted for staking.

The "livret" consisted of thirteen cards, with four others called "figures. The "yellow figure"—yellow on both sides—signified 4, 5, and 6. The "third figure" had a black lozenge in the centre, and stood for 7, 8, and 9. The "great figure" was a red card, and indicated knave, queen, and king. If he dealt two equal cards called a doublet he won half of all the money staked upon the card of that value, and on the last card of his pack, did the players win, he only paid even money.

In reality the chances were very favourable to the holder of the bank. Complaints were very rife as to the way in which these faro parties were conducted. An especial grievance was "card money," a small sum paid by each visitor into a pool for every new pack of cards used. This money was supposed to be a perquisite of the servants, though malicious rumours declared that it never reached them. The losses of many of those who played at faro were so heavy and constant that the banks contracted many bad debts; and in addition the fashionable parties in time became full of little tricks and artifices which were to the detriment of those holding the bank.

Some of the latter found it advisable to employ eight croupiers [Pg 55] instead of the four usually attached to each faro table, for the pigeons were all flown and those who remained were little better than hawks. Faro, in the female circles of fashion, had given way to a more specious and alluring game called lottery, which, instead of wheels, consisted of two bags, from which prizes and blanks were drawn.

The holder of the bank derived an advantage of upwards of thirty per cent. About some of the ladies who gave gambling parties in St. James's Square began to add roulette as an increased attraction to those fond of gaming.

It was remarked at the time that this was merely the old game of E. As a matter of fact the two are somewhat alike, though roulette is a far more complicated and amusing method of losing money. The outside edge formed the counter on which the stakes were placed, the letters E. In the centre was a stationary gallery in which the ball rolled, and an independent round table moving by means of handles on an axis.

The ball was started in one direction and the table rotated in the other, there being forty compartments of equal size, twenty marked E and twenty marked O, the whole principle being that of roulette without a zero. This very necessary adjunct to a successful bank, was in time furnished by the adoption of "bar holes" into which two of the [Pg 56] forty spaces were converted, the practice being that the banker won all the bets on the opposite letter whilst not paying over that into which the ball fell.

With such a proportion of two in forty, or five per cent in its favour, the banks did very well. Gaming raged throughout Society at this time, and it was even declared that young ladies were taught whist and casino at fashionable boarding-schools, where their "winning ways" were cultivated in this direction. One schoolmistress, it was averred, was in despair at the dullness of her pupils, who were quite unable to grasp the comparatively easy intricacies of faro.

Gillray was quick to grasp the opportunity which such a state of affairs afforded to his powers of satire, and was pitiless in his caricatures of female gamblers. In this Lady Archer and Mrs. Concannon were shown in the pillory, upbraiding one another. Lord Kenyon had made some very scathing comments upon the vice of gaming during a recent trial to recover fifteen pounds won at play on a Sunday, and had declared that the highest society was setting the worst example to the lowest, being under the impression that it was too great for the law.

He himself, he added, should the opportunity arise, would see that any gamblers brought before him, whatever their rank or station, should be severely dealt with if [Pg 57] convicted, and though they might be the first ladies in the land they should certainly exhibit themselves in the pillory.

Gambling in the West End of London amongst ladies had indeed become a public scandal, and in due course the authorities found themselves bound to take action. Mary Sturt, Mr. Concannon, and Mr. O'Burne, were charged at Marlborough Street with having "played at a certain fraudulent and unlawful game called faro, at the house of the Earl of Buckinghamshire, in St.

James's Square. With them was also charged Henry Martindale, who had financed the bank—the four or five people employed to run the table were each paid half a guinea a night by him, tenpence out of which was deducted for the use of the maids. A witness, Joseph Evatt by name, deposed that he had seen Lady Buckinghamshire play every Monday and Friday, as regular as the days came. Her ladyship, said he, used to continue punting and betting, paying and receiving, from night till morning.

The lady's counsel, Mr. Onslow, endeavoured to invalidate this man's testimony by showing that he was a terrible democrat, and disaffected to His Majesty's person and government; and also by proving that he wanted to palm an old suit of [Pg 58] livery on his master, and to persuade the tailor to charge for a new one, and give him part of the money.

