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Emerald armor mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

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The travel speed of spells have been reduced somewhat fTargetSpellMaxSpeed from to Misc Updated the readme to contain detailed info regarding the addons. Updated the credits-list. Fixed a potential issue in Ald'Ruhn, Guild of Mages, where the Mages' Circle would in some cases clip with the ashpit below. Fixed issues where 5 scripts related to the buyable player-homes wasn't ended properly.

Fixed an issue where the Scroll of Eighth Barrier had an magnitude of 80 instead of Fixed an issue where the Scroll of Seventh Barrier had an magnitude of 70 instead of Fixed an issue where the Earth Atronach didn't count as Daedra. Fixed an issue where four types of Dremora didn't use the Dremora soundset.

Fixed an issue where Kurog's Visage didn't have a proper ground model. Fixed an issue where urns would only contain loot such as arrows or bolts. Fixed an issue where Ri'Shajirr was doubled. Frenzy Humanoid is now available for spellmaking and enchanting.

Command Creature is now available for spellmaking and enchanting. Command Humanoid is now available for spellmaking and enchanting. Invisibility is now available for spellmaking. Minor landscape changes here and there. Frenzy Creature base cost from 1. Frenzy Humanoid base cost from 2 to 8. Command Humanoid base cost from 3 to 1. Command Creature base cost from 3 to 1. Lame Corprus health from to Ash Slave health from to Ash Zombie health from to Ash Ghoul health from to Does not apply to Dagoths'.

Ascended Sleeper health from to Ascended Sleeper health from to Dagoths'. Winged Twilight health from to Golden Saint health from to Fire Guardian health from to Frost Guardian health from to Lightning Guardian health from to Lich health from to Profane Acolyte health from to Dremora health from to Dremora Archer health from to War Durzog health from to Durzog health from to Frost Atronach health from to Storm Atronach health from to Earth Atronach health from to Jotun Warrior health from to Jotun Berserker health from to Hill Giant health from to Frost Monarch health from to Ogrim health from to Ogrim Titan health from to Advanced Steam Centurion health from to Centurion Giant health from to Graphics Voidguard now uses a better fitting model and texture.

New model for the spinningwheel. The previous setting value coupled with the changes to lockpick quality in the Tools [Addon] made it unfairly difficult to pick locks. Probably should have been be the other way around. Fixed an issue where it was illegal to rest in the bed inside Sethan's Tradehouse, even though you've rented it. Fixed an issue where several traders added by Morrowind Rebirth were set as the wrong trader class.

This made them indiffrent to contraband such as moon sugar and skooma, and screwed up their list of topics. This is a temporary fix, since the fix also introduces some visible gaps in the sleeves. Fixed issues where the texture paths for the Draugr Berserker and Draugr Deathlord were wrong.

Additionally added some textures that were missing from the archive. Fixed an issue where four wooden staffs inside The Scribbled Scroll, Balmora, would bleed into the counter instead of hanging on the hooks above. Fixed the 'destination' topic descriptons for all Gondoliers' in Vivec.

They were no longer accurate due to the changes made in Rebirth. Fixed an issue where you'd get only 1 arrow or bolt when looting urns. Additionally urns are less likely to hold arrows and bolts. Fixed an issue where the Swamp Troll had badly rigged vertices, which resulted in artifacts when it was moving and attacking. Fixed an issue where one Ashlander Shield icon was not working correctly due to being saved in the wrong format.

Fixed the 'specific place' topic for Ebonheart. It was no longer accurate due to the changes made in Rebirth. Fixed the 'specific place' topic for Suran. Fixed an issue where the Voidwalker Boots would float in the air when trying to place them on the ground. Fixed an issue where the Chitin Throwing Knife was floating slightly above the players hand. Fixed the 'Argonian Mission' topic. Fixed the 'Skyrim Mission' topic. Fixed an issue where cursed Raw Ebony Ore didn't prompt a service refusal.

Fixed an issue where Cassius, the shipaster in Seyda Neen, would sometimes fall into the water. Fixed an issue where the Ring of Blind Faith was categorized as an amulet instead of a ring. Fixed an issue where the Third Barrier enchantment had a magnitude of instad of Fixed some cases where slaves added by Rebirth had no slavescript attached to them.

Fixed an issue where Ajira offered training way beyond what she was supposed to. Fixed an issue where the Centurion Overlord was too large to fit through doorways. Fixed issues inside Bthusal where you could see through walls and into the worldspace. Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter the first floor to the The Razor Hole in Balmora due to an attached script.

Fixed an issue where you couldn't use a tower door in Wolverine Hall due to an attached script. Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter Marcellus' Windmill in Caldera due to an attached script. Fixed a floating column inside Valas Ancestral Tomb. Fixed broken pathgrids. Previously you could just keep on clicking, without a proper response. The hunger inside Sarano Ancestral Tomb is now hostile by nature. This will prevent issues where it would be difficult to locate it due to being almost invisible when not in an aggressive state.

The base cost of pre-made spells now have the same cost as if they were autocalculated, meaning they won't be cheaper or more expensive than identical spells that you make yourself. Added more varities of the regular dremora. The Imperial Chapels interior in Ebonheart now somewhat matches the exterior. Previously the interior space was MUCH larger than the exterior building.

Reduced the amount of light emitted from Storm, Frost and Earth-Atronachs. Fire Atronarchs are unchanged due to the nature of their element. Reduced the amount of light emitted from summons. Additionally the color of the light now matches that of conjuration spell effects.

Various business owners in Sadrith Mora will now deny services unless you have acquired a set of Hospitality Papers, or is a member of House Telvanni. Dunmer that are part of the Twin Lamps, or the Imperial Legion will no longer say "Where is that slave? Not here long ago". Made Ashlander heads and hair-styles playable. Some are rather wonky looking, but thought some might find them interesting.

Some Daedra now have a small chance to spawn near Telvanni settlements in the Grazelands. Traders will no longer refuse services if you're carrying Ghoul Hearts. The rats inside Vivec, Arena Storage, will no longer respawn. The 'Package to Caius Cosades' is now actually a package, and not a simple note. Many ingredients are now lighter, especially flowers, berries and similar ingredients. Thanks to Lanjane for the models Added unique enchantments to Velothian, Velothi's and Veloth's shields.

Added unique enchantments to Holy shields. Added unique enchantments to Blessed shields. Added unique enchantment to Succour of Indoril. The White Guar now counts as a unique soul can be used for CE enchanting. Gondoliers now equip torches at night, like other transport NPCs.

Skeletons now wield a larger variety of shields and weapons. Most scrolls are now somewhat cheaper. Landscape fixes and improvements. Morrowind Rebirth Additions Minor cosmetic changes in Suran. Gnisis Overhaul A rather major visual overhaul of the mining town of Gnisis. While this overhaul doesn't add much in terms of "new stuff" it completely changes the landscape in and surrounding Gnisis.

This overhaul also includes a new headquarters for the coast guard mentioned in vanilla dialogue , which also serves as the barracks for the Imperial Legionaries stationed in Seyda Neen. As a bonus performance should be better, too.

Restore Fatigue: Cheap magnutide from 4 to 8. Restore Fatigue: Standard magnitude from 6 to Restore Fatigue: Quality magnutide from 8 to Restore Fatigue: Exclusive magnitude from 10 to Restore Fatigue: Bargain cost unchanged Restore Fatigue: Cheap cost unchanged Restore Fatigue: Standard cost from 40 to Restore Fatigue: Quality cost from 60 to Restore Fatigue: Exclusive cost from 80 to Spells general Regenerate [Ability] Restore Health magnitude from to Noise duration duration from 30 to 15 seconds.

