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The arrangement includes a first means for translating said beam directing means along the x-axis in said given plane in order to translate the beam along said x-axis. The arrangement comprises a second means for translating said beam directing means along the y-axis in said given plane in order to translate the beam along said y-axis.

Translational Systems Biology and Voice Pathophysiology. Li, Nicole Y. Evidence-based medicine EBM has advocated using randomized clinical trials with large populations to evaluate treatment effects. However, due to large variations across patients, the results are likely not to apply to an individual patient. We suggest that a complementary, systems biology approach using computational modeling may help tackle biological complexity in order to improve ultimate patient care.

The purpose of the article is: 1 to review the pros and cons of EBM, and 2 to discuss the alternative systems biology method and present its utility in clinical voice research. Study Design Tutorial Methods Literature review and discussion. Results We propose that translational systems biology can address many of the limitations of EBM pertinent to voice and other health care domains, and thus complement current health research models.

In particular, recent work using mathematical modeling suggests that systems biology has the ability to quantify the highly complex biologic processes underlying voice pathophysiology. Recent data support the premise that this approach can be applied specifically in the case of phonotrauma and surgically induced vocal fold trauma, and may have particular power to address personalized medicine. Conclusions We propose that evidence around vocal health and disease be expanded beyond a population-based method to consider more fully issues of complexity and systems interactions, especially in implementing personalized medicine in voice care and beyond.

Integrated information systems for translational medicine. Translational medicine research needs a two-way information highway between 'bedside' and 'bench'. Unfortunately there are still weak links between successfully integrated information roads for bench, i.

The question arises, what measures have to be taken to overcome the deficiencies. It is examined how patient care-related costs of clinical research can be separated and shared by health insurances, whether quality of patient care data is sufficient for research, how patient identity can be maintained without conflict to privacy, how care and research records can be archived, and how information systems for care and research can be integrated.

Since clinical trials improve quality of care, insurers share parts of the costs. Quality of care data has to be improved by introducing minimum basic data sets. Pseudonymization solves the conflict between needs for patient identity and privacy. Principles of networking infrastructures for care and research still differ.

They have to be bridged first and harmonized later. To link information systems for care bed and for research bench needs technical infrastructures as well as economic and organizational regulations. Spring suspension provides one translational and one rotational degree of freedom. Suspension used to provide for pitching and plunging movements of airfoil in wind tunnel. Translational freedom provided by two thin, flat steel spring tines, clamped at one end to stationary block fixed to ceiling of wind tunnel, and clamped to movable block at other end.

Ultrasonic speech translator and communications system. A wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency methods for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustical pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids, or solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustical pressure waves back to the original audio signal.

The ultrasonic speech translator and communication system includes an ultrasonic transmitting device and an ultrasonic receiving device. The ultrasonic transmitting device accepts as input an audio signal such as human voice input from a microphone or tape deck. The ultrasonic receiving device converts the frequency modulated ultrasonic acoustical pressure waves to a frequency modulated electronic signal, demodulates the audio signal from the ultrasonic carrier signal, and conditions the demodulated audio signal to reproduce the original audio signal at its output.

The ultrasonic transmitting device frequency modulates an ultrasonic carrier signal with the audio signal producing a frequency modulated ultrasonic carrier signal, which is transmitted via acoustical pressure waves across a carrier medium such as gases, liquids or solids. The ultrasonic speech translator and communication system 20 includes an ultrasonic transmitting device and an ultrasonic receiving device The ultrasonic receiving device converts the frequency modulated ultrasonic acoustical pressure waves to a frequency modulated electronic signal, demodulates the audio signal from the ultrasonic carrier signal, and conditions the demodulated audio signal to reproduce the original audio signal at its output Machine translation MT systems attempt to translate texts from one language into another by translating words from a "source language" and rearranging them into fluent utterances in a "target language.

Report No. The system covers translation of English into French and comprises a dictionary for food science and technology containing 25, words or inflections and 4, expressions. This report…. The evolution and practical application of machine translation system 1.

This paper describes a development, practical applicatioin, problem of a system , evaluation of practical system , and development trend of machine translation. Most recent system contains next four problems. Machine translation system is already used practically in many industry fields. However, many problems are not solved.

The implementation of an ideal system will be after 15 years. Also, this paper described seven evaluation items detailedly. This English abstract was made by Mu system. In this thesis we present results from inversion of data using dense arrays of collocated seismic and magnetotelluric stations located in the Cascadia This final MT model clearly demonstrates Improvements in the thermal modeling of subduction zones.

Machine Translation from Text. Beyond being a well defined application that stands on its own, MT from text is the link between the automatic speech recognition component and the distillation component. The three languages represent a wide range of linguistic diversity and make the GALE MT task rather challenging and exciting. The vehicle data translator V3. The effects of growth and collapse on the magmatic system below Mt Taranaki, New Zealand. Taranaki exhibits one of the best long-term records of volcanic growth and destruction of any volcano worldwide, making it ideal for understanding the long-term effects of changing lithostatic pressure, or loading and unloading, on the magma chamber and magma supply.

The ring-plain around Mt. Taranaki houses volcaniclastic deposits that provide a near continuous record of the evolution of the volcano, yet these records have remained relatively unexploited when investigating the interrelated cyclical phases of volcano collapse and growth, the geochemical evolution of the centre, and the consequent time-varying hazard potential. Crystals clinopyroxene and plagioclase were characterised in detail. Mg and Fe zoning across selected crystals from samples pre-and post-debris avalanche were found to have completely equilibrated, yet zoning patterns in Al remained intact and showed major differences in their formation, allowing for the calculation of diffusion rates.

These have enabled the determination of maximum residence times depths and pressure regimes of the magma system. It is intended that this technique will be applied across the stratigraphic record, which contains 14 collapse events. This will provide insights into crustal magma transport and residence times, and the propagation of fissures and the buoyancy of the magma pre- and post-collapse, in order to characterise the evolution of the centre and quantify the long-term relationship between magmatic rise and volcano growth and destruction.

Six years of atmospheric CO2 observations at Mt. Fuji recorded with a battery-powered measurement system. We developed a battery-powered carbon dioxide CO2 measurement system for monitoring at the summit of Mt. Fuji m a. Our measurement system used batteries to run the measurement unit during these months. These batteries were charged during the 2-month summer season when gridded electricity was available, using a specially designed automatic battery-charging system.

We installed this system in summer at the Mt. Fuji weather station; observations of atmospheric CO2 concentration were taken through December Measurements were never interrupted by a lack of battery power except for two cases in which lightning damaged a control board. Analytical performances stability and accuracy were better than 0.

Observational results showed that CO2 mole fractions at Mt. Fuji demonstrated clear seasonal variation. The trend and the variability of the CO2 growth rate observed at Mt. Seasonally, the concentration at Mt. Fuji was ppm lower in summer and ppm higher in winter than those at MLO. The lower concentrations at Mt. Fuji in summer are mainly attributed to episodes of air mass transport from Siberia or China, where CO2 is taken up by the terrestrial biosphere.