To prove the first charge Mr. Onslow examined the witness Evatt himself, and asked him if he had not declared that the Government was a bad one, and that he should like to cut the King's head off? The magistrate, Mr. Conant, would not suffer him to answer such a question. To prove the latter, the foreman of Mr. Blackmore, a tailor, said that Evatt having saved a suit of livery as good as new, wanted Mr.

Blackmore to take it, allow him four guineas, and send it home as a new suit. The magistrate did not consider this such a notorious piece of fraud in a footman, as to prevent his being believed on his oath. Onslow ended by saying that he trusted the magistrate would not, upon the evidence of such men as Evatt and Burford, convict Lady Buckinghamshire, and hold her up as an object for the finger of democratic scorn to point at. Notwithstanding this defence, the lady was sentenced to pay a fine of fifty pounds, as were Lady Elizabeth Luttrell, Mrs.

Mary Sturt, and Mr. The case against Mr. Concannon was quashed owing to his having been described as Lucas Concannon instead of Lucius. Martindale was fined two hundred pounds, and in consequence of the scandal produced by the whole affair was eventually made a bankrupt, [Pg 59] by which the ladies of the fashionable world were thrown into a state of considerable alarm.

Martindale it was who supplied the beautiful Duchess of Devonshire, and many other dashing women of distinction, with sums to support their gambling propensities. Many of the great ladies of that day lived only for pleasure, spending enormous sums in dress, and also in carriages and horseflesh, it being a point of honour amongst them to possess a superb turn-out. One lady, well known for the splendour of her equipage at race meetings where she cut a distinguished figure, once apologised to a friend for appearing at Doncaster with a humble four-in-hand and four out-riders, saying that her coachman wished to come with six horses as usual, but she thought it right, in such hard times, to come "incog.

The gambling ladies of that day came into contact with all sorts of shady characters, many of whom were very unpolished diamonds. Such a one was the man known as "Old Nick," whose principal revenue was drawn from a hazard table where strangers were treated with a hospitality which they generally had good cause to remember. Old Nick also had a considerable interest in a number of lottery insurance offices, lent money, and [Pg 60] gambled himself when able to get in contact with any unplucked pigeon.

Old Nick's answer was: "Well, Madam, the best thing you can do is to sit down with me at cards, and play for all you have about you; after I win your smock, so far from refunding, I'll send you home bare —to your Duke, my dear. One of his friends being under trial for a very serious charge and having no defence left but his character, produced Old Nick in order to vouch for his respectability.

The latter's ready eloquence represented him as the most amiable and innocent of the creation. The counsel for the prosecution having smelt a rat, began to ply the witness with such questions as he positively refused to answer.

Being asked the reason, he answered honestly for once in his life: "My business here was to give the man a good character, and you, you flat, imagine that I'm come to give him a bad one. The beautiful Duchess throwing a Main. By Rowlandson. In the early part of the year the West End was much excited by a statement in a morning paper referring to the supposed discovery by the Duke of Devonshire of immense losses at play, principally to gamesters of her own sex, incurred by his lovely Duchess.

The discovery was made to the Duke one Sunday; the Duchess rushed into his library, and, in a flood of tears, told him she was ruined in fame and reputation, if these claims of honour were not instantly discharged. His Grace was thunderstruck when he learned the extent of her requisition, and the names of the friends who had contributed in so extraordinary a manner to such extreme embarrassments. Having soothed her in the best manner he was able, he sent for two confidential friends, imparted to them all the circumstances, and asked them how he should act.

Their answer was promptly given—"Pay not one guinea of any such infamous demands! Her Grace was said to have executed some bonds, to satisfy, for a moment, these gambling claimants; but, of course, they could be of no avail. Two gentlemen and five ladies formed the snug flock of rooks that had so unmercifully stripped this female pigeon of distinction. A few days later, however, The Morning Herald , which was responsible for the startling news, declared that the fiction of the female gamblers of distinction in a house fitted up near St.

