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Sports boxing betting online legal arkansas mississippi state betting line

Sports boxing betting online legal

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Unfortunately, the latter is rare at the moment, as most sportsbooks focus on offering a well-designed mobile site, not a dedicated downloadable app. However, this might change in the future, and we might add more sites to this list, so keep checking periodically. Customer Service Customer service is vital in online gambling. Payment Methods Players tend to forget to check which payment methods are available on a sports betting site and often end up without the option they typically use.

Cryptocurrency lovers will be glad to see that most sites also cover Bitcoin and sometimes other coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Unlike the US, sports betting in Canada is legal, but it has to be on a site operated within the country or specific Canadian province. Also, it needs to have a licence from the federal government.

For that reason, Canadians typically bet in international sportsbooks. This practice is perfectly safe as the law has never prosecuted anyone for placing sports bets in offshore online sportsbooks. Boxing is one of the most popular sports and generates a significant amount of interest in the United States and Canada as some of the best fighters in the game have come from these two countries. Boxing across the world is governed by a number of regulatory bodies including the World Boxing Association , World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Federation.

One of the best Canadian boxers of all time is Lennox Lewis who represented Canada in the Olympics and won gold. Lewis was also the undisputed heavyweight champion. There is a niche market in Canada who love boxing and are always looking to place boxing bets.

They use some of the reputed online betting websites in Canada such as Sport, Paddy Power, William Hill and Betfair to place their wagers. These online websites offer a number of different bets including eventual winner, method of victory, winning markets that cover rounds won and points scored. Betting on boxing is exciting as the outcome is unpredictable as anything can happen on the day and in the ring.

Boxing matches have 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest in between rounds. The fight can be won via a knock-out, stoppage, disqualification or on points. Three judges score each round and if the fight goes the distance, their scores are totaled and the eventual winner is decided.

Canadian players who want to bet on boxing can visit the online poker website or mobile app of any of the reputed sports betting websites we listed above, click on boxing and then see the list of matches that are featured.

They can look at the odds and quickly determine who the favorite is and who the underdog is. The return is always higher on the underdog which is one of the reasons why many bettors take the risk as the payout looks greater. These online betting websites cover boxing matches taking place all over the world as well as in Canada.

Match Fixing : Boxing is yet another sport that has been shrouded under the cloud of match fixing as both amateur and professional fights can get influenced by outside parties who bribe, threaten and manipulate boxers to throw matches, take dives, put in a below par performance and even pay the judges to score the fight the way they want it to go. This enables illegal betting syndicates to determine the outcome prior to the match and win a lot of money on illegal boxing bets.

There are plenty of Boxing events run throughout the year on an ongoing basis, and as such with events organised and controlled by such organisations at the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council as well as both the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Organization then you are never short of wagering opportunities!

Boxing is a big and popular sport, with events held worldwide, which can be a good thing for a potential boxing bettor like yourself. If you have a passion for the sport of Boxing, then you will now that throughout the year there is some major one off bouts, and also a range of tournament styled boxing matches that run throughout the year. Should you be interested in placing any form of boxing wager on any up and coming bout, then you can do just that at many of our featured Canadian customer friendly betting sites listed below, and remember the art to securing the best odds is to shop around as each betting site will offer different odds based on the level of money they have had placed on any part of a betting market!

These are:. On top of that, boxing is an Olympic sport, so you can expect to bet on many matches every four years. Bear in mind that heavyweight boxing is usually in the spotlight in boxing sportsbooks as this is the most popular weight class in the world of boxing. However, you can still expect matches from all other weight classes to get coverage in most cases.

If you are prepared to take a long term view in regards to placing your Boxing related wagers , then you can often secure some better payout odds, as most online betting sites offer Ante Post wagers as they are known which can be placed weeks or months in advance of any Boxing match starting. So if you want and wish to place a wager well in advance then make sure you do so as the odds are often way higher than those offered in the run up to a Boxing fixture.