On the other hand, the relatively higher concentrations in winter seem to reflect the high percentage of air masses originating from China or Southeast Asia during this period, which carry increased anthropogenic carbon dioxide. These results show that Mt. Fuji is not very influenced by local sources but rather by the sources and sinks over a very large region. Thus we conclude that, as this system could.

Agent-based models in translational systems biology. Effective translational methodologies for knowledge representation are needed in order to make strides against the constellation of diseases that affect the world today. These diseases are defined by their mechanistic complexity, redundancy, and nonlinearity.

The ability of agent-based modeling to encompass multiple scales of biological process as well as spatial considerations, coupled with an intuitive modeling paradigm, suggests that this modeling framework is well suited for translational systems biology. This review describes agent-based modeling and gives examples of its translational applications in the context of acute inflammation and wound healing.

Etna plumbing system revealed by combined textural, compositional, and thermobarometric studies in clinopyroxenes. Coupled textural and in situ geochemical studies of clinopyroxene cpx phenocrysts, from both historical and recent eruptions of Mt. Five distinct textures were recognized: 1 normal oscillatory zoning, 2 normal zoning with Fe-rich rim, 3 sieve-textured core, 4 reverse oscillatory zoning, and 5 dusty rim.

Electron microprobe analyses indicate an almost constant diopside-augite composition, with a slight enrichment in the enstatite for more recent erupted cpx. Core-to-rim compositional profiles, performed along the cpx, reveal distinct compositional characteristics. Similar compositional changes are evident in dusty-textured rims, which are characterized by dissolution edges and overgrowth containing glass pockets and channels.

No significant compositional variations have been observed across crystals with sieve-textured cores. Thermometers and barometers, based on equilibrium cpx-melt pairs, suggest that cpx cores start nucleating at MPa, with the majority of them forming between and MPa but continuing to crystallize until very shallow depths Coso MT Site Locations.

This data includes the locations of the MT data collected in and around the Coso Geothermal field that covered the West Flank area. Units are in feet. Everest center - with strong sense of three dimension because of reduced amount of snow - and neighboring peaks of the Himalayas. Clouds cover lower slopes in India.

The development and application of systems strategies to biology and disease are transforming medical research and clinical practice in an unprecedented rate. In the foreseeable future, clinicians, medical researchers, and ultimately the consumers and patients will be increasingly equipped with a deluge of personal health information, e.

The convergence of these practices will enable accurate prediction of disease susceptibility and early diagnosis for actionable preventive schema and personalized treatment regimes tailored to each individual. It will also entail proactive participation from all major stakeholders in the health care system.

We are at the dawn of predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory P4 medicine, the fully implementation of which requires marrying basic and clinical researches through advanced systems thinking and the employment of high-throughput technologies in genomics, proteomics, nanofluidics, single-cell analysis, and computation strategies in a highly-orchestrated discipline we termed translational systems medicine. Systems Proteomics for Translational Network Medicine.

Universal principles underlying network science, and their ever-increasing applications in biomedicine, underscore the unprecedented capacity of systems biology based strategies to synthesize and resolve massive high throughput generated datasets. Enabling previously unattainable comprehension of biological complexity, systems approaches have accelerated progress in elucidating disease prediction, progression, and outcome. Applied to the spectrum of states spanning health and disease, network proteomics establishes a collation, integration, and prioritization algorithm to guide mapping and decoding of proteome landscapes from large-scale raw data.

Providing unparalleled deconvolution of protein lists into global interactomes, integrative systems proteomics enables objective, multi-modal interpretation at molecular, pathway, and network scales, merging individual molecular components, their plurality of interactions, and functional contributions for systems comprehension. As such, network systems approaches are increasingly exploited for objective interpretation of cardiovascular proteomics studies.

Here, we highlight network systems proteomic analysis pipelines for integration and biological interpretation through protein cartography, ontological categorization, pathway and functional enrichment and complex network analysis. The rapid growth of the need for technical translations in recent years has led specialists to utilize computer technology to improve the efficiency and quality of translation. The two approaches considered were automatic translation and terminology banks.

Since the results of fully automatic translation were considered unsatisfactory by various…. Kadhim, Kais A. Nowadays, online Machine Translation MT is used widely with translation software, such as Google and Babylon, being easily available and downloadable. This study aims to test the translation quality of these two machine systems in translating Arabic news headlines into English. Computerized system for translating a torch head.

The system provides a constant travel speed along a contoured workpiece. It has a driven skate characterized by an elongated bed, with a pair of independently pivoted trucks connected to the bed for support. The trucks are mounted on a contoured track of arbitrary configuration in a mutually spaced relation. An axially extensible torch head manipulator arm is mounted on the bed of the carriage and projects perpendicular from the midportion. The torch head is mounted at its distal end. A real-time computerized control drive subsystem is used to advance the skate along the track of a variable rate for maintaining a constant speed for the torch head tip, and to position the torch axis relative to a preset angle to the workpiece.

Resistivity structure and geochemistry of the Jigokudani Valley hydrothermal system , Mt. Tateyama, Japan. This study clarifies the hydrothermal system of Jigokudani Valley near Mt. Tateyama volcano in Japan by using a combination of audio-frequency magnetotelluric AMT survey and hot-spring water analysis in order to assess the potential of future phreatic eruptions in the area. Repeated phreatic eruptions in the area about 40, years ago produced the current valley morphology, which is now an active solfatara field dotted with hot springs and fumaroles indicative of a well-developed hydrothermal system.

The three-dimensional 3D resistivity structure of the hydrothermal system was modeled by using the results of an AMT survey conducted at 25 locations across the valley in The model suggests the presence of a near-surface highly conductive layer of system includes a two-phase zone of vapor-liquid. A comparison of the resistivity structure and the geochemically inferred structure suggests that a hydrothermal reservoir is present at a depth of approximately m, from which hot-spring water differentiates into the three observed types.

The two-phase zone appears to be located immediately beneath the cap rock structure. These findings suggest that the hydrothermal system of Jigokudani Valley exhibits a number of factors that could trigger a future phreatic eruption. Modeling workflow to design machine translation applications for public health practice.

Objective Provide a detailed understanding of the information workflow processes related to translating health promotion materials for limited English proficiency individuals in order to inform the design of context-driven machine translation MT tools for public health PH.

Materials and Methods We applied a cognitive work analysis framework to investigate the translation information workflow processes of two large health departments in Washington State. Researchers conducted interviews, performed a task analysis, and validated results with PH professionals to model translation workflow and identify functional requirements for a translation system for PH.

Results The study resulted in a detailed description of work related to translation of PH materials, an information workflow diagram, and a description of attitudes towards MT technology. We identified a number of themes that hold design implications for incorporating MT in PH translation practice.

A PH translation tool prototype was designed based on these findings. Discussion This study underscores the importance of understanding the work context and information workflow for which systems will be designed. Based on themes and translation information workflow processes, we identified key design guidelines for incorporating MT into PH translation work. Primary amongst these is that MT should be followed by human review for translations to be of high quality and for the technology to be adopted into practice.

Counclusion The time and costs of creating multilingual health promotion materials are barriers to translation. PH personnel were interested in MT 's potential to improve access to low-cost translated PH materials, but expressed concerns about ensuring quality. We outline design considerations and a potential machine translation tool to best fit MT systems into PH practice. This report documents efforts over a five-month period toward completion of a pilot system for machine translation of German scientific and technical literature into English.

