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Horse racing betting pundits pieces 3 ball betting rules for horse

Horse racing betting pundits pieces

Who the horse is coming off the back of that horse, you know to pick up the pieces I think there's gonna be two horses that are gonna be in that scenario and when we get to it is why I like one of them a little bit more than the other. I think one of the horses that's gonna get a lot of the talk is the next worst the three horse Mckenzie.

This is a horse a lot of people. There's an old adage out there. Bob Baffert Mike Smith if they hook up outside of. A very good if they hooked up in California, but if they hooked up outside of California, it's almost. Course was the Breeders' Cup and then they went to Saudi Arabia. Dubai and then come back so we know what that trip takes out of horse is going to Dubai, then to come back have the shutdown horse you know schedule gets altered and comes back and then races as good as he did in his return.

This is a hard not to like in this race. Marco Initially I wanted a single Mckenzie in the spot if you throw his life that you just spoke about in the Bible where he was the East back in February, this horse hasn't missed the exact since November of That's a year and a half of when you raise, you're gonna finish first or second, I mean that's impressive also this horse Shouldve won the Met Mile last year.

If you go back and watch that trip he ran second tomatoe. He had a really bad trip. Every time you try to find a hole the whole close up on them he had to check a few times down the stretch and he's still basically washed up a half a length of meto who's a very good racehorse, but if you have a clean trip in last year's about mile, I think Mckenzie wins this he should approve of the effort in the triple bands.

It was definitely a prep on the seven fur long cuz it's the first time they had him go set that's short since November of Beat me on the pick four ticket I agree with you to point out last year's Met and you talked about the toll he stole that race last year with the fractions and even going into slow fractions, moderate fractions there was a race that Mckenzie if he gets through clean. So yes I agree with you moving to the four is.

You're Hogg Creek. This happened back of board for trade. Vicky Foley like I said a network effect. I think this horse is in over his head. Howse has one move and that's a huge close and he is gonna get a lot of pay up front in this race, but there are couple of horses in here mainly Mckenzie and Code of Honor to have that tactical speed. They're gonna be sitting just off that pace so when that pays us. Break down they're gonna make their move. He's not gonna have the horses to pass down the stretch here So.

You know what when you're right, you're right? Why are they? Why are they putting this in a race and this is one of those. I was gonna single code of but I didn't wanna have Mckenzie and this is a spot where we talk about you've got to in your mind. And you know he's got to go to the front goes long and as hard as you can if you could beat him, you beat him if not he's gonna hold on we'll talk about more in detail, but that will be the Warriors charge.

He's gonna be the worst on the front end. Warriors charge and Macomb up and then Mckenzie and I think it's gonna be Mackenzie. This is a horse that can carry his speed for a good distance once Glacoma get. Down by Mckenzie this energy that Mckenzie is gonna use getting by for It's gonna be a horse flying at the end and this is a race that this is a true closer and code of honor.

He's gonna be sitting you know mid pack but he will be coming with the first run from the closers and I think he's gonna catch Mckenzie in the stretch after Mckenzie engages in that battle and I don't care if it's. Charge in Tacoma or it's charge in Mckenzie, I actually hope for me-I sake because my wind that's gonna be on code of honor either way I think it's gonna soften those two horses for the battle for coma and Mckenzie is gonna have early in the stretch and I think code of honor or picks them all up.

I like code of honor. I like that first race back got a race over the track hadn't race since last November and. Just you know they still got to win with the horse that was a prep race they weren't full tilt. They're leaving something in the tank. This is what they were pointing for. I like code of honor I can't and I'll full. I like them in the Breeder's Cup too, and he threw his worst race of his life. That's the only bad race that I can go back and look at this horse.

Tell me why I'm wrong. I'm code of Honor I can't tell you you're wrong marker because I'm using code of Honor. Here is my second choice. I see either him. Making the movie you're discussing, but I see a little different set up early the three horses. We haven't talked about yet I see all of them buying for the early lead in this race and sentance the fractions so we're gonna get to them all but I think Mcconnell was actually gonna be in the second year of horses with Code of Honor and Mckenzie weighing the pounds, but it's gonna really depend on how fast they go up front and who decides to go first that really comes down to a jockey's decision and out of those Mckenzie Code of Honor and Cally you're talking about Mike Smith, JJ Castellano and John Velasquez there's.