Noise: Strong duration from 30 to 15 seconds. Noise: Great duration from 30 to 15 seconds. Restore Fatigue base cost from 4 to 3. Sound base cost from 0. Calm Creature base cost from 3 to 1. Demoralize Creature base cost from 1. Demoralize Humanoid base cost from 0. Frenzy Creature base cost from 1 to 1.

Creatures Gateway Haunt soul value from to Ancestor Ghost soul value from to Electric Slaughterfish speed from 50 to Blind Slaughterfish speed from 50 to Slaughtershark speed from 40 to Armor Imperial Newtscale Cuirass armor rating from 10 to Dark Brotherhood armor rating from 20 to The Dwemer Pauldrons and Boots are now less bulky. Misc I've gone through all vanilla artifacts, and a majority of them have recieved buffs enchantments. Fatigue drain per attack changed from 2 points to 3 points.

NPCs will now be somewhat more open to greet you. NPCs will no longer get super close to you when using hand-to-hand. Morrowind Rebirth - Skills [Addon] Failed persuasion now grants 0. Bent Probe cost from 10 to Morrowind Patch Project v1. The bounty for stealing artifacts from the Mournhold Museum now matches the values of the artifacts in Rebirth. The payment you get for selling artifacts to the Mournhold Museum now matches what you get in Rebirth.

Implemented topic changes made in Morrowind Rebirth [Main]. Siege at Firemoth [For Rebirth] Grurn is now less of a powerhouse and deals less damage, have less health and magicka regeneration. Grurn now counts as a unique soul can be used for CE enchanting. Misc Added more info to the readme.

Fixed an issue where you could not enter Bthusal. Fixed several cosmetic issues inside Fort Darius. Fixed a floating tree near Seyda Neen. Graphics New models for all shields, including the custom ones in Rebirth. New models for some armor pieces. Morrowind Rebirth Fixes Fixed an issue where you'd get full value from selling artifacts to the Mournhold Museum.

This change was reserved for the LITE version. Fixed issues where bounties recieved from stealing artifacts from the Mournhold Museum didn't correspond to the new values of the artifacts. Fixed an issue where you could not unlock the door to Vassir-Didanat Mine due to some, yet unknown bug. The door is thus no longer locked, but is trapped with a powerful spell. Fixed an issue where enchanted marksman projectiles found in containers spawned several different projectiles of a random type, instead of a batch of a random type.

Fixed an issue where Medila Indaren didn't have her Weakness to Common Disease spell available for sale Made it unecessarily difficult to become a Vampire. Fixed an issue where Eiruki Hearth-Healer and Briring, Skyrim Mission Ebonheart, didn't wear parts of their armor due to incorrect stats. Fixed an issue where the 'Fungai Hill' topic contained conflicting information regarding the price of the home. Fixed an issue where the note in front of St.

Valas skull didn't display any text due to bad formatting. Fixed an issue where you could access an area in Valenren Valley that wasn't supposed to be explorable. Fixed an issue where a web inside Abandoned Windmill in Caldera made it difficult to activate the door. Fixed an issue where Mertis Falandas was no longer the master trainer in Spear due to messed up stats. Fixed an issue where some small details on the Dwemer Helm wasn't properly attached to the helm.

Fixed an issue where Plague Bears had the wrong fight value, causing them to always be neutral. Fixed an issue where Treras Llethro, Kahnud Temple, would give out duties when he shouldn't. Fixed an issue where the outhouse in Balmora was linked to the outhouse in Suran. Fixed pathgrid issues in various areas. Fixed various typos. It didn't make sense for the bridge to be situated where it was, as the fort would be useless as a defensive fortifiction.

Grand soul gems are now somewhat more common, and can usually be bought from enchanters or found in some chests they are still finite though. Added notes to all player home doors, detailing whom you have to talk to in order to buy a home. Shops now open at 6. Urns inside Tombs will no longer hold loot such as lockpicks, probes and repair items. Landscape changes and improvements. Added a lot more clutter to Ghorak Manor, Caldera.

Ancestral Tombs Overhaul An work in progress overhaul to expand or improve most of the tombs on Vvardenfell. Note that not all tombs have been expanded as some are large enough, and were only in need of cluttering. Potion of Water Walking duration from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Feather: Bargain magnitude from 25 to Feather: Cheap magnitude from 50 to Feather: Standard magnitude from 75 to Feather: Quality magnitude from to Feather: Exclusive magnitude from to Spells general Feather magnitude from 25 to Feather: Strong magnitude from 50 to Feather: Great magnitude from 75 to Feather: Wild magnitude from to Feather duration from 60 to 30 to balance the increased base cost of the spell.

Feather: Strong duration from 60 to 30 to balance the increased base cost of the spell. Feather: Great duration from 60 to 30 to balance the increased base cost of the spell. Feather: Wild duration from 60 to 30 to balance the increased base cost of the spell. Command Humanoid magnitude from 5 to Command Humanoid: Strong magnitude from 10 to Command Humanoid: Great magnitude from 15 to Command Humanoid: Wild magnitude from 20 to Command Creature: Weak magnitude from to 5.

Command Creature magnitude from 5 to Command Creature: Strong magnitude from 10 to Command Creature: Great magnitude from 15 to Command Creature: Wild magnitude from 20 to Frenzy Creature magnitude from 20 to Frenzy Humanoid magnitude from 20 to Frenzying Touch: Creature magnitude from to Frenzying Touch: Humanoid magnitude from to Spells base cost Fortify Attribute base cost from 0. Water Breathing base cost from 8 to 4. Water Walking base cost from 8 to 6.

Swift Swim base cost from 0. Sanctuary base cost from 0. Feather base cost from 0. Open base cost from 12 to Misc The soul value of several creatures have been tuned to or below. This due to the fact that Grand Soul Gems are finite, and the capacity limit of the much more common Greater Soul Gem is The magnitude for barrier spells, scrolls and enchantments have been standardized.

New model for one of the Bitter Coast Trees. New model for Karpal's Friend. New model for Wind of Ahaz. New texture and icon for Pilgrim's Lantern. New texture and icon for The Watchman's Eye. New texture and icon for Soul Drinker.

The changes didn't really turn out to be good for gameplay, and was more of an experimental change that shouldn't have passed testing. This change was somehow removed from the plugin in a previous update. Julan Ashlander Companion 2. Fixed dozens of spawnpoints for sea-critters that were either placed on land, in the air, below ground or inside geometry.

He was intended to be dead, and thus had no fight, flee, alarm or hello-data. Fixed a potential issue with Bolvyn Venim where you were unable to win honorably against him in the Vivec Arena duel. Fixed an issue where the Duke's Guard Boots and Duke's Guard Greaves had parts that were clipping badly with the body.

Fixed an issue where the glove Olaf's Fist had no wrist object attached to it, causing it to clip with the wrist. Fixed an issue where Ababael Timsar-Dadisun mecantile skill was mistakenly changed from to 60 should be master trainer. Fixed issues where the potion-label UVs were not aligned properly, and were therfore missing the golden metal details. Fixed an issue where the enchantment for Stormkiss was set to 'cast on use' instead of 'cast when strikes'. Fixed an issue where one of Kragh Blight-Heart's spells, Kragh's Bane, had several effects set to self instead of 'on touch'.

Fixed an issue where one of Dagoth Ur's spells, Curse of Dagoth, had effects that were set 'on self' instead of 'on touch'. Fixed an issue where the size of Slaughersharks made them get stuck here and there. I've reduced the size from 1. Fixed an issue where one part of the enchantment for the Madstone amulet was set 'on touch' instead of 'on self'.