The report is divided into three areas: grammar formalism, programming, and linguistics. Work on grammar formalism concentrated mainly on increasing the power of the…. This paper presents an electronic dictionary and translation system for the Australian language Murrinh-Patha. Its complex verbal structure makes learning Murrinh-Patha very difficult. Design learning materials or a dictionary which is easy to understand and to use also presents a challenge.

This paper discusses some of the difficulties posed by…. Clinical translation of controlled protein delivery systems for tissue engineering. Strategies that utilize controlled release of drugs and proteins for tissue engineering have enormous potential to regenerate damaged organs and tissues. The multiple advantages of controlled release strategies merit overcoming the significant challenges to translation , including high costs and long, difficult regulatory pathways.

This review highlights the potential of controlled release of proteins for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. We specifically discuss treatment modalities that have reached preclinical and clinical trials, with emphasis on controlled release systems for bone tissue engineering, the most advanced application with several products already in clinic. Possible strategies to address translational and regulatory concerns are also discussed. The formation of G protein-coupled receptor GPCR heteromers elicits signaling diversification and holds great promise for improved drug selectivity.

Most studies have been conducted in heterologous expression systems ; however, in vivo validation is missing from most cases thus questioning the physiological significance of GPCR heteromerization. Melatonin MT 1 and MT 2 receptors have been shown to exist as homo- and heteromers in vitro. This study establishes the essential role of melatonin receptor heteromers in retinal function and supports the physiological importance of GPCR heteromerization.

Finally, our work may have important therapeutic implications, as the heteromer complex may provide a unique pharmacological target to improve photoreceptor functioning and to extend the viability of photoreceptors during aging. From translational research to open technology innovation systems. The purpose of this paper is to question whether the emphasis placed within translational research on a linear model of innovation provides the most effective model for managing health technology innovation.

Several alternative perspectives are presented that have potential to enhance the existing model of translational research. A case study is presented of innovation of a clinical decision support system. The paper concludes from the case study that an extending the triple helix model of technology transfer, to one based on a quadruple helix, present a basis for improving the performance translational research. A case study approach is used to help understand development of an innovative technology within a teaching hospital.

The case is then used to develop and refine a model of the health technology innovation system. The paper concludes from the case study that existing models of translational research could be refined further through the development of a quadruple helix model of heath technology innovation that encompasses greater emphasis on user-led and open innovation perspectives.

The paper presents several implications for future research based on the need to enhance the model of health technology innovation used to guide policy and practice. The quadruple helix model of innovation that is proposed can potentially guide alterations to the existing model of translational research in the healthcare sector.

Several suggestions are made for how innovation activity can be better supported at both a policy and operational level. This paper presents a synthesis of the innovation literature applied to a theoretically important case of open innovation in the UK National Health Service.

It draws in perspectives from other industrial sectors and applies them specifically to the management and organisation of innovation activities around health technology and the services in which they are embedded. Machine Translation for Academic Purposes. Due to the globalization trend and knowledge boost in the second millennium, multi-lingual translation has become a noteworthy issue.

For the purposes of learning knowledge in academic fields, Machine Translation MT should be noticed not only academically but also practically. MT should be informed to the translating learners because it is a…. Parada, N. Principal Investigator ; Erthal, G.

The use of satellite images obtained from various dates is essential for crop forecast systems. In order to make possible a multitemporal analysis, it is necessary that images belonging to each acquisition have pixel-wise correspondence. The translational registration of the segments is performed by correlating image edges in different acquisitions.

Aguerri, J. WEAVE is a new wide-field spectroscopy facility proposed for the prime focus of the 4. To allow for the compensation of the effects of temperature-induced and gravity-induced image degradation, the WEAVE prime focus assembly will be translated along the telescope optical axis.

The assembly comprises the prime focus corrector with integrated ADC, a central mount for the corrector, an instrument rotator and a twin-focal-plane fibre positioner. This manuscript describes the final design of the FTS along with the analyses and simulations that were performed, discusses the manufacturing procedures and the results of early verification prior to integration with the telescope.

The plans for mounting the whole system on the telescope are also discussed. Our moment-tensor inversion is applied to the real-time monitoring of earthquakes occurring beneath Kanto basin area. The basin, which is constituted of thick sediment layers, lies on the complex subduction of the Philippine-Sea Plate and the Pacific Plate that can significantly affect the seismic wave propagation.

The 3-D FDM simulations are computed over a volume of km by km by km in the EW, NS, and depth directions, respectively, that is discretized into 0. Considering that the minimum S wave velocity of the sedimentary layer is 0. We calculate Green's functions between 24, sources, which are distributed every 0.

The reciprocity theory, which switches the source and station positions, is used to reduce total computation costs. It took hours to compute all the Green's functions. However, at shorter periods T Sociology, systems and patient safety: knowledge translations in healthcare policy. In the American Institute of Medicine, adviser to the federal government on policy matters relating to the health of the public, published the report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System , which was to become a call to arms for improving patient safety across the Western world.

By re-conceiving healthcare as a system , it was argued that it was possible to transform the current culture of blame, which made individuals take defensive precautions against being assigned responsibility for error - notably by not reporting adverse events, into a culture of safety.

The IOM report draws on several prominent social scientists in accomplishing this re-conceptualisation. But the analyses of these authors are not immediately relevant for health policy. It requires knowledge translation to make them so. This paper analyses the process of translation. The discussion is especially pertinent due to a certain looping effect between social science research and policy concerns. The case here presented is thus doubly illustrative: exemplifying first how social science is translated into health policy and secondly how the transformation required for this to function is taken as an analytical improvement that can in turn be redeployed in social research.

Neural networks and logical reasoning systems : a translation table. A correspondence is established between the basic elements of logic reasoning systems knowledge bases, rules, inference and queries and the structure and dynamical evolution laws of neural networks. The correspondence is pictured as a translation dictionary which might allow to go back and forth between symbolic and network formulations, a desirable step in learning-oriented systems and multicomputer networks.

In the framework of Horn clause logics, it is found that atomic propositions with n arguments correspond to nodes with nth order synapses, rules to synaptic intensity constraints, forward chaining to synaptic dynamics and queries either to simple node activation or to a query tensor dynamics. Federal Register , , , , Translation Environment Tools make translators ' work easier by providing them with term lists, translation memories and machine translation output.

Ideally, such tools automatically predict whether it is more effortful to post-edit than to translate from scratch, and determine whether or not to provide translators with machine translation output. Current machine translation quality estimation systems heavily rely on automatic metrics, even though they do not accurately capture actual post-editing effort.

In addition, these systems do not take translator experience into account, even though novices' translation processes are different from those of professional translators. In this paper, we report on the impact of machine translation errors on various types of post-editing effort indicators, for professional translators as well as student translators. We compare the impact of MT quality on a product effort indicator HTER with that on various process effort indicators.

The translation and post-editing process of student translators and professional translators was logged with a combination of keystroke logging and eye-tracking, and the MT output was analyzed with a fine-grained translation quality assessment approach. We find that most post-editing effort indicators product as well as process are influenced by machine translation quality, but that different error types affect different post-editing effort indicators, confirming that a more fine-grained MT quality analysis is needed to correctly estimate actual post-editing effort.