James's Street for their ruinous orgies, began to die away; for it had been discovered that the supposed pigeoned Duchess, declared to have sacri [Pg 62] ficed half a million sterling of her lord's fortune, had never gambled at any game of chance, whilst her amiable companion, who was a pattern of domestic propriety, instead of having helped to pluck her Grace, had never played for a guinea in the course of her life.

This denial was probably inspired from influential quarters. The gambling ladies seem to have fallen into obscurity when the nineteenth century began; the "faro dames," as they were called, found their occupation gone. Their game, at which few of them had "cut with honours," was up, and their "odd tricks" were no longer of any avail in London. One of the most notorious, Mrs. Concannon, migrated to Paris, where her house continued for some time to be the meeting-place of those fond of deep play.

Whist now began to be a good deal played at fashionable parties, but in four-handed cribbage became the fashionable game in the West End, and whist, during a temporary eclipse, as it declined in the West, rose with increase of splendour in the East. At a city club the stakes played for were ten pounds a game, and guineas were betted on the odd trick.

A select party of business men, well known on the city side of Temple Bar, once played at whist from one Wednesday afternoon till the next Friday night, and only left off then because two of the players were unfortunately Jews. At another whist party, a lady who had not [Pg 63] been accustomed to move in quite as good society as the other guests, won a rubber of twenty guineas. At this time adventurers abounded, many of whom profited by the speculative tendencies of the age.

A character of the first magnitude in the annals of gaming, for instance, was a Mr. Lookup, who lived towards the close of the eighteenth century. A Scotchman by birth, a gamester by profession, he accumulated a considerable fortune by methods of none too reputable a kind.

Originally an apprentice to an apothecary in the north of England, he acted in that profession as journeyman in the city of Bath. Soon after the death of his master, he paid his addresses to his mistress, the widow; and, having none of that bashful modesty about him which is sometimes an obstacle to a man in such pursuits, and being a remarkably tall stout man, with a tolerably good figure, he prevailed on the Bath matron to favour him with her hand.

From his infancy Lookup manifested a strong propensity for play, and as he grew up became [Pg 64] very expert at several games. Till his marriage, however, he was hampered by lack of funds, which prevented him from exercising his skill and judgment to much advantage. Finding himself master of five hundred pounds brought to him by his wife, he soon shut up shop, and turned his application from pharmacy to speculation.

He became a first-rate piquet and whist player, and soon mastered various other games of chance and skill; in a short time, by incessant industry, greatly increasing his capital. Lord Chesterfield and Mr. Lookup, for a long time, played constant matches at piquet together, the former being something of an adept at the game; but Mr.

Lookup's superior skill at length prevailed, with the result that very considerable gains passed into his pocket. Lord Chesterfield would also sometimes amuse himself at billiards with Mr. Lookup, and upon one of these occasions the peer had the laugh turned against him by the sharp tactics of his antagonist. Lookup had met with an accident by which he was deprived of the sight of one of his eyes, though to any cursory observer it appeared as perfect as the other.

Having beaten the peer playing evens, Lookup asked how many his lordship would give him, if he put a patch upon one eye. Lord Chesterfield agreed to give him five, upon which Lookup beat him several times successively. At length his lordship, with some petulance, exclaimed, "Lookup, I think you play [Pg 65] as well with one eye as two. After he had accumulated a considerable sum by play, Mr. Lookup went to London, and, having buried his wife, married another widow with a very large fortune.

His plan of operations was now much enlarged; and, though he played occasionally for his own amusement, or when he met with what is termed a "good thing," he abandoned gaming as a regular profession. He now struck out several schemes, some visionary and others advantageous; among the former being a project for making saltpetre.

A foreigner having drawn up a specious plan, presented it to Lookup, who, from his superficial knowledge of chemistry, thought the scheme practicable. A considerable range of buildings was erected for carrying on these works near Chelsea; salaries were appointed for the directors and supervisors, and large sums expended to bring this favourite scheme to perfection.

So sanguine were Lookup's hopes of success, that he persuaded a particular friend of his Captain Hamilton to become a partner, with the result that the latter lost many thousands. At length, tired with the fruitless expense and repeated disappointments, he abandoned this project for others less delusive.