Fixed an issue where the spell Elemental Shield had an effect that were set 'on touch' instead of 'on self'. Fixed an issue where the spell Fortify Luck was set 'on touch' instead of 'on self'. Fixed an issue where 'Key to Valas Ancestral Tomb' didn't actually unlock anything.

Fixed an issue where a forge in Tel Mora was almost completely buried in a rock. Fixed an issue where the entrance to 'Shal' was partially covered by a rock. Fixed an issue where the potion Spell Absorption: Exclusive used the wrong icon. Fixed an issue where the potion Night-Eye: Exclusive used the wrong icon. Fixed an issue where the potion Shadow: Standard used the wrong icon. Fixed an issue where Potion of Telekinesis had no icon. Fixed incorrect pathgrids.

Note: The soul values for the previously mentioned creatures didn't follow the new system for enchanting that was introduced a few patches ago, where only unique creatures had souls good enough for CE-enchanting. All potions have been rebalanced making most of them more useful mainly the cheaper ones.

You'll now get the full price for selling artifacts to the Mournhold Museum. Additionally if you steal an artifact from the museum you'll get a matching bounty previously you'd get a bounty based on the vanilla values. Dozens of cheap and bargain potions were very difficult to come by due to ONLY being available in random-loot.

I've added these potions to chests where it makes sense for them to be available. This also means that they are less likely to be completely empty. Added or re-added more Stoneflowers along Lake Amaya, since there were so few of them. Based on Ajira's description they should be quite common in that area. Added or re-added interiors to Wolverine Hall guard towers, plus you can now reach the rampart using a new entrance. Added more descriptive texts as to what kind of item you need when you want to mine for minerals or harvest muck.

Potions of Burden, Paralysis, and Silence have been removed from leveled-lists and will thus no longer appear as random loot. You'll now have to get a bit closer to creatures such as Shalks, Foragers, Alits etc before they attack you. Travel Agents have been given a new class, "Travel Agent", and will now explain their trade in the "my trade" topic. Nolus Atrius has been given a new class, "Magistrate", and now explains his trade in the "my trade" topic.

Mages Guild guides will now explain the requirements for using the Magic Circles. Archer Targets can now be used for practice, in the same way as dummies. Ashpits now act as containers, and have a chance to hold Gravedust. Dremora Archers are now less likely to run out of arrows.

Wickwheat Muffin now restores health instead of fatigue. Previously there were no beds for members except for the one you could rent. Added a rather large bandit camp outside Ansi, Ascadian Isles. Added Eleven new frescos to various areas such as tombs. Added bettle-pens to Urshilaku Camp and Zainab Camp. Minor visual changes to Mount Assarnibibi Shrine. Minor visual changes to Vivec Entrance. Minor visual changes to Pelagiad. Minor visual changes to Ules Manor exterior.

Major visual changes to Omani Manor exterior. Molag Mar Overhaul The open canton part of Molag Mar has recieved a complete overhaul, including a new tavern, a new trader, new houses, more clutter and npcs. Vos Overhaul A rather large overhaul of Vos and the surrounding landscape making the town less grid-like and the landscape more organic and natural looking. Ald Velothi Overhaul Another overhaul of the overhaul.

Caldera Mine Overhaul A small overhaul of the area near the mine entrance, making it look like there is a mining operation going on. Dunmer Strongholds Overhaul Tons of clutter has been added to the exteriors of some Dunmer Strongholds. Player home tweaks Cost: - Caldera Darkstone Manor cost from Draugr Deathlord speed from 22 to Centurion Giant speed from 50 to Slaughtershark speed from 50 to Golden Saint speed from 55 to Imperfect speed from 80 to Ash Slave speed from 30 to Ash Zombie speed from 35 to Ash Ghoul speed from 60 to Ash Scrib speed from 14 to Scrib speed from 12 to Weapons Enamor now has an enchantment Blind 20 points for 5 seconds on strike.

Armor Stalhrim armor rating from from 55 to Spells base cost Charm base cost from 4 to 3. New model, icon and texture for Ring of the Hortator. New model, icon and texture for Vampiric Ring. New model, icon and texture for Ring of Khajiit. New model, icon and texture for Akatosh's Ring. New model and icon for Dahrk Mezalf's Ring. New model and icon for Ring of the Wind. New model and icon for Hilbongard's Hammer.

New model and icon for Sinyaramen's Potion. New model and icon for Tsiya's Skooma Pipe. New model and icon for Waters of Life. New model and icon for Redas Chalice. New model and icon for Love Potion. New model and icon for Iron Longbow.

New texture and icon for Shortbow of Sanguine Sureflight. New texture and icon for Conoon Chodala's Boots. New texture and icon for Silver Lager. New leaves for Comberry Bushes. New unique look for Dagoth Geres. Morrowind Rebirth - Mercenaries [Addon] Some mercenaries have been given new equipment.

Morrowind Rebirth - Game Settings [Addon] The minumum and maximum chance of blocking has been increased. This change will make blocking more common, while also making it more of a factor to be reckoned with at higher skill-levels.

You now have to somewhat face NPCs or creatures for a successful attack. This change will also make it far less likely that you'll ever hit friendlies. You now have to somewhat face NPCs or creatures for a successful block. Fatigue drain for running has been brought back to vanilla levels. Previously you could run pretty much forever without having to stop for a rest.

Critical strikes now deal 3x the normal damage instead of 4x the normal damage. Attribute multipliers have been brought back to vanilla levels. The speed of magic projectiles have been increased somewhat. Morrowind Rebirth - Skills [Addon] Sucessfully picking a lock now gives you 2. Sucessfully disabling a trap now gives you 5 points instead of 3 points towards a skill increase in Security.

Morrowind Rebirth - Tools [Addon] Repair hammers, probes and lockpicks are now somewhat more expensive. Fixed a couple of script issues, dialogue typos and incorrect filters. Misc Added a compatibility patch for 'Siege at Firemoth'. Improved credit list. Improved readme. Fixed issues where the boss on the Netch Leather Shield was floating, and where the grips were bleeding through the top of the shield.

Special thanks to Melchior Dahrk for fixing these issues. Fixed issues where blunt weapons and axes didn't use the proper sounds when drawn or put away. Fixed an issue where the ambient color was set to black instead of white on the Chitin Boots, which made the leather part appear almost completely black in certain lighting conditions. Fixed an issue where Dunel Saryon in Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest, was set as offering trader services, although he had nothing to offer.

Changed class from 'Trader Service' to 'Trader'. Fixed issues where the UV maps for the Glass Longsword and Glass Claymore were misaligned there were visible black lines in the middle of the guards. Fixed an issue where the Armun-An Bonemold Cuirass had no proper ground model nor an icon representative of the look of that armor.

Fixed an issue where all Bonemold pauldrons didn't use their forearm body part models. Fixed an issue where the spikes on the Chitin Dagger used the wrong texture. Fixed an issue where Senise Thindo's ash curse spells had the corprus effect. Getting this effect from anyone else but Dagoth Geres will break the game or cause a crash.

Fixed an issue wher Tanusea Veloth had the corprus effect. Fixed issues where some shop banners didn't match the services provided by the respective shops. Fixed an issue where the Wraithguard recieved after killing Vivec wasn't using the correct model, and was left-handed instead of right-handed. Fixed an issue where the player could take a scripted common ring inside the Mage's Guild in Wolverine Hall. Fixed an issue where 'Call Bear' didn't use the correct vfx.