Coherence, meaning shifts, and structural issues are shown to be good indicators of post-editing effort. The additional impact of experience on these interactions between MT quality and post-editing effort is smaller than expected. Machine translation project alternatives analysis. The Machine Translation Project consists of several components, two of which, the Project Plan and the Requirements Analysis, have already been delivered.

The Project Plan details the overall rationale, objectives and time-table for the project as a whole. The Requirements Analysis compares a number of available machine translation systems , their capabilities, possible configurations, and costs. Translation is one of the items tested in many national English proficiency tests for non-English majors in China because translation competence is regarded as one of the productive language skills which could be used to assess learners' language proficiency.

However, the feedback on translation exercises and self-tests are usually provided by…. Etna, Italy. On Sunday, November 3, , Mt. The plume is seen blowing toward the south-southeast, over the city and airport of Catania, Sicily. The previous day, the plume was blowing toward the northwest, and posed no hazard to Catania.

The current eruption of Mt. Etna, Europe's most active volcano, began on October These sorts of observations from space may help civil defense authorities mitigate hazards from active eruptions. Space data may also help scientists evaluate the behavior and effects volcanic eruptions have on our global climate system.

Advanced systems biology methods in drug discovery and translational biomedicine. Systems biology is in an exponential development stage in recent years and has been widely utilized in biomedicine to better understand the molecular basis of human disease and the mechanism of drug action. Here, we discuss the fundamental concept of systems biology and its two computational methods that have been commonly used, that is, network analysis and dynamical modeling.

The applications of systems biology in elucidating human disease are highlighted, consisting of human disease networks, treatment response prediction, investigation of disease mechanisms, and disease-associated gene prediction. In addition, important advances in drug discovery, to which systems biology makes significant contributions, are discussed, including drug-target networks, prediction of drug-target interactions, investigation of drug adverse effects, drug repositioning, and drug combination prediction.

The systems biology methods and applications covered in this review provide a framework for addressing disease mechanism and approaching drug discovery, which will facilitate the translation of research findings into clinical benefits such as novel biomarkers and promising therapies.

The rapid detection of methyl tert-butyl ether Mt BE in water using a prototype gas sensor system. This compound has been detected in the groundwater in at least 27 states as a result of leaking underground storage facilities gasoline storage tanks and pipelines. Since the health effects of Mt BE are unclear the potential threat to drinking water supplies is serious. Therefore, the ability to detect Mt BE at low levels ppb and on-line at high-risk groundwater sites would be highly desirable.

This paper reports the use of 'commercial' and metal oxide sensor arrays for the detection of Mt BE in drinking and surface waters at low ppb level microg. L -1 range. The output responses from some of the sensors were found to correlate well with Mt BE concentrations under laboratory conditions. Mt , St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. This view of Mt. Helens Many fir trees have grown to heights of 20 ft. Adams, an extinct volcano is just to the west and Mt. Rainier is to the north.

Checkerboard logging can be seen throughout. In today's aging society, more people are living with lifestyle-related noncommunicable diseases NCDs such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Numerous opinion-leader organizations recommend lifestyle medicine as the first-line approach in NCD prevention and treatment.

Clinicians and healthcare practitioners have a unique opportunity in advocating lifestyle medicine because patients see them as a reliable source of advice. Clinicians are also facing various issues prior to bringing personalized lifestyle medicine to their practice. Nevertheless, emerging ground-breaking research projects have given us a glimpse of how systems thinking and computational methods may lead to personalized health advice.

It is important that all stakeholders work together to create the needed paradigm shift in healthcare before the rising epidemic of NCDs overwhelm the society, the economy, and the dated health system.

Logan Summit Ice Core. The ice core melter system at the University of Maine Climate Change Institute has been recently modified and updated to allow high-resolution Mt. Standard clean room procedures are employed during melting. A Wagenbach-style continuous melter system has been modified to include a pure Nickel melthead that can be easily dismantled for thorough cleaning. The system allows melting of both ice and firn without wicking of the meltwater into unmelted core.

Contrary to ice core melter systems in which the meltwater is directly channeled to online instruments for continuous flow analyses, the UMCoM system collects discrete samples for each chemical analysis under ultraclean conditions. Meltwater from the pristine innermost section of the ice core is split between one fraction collector that accumulates ICP-MS samples in acid pre-cleaned polypropylene vials under a class HEPA clean bench, and a second fraction collector that accumulates IC samples.

A third fraction collector accumulates isotope and tephra samples from the potentially contaminated outer portion of the core. This method is advantageous because an archive of each sample remains for subsequent analyses including trace element isotope ratios , and ICP-MS analytes are scanned for longer intervals and in replicate. Unsupervised quality estimation model for English to German translation and its application in extensive supervised evaluation. With the rapid development of machine translation MT , the MT evaluation becomes very important to timely tell us whether the MT system makes any progress.

The conventional MT evaluation methods tend to calculate the similarity between hypothesis translations offered by automatic translation systems and reference translations offered by professional translators. There are several weaknesses in existing evaluation metrics. Firstly, the designed incomprehensive factors result in language-bias problem, which means they perform well on some special language pairs but weak on other language pairs.

Secondly, they tend to use no linguistic features or too many linguistic features, of which no usage of linguistic feature draws a lot of criticism from the linguists and too many linguistic features make the model weak in repeatability. Thirdly, the employed reference translations are very expensive and sometimes not available in the practice. In this paper, the authors propose an unsupervised MT evaluation metric using universal part-of-speech tagset without relying on reference translations.

The authors also explore the performances of the designed metric on traditional supervised evaluation tasks. Both the supervised and unsupervised experiments show that the designed methods yield higher correlation scores with human judgments. Adaptation of machine translation for multilingual information retrieval in the medical domain. We investigate machine translation MT of user search queries in the context of cross-lingual information retrieval IR in the medical domain.

The main focus is on techniques to adapt MT to increase translation quality; however, we also explore MT adaptation to improve effectiveness of cross-lingual IR. Our MT system is Moses, a state-of-the-art phrase-based statistical machine translation system. The MT techniques employed in this work include in-domain training and tuning, intelligent training data selection, optimization of phrase table configuration, compound splitting, and exploiting synonyms as translation variants.

The IR methods include morphological normalization and using multiple translation variants for query expansion. The experiments are performed and thoroughly evaluated on three language pairs: Czech-English, German-English, and French-English. The search query translation results achieved in our experiments are outstanding - our systems outperform not only our strong baselines, but also Google Translate and Microsoft Bing Translator in direct comparison carried out on all the language pairs.

The baseline BLEU scores increased from In terms of the IR performance on this particular test collection, a significant improvement over the baseline is achieved only for French-English. Most of the MT techniques employed in our experiments improve MT of medical search queries. Especially the intelligent training data selection proves to be very successful for domain adaptation of.

Mitochondrial DNA mt DNA mutations cause a wide range of serious diseases with high transmission risk and maternal inheritance. Owing to the absence of therapy, couples at risk to transmit such disorders commonly ask for prenatal PND or preimplantation diagnosis PGD. The lack of data regarding heteroplasmy distribution throughout intrauterine development, however, hampers the implementation of such procedures.