Of years and a lot of experience there, it's gonna come down to who makes the best decision when and at this point, I'm still leaning towards Mike Smith to make that decision. He knows Mckenzie well rise them a lot That's why I'm reinforced Mckenzie but Koe of honor of the code of Honor at least Wess, I missed the board twice in his career. He finished fourth of the the Mucho Macho man sticks a golf stream to kick off his three -year-old campaign.

He finished seventh of last year's Breeder's Cup Classic as he faded against the horses that were a little pressure coming down the stretch. He looked good way in the West. Last month over endorsed to where he's discussing next, it was definitely a prep for this race he should get the early phase that he desires to close into and it's gonna come out in my opinion to a battle between Mckenzie and Code of Honor and it's gonna come down who moves first and who's got a little bit more in the tank in my opinion I agree I just we'll be I can see the two of us screaming at the TV You in Pennsylvania me out here in Vegas right now Saturday when.

Code or battling it out maybe ice cold box. I just think he'. Notch below I don't think he's a great one stas. I think you know grade two grade three. He's there. I just don't see him here getting the job done.

Tell me why not. I will endorse this, he said 10 to one in the morning he tried to take a wire to wire last on the Westchester and could barely got to him at the wire. That was a little bit of a shorter race here though, he definitely can roll the second year of state sources like Marco said. I don't see him being a factor in this field but I do see Rosario trying the same thing I see Monro Rosario have a plan to get this horse out front play Come. What's one thing in the West Chester?

It's another thing that he's dealing with a lot more quality horses in here, I don't think this horse has a stamina to sustain the pace that he's gonna see between Warriors charge and I believe Mister Freeze is the next one. I'm not using endorsed here. I think it's a good horse. I think he has some winds left in them. I see those being a great too and grade three so throughout the rest of the year agree with you percent, he's not on my ticket the next horse Mister Freeze.

Again, we can classify him as one of those horses in you know just off that tier, but he has raised in several state races. I mean you look down in this card He's danced every great stas There are 12 and three. It's the three times that he's raised in a grade one and you go back to the first time he raised in a grade one.

You did not fare well finished. A 28 lakes, but then the other two times he ran. November at Churchill Downs and then a great one stas early this year January Gulfstream Park finished second so this is the horse that I think is improving is a worse.

You mentioned about maybe him being up there. I don't think he has the speed to go anywhere near what we're gonna see from Warriors charge and the endorsed that we just talked about so maybe he'll be one of those ones that can pick up the piece bottom end of a try or so, but that's the best case scenario. I see for him He does have a very hot. Manny Franco's Have you know a Dream season so far and he. All the right Moves this is an up and coming you know.

I don't know and I know in the past you've been a fan of Dale Romans is just one of those times This is actually just freeze. I'm on Mckenzie Code of Honor her second I do have come a third Mister Freeze is on my pick four ticket a couple of reasons first this horse is always game. He's always ready to battle. He doesn't back down from a fight. Look at as Pss. Right there at the finish and he's always, I mean it's not like he's finishing third but back, I mean he's finished third and three quarters of a length back He won the Mile at the mile distance at Gulfstream Park in the Gulfstream Mile, Mandy Frankel was in the iron.

He's gone three races at the mile distance two wins in a second and then Romans knows how to get a horse ready for the stakes race. He doesn't enter into a spot where he doesn't think they're gonna compete Mister Freeze. I think it's a very reliable horse on Saturday.

He is and maybe he pays. I mean eight to one in the morning. This horse is going off 12 to to one or better. I think so if you're looking to make some money in this and think the upsets of Mister Freeze is your long shot. I agree with you say the when we get to our actual picture of the race, I do have them on my ticket as my fourth choice in the field the last one is the horse. The question is gonna be well. Oh shit we. I'd see no way that happens in this race. Tell me how they don't have fast reactions.

I don't I mean when I originally played this race out of my head and the Warriors charges and doors are going to the front. I do think Mister Freeze tries to go with him at least early on, but like we said that in the horses like Glacoma Mckenzie Koe of Bonner are all tactical. They're not gonna let them get that far out in front. They're also not gonna go crazy fractions with them so the two of them get out and. Fractions they're gonna stay just close enough that they know they have the horse they get to them.