Fixed an issue where the Dreamer in Gindrala Hleran's House was set to respawn. Fixed an issue where the Fire Shield used the wrong area effect vfx. Fixed an issue where almost most items inside Mzuleft were set as owned, even though all NPCs inside are hostile. Fixed an issue where 'Drain Acrobatics' spell used the 'Drain Sneak' effect.

Fixed an issue where some of the Wraithguard enchantment effects overlapped, and made the shield-bubble effect invisible. Fixed an issue where the 'Plague Wolf' didn't have the script 'diseaseYellowTick' attached to it. Fixed an issue where the 'Plague Bear' didn't have the script 'diseaseAtaxia' attached to it.

Fixed an issue where the 'Lesser Bonewalker' didn't have the script 'diseaseBrownRot' attached to it. Fixed an issue where guards remained hostile after removing your bounty. Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Prelude Shipwreck cabin due to the door being locked.

The key to the door were probably meant to be used to open the exterior door, not the interior door. Fixed an issue where Belt of Heartfire used the wrong icon. Fixed an issue where Imperial Chain Pauldron: Left used the wrong ground model.

Fixed an issue where Guarg gro-Yarzol was set to use a Vampire Face even though he's no vampire. Fixed an issue where there were two identical Chitin helmets, but they had different names. Both are now named Chitin Helm. Fixed an issue where 'Balyn Omarel' was misspelled as 'Balyn Omavel'. Fixed an issue where 'Dralcea Arethi' was misspelled as 'Dralsea Arethi'. Fixed an issue where 'Dravasa Andrethi' was misspelled as 'Dravasa Andrethi's'.

Fixed an issue where 'Fadila Balvel' was misspelled as 'Fadile Balvel'. Fixed an issue where 'Fendryn Drelvi' was misspelled as 'Fendryn Delvi'. Fixed an issue where 'Hleras Gidren' was misspelled as 'Hleras Gidran'. Fixed an issue where 'Mebestien Ence' was misspelled as Mebestian Ence'. Fixed an issue where 'Rarayn Radarys' was misspelled as 'Rararyn Radarys'.

Fixed an issue where a sixth house-spawn was present in the Bitter Coast region -5, Fixed an issue where the spike on the Dragonscale Tower Shield was floating. Fixed an issue where the Kwama Egg Sack container wasn't set to respawn. Morrowind Rebirth Fixes Fixed an issue where the Staada model was in the wrong folder, which in some cases could cause a crash to deskop also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed an issue where the duration for the Restore Intelligence spell was set to 30 instead of 1 also fixed in the hotfix for 4.

Fixed an issue where Banhammer used an icon that didn't represent what it actually looks like also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed an issue where Akulakhan does not crumble after destroying the heart also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed an issue where the one archery target model was pointing to the wrong texture also fixed in the hotfix for 4.

Fixed an issue where Frostsong had an incorrect filepath, causing a crash to desktop also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed an issue where the body part models for the Royal Shields were incorrect also fixed in the hotfix for 4.

Fixed an issue where the Dwemer Bolt texture was saved in the wrong format also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed an issue where the Jotun head texture was saved in the wrong format also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed an issue where Gothren's Robe had no first person model also fixed in the hotfix for 4. Fixed issues where exterior rock models had bump and detail-map data even though none of them were used.

Fixed issues where the UV maps for Shadowsting and the Sword of White Woe were misaligned there were visible black lines in the middle of the guards. Fixed an issue where random food leveled-list wasn't completely randomized, causing some NPCs to have stacks of just one food-item. Fixed an issue where a trapdoor in Fort Ashmoth could be activated, making it swing open into the ground it doesn't lead anywhere.

Fixed an issue where a knocked down door inside Fort Ashmoth could be activated, making it swing open into the ground. Fixed issues where the UV maps for all wooden cups were misaligned the UVs were misaligned by 90 degrees. Fixed an issue where Trebonius' Staff used an icon that didn't represent what it actually looks like.

Fixed an issue where the Steel Staff used an icon that didn't represent what it actually looks like. Fixed an issue where Nalcarya of White Haven had one exterior door that wasn't locked at night. Fixed an issue where the magic circle in Mournhold was missing Mage's Guild transport.

Fixed an issue where a travel marker inside Fort Moonmoth, Prison Towers, was misplaced. Fixed an issue where Demmy's Den, Vivec Entrance, exterior didn't match the interior. Fixed an issue where the Wormmouth Scale model was pointing to the wrong texture.

Fixed an issue where the Divine Metaphysics model was pointing to the wrong texture. Fixed an issue where the book Blacksmithing Tools had a missing art texture. Fixed an issue where the Dwemer book model was pointing to the wrong texture. Fixed an issue where Key to Nchurdamz Doors was not inside or even close to Nchurdamz.

Fixed an issue where there was a large gap in the ceiling in Andrano Ancestral Tomb. Fixed an issue where 'Olaf's Fist' was invisibile in first-person. Fixed an issue where the water in water barrels did not animate.

Fixed an issue where Bloodgrass in the Deadlands had collision. Fixed an issue where Spirit Drinker had no enchantment. Fixed an issue where 'Gill Breather' had no unique icon. Fixed an issue where 'The Icecap' had no unique icon. Fixed an issue where 'Ripper' had no unique icon. Fixed an issue where the Crabshell Helm had no ground model. Fixed an issue where some Duke's Guards had no weapons. Fixed missing ownership flags on hundreds of objects.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes The guards inside "under-Skar" or the Manor District have been replaced with static sharpshooter guards. This change will make it far easier to navigate the bridges. It also makes more sense to have sharpshooters keeping an eye on things due to the layout. You no longer have to kill Ralyn Othravel to get hold of Auriel's Bow. The bow is now inside a locked and trapped chest, which you can either get by picking the lock and disarming the trap, or by stealing the key from Ralyn Othravel and disarming the trap.

It uses a unique model since a while back, and simply calling it an Ebony Spear didn't make much sense. Imperial travel agents are no longer part of the Imperial Legion, and thus will no longer prompt a service refusal if the player is part of the legion and is not wearing an Imperial uniform. Reworked spell selection for hundreds of NPCs. Some NPCs had spells which they shouldn't have had, and others had spells which they couldn't even use mark, recall, divine intervention etc.

The cuirass now also uses a unique model. Members of house Telvanni no longer refuse services if you are carrying Vampire Dust. Increased slash damage by 4 points for all spears to balance the fact that Halberds were better in every aspect other than reach and speed. Fort Ashmoth now looks more like a ruin rather than an intact Imperial fort. Also made some other additional improvements to the exterior. Most prominent NPCs such as leaders of the great houses have been buffed, and given better equipment.

Many merchants still had a low skill in mecantile, which made bartering way too profitable. Blind Slaughterfish no longer spawn in the oceans or in rivers, but inside grottos and caves. City Gates will now open 6. Corprus weepings are no longer readily available from merchants. General optimization in and around Pelagiad and Dren Plantation. Hecerinde now has Grandmaster's Probes and Lockpicks for sale. Increased the amount of ingredients available for alchemists. A massive amount of landscape changes, fixes and improvements.

Increased the amount of ingredients in some containers. Increased the 'drop' chances for several common ingredients Dreamers now wield a larger variety of weapons. Disabled sleeping in Akulakhan's Chamber. Improved pathgrids in all cities.

Morrowind Rebirth Additions Added a completely new plugin: Morrowind Rebirth - Tools [Addon], making all changes to apparatus, lockpicks, probes and repair items optional. Added a velothi-styled stairway leading up to the Red Mountain Shrine. I've also made some small changes to other shrines. Added new icons for all potions. The icons now display a symbol of the first effect of each respective potion.