To give you some ideas of the types of wagers you can place on a Boxing match, we have listed some of the most common and not so common betting opportunities below for you. Should just one of the boxers take your eye then it will be the Match Betting opportunities that interest you, all you need to do is pick the boxer who you think is going to win any one match and if correct you will be rewarded with a winning payout. The most popular bet in any sport is always the moneyline bet, or the outright winner bet in boxing.

The bet is simple, and it allows you to bet on the winner of the fight. However, the odds vary greatly, as they mostly depend on the discrepancies between the two fighters. Odds on favourites are typically relatively low, but the underdogs can carry incredibly high potential payouts. Method of victory bets can be a great way to sweeten the pot if you want to bet on more than just the fight winner. There are typically three ways for a boxer to win the match, by knockout, disqualification or decision , so you get to choose between these three.

In most cases, the sportsbook offers several options and provides the odds for over or under bets, and all you have to do is choose what you believe is the most likely outcome. Successfully betting on a draw can yield you a fortune, as the odds on this bet are usually incredibly high.

Round bets are some of the most exciting bets you can place in boxing, as they require you to predict the round in which the match will end as well as the winning fighter. These bets are challenging but incredibly exciting and great for players with enough experience and knowledge of the sport. You can also wager on whether you think any single boxing match is going to go to the final round, whilst the odds for this wager are not usually very generous, there can of course be only two sides to this type of wager, those being a yes or no!

A parlay bet is a bit complicated but can end up being incredibly rewarding. Namely, you have to bet on several matches on the same betting slip. Prop betting exists in every sport and on most sportsbooks. It essentially involves special bets or propositions that the betting site comes up with. In boxing, these often include bets on who will win by knockout, if the referee will end the match in a particular way, etc. In essence, a prop bet can be practically anything that can occur in a fight.

They can even consist of multiple prop bets, making the outcome highly unlikely, but the odds astronomical. The bonuses you get for betting on boxing are pretty much the same as any other sport, apart from an occasional special offer that a sportsbook might offer specifically for boxing, usually focused on a major event. This is the typical welcome bonus that most sportsbooks offer. It works in a simple manner — you need to make your first deposit, and the site will match your offer, i.

However, you will have to meet the wagering requirements set for that bonus if you want to make a withdrawal later. This is the case with most bonus types. These bonuses usually have the same format as the previously-explained welcome bonuses, with the only difference being that these target existing members of the site. They are also generally smaller and tend to repeat over a specific period. No deposit bonuses are rare gems in the online gambling world.

They offer a specific amount of money just for registering at a site. Free bets are standard in many online sportsbooks. They require the player to deposit money and place a particular wager. Then the site sends the player a specific amount of money once the bet is settled. These bonuses are fairly self-explanatory.

Sportsbooks typically offer them to new players, and they promise the return of the initial stake if the bet ends up being unsuccessful. The percentage of the stake you can get back and the number of bets this bonus covers vary significantly from site to site. Referral bonuses might differ slightly from sportsbook to sportsbook, but the gist is usually the same, just as it is with referral systems on all sites with referral programs.

This makes the bonuses easy to understand and use. Every player needs help to become a better bettor. Garcia is a former Welterweight champion and had won 33 straight fights before losing the title in The winner of this fight will be the undisputed Welterweight champion and boxing bettors will have an exciting match to take action on.

Celebrity boxing can provide an interesting entry point into the world of boxing, and we welcome any new boxing bettors! Jake Paul is the favorite over Robinson but it is anyone's guess as to who will take the warm-up fight to Tyson-Jones Jr. It is always good practice to search over multiple different sportsbooks in order to find the best betting odds.

This process is known as shopping the lines. When shopping lines, sports bettors are able to search and compare over various real money online sportsbooks to see which is the best option for wagering. Shopping the lines also allows for doubling down on bets you feel completely confident towards in order to make more money on a victorious outcome.

This is because some sportsbooks have wagering limits, and the only way to exceed them is to use another sportsbooks as well. Luckily, sportsbook wagering limits tend to be high - you might not actually need to do this. Another strategy would be hedging your bets. This strategy, if done strategically, can send you home as a winner regardless of the outcome of the fight. Generally, boxing odds tend to be lopsided - there are a lot of tin can bouts - so opportunities to middle and hedge are few and far between, but they do exist.