We tracked the segregation of the m. Mutant mt DNA segregation was found to be governed by random genetic drift, during oogenesis and somatic tissue development. The size of the bottleneck operating for m. Comparison with data we achieved for the m. Hum Mutat —, RNA parts often serve as critical components in genetic engineering. Here we report a design of translational activators which is composed of an RNA endoribonuclease Csy4 and two exchangeable RNA modules.

Csy4, a member of Cas endoribonuclease, cleaves at a specific recognition site; this cleavage releases a cis-repressive RNA module crRNA from the masked ribosome binding site RBS , which subsequently allows the downstream translation initiation.

As an exchangeable module, the crRNA-RBS duplex was forwardly and reversely engineered to modulate the dynamic range of translational activity. We further showed that Csy4 and its recognition site, together as a module, can also be replaced by orthogonal endoribonuclease-recognition site homologues. These modularly structured, high-performance translational activators would endow the programming of gene expression in the translation level with higher feasibility.

Methodology for the analysis of transcription and translation in transcription-coupled-to- translation systems in vitro. The various properties of RNA polymerase RNAP complexes with nucleic acids during different stages of transcription involve various types of regulation and different cross-talk with other cellular entities and with fellow RNAP molecules. The interactions of transcriptional apparatus with the translational machinery have been focused mainly in terms of outcomes of gene expression, whereas the study of the physical interaction of the ribosome and the RNAP remains obscure partly due to the lack of a system that allows such observations.

In this article we will describe the methodology needed to set up a pure, transcription-coupled-to- translation system in which the translocation of the ribosome can be performed in a step-wise manner towards RNAP allowing investigation of the interactions between the two machineries at colliding and non-colliding distances.

In the same time RNAP can be put in various types of states, such as paused, roadblocked, backtracked, etc. The experimental system thus allows studying the effects of the ribosome on different aspects of transcription elongation and the effects by RNAP on translation.

Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Caregivers experienced significant decreases in burden, depression, anxiety, number of troubling patient behaviors reported, caregiving frustrations, stress symptoms feeling overwhelmed, feeling like crying, being frustrated as a result of caregiving, being lonely , and general stress.

Effect sizes Cohen's d for these significant variables were between small and medium ranging from. The implementation of REACH VA provides a road map for implementation of other behavioral interventions in health care delivery settings. Lessons learned include the importance of implementing a proven, needed intervention, support from both leadership and clinical staff, willingness to respond to staff and organization needs and modify the intervention while preserving its integrity, and fitting the intervention into ongoing routines and practices.

A marine extension is also under development. For Enhanced Oil recovery EOR , in addition to reservoir flood front movements, reservoir seal integrity has become an issue [1]. Seal integrity is best addressed with microseismics while the water flood front is best addressed with electromagnetics.

Since the flooded reservoir is conductive and the hydrocarbon saturated part is resistive, you need both magnetic and electric fields. The fluid imaging is addressed using electromagnetics. To overcome the volume-focus inherent to electromagnetics a new methodology to focus the sensitivity under the receiver is proposed.

Edgecumbe , New Zealand. Edgecumbe magma system. This may have led to the transfer of volatile components from the magmatic to hydrothermal systems. The variations in abundance of these elements were used to assess magma evolution and volatile exsolution or fluxing in the magma system. Excluding Li and Cu, other volatile and ore metals recorded in melt inclusions behave incompatibly, with concentrations increasing during evolution from rhyodacitic to rhyolitic melt compositions.

Li and Cu appear to have increased mobility likely resulting from diffusive exchange post-crystallization, and may be related to late volatile fluxing. Although S and Cl concentrations decrease with melt evolution, no mineralogical evidence exists to indicate the exsolution and mobility of ore-forming metals from the magma at the time of crystallization.

This observation cannot rule out the potential for post-crystallization volatile exsolution and ore-forming metal mobilization, which may only be recorded as diffusive re-equilibration of more rapidly diffusing. This paper attempts to compare between the advancements in the productivity of Arabic into English Machine Translation Systems between two years, and It also aims to evaluate the progress achieved by various systems of Arabic into English electronic translation between the two years.

For tracing such advancement, a comparative analysis…. Final Technical Report. This report describes work on a pilot system for a fully automatic, high-quality translation of German scientific and technical text into English and gives the results of an experiment designed to show the system 's capability to produce quality mechanical translation. The areas considered were: 1 grammar formalism, mainly involving the addition…. Baekdu Volcanic Eruption in South Korea.

Korea is regarded as a safety area from the volcanic disaster, however, the countermeasures for Mt. Baekdu volcanic eruption has been discussed because the possibility of the volcanic eruption had been heightened and various experimental results show risk of Mt. Baekdu volcanic eruption. The purpose of study is to establish management standards and manual for water supply system through the analysis of the volcanic ash effect to the water supply systems.

In this study, similar case study for the water supply system to the volcanic ash damage had been investigated. Present status of water supply system and response manual for water supply systems also had been investigated. And then problems of present response manual using had been estimated.

As the result, damage according to Mt. Baekdu volcanic eruption on the water supply system could be forecasted. And the direction of management standard and response manual has been established. With an increasing number of patients requiring translator services, many providers are turning to mobile applications apps for assistance. However, there have been no published reviews of medical translator apps. A list of apps was identified from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, using the search term, "medical translator.

App comprehensiveness was a weighted score defined by the number of non-English languages included in each app relative to the proportion of non-English speakers in the United States. The Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Medical translator apps identified using the search term "medical translator. A total of apps were initially found. After applying the exclusion criteria, 20 8.

A large proportion of apps initially found did not function as medical translator apps. Translating a verbal coding system from one language to another can yield unexpected insights into the process of communication in different cultures. This paper describes the problems and understandings we encountered as we translated a verbal response modes VRM taxonomy from English into Spanish.

Standard translations of text e. However, some parts of the website will not work in this case. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from our website. More details. Register Log On. This site will not work properly because your browser does not support JavaScript! Site Language EN English.

Your search for English to Bulgarian translation returned results in the following categories:. The following words are very common and were not included in your search: [ to ]. If a common word is essential to getting the results you want or if you want to search for a phrase, please put quotation marks around your search terms.

We are a new translation agency with dependable and ambitious translation experts with a first-hand experience and ready to meet your professional needs and deliver accurate and affordable translated content. Our goal is to offer professional services. We specialize in delivering fast and qualitative translation sounding natural to your target audience and ensuring you will be delighted with the services received at each stage of your project.

We deliver fast and accurate translation projects to clients across multiple sectors and time zones globally. Search the site:? Small Medium Large. Citizen of Ukraine. Resident of Bulgaria. Coordinator of large translation projects for a Nationality: Citizen of Ukraine.

European curriculum vitae format Personal Tarnovo, Bulgaria. I currently teach in the Bachelor program of translation fr Translation , Conference interpreting - consecutive and simultaneous, Work on various Translation Conference Interpreting Simultaneous and XV, Catalyst 7.