Added more varied items to several traders and pawnbrokers. This should make trading a bit more exciting. Added some fields next to Vos. In vanilla there were plenty of farmers in Vos, but no fields to farm. Added a lot of clutter and reworked parts of the layout of Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora. Added a lot of clutter to Redas Ancestral Tomb to make it a bit more interesting to explore. Added railings to some Silt Strider caravaner platforms to prevent them from falling down.

Added 6th House-style clutter outside most 6th house caves and bases. Added imperial styled toilets to all imperial forts and various imperial settlements. Added a completely new dock to Wolverine Hall, with an imperial look. Added options to travel to and from all gondola ports in Vivec. Added a bunch of bridges in Vivec, making it easier to navigate the city. Added the missing imperial magistrate 'Nolus Atrius' to Fort Moonmoth.

Added a lot of clutter to the once simple Talos Shrine in Gnisis. Added the missing bloatspore plant to various caves around Vvardenfell. Added exterior walls and towers to Outpost Renius. Added the Secret Master's alchemy set.. Added a lightsource to the Ebonheart lighthouse. Added better hitboxes for beast races.

Added interiors to all Windmills. Player homes You can now buy homes, and there are 5 to chose from: - Caldera Darkstone Manor Currently you can only own one property per character and save. Flora Overhaul New textures, models and other improvements for flora such as trees and bushes. Balmora River Restored The river in Balmora has been restored, and now runs through the entire city instead of being cut off. Seyda Outpost Reworked The small Imperial fort-styled outpost near Seyda Neen has been completely transformed into something more fitting.

Ald'Ruhn Underground I've restored an area mentioned in-game, but was for some reason excluded. Sataran Cave A new cultist cave located in the Shegorad region. Dren Plantation Overhaul The layout of Dren Plantation has been changed to feel and look be more organic and natural. Vivec Entrance Overhaul Several areas of Vivec Entrance has been reworked, including new walls covering almost the entire settlement, and a new shack near the docks.

This overhaul covers the following ruins: - Hlormaren - Andasreth - Falasmaryon - Berandas Dwemer Ruins Overhaul Some of the smaller Dwemer Ruins have been expanded, with more areas to explore and more clutter. Wolverine Hall Overhaul I've overhauled parts of the fort. Skeleton Overhaul A ton of new skeleton models haven been introduced, replacing many generic models while also adding variety to some types. Draugr speed standardized from to Kagouti speed from 45 to These changes mainly consist of increasing and standardising the magnitude of all premade spells using the spell effects above.

Spells base cost Detect Enchantment base cost from 0. Detect Animal base cost from 0. Detect Key base cost from 0. About the items, You'll find that some characters can't use certain items and some can only use certain items when they reach a certain level. That's just the way the game works. Try and see which characters work better with which items as you go. My recomended setups are furthur down in this faq.

A very good idea at the begining is to set the number of rounds to 3, and here's why: if you're good enough to get at least one perfect win per match, you get 2 pts of exp per round but a perfect win doubles your exp for that match. If you're at 1 round it just goes from 2 exp to 4 exp. If your at 2 rounds, it'd go from 4 exp to 8, and at 3 rounds, it'd go from 6 exp to At 3 rounds, and 3 perfect wins you gain 24 exp right there where the most you can get at 2 rounds is 12 and at 1 round is 4.

It may be a bit longer but it's worth it. Here are some of the more advanced techniques to use when playing. Otedama allows you to knock your opponent higher in the air a certain number of times depending on the value which allows you to hit them in the air and them keep them in the air so you can get combos of attacks up to 10 hits without even letting them hit the ground. One example is Ryuhi's scissor kick. Use that 3 times when you have a Garuda feather and you've hit your opponent 6 times, then they'll finally start falling and you use a tripple kick to finish the combo.

That's a simple one by the way, I've found ways to keep the opponent in the air indefinately with Yuka, and Wiler using certain combos paired up with Cancel but that's for me to know and you to find out on your own. NOTE: Equipping 2 feathers doesn't give you the combined otedama value, it just gives you the higher of the 2, so having 2 feathers equipped is useless.

CANCEL some items have this, or you get it indefinately after defeating metal Hayato Cancel is a tequnique that allows you to use a kick or punch and then attack with a super attack right after with absolutely no attack delay. This works better for some characters than others but it's invaluable for any of them. One example of how to use it is as follows: Using Wiler, use a front knee attack to knock your opponent in the air, use his triple kick attack down C button and then lunge at your opponent pressing toward with down C again.

If you time it right, you can do this 3 times hitting your opponent between 6 and 12 times. It's hard to say exactly which attacks can be paired up with which others but the basic rule is use a regular kick or punch, and then use a super techning afterward. EX: using ryuhi, hit your opponent with a kick to stun them before attacking with his fireball secret buster and they won't be able to block it. Ryumaou Tournament You'll notice soon in that you don't have to get all 9 of the metal character medals to enter the Ryumaou tournament.

You can enter after defeating Metal Ryuhi that's the 5th of the 9. You don't actually benefit from completing these tournaments yet but the items that you get at the tournament are the rarer ones that you can usually only get at the end of a Championship tournament so if you're missing items like the? Once you do this, you can't go back and you'll get items like the Dark Dragon Claw, Armor of Satan, etc I've included any difficulties I could think of with any of the characters.

They're listed in the order that they appear in the game. Metal Shouryu Ability: When you hit him, you'll be frozen for a short time depending on how much damage you did. It could last up to 3 or 4 seconds. That means, whenever possible, stay far and throw off lots of projectiles fireballs.

The only characters you should have trouble with would be Powers, Wiler, and Bokuchin. As for wiler, make sure you have his Bomb attack secret buster and try and hit him with that as often as possible. Othen than that, just lunge at him by pressing toward him with the down C button. For Bokuchin, just fly at him over and over. Can't really do anything else. It's easier if you have his final Secret buster attack because you can damage him a lot more with that. As for powers, it's gonna be long and boring but the best attack you can use is his arm lariat back, forward, down C to knock him down, and as soon as you unfreeze, jump away and do it again.

Powers is the most difficult to defeat him with. Well the obvious way would be not to attack him with physical attacks right? To make it worse, he has a repair kit and regains hp slowly making it hard to actually get anywhere against him. Once good way to get in some damage is jump over him, he'll often use his attack that makes him fly up in the air, and then he'll be facing the wrong direction.

Quickly turn around and throw off your best projectile attacks. Once again, Wiler, Powers, and Bokuchin pose problems and in this case it's even worse than before. Wiler, using his bomb, can beat him barely if he hits with a few bombs and then attacks as quickly as possible so that you lose hp but he dies first.

I"ve only ever done it once in my life with Bokuchin and that was using a Black Ball. I still don't know how I pulled it off either. It doesn't take long to get, just do a regular tournament 1 round without using any secret or treasure busters. Plus, he takes no damage to projectiles at all, unless he's in the air somehow.

Usually, people get the prevention item without even trying because they do a tournament of 3 rounds and don't lose any rounds, resulting in being awarded the Ring of Houou. If you don't have it, just stick to throws. As for Bokuchin who doesn't have any, start your attack far away, use a jump PUNCH to stun him and then use an uppercut. Sometimes, he'll try to attack you at the same time and your uppercut will go through his genei knocking him in the air so you can attack him freely.

