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Online sports betting sites uganda music videos

Music promoters' impact. Radio and Television are supporting talent too. The two TVs have given platforms to the artists through playing their videos on visuals and bringing them to the public eye. Kacheche's coming is one of the reasons Western Uganda's music has been embraced in the central. The growth in music events, especially in bars of Mbarara, Rukungiri, Kabale, Fort Portal, Ishaka, Kasese and Kamwenge gives platforms to the starting artists to be heard of.

Because of Uganda's turbulent political history, there was never enough time for there to be a thriving pop music industry until relative peace was restored in the late s. Jimmy Katumba and his music group the Ebonies were also popular at this time, especially towards the s. Artists like, Livingstone Kasozi, Herman Basudde and Paulo Kafeero also played a great role in bringing live music near to the fans. According to popular music promoter and legendary DJ Erycom, In the year , Uganda experienced the biggest change musically.

Thanks to musician Red Banton the Five star general who rose to fame with his Noonya Money hit song that played country wide. They imported the Ragga music culture into Uganda and, although they faced stiff competition from other African music styles and musicians at the time, in particular Soukous from Congo and Kwaito from South Africa, they formed the foundation of the pop music industry.

But it was not until the 21st century when musicians like Chameleone emerged that a pop music scene really began. Today, musicians like Iryn Namubiru and King Saha are just a few of the many pop musicians in a thriving and vibrant pop music scene.

The word "Kadongo Kamu" is a term in the Luganda language that means "one guitar". The music is given this name because of the role played by the bass guitar , which most times is the solo instrument used in creation of the music.

Perhaps the first well known artist of the genre was Fred Masagazi in the s. The late Elly Wamala contributed a lot in making urban Kadongo Kamu style. Christopher Sebadduka popularised the genre and perhaps this is why he is considered by many to be the God father of kadongo kamu.

Elly Wamala abandoned this genre because it was also instrumented by non elite like Christopher Sebadduka. His brand of educative singing won him many fans and he is one of the few musicians who was involved with Uganda's independence in They were followed by a number of musicians who kept true to the style and sound of the music. Herman Basudde was a very popular kadongo kamu musician in the s and s.

So was Bernard Kabanda. Dan Mugula is one of the few surviving pioneers of the genre. Fred Sebatta and Paulo Kafeero made their mark in the s. Today, the genre is marginalized in favor of more recent styles of music. But because the music is loved by cultural loyalists in the buganda region, it is certain that there will always be an audience for kadongo kamu.

Uganda has had many artists who have been on top of their game with either one or two big songs. According to DJ Erycom, one of Uganda's popular veteran DJs and digital music promoter of this generation, below are the biggest Ugandan songs that crossed borders and topped charts. These songs still sound fresh whenever you listen to them:. Kidandali is a music genre that currently is arguably the most popular genre of music in Uganda.

However, the term "kidandali" is not universally agreed on as the name of this genre with some local sources preferring instead to use the very simplistic term "Band Music" while others prefer the term Afrobeat , even though the music shares no similarities with Afrobeat. The roots of this genre can be traced back to the bands that sprung up after Uganda got independence in The Cranes Band, which later gave birth to Afrigo Band , can be regarded as the first group in the evolution process of this genre.

At the very outset, their music was heavily influenced by Soukous and congolese artists like Franco were notable influences at the time. Jazz was also a notable influence. But Afrigo Band was the most prominent and most enduring, especially throughout the political unrest of the s to s. By the mid s Afrigo Band was still heavily influenced by Soukous music, which by then was dominant all over the African continent.

Artists like Joanita Kawalya and Rachael Magoola were part of Afrigo Band and helped lay the foundation for modern day Kidandali, alongside other bands like Kaads Band. The turning point, however, came with the formation of the record label Eagles Production which was responsible for producing artists like Mesach Semakula , Geoffrey Lutaaya , Ronald Mayinja and Haruna Mubiru.

These artists took the mantle from Afrigo Band and further developed the genre after the turn of the century. In the s, the genre became identified with the Eagles Production label. Another turning point was in when David Lutalo broke through with the hit song Kapapaala creating the way for the Urban Band genre to move beyond a genre that had for long been dominated by Eagles Production, Diamond Production, Kads Band, Backeys Band, Kats Production, The Hommies among others.

In the year , Uganda witnessed the birth of a new kind on the block, Abdu Mulaasi. With his mega country wide hit "Omusono Gwa Mungu", Abdu Mulaasi became a house hold name creating himself a place amongst the top artists in the country. Enkulu Tenywa was another big song that kept Abdu Mulaasi on top of his game.

DJ Erycom, one of Uganda's legendary Deejays was the first deejay to play, promote and popularize Kadongokamu music across bars and happening places in and outside Uganda. About the same time, technology in audio production had enabled the genre to be reproduced digitally using Audio Workstations and the "band" element had all but disappeared. Many other independent solo artists started to practice the genre. The genre is currently at the peak of its evolution with newer artists like Papa Cidy and Chris Evans helping create a dominant force that, alongside Dancehall, is the most popular stylistic genre in Uganda.