Management and Economics of Tourism: Technical Sofia University: English - Bulgarian translator of scientific and technical literature: Medical and Legal translation s, Travel and Tourism, Commercial and business translation s, English , Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian Bulgarian , English , Bulgarian and English are both my mother tounges as far as I can say.

I have some I have some experience with translation both verbal and written as this has been a part of my e English - Bulgarian , Bulgarian - English English - Bulgarian , Interpreting and business The subjects I translate from English into Bulgarian are literature, automotive, software localisation, Are you fluent in English and another language with good communication skills?

Are you TransCom Translation Service. Office, Ministry of Economy, Tax Administration, etc. International translation agencies - Translated. Specialist in Applied Linguistics I work as a translator and transcriber of interviews on a I provide translation serv I work as a translator This is when English entered my life.

I spent a large part of my childhood in El Marge, This is where I have the most professional translation experience. My trade is translation , but I am a doctor at Cambridge Advanced English Certificate proves my excellent command of English. I have lived I have bachelor degree in Spanish philology and I have more than 2 years experience in the fields of electronics and technology.

I provide I provide translation , editing, proofreading and formatting services and work with I have been working at different I sometimes translate texts from English into Bulgarian or Russian. English is the language I have studied for many The topics for translation have been mentioned Chapel International. I do proofreading of both Bulgarian and English texts. I believe I am a competent and talented translator. Associate of Science in Printing Technology In addition, I have obtained Cambridge Certificate of advanced English.

I have 5 years experience in translating. I have I have been mastering and practicing translation in the Damascus and Qatar University. In addition, I have Acrobat, Photo Shop, etc. This ensures that your translation is not only linguistically correct but also linguistically Mother tongue: Bulgarian Other languages: Italian - proficiently English - proficiently Computer skills and competences : Excellent Personal skills: Excell Additional languages and dialects available upon req We provide translation s in the following languages Albanian Greek Portuguese Arabic Languages, Certified Translation s, Skills Translation to I have perfect knowledge of English and a broad experience in translation , writing, editing and Please, feel free to contact me if you have translation projects with English - Bulgarian and vice versa pairs.

Recent translation s: - Summer — 98 words project Economy and Commerce, Email: [email removed] Formal education : Jan 10, B. School, Sofia, Jaime, I hope you are doing well! I would like to express my interest in the website translation from English to Bulgarian. I have more than 8 years experience and have already I have experience in translation projects from and into Bulgarian and English.

I've been working for The Regional Healthcare Inspectorate Areas of expertise: Product I am dedicated to maintaining a very high level of translation and meeting promised deadlines. I know 7 languages, 4 of which My professional interests For the past fifteen years I have been committed to professional translation , interpreting, editing and proofreading.

I have an MA and BA Main activities: translating all types of legal contracts from English into Bulgarian and v. I believe that my educational background — M. A and PhD in English and American literature and my long experience as a My experience as an interpre Macedonian — Reviewing and proofreading mother-tongue Any unspecialized text from and to English , French and Bulgarian is not a problem too. My name is Boris As a service I offer translation and certification of texts in foreign trade, marketing and As a service I Some of my clients have been Main activities and responsibilities Translation from and into English Legal acts, agreements Financial and accounting reports Technical French - proficient Mirova Translation Fluid, flawless and faithful to the original Calle Bataneros Alexander Stamboliiski 55, Literary, legal and technical translation s.

Head of the Transltion Dept. Vasilev Bulgarian ETC Europ. Usage of Translation I am looking forward to any kinds of offers for translation from English to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English. Bulgarian - English , English - Bulgarian legal translation s I seek a carrier opportunity in translation even though I m not yet a profess I hold a bachelor Identified goals and developed action plans to achieve objectives Bulgarian , Russian, French 1 st level at the French Institute My mother tongue is bulgarian and I am a near native English speaker.

I have been studying french for the last 7 years and i am I have 2 years of experience in translation and proofreading of correspondance between international Your search in the Directory returned more than results, however only results are displayed above. Please select medium or large number of results in the search box or refine your search. You can also go to the Advanced Search for Freelancers. European languages such We are a professional and qualified Norwegian, Pash We offer you our services of professional translation.

We work with following languages: Azerbaijani, Afrikaans, Translators seeking for translation Join our professional team for mutually beneficial We offer courses in various languages, though primarily English , for general and specific professional purposes. We also offer The company offers a full range of language We offer translation services for a wide variety Translation Agency EVB Euro Translation Translation Agency only works with carefully selected translators.

Romance languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. Slavic languages: Bulgarian , Pol Euro Translation Agency translates from Dutch to the Depending on your Translation from Lexiword Translation s. Translation s Lexiword Translation s Want to spread Want to spread your wings wider? Our heavy investment in cutting-edge translation and localisation technologies increases Lexiword is a We set the bar Call or email today!

We provide translation services in Greek and all languages of the world. Our standard General Text, Business Link Consulting Services Ltd. We specialize in translation s and interpreting from English into Polish language as well as in translation from and into We are ready at any given time to offer you translation Bulgarian , Greek, Polish, Swedish and Russian language.

Our translation tea If you are interested in joining our translation team as a freelance translator, please send us your CV via We can also offer you the service of guide-interpreters - di Free Automatic English to Serbian Swan Studio provides services for different types of They refer to the use of computer programmes, fonts, types Translation English to Serbian Swan Studio provides services for Bay Translation s, LLC Tampa Bay Translation s Our focus is localization of English texts into Bulgarian in a wide range of subject areas.

We have a We work in a team of in-house translators: Russian- Bulgarian , English - Bulgarian , Russian- English and vice versa, and freelance Dodolingo Translation Agency. Translation Agency Dodolingo Translation Agency We only translate texts into our native languages English and German , this ensures high quality translation s for our We are specialists for the translation of mechanical and electrical engineering JSV Translation and Interpreting.

JSV Translation and Interpreting Uzbekistani, Vietnamese and more. Berker Translation and Trading Co. Translation and Trading Co. Ltd is one of the oldest and most reputable Alpha Translation s Ltd. Translation s Ltd. Alpha Translation s We take pride in our work and we Our translation services cover English , German, French and Bulgarian.

We offer translation including web Greg Translation Agency. Greg Translation Agency Greg Translation They have specialized in the various fields of written and oral translation s and they are selected very carefully and teams are formed Apart from English -into-Greek which is our main specialization, we can handle Other services that we provide Translation and localisation of all your documents : French, Spanish, The budget for this project is for 0,02 word.

You may apply at the Please check below. We have 26 words to Translation EN-BG Orden Top is looking for promising and creative people for the position of an English - Bulgarian translator. Together with us you are waiting for a Our company is currently looking for freelance translators from English to Bulgarian in the legal field.

Requirements: - be a native New confirmed project! Our company is currently English to Currently, we are expanding our Thanks, I look forward to hearing We handle document translation s The budget for this project is for 0, word. Translators Czech and Bulgarian Translation Solutions Limited requires freelance translators Czech and Bulgarian into English UK in the intellectual property and technical fields for an English to Bulgarian Translator and Proofreader.

English to Bulgarian Translator and Proofreader English to Bulgarian Your task as translator will be to provide translation s which are accurate, linguistically correct, consistent with English Bulgarian Translation. English Bulgarian Translation Dears, We Native language: Bulgarian 2. Native language: Polish 2.