Alright my numbers in this race are but when we get to the pick, four which we're gonna head to now, I'm only going three deep in this race How do you have this race? I got I think the It's something weird does happen. I think those are the horses you see finishing I think this is the most wide open race of the four Legg sequence even though there are horses, you know that we talked about like in the last in the.

I'm gonna be rooting for because I think that's what gets me the ticket and my top choice in this race is the for seismic way. And what I'm gonna say about seismic wave and me you were chatting a little bit last night on back and forth by text is we're looking at this. I'm telling you from a horse owner seismic waves last race that was his first race of the year He had not raised since October of last year. Betts the trainer you've got Joel Rosario great rider here in New York and this horse.

They sent him out for a tighter that was a set-up race. This was needed a race and when they sent him out, it wasn't Joel Rosario on him. They put put a jockey on no disrespect to mister cancelled, but he got cancelled for this month. And then let them pay through the lane. You know just make sure the tank is full for next week. Don't bring the horse back with an empty tank gas well if you go back and watch that race and we've talked so many times about watching race replays and know what to look for different things.

What's The Move this horse made when he finally got him to daylight and let him loose this horse was full of run and that's what you want when you're going into a big. You want your brave, you want your horse full of confidence and you want that horse flying in the stretch, and they did that. That's my long shot horse in this race, but yet I'm going five deep when we get to the numbers who's your top choice I want four deep in here and I think I might finally have a situation where God's Stormy is ready to go the seven horse got stormy seven to morning line marks been entering here and then scratch.

Of a few races here, it's a turquoise softer. We are gonna get rain late today and overnight. I don't think it's gonna be enough to really soften that turf up to a point where she's not gonna like it the now five year-old mayor hasn't seen the the winners circle since the matriarch at Delmar back in December, but she's still lady in here one of 35 year-old Mary's. I think she's gonna return to winning ways. I mean she's a great horse.

The right set up for at this point she wants the turf and she's a specialist at this distance here All eight of her career wins have come at the mile. I think she's gonna be a good value on Saturday with all the Chadd Brown entries taking money. I think I have quite stormy here on top. Turf and that's how detailed it goes, You know he's checking out the turf you know is it St.

So you know nobody likes anything so that's you know you got get stormy. Where are you? I won't like I said Stormy on top of the seven You got the five social paranoia. I have the nine value proposition one of the Browns and two valid point another one of the bross in here okay right-I behave for you to miss that first leg there, but if the four lights up the tote board but you'll get text about it, I know that I hope that as I get on the other way as well, Alright, we already talked to the nines recap this here at the end, Let's go to race 10 another state race.

It's the man. It's the longest odds on the morning line at five to one. John Velasquez is right here basically she was just know that our last Start Santa Anita in the woodham before being the third she looks fantastic. In that race and she's been at Belmont over the past couple of over the past week since that race, I think it comes down to one of the horses here and I like the price like I said on this one I'm assuming Iran has a choice of amounts and he he did to stick with and installed regard to my second choice in here.

The price on Emperor because that's one of the best handicapping angles you know there is these guys make their money based on percentage of earnings that the horse earns in that race so they want what's in their opinion the best horse in the race. I think he made a mistake here I agree with you, I have rock Emperor on top as well.

What I like and I think too often with and it's a pet peeve of mine with my own race. About the here and now. So this is the start of the form cycle. I agree with you rock emperor's my top choice in here. And I think we will get that price because of the money going to the one I have in this like where are you I want and I threw in the four Sars joy hasn't seen the winner circle since last November, but he's always there in the end.

I'm Agnes that I'm not gonna let that stop me on the floor. I went for deep here and just a quick note on the one installed regard this horse needs a fast pace. Into I don't see this as fast and early and I mean I do see some closures coming here but I don't see the fast pace that a horse I can still regards gonna need and guys just think about the conversations Mark on my head over the past. We've talked about three of these four races.

We're going three and four deep in these races because there are quality three and four or five horses that can win these things This for tomorrow is gonna pay it is and I had Sadler joys my fourth choice in this race, but I had to narrow my ticket down some because I went so deep in the first. And I just think that yeah, I'm gonna if the horse beats me on my pick for that would be the that would be the one I think that would upset the Apple Cart for me excuse me going to the last leg this is a very good steak race again.