Dancehall music in Uganda is modeled after Jamaican Dancehall. It is among the most influential styles of music in the Ugandan pop music industry. The style of music is very similar to the Jamaican style and so like all imported genres, the only major difference is in language used. Although most dancehall artists will perform in their local language, in this case Luganda , many of them will every now and then try to mimic Jamaican patois.

During the early to mid s when Uganda's pop industry was just beginning to be formed, the first international music to make an impression on Ugandan artists was the Raggamuffin music in Jamaica at the time. The predominant beat that was used by these artists was the Dem Bow beat which was created by Shabba Ranks. This beat became the foundation on which all of Ugandan dancehall was to be built on later, just like it did with Reggaeton. In the late s new artists like Mega Dee and Emperor Orlando joined the fray.

But they didn't create any marked improvement in the quality and sound of the music they found, as it remained pretty simplistic and heavily based on Dem Bow. From then on, the quality of music became commensurate with the quality of production available. Chameleone was the first dancehall artist to try to fuse this ragga sound with other genres like Soukous and Kadongo Kamu. By around , there were a variety of musicians practicing the genre but also without much advancement in style or sound.

By this time, Jamaican dancehall had already taken a sharp turn away from the harsh "ragga" sound based on chatting over simplistic riddims and there was a new wave of dancehall deejays like Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal who were deejaying over more advanced riddims.

Artists like Dr Hilderman came into the scene with new words like Double bed Mazongoto and have continued to grow. It is not until very recently that we have begun to also see new Ugandan artists like Rabadaba , Sizza and Fidempa create a more modern version of dancehall.

Ugandan dancehall artists have reaped big from the industry, many are industrious and live luxurious lives. There is really not much difference stylistically between Ugandan hip hop and the American version. Because of the digital revolution, there is access to modern production technologies in Uganda hence the "beats" that current local producers are creating are high quality and not far behind the American ones.

The fundamental difference between the two genres is that in Uganda, as in most African countries, most artists will rap in their local language. In Uganda's case, the language is Luganda. This has created the synonym "Lugaflow" to further define Ugandan rap music. Hip hop is one of the newer genres to be widely practiced in Uganda. The two music groups, l Klear Kut and Bataka Squad were the first musical acts to do hip hop back in the late s. Mainstream acceptance for the music genre was almost non existent by then.

However, a number of the members of the aforementioned groups persisted with the genre, especially Navio rapper and Babaluku. Around the middle of the previous decade, more acts started joining the fray, with Rocky Giant being one of the first rappers to be embraced in the mainstream. But it was not until GNL broke through circa that the genre really gained steam. GNL made hip hop more acceptable and accessible and many "lugaflow" rappers began to emerge.

Since then there has been a flurry of activity on the scene with a sizable number of rappers enjoying relative success in the music industry and on the radio circuit. Musicians like Jay-P and keko are among a new breed of Ugandan hip hop acts appealing to a broader audience, with their music featuring on international platforms like MTV. It was not until circa that a number of musicians started to embrace the style, with Myco Chris and Baby Joe among those in Diaspora that must be credited.

Blu 3 and Aziz Azion are notable practitioners. Early Gospel music in Uganda was modeled mainly after praise and worship music practiced by church choirs and bands. Artists like Fiona Mukasa in the mids were responsible for taking praise and worship music out of the churches and onto the streets. Because of the influence of Soukous music at the time, this early gospel had a Soukous sound.

Limit X were another gospel group that gained popularity during the s, although the group had formed years earlier, in the late s. Just after the turn of the century, the styles in gospel became more diverse, with various groups like Sauti, [21] and First Love adding to the urban sound created by Limit X. Others like George Okudi and Father Musaala had hits on the radio circuit and internationally. Gospel, however, started having a notable impact on the music industry when Judith Babirye broke through circa Babirye, whose music was similar to Mukasa's, was an instant hit and her song "Beera Nange" was among the songs of the year in its year of release.

She was followed by Wilson Bugembe , another musician who was readily embraced by the listening public with his songs becoming national hits, cutting across all demographics. The album featured guest appearances from artists like Mani Martin , Werrason , and Mi Casa, among others.

In , Kenzo launched a charitable organization called the Eddy Kenzo Foundation. In July , he hosted two charity football matches in Masaka and Kampala that featured Victor Wanyama. The event raised funds for Ugandan children with HIV. Kenzo began a romantic relationship with Ugandan recording artist single. Kenzo real name Edrisah Musuuza , who has another daughter Maya Musuuza from a previous relationship, [48] acknowledged he was the father and named the newborn Amaal Musuuza.

Hamza Ssebunya. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eddy Kenzo. Afropop dancehall. Vocal Drums. Ghetto Kids Patoranking Niniola Harmonize. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved 5 May The Observer. New Vision. Daily Monitor. Diddy's world". Uganda Online. The Guardian. Big Eye. The New Times. The Star. The Kampala Sun. Channel King Kaka laments". Music in Africa. Africa News. PML Daily. Retrieved 6 October


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