Translation of Bulgarian Documents. Translation of Bulgarian Documents Please reply with best rate. No agencies please. Translation of several documents from Bulgarian into English. Translators will need to do a word test translation. The project will begin with the translators who pass the Bulgarian to English.

Bulgarian to English All We are looking for translator who can translate pharmaceutical labels and cartons from Bulgarian to English language. It is an urgent project. Interested translators The budget for this project is 0, Wanted English English to Greek, Bosnian,Romanian, Bulgarain Wanted English to Greek, Translator should have minimum 1 year experience in technical domain translation - Target native language speakers


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The king joined humanity and policy together. Together with , in union with; in company or mixture with; along with. Take the bad together with the good. Kamen Riders All Together!! King Together Again Group [Domaine]. Adjacent [Domaine]. Cooperation [Domaine].

Meeting [Domaine]. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors see full disclaimer. Donate to Wikimedia. All translations of together. A windows pop-into of information full-content of Sensagent triggered by double-clicking any word on your webpage.

Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites! With a SensagentBox , visitors to your site can access reliable information on over 5 million pages provided by Sensagent. Choose the design that fits your site. Please, email us to describe your idea. Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content.

Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words left, right, up, down from the falling squares. Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words 3 letters or more as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame!

Most English definitions are provided by WordNet. The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata. Moreover, Jan is much more interesting for her than just as a grandfather of a close friend. Why is the poetry of a certain Tzvika Aigerman so important to her? How does it link to Jan and where is it today?

You may perhaps ask. This intimate triangle will not answer all of the questions posed by this vivisection of past clashes with the present and starts an emotional chain of events This picture is queer mainly in its form; an unconventional and unforgettable audiovisual spectacle.

The fatally charismatic Adam, a modern man of the cloth and a long-distance runner, stunningly portrayed by Andrzej Chyra, is a Catholic priest. He was forced to move on from his parish several times and he ended up in isolation out in the country.

In the current parish, he supervises a group of young men — they are working there as an alternative to serving a sentence in a youth penitentiary. Among them is the sensitive Lukasz, who has a reputation for being a dangerous arsonist and who cannot swim.

A vacant bus stop, two boys playing the trombone, and a cynical dyke who just got released from prison. All seems so idyllic: a wood shed occupied only by stroke victim Mr Yves, rustling trees, birdsongs and the eternal peace of country seclusion.

Add in the muscular neighbor who is always willing to lend her axe and who knows all about gardening as well as the dangers of. Thus, Vic and Flo believe they have a new chance. But the forest can be cruel to those who are not careful and to those who provoke beasts of all kinds — and those who are unforgiving.

Vic and Flo saw and won the Silver Bear at the Berlinale. Pol does not want to speak of Deerhoof to anyone. Rather it is the other way around: he tells Deerhoof about everything and everyone. But now Pol is a student at an English high school and should be getting used to such kinds of relationships, people and a world that is different from his own — a world with a mysterious lake, a tunnel, and an ancient yellow bike.

Animals in the woods are growing. It is not easy to accept such an invitation though… Beware, wildlife ahead! She is ready for the mainstream heterosexual lifepath appropriate for nice girl from conservative families. So a fatal romance starts, driven by gripping sexual attraction and interwoven with the stumbling blocks that any first real relationship encompasses when.

A drifting young stripper hitchhiker. The best and newest gay, lesbian, trans a queer short films. S chlapem? How do you feel looking at your own reflection? What do you see from your window? With a man? A woman? Does it matter? Did you like your visits to the toy shop when you were a kid? And were you nice girls with dolls or nice boys with cars, accordingly? Kid loves his boxing, including spending time in stinky gyms and coming home with fresh bruises every day, not afraid of anything but admitting his homosexuality.

There are no gay boxers, are there? Do you sleep alone? With a male partner? What type are you? A bear? A cub? An otter? Dominant or submissive? Your pretty new equality supporting mattress would love to learn all of this! Preferably before the eyes of a crowded furniture shop. Out of competition. The punitive expedition leads Tara to a difficult choice when it turns unexpectedly violent. Tyler and Ryan have been together for some time now, planning to adopt a child.

A happy futuredad, Ryan is obsessed with plush sharks. Tyler has a secret though. What will happen when he finally finds the courage to tell his partner of his health state? Until one of the Adonis look-alikes lures him into a trap, hoping to get a better life out of the betrayal and not coming out unscathed himself. A noir film inspired by the murder of Pier Paolo Pasolini. A swimming hangout on a hot sunny weekend can bring anything, a sunburnt-back and shards stuck in a foot included. There can be a sudden change of weather or the absence of the favorite lifeguard.

But one can adapt even to a stranger who decides to sit — on you. Beware of what path you follow while your fingers tap through your smartphone apps. It is not smart going to the forest with your earplugs in, nor going to one you do not know well. For you may easily get lost at the crossroads of virtual and actual. It was his 18th birthday.

He was diagnosed HIV positive. Three, two, one! Spontaneity knows no limits. Taking the earliest train, hitching a car or setting off on your own for the first town that comes to your mind? Such trips are not to be forgotten Destination: Sevilla. It was a day like any other, when the sweet and naive JeanChristoph set out to become a photo model. But only if you discount the escalating humiliation, spankings, gags and the sex-swing. It is a hot night at a dive bar in the cold North.

It is also the first night out for the beautiful Mikaela since the sex-change. She picks up a guy and they head for her home. The truth about her body excites him more and in quite an unexpected manner. Teddy Award for Best Short Film. Life wanted it so that she suffers from epilepsy. But in the end — what does it matter, as Alisia really fancies Mika, he or she. Walk Like a What lines does medicine follow towards its expert conclusions? Despite that she started turning tricks on the street and awaits her first customer.

Ever notice that IKEA furniture requires two people for the assembly process? It can really shake the Christmas mood when you buy cabinets and your girlfriend is just petting the dog and letting you do all the work. Every night she hears someone approaching her door, but never catches a glimpse of the intruder. And slowly she starts to recognize the voice calling her from the ruins of the house….

Their random meeting brings forward a fragile moment of connection lasting just the time to share one smoke. A bored year-old celebrates her birthday — but then gets intrigued by a blonde American twice her age, so she tries anything to get her attention. Too late does she realize that the beautiful stranger took much more than what was offered. To wake up naked after a party in the bed of a beautiful woman who is serving you fresh strawberries for breakfast seems like a dream for most.

It is a waking nightmare for the conservative and heterosexual Emilia though. And why did the woman lock them in the flat? Or that you are mainly interested in her butt. Would there be a second date then? Nikki knows well why her grandma devoted all her life to math. She is not sporty either. Her therapist says, though, that there is only one way to tackle her unsociability, so it is an all-girl football team where she seeks the variables to her equations.

At least until the all-knowing Internet reveals to them the truth about how things should work. Will their relationship survive a series of more or less expert interventions? Her biological clock is ticking and the time is now, if she ever wants to get pregnant at all.

Carlina is a butch in her prime, working her day job selling mussels on the port. Apart from the extra chromosome resulting in Down syndrome, Dorian is a pretty typical teenager: he is annoyed by his overtly sensitive dad who tries to organize his life , he likes to skate, and he adores the weather forecasts, especially their athletic presenter.