Lookup was concerned in many privateering ventures, several of which proved successful; at any rate he was thought to be a substantial gainer in these enterprises. At the close of the war he engaged in the African trade, and had considerable dealings in that commerce to the time of his decease. As he grew old, however, his darling passion would at times predominate; and within a few weeks of his death he was known to sit up whole nights playing for very considerable sums.

It was even averred that he died with a pack of cards in his hand, at his favourite game of humbug or two-handed whist; on which Sam Foote jocularly observed, "that Lookup was humbugged out of the world at last. Some description of Mr.

Lookup's favourite game, of which he is said to have been the inventor, may not be out of place. Though now obsolete, it was once very popular at the rooms in Bath, and in the West End of London. Humbug may properly be called two-handed whist, as only two persons play. The cards are shuffled and cut; the lowest deals out all the cards, and turns up the last for the trump. Each player has now twenty-six cards in his hand, and the object is to make as many tricks as they can, all the laws of whist prevailing, the cards being of the same value as when four play.

But the honours do not reckon any further than they prevail in making tricks by their superiority over inferior cards; the tricks reckon [Pg 67] from one to as many as are gained; for instance, if one player has twenty tricks, and the other only six, the first wins fourteen, and if they play a guinea a trick of course wins fourteen guineas.

The game finishes every deal, when the balance is settled, and they then commence another game. As each player knows, at first, all the cards his adversary has in his hand, it is common, in order to sort them, to lay them with their faces up; but after they have ranged them, and begun to play, they are as careful of concealing their cards as they are at the common game of whist, it then depending upon memory to know what cards have been played and what remain in hand.

As it is allowed only to turn up the last trick to see what has been played, a revoke is punished with the same rigour at this game as at whist; and the forfeiting three tricks is often worth more at humbug than at the former game. The London of the past swarmed with sharpers of every description on the look-out for rich young men. Billiard-rooms which are now quite decorous resorts were favourite haunts of these gentry.

The noted Captain Roche, known as Tiger Roche, was once at the Bedford billiard-table, when it was extremely crowded. As he was knocking the balls about with a cue. Major Williamson, who wanted to talk to him about some business, desired him to leave off, as he monopolised the table and hindered gentlemen from playing. A particularly dangerous individual was the notorious Dick England, an Irishman of obscure origin, who rose to comparative prosperity through gaming and betting.

A hard-headed man, England possessed great control over his temper, which, however, when given a free run, could be terrible. Having played at hazard one evening with a certain young tradesman of his acquaintance, England lost some three or four score pounds, for which he gave his draft upon Hankey, the banker. Having persuaded his antagonist to give him his revenge, the luck turned, and England not only won his money back, but as much more in addition.

It then being late, he desired to retire, and requested his antagonist to pay in cash or to give a cheque upon his banker for the money which he had lost. The tradesman resolutely refused to do either, on the plea that he had been tricked, and that the money had not been fairly won. England once more demanded the money, and when it was again refused, he tripped up the young man's heels, rolled him up [Pg 69] in the carpet, and snatching a case-knife from the sideboard, cut off his long hair close to the scalp.

This violent action, coupled with the menacing attitude of England still flourishing the knife, and uttering the most deep-toned imprecations, had such an effect upon the young man in the stillness of past three o'clock in the morning, that he arose, and with the meekness of a lamb wrote a draft for the amount of his loss, took his leave very civilly, wishing the Captain a good morning, and never mentioned the circumstance again.

Dick England was a constant frequenter of all places likely to afford him pigeons worth plucking. At a tennis court he met the Honourable Mr. Damer, who was in the habit of playing tennis for amusement and exercise. One evil day, however, when no one was about, Mr. Damer played a game with England, who was profuse in his admiration for his opponent's skill.

Though Mr. Damer knew England's reputation, and would not have been seen at Ranelagh with him, or had him at his table for a thousand pounds, he was not proof against the man's flattery, and England soon became his habitual opponent at tennis. The latter, in league with other sharpers, soon sent to Paris for the best tennis player in the world, who on his arrival was instructed to lose unless given signals—the display of a certain coloured handkerchief, the raising of a bat, and similar signs—should be made.