Boxing matches allow for a lot of different betting lines so this is a good practice when looking for the best odds. There are a lot of excellent boxing betting sites in that offer odds on pretty much any fight that is out there. Sports bettors who bet on boxing at any of these sites will find some of the best odds, prop bets, and parlays for them to benefit from.

These internationally regulated sportsbooks are also generally regarded as perhaps the best way to shop lines on various boxing matches. Basically, they enable you to find the best possible odds across multiple sportsbooks in an instant. This can lead to great profits, especially on the margins of bets that you make.

Bovada is one of the biggest sportsbooks for betting on boxing. At Bovada, sports bettors will find a bevy of betting lines and odds available to ensure the best possible boxing betting experience. Bovada also has a slew of bonuses for sports bettors. This means upon your first deposit into your online betting account, Bovada will essentially give you free money. This money allows you to place more bets or even a higher wager then you initially wished to without risk.

Bovada is a premier boxing betting outlet. MyBookie is a very popular site when it comes to betting on boxing matches. MyBookie hosts some of the best odds for the biggest fights as well as a wide variety of betting lines and prop bets to give sports bettors seemingly endless possible options for a fight. MyBookie is also home to a good amount of promotions and bonuses to benefit patrons of the sportsbook. Visit BetDSI. Boxing matches allow for many betting options. Sports bettors can bet on the moneyline, props, total rounds and much more including parlays and betting on the scoring.

With boxing, you will not run out of betting lines for a particular fight so it is best to understand how each wager type operates so that you are well equipped when placing your bets both before and during the bout. Betting on the moneyline during a boxing match is essentially playing a bet on who you think will win the fight. The odds are based on the number of wagers being placed in favor of a particular fighter. The odds also represent how you will get paid if you win.

Prop bets in boxing are bets that on surround specifically who will win the fight but instead are about other things happening both during and around the fight. For example, instead of betting specifically on if boxer A will beat boxer B, a prop bet may have odds around if boxer A wins by knock out or not.

Another example would be what boxer A and B will be wearing during the fight, or if anyone will be disqualified during the fight. Prop bets give an almost endless option of betting lines to sports bettors throughout the fight. What you will be wagering on, basically, is if you believe the fight will last that long.

Bettors can see which option is favored by watching how the line moves or what the sportsbooks set the odds at. One of the best parts of betting on boxing is the ability to place your wagers on your mobile devices. Online sportsbooks give this option and there are a lot of states that have regulated online sports betting. Many states nowadays have mobile sports betting apps available on both Android and iPhone platforms.

Make sure you are in one of the states with an approved app and make sure you use the correct app when you do so. If you are not in a state with regulated online sports betting there are still mobile betting options available as online sportsbooks allow for residents of all 50 states to be able to bet on upcoming fights. Since these sportsbooks are not based on US soil, they are not restricted by American legislation allowing for sports bettors in any state to legally be able to place their bets.

Offshore sportsbooks tend to use mobile websites instead of apps. This means that in order to access their mobile betting sites, all you have to do is visit their normal website in a mobile browser. The website will recognize this and show you a mobile-optimized version of the website, so you can place all the bets you like without having to download anything.

Live betting on boxing is one of the best ways to get ahead of the game when you place wagers on your favorite boxers. Any boxing fan knows that sometimes, the outcome of a fight is apparent before the fight is over, simply from watching how the two fighters matched up in earlier rounds. Live betting allows you to capitalize on knowledge like this, and to use your knowledge of boxing to win real money. Betting on boxing live is quite simple. At many of the major online sportsbooks, boxing lines will be updated on a day to day basis.

However, while events are running, the lines will be constantly updating. These deposit methods can govern everything from what bonuses you are eligible for to the time your deposit takes to the amount of fees applied to your deposit.

Generally speaking, each sportsbook takes different deposit methods, but most of them accept the following:.

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