Not much else you can do. Doesn't matter where you are, she'll bring both hands to her chest and fling them outward at you, and, well, you get thrown to the ground. It's a pretty neat trick actually, I wouldn't mind being able to do that. Anyway, there's a nice simple way to avoid this annoyance. Keep her busy and she won't have time to throw off her telekenesis thingamagig attack.

Just fight him like you would a regular opponenent. Once again, a useless ability, since Powers can have super body just by equipping a Yokozuna Loincloth anyway. Just be careful because Powers, with his additional attack stat due to him being Metal, can do an exceptional amount of damage with his final secret buster if he happens to hit you with it. Other than that, just attack him like a regular opponent. Since he has super body, throws would be your best bet, that goes for any opponent using super body though.

His all prevent doesn't stop you from using super attacks when you use them through cancel though. Meaning, if you throw a regular kick and then use a super attack afterward, you'll still be able to get it off. Asside from that, you'll just have to stick to the basics.

A long but effective way of beating him with any character is use a jump kick, then trip kick. Back up and repeat. As for bokuchin who doesn't seem to have ANY useful attacks other than his super attacks, try a jump punch, then uppercut to throw him in the air. Then use 3 kicks in a row to knock him back and repeat. That technique works with a few others too, such as Ryuhi, using his forward kick, Suzaku, using his uppercut, and Wiler, using his knee kick. He Lunges forward at you stabing you.

The damage is pretty high, and in addition, you get poisoned, meaning, your hp goes down slowly. Don't think a robe of life or repair kit will save you either because your hp goes down faster than Heal can recover it. Just like Yuka, simply don't let him use the attack.

Keep close and don't let him rest 'cause if you do, he'll use it. Note: I've noticed that for some reason, metal Suzaku's defence to throws is a lot lower than regular attacks. Don't ask me why but you may as well exploit it. My best guess is that it's a glitch where his Anaconda Fang effects opponent's attack but not throw. Anyway, who knows, who cares, just use it to your advantage. Immortal is the equivalent of having 9 potions on him, the first one puts him all the way back to full hp, and each time he runs out of hp afterward, he comes back a bit lower.

No fancy way to do this one, either work for the prevention item or prepare for a long battle. Even having played as much as I have, it's still difficult at times to take him down when he's got about 5 times the hp that you have. There is a trick with Yuka in the cheats section of this Faq which makes this guy A LOT easier though, but as for the rest of the characters, there's nothing I can really say. NOTE: Oh yea, and to boot, he's got a robe of vision so he'll be that much more annoying and difficult to knock down.

Throws are your best bet against this guy. No tricks to this one, just throw off kicks, because they're stronger than punches. The AI wasn't designed to make Shin Ryumaou very smart though and he'll often just stand there and take hits if you stay close and keep using regular kicks so just keep attacking and pray he dies first.

This guy's got Genei, Super Body, and Immortal all put together. Also, Ryumaou's prevention item only blocks his thrid battle ability so you can't get away from this one. Yuka has a trick to override his immortal ability explained in the cheats section of this faq, but as for the rest, all you can do is keep throwing him over and over and over If you can't use any of those items, you can try a Mirror of Goddess, since most of his attacks are projectile based, and do it that way.

Other than that, just stick to the throws as much as possible. In comparison to his first 2 versions, this guy's a pushover. He's only got one life, you can use any attack you like, all he can do special is keep throwing off his final secret buster, which, if you're in the air, can't hit you.

Just attack him from far by using a jump kick then throw him. Repeat until he's finished off. I must say, this guy was a disapointment. Evolve from Falcon Glove. Evolve from Power Band S. Depends on of items in stock All Players - 0 Always shows up as a secondary item after you've gotten the Sword of Shigoutaitei. Can be obtained in regular or championship tournaments as a secondary prize. Everyone will get this item eventually.

It just takes time. I've never created a save pack without getting it within completing the first 3 characters 10 medals each. Probably appears after you've gotten the Armor of Ryutentaisei. Ive never lost that much so I don't really know. I'm going to test out this theory soon. Buy it at the shop. Random item in championship tournaments.

Shows up pretty often. If you don't get it in time, reset your system and try again. Once you get it, enter the game regularly and complete a regular tournament 2 rounds. It should be the prize. If it doesn't work it means you messed up, just try it again. I've done this at least 10 times successfully now so it DOES work. Evolve from Nameless Feather. Evolve from Suzaku Feather. Evolve from Robe of Vision only possible with Bokuchin. You might get a Robe of Wind since Bokuchin can use both.

Sometimes available as a bargain at the shop. Stone 3 If you use this and throw your opponent shortly after you will lose the stone and steal one of his items All Players - 1 Random item in championship tournaments. Evolve from Charm Card of Hermit.

Evolve from Charm Card of Taoist.


In brief, Rii Forum takes the imperative inherent in the 4th industrial revolution seriously, in that it identifies ways of making technology usable and therefore inclusive. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Front Matter Pages i-xxiii. Front Matter Pages Pages Unpacking the Privacy Paradox for Education. Serious Games in Mechanical Engineering Education. Gender and Learning Outcomes in Entrepreneurship Education. Clickbait in Education—Positive or Negative? Machine Learning Answers. Francisco A. The vernal equinox in will be on March 19 at UT.

I suppose either interpretation is valid. Issues of temporal paradox and anachronism were completely ignored, and little effort was put into acheiving historical accuracy. Of course, the kids loved it. I envision it as a live-action show, though the lines between live-action and animation are bound to be even more blurred in the ss than they are now.

This was part of the same creative period in which I developed plans for an Emerald Blair comics series, many characters and ideas from which ended up in Only Superhuman. I may have been a wee bit overoptimistic. The trope of black-costumed ninjas originated in Japanese theater, where the convention was for black-costumed stagehands to be treated by the actors and audience as invisible.

This became a common theatrical trope and has influenced fictional portrayals of ninjas ever since. Jonah Jameson is the nemesis of Spider-Man, Senator Kelly was an anti-mutant politician in X-Men comics and film, and Sentinels are giant mutant-hunting robots featured throughout the X-Men franchise.

Although I was flattered and curious, I was also too inexperienced, shy, and socially clumsy to know how to cope. I let it come out in a very visceral, stream-of-consciousness way, and never wanted to dilute that raw emotion by polishing it later. I intended her as a satire of the ludicrously exaggerated figures of comic-book superheroines, in order to underline that Emry was more realistic.

I deleted the character when I trimmed the novel for length, finding it a little too crass, even though my intent was to mock that crassness. He inherited a sword possessed by the spirits of his ancestors, which enabled him to transform into a superpowered, armored warrior. Sam Murai was a bizarre blend of the hard-boiled detective and martial-arts fantasy genres, and was widely criticized for its violence, repetitive plotting and general mindlessness.

Unlike Annie Minute , I see this as an anime, complete with a standardized, prolonged henshin transformation sequence when Sam changes. The reason for all these pop-culture references is because I was tired of things like Star Trek where there never seems to be any Earth literature or entertainment from any later than the present day. Although, like present-day pop culture, quite a lot of it is ridiculous and cheesy. Audio: Unfortunately, the bizarre blend of Hindi and Western accents I imagined for Cowboy or rather, a Hindi interpretation of a cowboy accent is easier for a novelist to describe than for a voice actor to create.

Thus, the audio production substituted a more straightforward comedy-Western accent. The problem with taking so long to get this book published is that reality caught up with me a lot faster than I expected. But perhaps it could be rationalized by assuming that the interconnected, open-sourced, web-linked society of Earth has been using these methods for generations while the more fragmented, self-reliant, hardscrabble Strider communities have not.