He must tell her — not to lie. Jasper will be a proper man once he finds a girlfriend, his father says. Most important is to keep appearances. How could daddy have switched mom for a man with painted fingernails? It can be fantastic to have two dads! Thomas and Andreas are the perfect happy couple, who miss only a child in their lives — so one day Andreas steals one from a baby box, knowing the biological parents are illegal immigrants facing deportation if they report him….

Splashing cocoa and an all-girl gang shooting stones at their neighbors. What would the brother of one of its members have to do to make them let him in? The youngest drag performer in the world has to make a choice and face the consequences. High school clashes in the corridors are quite common. But in this school not far from Rome they extend outside the school following the scooter cruises.

It has been a tradition to donate blood once in a while on a charitable occasion. It does not hurt and you get a drink and something to eat. Unless you stay in your car with an HIV test in your hand and send your grandma ahead.

The Kinsey Scale is the controversial argument stating that sexual orientation is not either-or… How the academic thesis can play out in real life is a shock for the until-recently contently heterosexual hipster in Johannesburg, when he starts seeing his best friend in quite a different way….

Stopping his fights in defense of bullied Tye would do. It is more than a cell that Tye and Malcom share, though. Venuz Vulgar gathers his courageous queer companions for a crusade from Finland to St. Yeah, Kowalski! I tried everything.

Will I be hairless forever?!? Please help. Thank you. When your crush is boy who is not yet aware that he is into boys too, it kind of sucks. Especially when you know that he fancies you too, given you are in the middle of nowhere all alone. Only, in the morning he is as straight as they come… Beautifully shot comingout romance in the woods. But nothing can provoke any emotion in his heart, not even a home-made suicide attempt.

How to fit 50 years of faggotry into five minutes? A subjective answer of one author is presented by a golden fortuneteller. Spend half a year compiling various film materials together. The final cut will bring a unique emotional experience. Both the theme and animation style bring memories of legendary sequences of Hedwig and the Angry Inch — the coauthor of the music video is John Cameron Mitchell himself.

A taky jsou SEXY! A brief message to the world, coming from the research of two London trans directors along with Galop organization, states that trans guys live among us and that, apart from those tough moments, they deal with the same troubles as anyone else. The time for revolution has come and homophobia will be purged from this world! What do Muslim women wear under their traditional chador? A student experimental film inquiring into the question of lesbian relationships in the realm of Islam.

Never has there been an exorcism so pink and rabbity as the one performed by Christeene with her eyes as blue as the clearest spring, fans-armed sumo dancers and a gang of insatiable anthroanimals! They head at full speed degrees round. Yes, it was the same guy that made this video too. Maty Dio, the mother of four children. Drag is more than just a show. It is a constant reminder of the daily roles in our lives and also that unless we take our social masks off, we risk betraying our true needs.

Czecho-Slovak queer phenomena is back! Marika Gombitova, black leather and an explosion. In the eponymous ballet for children the little Pete conquers the bad wolf. Because this Pete is a big bad boy dressed in leather who specializes in hunting sexy muscular wolves, to which he shows no mercy.

Main topic — bullying. Benjamin does not express himself much in public; however, his fantasies bloom. They fill up his lonely home, which we see through his eyes hardly distinguishing reality from the colorful figments of his obsessive thoughts. So, what is real then? Do you know all your queer celebrities?

Are you sure? They host their TV show where they offer advice on relationships or overcoming arachnophobia in a pleasant way — not even Ellen could do that! A girl with a moustache and a large set of boobs, or do I skip the boobs tonight?

However, in the battle against shadows hidden in between the lockers and deep inside his heart, he will need his muscles as well as faith and determination. The collaboration of director Juan Carlos Zaldivar and sculptress Anja Marais gave birth to a character robbed of her face.

Melitta is lonely girl mocked by her classmates. One day she receives a letter from Milan — a boy she does not know and who likes her. But she cannot figure out why her first childhood sweetheart and secret admirer refuses to meet up. A persistent paper folded bird that is impossible to catch or to drive out Dating is hard on everyone.

But it can get even more complicated when you are a genderqueer transman who would like to date men but is still only getting settled in his identity. Animationdocumentary diary offers instructions for dating and identity nooks of Sam Berliner. Nechte si chutnat! Cookies, pies, cakes, marzipan, icing, cupcakes, slices, muffins And how hard is it to share the creative kitchen space for you?

He will miss fish and chips and also his friend Benny. Benny will miss him, too. Life sucks. Even more if you would like to solve some of your own problems. But his lover is starting to rebel against the arrangement and Liam is getting anxious. All is fair in love and all is fair in a war.

Even more in the case of two Stormtroopers who are not too happy with the system governing the Death Star, and the war in question being Star Wars. Everyone gets over a failed relationship in his own way. Edward goes on a trip to Brighton and puts up photos with his ex in the places where they were once together.

But the break-up is not the only shadow in his mind. And here comes the mysterious Ben…. Daniel is a shy comic bookstore clerk, who enjoys taking care of his plastic figures collection. He also likes men, but what is he supposed to do when asking someone out or even kissing him is so much more complicated than showing courage in the virtual reality of online gaming? Dylan is at a point where he would prefer to have no interference from any parent, so he could devote himself to his band and maybe one ginger band member.

In a cascade, lies and secrets of past and present are revealed, concerning both the sets of mothers and fathers. Chaos rules and everyone is looking for a way out and to stabilize the whole modern family of four parents and one teenager. Eileen Kathleen Turner is the head of the family in an American small town and is a devoted Catholic, who does her confession twice a day and fills her free time with chores like delivering food to the elderly.

Everything in her life is organized and ruled by an iron fist. When she is about to receive the Catholic Woman of the Year Award, she is desperate to convince the committee that her family is beyond perfect in every way. A crazy screwball Finnish-French comedy in which the neurotic Ruben goes from the idyllic life of a postman in a Finnish village, where he lives with his stud blond boyfriend, through a series of catastrophic situations all the way back home to Paris.

And he has to take care of a million euros in a paper bag, a pissed-off lover, and worst of all, his adoring, but completely dysfunctional Jewish family for whom a knack for disasters runs throughout the generations. Great conversational humor, absurd sketches, and beautifully colorful visuals are topped only by the superb castlead by the legendary Carmen.

What is your truth and what is your deception when you go up on stage and give yourself to the audience? Where does the mask, costume and game end and the totally bared quite literally personality begin and show herself completely? A special section devoted to a selection of the best of queer performance in all the colors, shapes and disciplines queer performance comes in — music, drag show, gender illusionism and stand-up. To be played at the maximum volume. When the British dramatist Mark Ravenhill was doing research for one of his plays, they told him he should meet Bette Bourne.

By discovering Bette he reveals a notable part of London queer history. A successful acting career is put on hold while Bette starts a drag commune and fights for gay rights in high heels. Politically motivated drag is not far from. Their humorous gigs let them travel all around Europe and part of the USA. Today, Bette works with the Royal Shakespeare Company and as of late has also been awarded a fellowship by his old drama school, the Central School of Speech and Drama.

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Why Xbox Failed In Japan

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