We got a mile and a quarter on the dirt. He's a gray and I've met him so many times that he's caused me grave because he has a neck. I'm just trying to figure out if you saw a turn great. Oh wow guys I landed on this year as a single. Velasquez is running for Belmont. It's hard for me to believe this horse. See the winners circle since last year's Memorial and Aquaduct in April and that's probably because he's always showing up in this big races, but not in the I think that changes on Saturday, the blinkers go back on and the horse has shown the ability to focused.

The distance isn't gonna be an issue if he avoids trouble, he wins this race in my opinion the field full of what I call slower horses and horses that don't wanna go this distance of the mount. Passo no problem with the distance and he's faster than the other horses in this field. It's his race to lose a single the one passages. How do you see it? Marco Well, I'll tell you the BK with the blinkers on simply put. More you know important for him to break out of the gate because when you're pinched down inside and you get stuck, you know you might not get buried back as far as he was in that race.

I think it was a 13 horse field but in this race because of the quality of horses in here and if you're trapped at tora, you may never get good day-light to Bob and weave through horses to get to clean trip so they're gonna need to break from the gate. I like that. I couldn't make a single just because of you know the disappointments and seems like you know, we're always giving them excuses. He had a bad trip. He had this. He had that yes, he has he might be the unluckiest horse alive if you look at the programs where they put the little indicator for trouble trips, that's like to be as logo.

I mean I'm counting right here. This is my value for me eight to one just whistle. This is a horse that. This year and you look at it. I know he's your single here but who do you have second third If I had to go second, I would definitely be the sex or Winston came in here. Lay off and then we got a prep here in the flat out Stas he did lose Totti. He's also in this field who's gonna be.

I think you're gonna see him take some money Here-I'm coming in off the win. I don't think it's that he's fast enough to compete with this field but so I want to be my second choice in here and my third choice in here would be the four mister Buff. Yeah I went this race for you know four deep with this race as far as my four horse. For the race itself, I've got for my pick three, though I'm only going three deep and that is so I'm gonna run my numbers for you for my pick for and then I'll let you give me your numbers and first Legg as I said, going five deep, we're going second leg third.

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Some of these clips are very embarrassing but highly hilarious catching out some of the most well known horse racing figures in the business. Matt Chapman, Luke Harvey, Jason Weaver and Barry Geraghty all feature in the video that really will make you cackle, have a watch below. Newbury's stellar Betfair Hurdle card on Saturday looks more than likely to be taken out by the adverse weather in Britain and officials at the track are planning ahead by looking Racing Tips.

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The highlight is a pair of huge stakes races that feature the best in the sport for the current year:. Those two races attract the most betting action, but the rest of the card is incredibly active as well. For each of the races on the card, a maximum of 14 starters is allowed. Other entrants are chosen by their performance in various graded-stakes races, while a panel of racing experts selects the remainder.

The 1. For the edition, Vino Rosso edged out morning-line favorite McKinzie by 4. However, a little bit of homework can help you to further separate the contenders from the pretenders. In addition to live racing, Arapahoe also has simulcasting. You can watch the races from tracks across the US and place your wagers while doing so. Additionally, there are several OTB facilities in the state. The Colorado Department of Revenue keeps an updated list of approved venues here. Also, remember that you can create an account with TVG to watch and wager wherever you like by clicking on our exclusive link.

Since the event is held at different locations, the speed of the track will vary. Chris McCarron and Jerry Bailey have both been at the helm for five winners. Velazquez with Impressively, the trio of victories came in consecutive years.

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The event was initially held over just a single day, but that changed in Interest has continued to grow throughout the years. The highlight is a pair of huge stakes races that feature the best in the sport for the current year:.

Those two races attract the most betting action, but the rest of the card is incredibly active as well. For each of the races on the card, a maximum of 14 starters is allowed. Other entrants are chosen by their performance in various graded-stakes races, while a panel of racing experts selects the remainder.

In particular, if a very large bet is placed with one bookmaker, this may be signalled to the others as a way of lowering the price on all the boards. British racing pundit John McCririck used tic-tac as part of his pieces to camera when explaining the odds of the horses for the next race. While this method of communication is used less frequently than before, many of the terms persist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Signing method used by bookmakers. For other uses, see Tic tac disambiguation.

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