England now proceeded to begin the stripping [Pg 70] of his dupe by pretending to back him for fifty or a hundred guineas a set, complaining bitterly of his losses when unsuccessful. Damer meanwhile was losing three, four, and sometimes five thousand guineas in a day; and with such blind avidity did he pursue this destructive game, that he soon found himself a loser of near forty thousand guineas.

At last, he found it prudent to resist the propensity to play with England and his band of sharpers, some of whom were constantly at his house in Tilney Street, requesting payment. Damer offered them post-obits, bonds, or in short the best security he could then offer, his father, Lord Milton, afterwards Lord Dorchester, being alive; no, they would have cash. Damer could not find it; but, to his high sense of honour be it told, he threw himself at his father's feet; the worthy parent weighed the matter well, and sent his steward from Milton Abbey with power to pay every shilling, though he knew his son had been cheated of every guinea.

The steward, however, arrived only in time to learn that his young master, having sent for five girls and a blind fiddler, had blown out his brains after a roystering carouse at a tavern in Covent Garden. According to Horace Walpole it was Fox who, with infinite good nature, went to meet Mrs. Damer on her way to town and prepared her for the dismal news. England was very fertile in expedients in plucking his pigeons.

On one occasion, being with other blacklegs at Scarborough, and a rich dupe, from whom a good deal was expected, refusing to play after dinner, the party, having made the pigeon drunk and given the waiter five guineas to answer any awkward questions which might be asked in the morning, wrote out on slips of paper "D—— the pigeon's name owes me a hundred guineas.

England, however, wrote "I owe D—— thirty guineas. The next morning England, meeting the guest of the night before on the cliff, said to him: "Well, we were all very merry last night. D—— stared, and positively denied having played for a shilling; but England assured him upon his honour that he had.

He added that he had paid hundreds to men who having drunk deep remembered nothing till he had shown them his account. D—— thus fell into the trap laid for him, and, being a novice, put the notes in his pocket, [Pg 72] thinking England the most upright man he had ever met. Shortly after, Mr. England's friends presented their cards. D——, thunderstruck at their demands, swore that he had never played with them, and indeed that he did not know of his having played at all, until Captain England, very much to his credit, had paid him thirty guineas, though he himself did not remember any cards or dice having been in the room.

The leader of the band replied with great warmth, "Sir, it is the first time my honour was ever doubted. Captain England, and the waiter, will tell you I won a hundred guineas of you, though I was a great loser by the night's play. The victim of the plot, however, fortunately for himself, met some friends who were men of the world, and one of them having cross-examined the waiter, and promised him another five guineas if he spoke the truth, the latter at last admitted that England and his companions were notorious blacklegs, and that Mr.

D—— did not play at all, or, if he did, it could not have been for five minutes, as the rest of the party were constantly ringing and making punch in their own way. On the advice of this friend D—— ended the matter by sending England back his thirty guineas with five more to pay the cost of the supper; and the blacklegs, finding that the affair was likely to do them no good, left Scarborough the next morning.

A young Kingston brewer, Rolles by name, [Pg 73] having publicly insulted England by calling him a blackleg at Ascot, the latter, who could snuff a candle with a pistol ball, called him out and shot him, after which he fled to the Continent, remarking: "Well, as I have shot a man I must be after making myself scarce. It is said, however, that he furnished the heads of our army with some valuable intelligence in its celebrated campaign in Flanders; and that, as a reward, his return to this country was facilitated, and an annuity promised him.

On his arrival in London, he was tried and acquitted of the murder of Mr. Aliens' Week-Long Crossover". Aliens' Crossover". Aliens' Crossover Conclusion". Non-Sports Audience in 12 Months". Inauguration History". Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 2 May Retrieved 21 January Retrieved 16 January Retrieved 17 January Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 24 January Retrieved 30 January Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 1 February Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 7 February Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 19 February Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 22 February Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 29 February Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 7 March Retrieved 8 March Hour in Adults , and Key Male Demos".

Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 17 April Retrieved 18 April Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 29 April Hour Among Adults and ". Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 20 December Archived from the original on 11 January Retrieved 11 January Archived from the original on 26 December Retrieved 26 December Retrieved 6 January Archived from the original on 27 December


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No es un agente social pasivo. Tiene una profunda capacidad de interaccionar con las circunstancias y coyunturas sociales contribuyendo ampliamente para definir nuevos contenidos y sentidos culturales. De acuerdo con J. Por otro lado, esta 98 Familia y desarrollo humano. Madrid, Alianza,pp. Buenos Aires: Amorrortu, pp. Ni sumisas ni dominantes. Este ambiente proporciona al sujeto todos los elementos necesarios para que adquiera la habilidad de "tomar el rol" de otros individuos e identificarse con una generalidad de otros, o sea, con el "otro generalizado".

Cuando aparecen personajes femeninos que van en contra de las bellas y dulces princesas y ratitas las convierten en brujas o madrastras cargadas de connotaciones negativas. La escuela secundaria les ofrece a sus miembros gran parte de las herramientas y el ambiente necesarios para que logren desenvolverse integralmente como persona. Cuando la influencia del grupo de pares sobre sus miembros es de largo alcance, se trata de algo no intencional y accidental. Empieza a ver las cosas desde el punto de vista de la sociedad antes que de la familia.

En este medio los sujetos miden sus calidades, descubren sus aptitudes y su valor como persona, lo que impulsa el desarrollo de su autoestima y de su autoconcepto. En este sentido, el grupo de pares juega un rol importante en el desarrollo del me del sujeto, que es la serie de actitudes organizadas de los otros que adopta uno mismo. Algunos miembros tienen una popularidad elevada dentro del grupo; la Gottman et al. Grupo de pares en la Adolescencia y JuventudA medida que el individuo va creciendo se va desplazando gradualmente de la influencia de los padres hacia los grupos de pares.

A medida que va madurando, sus intereses se desplazan desde lo interno hacia lo externo. El argot de cada estilo refleja las experiencias que forman parte de la vida del grupo. Posteriormente, se utilizaron bloques de piedra grabados para imprimir textos de Confucio. Los gobiernos tomaban incluso medidas para frenar la llamada "prensa clandestina" que en muchas ocasiones divulgaba contenidos revolucionarios.

En este momento aumenta el miedo a la prensa por parte de las autoridades y la lucha por la "libertad de prensa" recobra fuerzas. Luego disertaremos sobre sus funciones y su papel mediador en las sociedades actuales. El sentido positivo connotaba la fuerza y la solidaridad de los trabajadores cuando se organizaban con fines colectivos.

De esta manera, la "masa social" se caracteriza porque sus "distintos integrantes" poseen cualidades comunes. Por otra parte, el autor J. En este caso, las personas que cumplen tal norma aumentan su prestigio personal dentro del grupo Galera y J. El modelo comunicativo de Wilbur Scharamm quita el protagonismo del emisor e incorpora nuevos elementos en el proceso comunicativo. Lo que ellos creen que el lector desea influye directamente en lo que es objeto de su reportaje, lo que interpretan y lo que codifican".

Se pierde, en cambio, en inmediatez, en realismo, en presencia. El Amor es un tema tratado con mucha frecuencia e importancia por estas revistas. Los nombres de las revistas actuales, a diferencia de las de antiguamente que llevaban nombre de mujer, se caracterizan por ser cortos, sonoros y hacer referencia a la personalidad femenina.

Como premio al triunfo, se alcanza la felicidad. El hecho de nacer mujer no garantiza la feminidad con lo cual las chicas aunque sean mujeres tienen que aparentarlo, actuar de acuerdo con lo que se espera de una chica-mujer y comportarse de manera que corresponda a una chicamujer.

Las publicaciones simplemente parten del principio de que todas ellas se sienten plenamente mujeres y son heterosexuales. Su empleo busca persuadir, disuadir, estimular, influir, provocar, animar, convencer, seducir, etc. Garrido Medina ed. La prensa femenina en general ha sido tradicionalmente considerada como un subproducto literario y ha sido menospreciada por los investigadores como fuente para estudiar procesos sociales, pese a ser aquello que buena parte de la sociedad demanda Gallego, Madrid: Pearson, pp.