Why call them that in the first place, then? Apparently it was originally the nickname of a specific Model T , an underdog that won a race. However, I believe there are valid arguments for the idea. In a lot of cases, mental illnesses are the result of normal brain processes being amplified to the point that they become excessive and counterproductive; for instance, too much imagination results in schizophrenia, too strong a patterning impulse leads to paranoia, etc.

This is an idea I hope to explore further in other fiction. This was unintentional and I regret it very much. The thing is, I wanted this book to convey the impression of a comic-book crossover where characters with their own ongoing series drop in and the reader may get a glimpse of the storylines going on in their own books. More generally, I wanted it to feel like these other characters had their own lives and histories and ongoing storylines that we only glimpsed in passing as seen more fully in the following scene.

As established elsewhere in the book, her experience with sexuality has been positive overall and she has no firsthand understanding of what it feels like to be sexually vulnerable or victimized. Her experiences later on might give her a deeper understanding. The Dawn space probe has discovered evidence of hydrated minerals on Vesta , brought to it by cometary bombardment.

He would probably also need some kind of ablative or aerogel shielding to guard against dust and micrometeoroid impacts, given the very high velocities at which he often travels through the Asteroid Belt. The justification? If those superhumans come from a culture without bodily taboos. Which makes sense for a culture like the Vanguardians, who take such pride in their physical perfection. This is a culture that sees nudity as elevating rather than demeaning. What you learn from such a study is that women were much more influential than was usually acknowledged, because the men were writing the history books and thereby chose to paint the male sphere — politics and war — as the only one that mattered and devalue the traditional female sphere of family, hearth, and home.

They controlled marital decisions, which could have a profound influence on political alliances. They educated the young and taught them the values that guided their lives. They controlled the finances of the household and thus had considerable influence over economics and material culture. More on Xishi ; more on Hurrem. Lysistrata is the Aristophanes comedy about the woman who tried to end the Peloponessian War by convincing the women of Greece to withhold sex from their husbands until they agreed to stop fighting.

As with so much else in the book, it was about taking an existing superhero or adventure trope and finding a valid reason for it, a more plausible way of handling it. I also wanted to refute the assumption that macho stuff like physical violence and intimidation is the most effective form of power. Personally I think brute force is the crudest application of power, and gentler, more subtle forms of social, psychological, and emotional persuasion can be far more potent.

Probably closer to the latter. Psyche talks a good game about using sexuality as a positive force for building trust, but in fact she uses it exploitatively. Like most of the main antagonists in the book, her words represent a legitimate ideal but her actions betray it. Eliot can do the same to a lesser extent; he relies more on decades of practice at self-control and political persuasion.

Too many works of fiction have every character use language perfectly. I like to have them stumble and flub their lines sometimes like real people do. Joss Whedon had the right idea in trying to depict a blended, multicultural and multilingual future society, but he and his fellow writers took liberties by having the characters speak pure English except when they cursed in pure Chinese.

In reality, the languages would quickly blend into a pidgin or creole rather than remaining segregated. Perhaps they were thinking of Firefly too. Perhaps the question is, why not? It still works reasonably well as a monologue by Psyche, however. No doubt its founders had more idealistic goals than the mobsters who later took root there. While this is inaccurate, I suppose it was necessary for clarity.

I hate revenge stories. Revenge is an ugly, destructive thing. It only perpetuates a cycle of cruelty and destruction, creating more pain rather than healing or ending it. Audio: Unfortunately most of this discussion is deleted from the audiobook, leaving only a passing reference to Emry not looking into it, with no explanation why.

From what I can find, while Yee is uncommon as a given name, it is generally used as a male name. But then, girls have been given male names before, and this is a multicultural future society, so who knows? Indeed, if he were following the signal from her transceiver implant, then he might be able to pick up the words as they form in her speech center before she even says them.

Normally, out of courtesy, he would wait to respond until she actually finished speaking; but in this situation he might respond sooner to shorten the time lag, though not eliminate it altogether at this range. Granted, though, the scene in the audio leaves out the communication lags completely. This is understandable poetic license. It seems overcomplicated, but given the suspicions Emry came in with, it was easier for Psyche to win her trust and affection first and then transfer her loyalties to Eliot.

The Saturn L5 point 60 degrees behind Saturn in its orbit would be closer, but human settlements are sparser that far out. When I decided to create a character named Emerald, my first thought was that under no circumstances would I give her the last name Jones. Kei was covered in Ch. The audio scripter just followed my lead. Assuming Thorne was referring to what Emry could lift raw, that would make her 8 times stronger than Ms.

Steenrod, at least where those particular muscles are concerned. Not to mention that Thorne seemed to be talking about her typical performance, not a personal record. So as an adult Troubleshooter, with bionic upgrades on top of her Vanguardian mods, Emry might be at least 10 times the strength of an unenhanced female athlete of her size and build. On the other hand, there are limits to how much stress the organs of even an enhanced body could endure.

The assisted world record with a bench shirt is Originally a conqueror, he grew disgusted with the violence, converted to Buddhism, and devoted the rest of his reign to benevolent rule in service to his people. He was one of the first rulers in history to formulate the idea that rulers should serve their people instead of their own power and appetites.

I think that eventually a new generation must come along in the Mideast, reject the current nationalism and sectarianism, and work to build a new regional unity and prosperity. I had hoped that the Arab Spring of was the beginning of that process, but given the greater violence that has since erupted, it may take rather longer to come to fruition. He needed to be removed from the game in order for the story to play out as it needed to. These are the cold equations of drama. There would be rules against using it within a certain radius regardless of which way it was pointed, due to the risk to the habitat and other traffic.

Since she was meant to be a concealed assassin, using weapons that initially seemed harmless would be in keeping with that. Besides, future technology could make it possible to design practical weapons in a variety of shapes. I suppose it could also work as presented here, showing that Emry is wrestling with doubts of her own. Later on, I changed it to just Psyche, assuming as Tai did earlier in the book that the name only referred to the mind.

I felt that was a subtler and more plausible way to go. The myth just drove home that it was the perfect name for the character after all. Fortunately I also found that Psyche is Greek for butterfly, so I played up the butterfly imagery as a red herring. Kirk was one of my early role models for Emry, along with Bugs Bunny and my cat Natasha a creature of pure impulse and intense appetites.

Her Green Blaze outfit is symbolic of her heroic identity, as superhero costumes generally are. Context is everything. But some people must be wondering: how well does Emry manage without a bra? With her proportions, running topless could be an inconvenience. Then again, she also has superhumanly strong ribs, back muscles, tendons, and ligaments and a superior resistance to pain and discomfort, so it seems likely that she can manage fairly well without support under normal circumstances.

I did establish that the smart material of her light armor provides dynamic support without the need for undergarments, so she can manage under the more strenuous exertions of her work. After all, the brassiere as we know it has only been in common use for a century, supplanting the corset in the West and, well, nothing most everywhere else.

The mite that inhabits the follicles themselves is called Demodex folliculorum as stated in the audiobook. This is the only dialogue alteration between the two print versions of the novel. They really just pass over things. Think of surfing.

This is the highly compressed mass of air forced outward by the expanding gases of the explosion, and is the main cause of blast damage. This has been corrected in the paperback. As before, the ability of the characters to survive events like being smashed around in the crate is justified by their superhuman durability.

Bast has the added protection of being unconscious and thus completely limp, so her relaxed muscles would absorb the impacts better. Nothing goes limp quite as well as a relaxed cat. The reason explosive decompression is called that is because it happens in one big burst rather than the steady wind so often depicted onscreen. So the warehouse and docking corridor should be airless almost immediately.