El conjunto de elementos impresos en la portada mensaje son elaborados de manera que sean comprensibles y atractivos para la audiencia. MedidaLa medida es la superficie ocupada por la unidad informativa en dicho espacio. La cabecera, que nace en , lanza el formato pocket en diciembre de El objetivo es humanizar a los famosos, son como "nosotros".

El maquillaje utilizado en general es bastante suave, indicando su uso para resaltar los rasgos naturales de cada una. Derivada de la egipcia, es una letra de trazo semejante a letras encontradas en monedas griegas y en inscripciones lapidarias griegas y romanas. Madrid: Pearson,pp. El refinamiento, la elegancia y la exclusividad son elementos bastante valorados para el target de esta cabecera. Revista YouLos elementos fijos en la revista You son bastante parecidos a los encontrados en la Ragazza.

Los estereotipos comunes a las mujeres de portadas de la You son: la belleza, su atractivo, delgadez y su cutis impecable. Sin embargo, identificamos 2 clases de modelos de mujer que sugieren las portadas. En otras 3, las protagonistas son adolescentes delicadas, sonrientes con aire inocente e infantil.

Creemos que estas diferencias de perfiles, tratamientos y estilo, son recursos utilizados por la revista para lograr captar tanto a la audiencia adolescente como a la joven. En lo que respecta al estereotipo de belleza de los y las protagonistas de La Revista 40 encontramos ciertos patrones femeninos: guapas, atractivas, delgadas, sensuales, aunque cada una de ellas es poseedora de un estilo propio.

Los "guaperas" como les gustan denominar en las revistas, tienen la apariencia y el cuerpo saludable y cuidado, en general son altos, fuertes y sexys. Los "oscurillos" son los varones que para nada siguen un canon de belleza, se destacan por su apariencia poco saludable, piel muy blanca, cuerpo delgado, ojos hondos y vestimenta oscura. De una manera menos constante veremos los sorteos como forma de complacer a las lectoras ofreciendo la oportunidad que ganen con las lectoras y la otra es puramente comercial.

Entre los varios enfoques que tratan las revistas hemos observado que hay algunos que se distinguen por su frecuencia. Las revistas como modo de incentivo a que la mujer sea activa e innovadora en las relaciones sexuales producen contenidos destinados a la venta de los productos ofrecidos por este mercado. LaRagazza y la You son revistas que se dedican a producir contenidos que posibiliten a las lectoras moldear su imagen, lo que las va a diferenciar es que la primera dedica su enfoque en lo que respecta a la moda y la segunda a la belleza.

En este sentido, observamos que los contenidos tratados por estas revistas vienen a atender a los intereses demandados por las lectoras. Creemos muy importante apreciar este punto de vista empresarial de los detentores de estas publicaciones porque en realidad el fin primordial de este producto es la venta.

La prensa juvenil femenina acierta en el blanco pues tiene una incidencia de consumo muy grande en este colectivo lo que facilita el acercamiento de los anunciantes a este target. Tampoco nos podemos olvidar de que una parte importante de las lectoras de las revistas ni siquiera tienen su cuerpo desarrollado por completo y ya se ven presionadas por encajarse en patrones predeterminados e irreales.

Ejemplo de titulares: "… es un tipo sensible e inseguro. En suma, las revistas traen todo lo que las lectoras tienen que saber para estar como es debido. La moda, la belleza y la sexualidad son temas que al principio nos hace creer que Parte del contenido encontrado en el interior de la revista, pp.

Duelo de macarras". En las portadas de las revistas estudiadas los temas relacionados a la salud pasan desapercibidos. El discurso de las revistas para adolescentes. Madrid, Alianza, pp. Madrid: Prentice Hall Iberia, pp. Lleida: Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida, pp. Madrid: Trotta, pp.

Lasswell , Shannon y Weaver , W. Schramm o D. Madrid, Catarata, pg. Madrid: Paraninfo, pp. Desde el punto de vista del conductismo social. Nosotros no podemos llamar a eso como nada menos, entonces, que la cultura interiorizada. Se obliga al miembro a "reformarse" y aceptar conformarse al grupo o a seguir su propio camino fuera de ese.

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