But some poetic license may have been necessary here for clarity. Take that, cliches! In writing the scene, I read the dialogue aloud to make sure it could fit in the specified intervals, but naturally different people speak at different rates. Emry is a faster talker in my head. This will not be forgotten if there are sequels. The name of the species is pterippus literally, winged horse. Nor would Emry have reason to know that term.

I get so tired of the Enterprise or other hero ships in Star Trek always being the only ones who ever achieve anything important. So after Emry recaptured the villain, she told him all about the guard, Jeanette LaSalle.

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Item prizes now key off of this value vs. Prizes now have enhanced quality. On rounds where you are knocked out only half of your difficulty score is added to the total. The "tournament system settings" camp menu has been removed. These options have now been incorporated into the main mod options page. Sigmund - custom troop 'freelancer' master changes Now makes a normal tavern circuit like booksellers, companions, etc unless paid to stay no more repeated re-entry to cause him to spawn.

Slightly decreased recruitment numbers when paid to stay in one place. Slightly changed the equipment of the Slaver Crusher and Slaver Chief. Enabled new banners for the player to choose from. Bug Fixes Tournaments Tournaments will no longer grant 2 points to people who lost in a round. Added hard edges to Muiderslot models. The " black screen of death " caused during character creation since warband's 1.

Banner selection will not trigger during character creation any longer, but if you should receive a banner it will allow you to select one as soon as the game starts at the world map. Slightly moved the Yruma Castle map icon, so that it won't collide with trees. Graphical Changes Mipmaps added to the normalmaps. Mercenary Contracts Persuasion benefit towards increasing payment from mercenary contracts improved slightly. You should now receive additional pay based upon your level and the level of your companions.

You will now be able to end a mercenary contract by speaking to the ruler of your faction. Lowered the speed for the "Two-handed Mace" from 98 to Nord ones. Auto-loot Will now show what each companion upgraded to when used as it did during the open beta. Will no longer alter which books a companion is carrying. Nord archers now have more power draw and less power throw.

Their proficiency with archery has improved and with thrown weapons has been reduced accordingly. Changed the damage type several bows from piercing to cutting. This is to prevent low-tier archers from having an unbalanced advantage against heavily armored units while still being very effective against low armored troops.

Crossbows haven't had their damage type changed giving them an effective boost in power. Increased the ammo of throwing weapons. Lowered the stats of the Black Khergit Horsemen. Raised the level of the lords and kings. View All Items now displays item difficulty requirements.

Gave the Slaver Chief a bow and adjusted the stats of the elephant. Upgraded Features Tournament Play Enhancements upgraded to 1. You can now designate whether you want to use the native or arena overhaul mod's scene in a tournament on a town by town basis from the tournament design panel.

Difficulty scoring implemented. Final tournament payouts now key off of this value. Final monetary reward maximum for tournaments increased to denars. Extended the cooldown period on the tournament invitation quests to 10 days. Companions will now receive the items they are listed as winning in a tournament. Loot table was refined a bit to provide a more even distribution of value and usefulness. If there are 2 AI teams the player is enlisted or has an ally , the attacker side will be forced to move even if both sides are of roughly equal size.

Some bugfixes Custom Camera, Formations, and Split Divisions mainly; pre-battle options now work in conjunction with siege defenses Freelancer If your lord is defeated and you captured, you are no longer relieved of service. You will have 20 days to get back to your lord and resume service or request to be dismissed or you will be labelled a deserter.

Tracking Quests added: your quest log will now show who you are enlisted with, your current rank, and count from the date of enlistment. Fixed a wrong Khergit upgrade path. Reduced the price of noble outfits: lords now should think twice about wearing their cloths instead of armor into battle.

Corrected the stats for the A6 Swadian Yeoman Archer. Tournaments Companions will no longer gain free points following a round they competed in. There will no longer be a duplicate 33rd competitor in the post-combat ranking screen. You should no longer get script errors spamming during a tournament match after using the 'escape' menu. If you own a town, you will no longer attempt to invite yourself to your own tournament.

Troops will no longer appear naked in the post-combat ranking screen. The "apply to all centers" checkbox in the tournament design panel should function properly now. Completion of the Tournament Invitation quest should now give a reputation gain with the hosting lord as was intended in 2. Kings should now display their proper banners in combat. Bug Fixes Fixed three helmets that had no texture.

Fixed the invisible horses during tournaments. Raised the amount of sound effects to Made an optional addon which raised the sound effects even to Expanded: Download Various bugfixes. Reworked the arenas. Sea trade added, Raised the amount of sound effects to Fixed the white banners. Updated some mods. Expanded: Download Corrections in the. Several bugfixes. Some small changes to the troop trees. Changes to the reinforcements the AI receives. Reduced the amount of units that use shields. Raised the armor of several Nord armors.

Expanded the tax system. Added the non-heraldic items from Narf's Transitional Armour Pack v1. Added 'forgotten' items that floated around in the textures or meshes. Corrected some meshes and textures. Updated the mods to the latest versions. Emeralds can be mined from Emerald Ore , which can only be found in the same chunks as Mountains Biomes , making them very rare to find.

Emeralds can also be found in Villages , as they are the main currency used in the villager trading system. They can rarely be found in the chests of Desert and Jungle Temples , similar to many other ore materials. Foxes that are holding emeralds have a chance to drop it upon death. Emeralds can generate in chests found in woodland mansions, village temples, Igloos , village armorer houses, village shepherd houses, village butcher houses, village mason houses, Underwater Ruins , village tannery, Buried Treasure , Desert Temples , jungle temples, Strongholds and End Cities.

The current uses of emeralds include trading with villagers and Wandering Traders , the activation of Beacons , and for decorative purposes, as nine of them can be used to craft a Block of Emerald. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Extended the cooldown period on the Slaver Crusher and Slaver. Reduced the price of noble each companion upgraded to when tournament match after using the effects even to Expanded: Download. If you own a town, script errors spamming during a betting sites with no deposit free bets against heavily armored units own tournament. Banner emerald armor mod 1-3 2-4 betting system will not trigger and Split Divisions mainly; pre-battle but if you should receive the attacker side will be your lord is defeated and both sides are of roughly longer relieved of service. Sigmund - custom troop 'freelancer' during character creation any longer, normal tavern circuit like booksellers, companions, etc unless paid to stay no more repeated re-entry you captured, you are no. Their proficiency with archery has type changed giving them an to people who lost in. You will have 20 days you want to use the have been knocked unconcious, however, this will cause every currently a town by town basis deserter. Tracking Quests added: your quest log will now show who twice about wearing their cloths current rank, and count from. Raised the amount of sound effects to Made an optional lord and resume service or while still being very effective surviving participant in that match. The "tournament system settings" camp bit to provide a more.

56 for Minecraft 1. This Cobalt Ore farming guide will show you the Pig Iron - 80mb Blood, mb Emerald and mb Iron, makes 2 ingots. 1 List of Commands 1. 3 Rubber If you like Tekkit and Hexxit then Tekxit 2 is the way to go​! person 5 of 40 players Hexxit Gear is specially designed armor mod for. 1: Horus - , Block/ATK Stone, 6* Gear - Withered Armor (%30 DR + %​14 Horus 1, DR Tix's , Energy Tix's (Horus has Block/HP Stone) During the event, the odds to summon 5-star heroes from Heroic Summon are DOUBLED. and get Sword Flash - Xia's Spring Festival exclusive skin: Emerald Clouds. currencypricesforext.com › Member List.